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  1. I was a lot put off at the “Jamie was helping men plate” comment. Like it wasn’t her fault for forgetting something. Disappointing because I’ve enjoyed this season so much and how they all really seem to like each other and help each other out. It’s refreshing there has been no blame gaming.
  2. You’re seriously killing me (in a good way!) I had to look up gelt. Lol
  3. I have a thousand purses most of which are Coach. My choo was a gift from my NY boss to bring a little of my New York back to Iowa...and like my NY, it sits in the dark closet being mean never seeing the light of day. Lol
  4. I really have very little taste, but I do have a beautiful Jimmy Choo that I am afraid to carry. Lol
  6. I do hate that I kind of like Dorit and PK, she also looks super cute. I would watch her take Kyle down.
  7. I can’t believe Dorit, child of the WORLD, did not explain the history of Bocci Ball to Kyle. That was Bocci,right? Lol
  8. Nothing worse than being at dinner with your friends when you suspect they are talking shit about you. I remember walking back into a bar when I forgot something to totally walk in on my friends talking shit about me! Sutton surely thinks she’s the new Denise, get off this show. You’re absolutely right, you are.
  9. Rewatching I realize even Leah’s grandmother musn’t like her the mom hasn’t hasn’t tried to get her to see grandma alone like her creepy sister and brother.
  10. I am just happy some of my most favorite cheftestants are in the kitchen! Kristin, Gregory, Melissa....I haven’t watched all seasons so I don’t remember Kwame, but I love him, too! Shota is just ugh....so adorably sweet and perfect. I love him!!! 😍😍
  11. Kyle HAD to cook dinner because she’s sooooooo perfect, perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect nose, perfect COOK! Ugh. Also stop walking on counters with bare feet, Kyle! It’s like she was raised in a damn barn. These pre-prepared two truths and a lie were bit too thought out, Erica, we get it you’re soooooooooooooo cool and mysterious! Ohhhhh the MOB! Riiiiight.....
  12. TOTAL SHADE! I thought I wouldn’t like her.....
  13. As someone who suffers from gout I love a good mushroom but have steered clear of them since my first (and only) bad attack. I wonder if that had anything to do with Nathan’s knee? It’s the most painful thing EVER I have had in my life, and I have had a few pretty intensive surgeries. I had a meniscus tear repaired and it went right there not my foot. I am not thin but I a man not obese, it’s a family curse that SUCKS! Side note, Gabe seemed ok to me...besides the “I worked for Tom” at the beginning, he hasn’t bothered me.
  14. I can’t believe nobody is talking about this, it’s the best series I have seen in a long time despite being in Danish! I literally can’t wait for each weeks episode, the acting, the story, everything is amazing.
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