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  1. I went to a meeting once and it was very scary.....they practically chased me to my car when I bolted at the end. Nice people, not for me either. I guess I wasn’t ready., not far enough down. If I was going up like BW - a big fat attention succubus, it’s even less appealing. ETA we have a new BASS LAKE!
  2. My mother was a recovering alcoholic, but I don’t know much about the steps and the “program.” Do you get to run around telling people that you think they have problems with alcohol? I know she worried about me, but never once did she tell me she thought I was an alcoholic. (I might be, tho.) lol
  3. I like Kelly, too. She is like one of the only real housewives we see, IMO. Gina and Emily have also won me over this season as well (Emily was already a favorite.) I am sorry about your auto-immune disease, my sister has had to be very careful as well. I just hope I never bring anything home because I am (not happily) out in it every day, being as careful as possible.
  4. I am half assed watching this again since it’s on and nothing else is. I’m going to say it, I like Elizabeth putting her food labels on the bowls then you know what’s in it. I also think Jimmy is kinda of cute and he’s super tall, I like tall! He does look like a giant toddler, but I can look past a lot for a really tall guy. (I a m 5’10-so it’s hard to find a guy a LOT taller than me.) I have to mute BW and her fake friends. Especially the dark haired one who sits there with her mouth open the entire time, what is she’s trying to catch that fly hovering around?
  5. Brown wind’s mannerisms remind me of the most evil Lori Vallow, she doesn’t care about her kids or her husband-only the new God that she worships (herself.) I wonder if Doctor Deb is mad that she out horrible mothers her?
  6. WOw, I had no idea it was in July. They are behaving it is early March! Shame on Bravo for letting Elizabeth “plan” that trip!! The SHOW must on! Or we needed an Elizabeth breakthrough with Dr. Brownstain.
  7. Remember, we are watching what happened almost a year ago and quite honestly, a lot of people didn’t understand the severity of what was happening. I have been out in it since the beginning working at the supermarket because I happened to be in between contract jobs. They didn’t make us start wearing masks until probably late April. Sure she’s selfish, that’s our Kelly! I just can’t help but like her, we see her not fake storylines....like it or not. ETA: yes, they knew how sickShane was, but again...it’s Kelly. How many of us thought they’d never get it they are too healthy?
  8. As opposed BW who only cares about who she’ll fuck for the rest of her life and never once mentions her 7 children? She’s Disgusting. I’ll take Kelly.
  9. It’s amazing how one scam artist is unable to recognize another.
  10. Welp, that’s it....BW is uncomfortable they should’ve just shut the show down until she’s ok. Emily’s husband could die, Shannon’s kids are sick....but god, BW is tired...just so tired from one load of laundry. 🙄
  11. I love that BW thinks that because she is falling apart that coronavirus happened because the world needed it. Not just these ladies live in HER world, we all do. I am down with blaming her.
  12. “Ya ain’t never gettin out of this house, Brawwwn” appropriate!
  13. I agree, she’s kind of annoying...but aren’t they all?? I see a lot of myself in her (with exactly no money) but I do tend to crack myself up. 😕
  14. Yoh are particularly snarky lately...and I love it! 😂
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