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  1. NOBODY wants Teddi back, this must be Kyle’s reward for being a huge shit stirring asshole this season (more than usual.)
  2. I’m with you on the crying, I said to my tv “poor Kathy and Kyle are the only people ever to lose their mom.” 🙄 I am not a fan of either, Kathy’s not offensive but it just empowers Kyle’s horribleness having her around and the others kiss her ass because she’s the richest. This will be it for me, I wish Garcelle and Sutton would leave, that would make it easier. ETA Especially compared to what ERICKA has been through!! 😆
  3. Kyle’s friend “Jen” said so....you shut the F**K up! LOL (kidding in case you thought I was being HONEST!)
  4. Why bring Kathie out just to ignore her? This sucks.... you’re losing your audience Andy.
  5. I wish I knew how to post pictures, SOMEONE! I need a flying monkey STAT (preferably wearing PURPLE!)
  6. Next time I am asked to pay my property taxes I will say “I can’t get to my money, it’s at The Firm”
  7. Kyles spastic nerves are not cute she’s 50-something, god she’s an asshole. I might dislike her even more than Erica...outing Sutton at that lunch? I bet she’s year of the snake....
  8. I think Rinna is trying to channel the wildly popular Moira from Schitt’s Creek with the wigs and naming them. Not an original thought in her head, she’s no Moira’s and she sure as shit is no Catherine’s o’Hara!
  9. Andy is a fucking asshole. I am ashamed of myself for watching this...
  10. They gonna push her off that boat, aren’t they? Lol
  11. I don’t know how stands that shit stirring bitch. It’s not even masked anymore....so obvious.
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