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  1. Both Kevin and Randall said horrible things. Madison is the mom, but I think Sophie will be future Kevin's wife.
  2. That would have worked for me. Here's my scenario: Alex calls Jo and Jo leaves, only saying she's going to see Alex. She's gone for an episode or two and when she comes back she gives letters to Bailey and Richard and she and Meredith talk (Meredith has talked to Alex offscreen by this point). We learn that Alex had called, telling her about the kids, and she had gone to Kansas to meet them. Alex, understandably, wanted to be near them and they talked about Jo moving out there. But the more she saw Alex with the kids and with the kids and Izzie, the more she felt like she didn't belong. So she and Alex decided that she would go back to Seattle and he would stay in Kansas. Jo's free to move on and it's left to imagination whether Alex/Izzie eventually get back together.
  3. I think Alex not answering her calls/texts for weeks? months? (Seriously, what is the timeline on this show? It seems like weeks have passed in Seattle and months in Kansas. I've been to Kansas. They have winter too but there was just a blizzard in Seattle and yet it was summer on the farm heh) and then explaining himself in a letter would be more than enough grounds for divorce, but I get your point. I think they could have made it work if they had cut some flashbacks and let Jo voice her feelings, but I'm sure they wanted Jo to be the victim so they could more easily move her on. One of the farm scenes had "Izzie" watching as the twins happily ran to a man on a tractor wearing a cowboy hat. I assume that was supposed to be Alex. ALEX KAREV. TRACTOR. COWBOY HAT. WTF, people????
  4. There were rumors that he was receiving treatment for mental health issues when he asked to be let out of his contract. Without knowing the situation, I hesitate to judge. I will judge the writing though. I know the show was in a tough spot but it felt like they ripped off some bad fanfic.
  5. So that happened. So can I be pissed about how they chose to write Alex out now? Cause yeah, Justin Chambers walked away leaving Krista and the writers in a tough spot, but they had choices other than Alex abandoning his wife for the ex-wife that not only abandoned him but apparently used their frozen embryos and didn't tell him he had two kids. That's sick. Not only was it total character assassination of Alex but they made it a twofer and assassinated Izzie again for the hell of it though it seems like they thought this was some kind of bittersweet and heartwarming ending. The fuck.This Alex fan wishes Alex could have been hit by a bus or a truck or eaten by wolves.
  6. I appreciate that it was a crazy situation for the show runners and writers. I just think the writing complicated an already complicated situation. If they are going to kill Alex in the end, then personally, I think the weeks of random texts and ghosting were dumb, unnecessary drama. Just skip all of that stuff and have Jo get a call that he died in next Thursday's episode. It would have saved the writers some work. If he's not dead but really did leave for whatever reason, then IMO having him take a job elsewhere (and eventually splitting with Jo offscreen) probably wouldn't have angered fans so much, especially since the set up was there with Catherine buying the hospital.
  7. In the past, I've hated reading speculation based on which cast members tweeted goodbyes to departing cast members and which didn't but in this case, the radio silence was just weird. Even if something went down BTS, I would have expected Krista or others to at least tweet something generic like "Thank you for playing Alex for 15 years" when the news was released. I don't know, ordinarily, if an actor left a show like this, the swiftness and radio silence would have my mind going in an …. unsavory direction, but it seems like this was Justin Chambers decision. All I know is I eventually want a tell all about Grey's.
  8. The promo makes me think dead, but I don’t know. If they were going to kill him why not just have Jo get a call instead of having Alex lie and Jo think he left her, especially since Krista claimed she was thinking of Jo’s mental state. Of course Krista lies and very little of what she does makes sense so maybe Alex is dead and all of this was just nonsense that they thought made good drama. Or maybe Alex did go to Izzie or something. Nothing would surprise me at this point.
  9. I realize the writers were in a difficult position but since they had Alex in Iowa helping his mom, I would say mom needs long-term care so Alex and Jo decide to do long distance which takes its toll and they split by the end of the season. Abrupt, but nobody would have to be ghosted or destroyed. I don't know what the final plan is but it's feeling like they are heading down a path that seems ... personal.
  10. Bummed by the first two boots, especially Amber's. I'm here for Rob/Parvati. It was good to see Ethan healthy and so excited about being back. I normally don't mind Sandra but found her super annoying tonight. Yul. I was definitely most excited to see Yul. Of the newer winners I do like Wendell and Nick but would be happy to see the others go.
  11. Loved the Rebecca and Kate scenes. Toby and Kate both need therapy.
  12. That was a great start to the season. Poor Holt. Cheddar even lost respect for him. I liked the new dynamics with Holt being a uniform cop. Debbie was great! I loved her love for picking up cones and foot fives. The party was fun. Amy the narc. Holt attempts at causing a drunken scene cracked me up. I'm sad that Captain Kim is gone already.
  13. Josh Thomas looked good in drag. The Matilda story has my mind all over the place.
  14. I liked Daniel's collection and disliked Minju's. Just not a fan of volume, volume, volume. I hated the wedding dress. Overall, I did enjoy the series and would watch another season.
  15. I like Angel and Minju, but I didn’t care for their winning looks. I don’t mind the team aspect with the teams that knew each other going in or even with the British guy and his partner who have similar backgrounds, but I feel for the Scottish woman as well as the first woman that was eliminated. I don’t think they (or their partners) would have gone far either way, but the team aspect made it difficult, at least to watch.
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