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  1. Evie

    S15.E20: The Whole Package

    The interns shouldn't have been doing those tasks, but Bailey finding the concept of delegation a genius move was such dumb writing. Like a Chief of Surgery wouldn't have an admin assistant to compile those kinds of reports in real life. Given Jo's speech about running, I'm guessing the cliffhanger for Jolex will be Alex coming home and finding Jo has packed up and left.
  2. Evie

    You're The Worst

    I liked the finale. I suspected that the flash forwards were fake outs from the moment Jimmy got out of the car he bought for Gretchen. I was satisfied with the explanation for them. The Jimmy/Edgar and Jimmy/Gretchen scenes were good. I loved the montage, and the song they used for it. I'm sad that Jimmy and Edgar were estranged for so long, but I do think Edgar needed to go his own way.
  3. Evie

    You're The Worst

    I agree. In any other episode of the series, I might not have bought Jimmy's reaction, but I did here because it came after Jimmy had finally opened himself up emotionally to Edgar. He's spent the whole series refusing to acknowledge Edgar as a friend and shutting down Edgar's attempts to deepen their relationship. So for Edgar to drop that bomb after Jimmy had opened up had to be a gut punch. It made perfect sense to me that Jimmy would react by banishing Edgar.
  4. Evie

    Buddy vs. Duff

    I've never watched Buddy before and see I wasn't missing out. What a childish sore loser. I don't care to watch him ever again. It's a shame because I like Duff and always enjoy seeing Geof.
  5. Evie

    S15.E16: Blood and Water

    Amelia and Owen should be over for good, but I've thought they passed the point of no return numerous times before, and yet the show kept putting them back together. I'm actually liking Amelia more lately, so I hope she's free from Owen for a while. I liked Jo's scenes and that she ended up taking the DNA test. I have never fully believed that Alex would be so gung ho about having kids given his family history, but I guess on this show, men are all about the babies. Alex's scenes with his mom were nice, but I was hoping for an actual storyline for Alex and his mom and not just nice scenes. I wish I cared about DeLuca or his family since it looks like this will probably be a major storyline.
  6. NINE NINE! So happy to hear the news! I love this show.
  7. Evie

    Leah Messer Simms Messer Calvert Messer...She's 23

    Jason seems shady to me too, but maybe he's an okay guy who is coming off as a bit fake because he's aware of the cameras. I don't for a minute think he would have gone to that dentist appointment if the cameras weren't there, and his comments about Ali and Jeremy feel like he's going overboard trying to play the "good, understanding boyfriend" or something. During the last two episodes, I felt like I was watching Leah/Jeremy 2.0 except Jason has a better vocabulary and Jeremy is the one being bashed instead of Corey.
  8. Evie

    S06.E07: The Honeypot

    I loved everything about this episode. Holt and Jake are always great and Amy getting turned on by Jake's barrel talk was perfect.
  9. Evie

    S15.E14: I Want a New Drug

    This I've been wanting to see for a long time. I thought the Chief story might be a good professional story but like you said, they've barely done anything with it. The last time I even remember Alex doing anything semi note-worthy as a surgeon was WAY back during his residency days.
  10. Evie

    S06.E05: A Tale of Two Bandits

    I enjoyed both plots. There were so many quotable lines. Doug Judy, Jake, Terry and Trudy Judy were fun. I felt like Doug Judy was getting played out last season, so I'm glad they added Trudy Judy to the mix. Drunk Amy is the best!
  11. Evie

    S06.E01: Honeymoon

    Loved Amy not giving a hoot. Loved Jake and Amy's role-playing. Loved Holt's vacation shirts. Loved that this show is back.
  12. Evie

    S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    Ridiculous I knew Bobby was the winner after the judges' scores and comments for that ridiculous freestyle. Milo and Whitney's freestyle was great and Evanna and Keo's darn good as well. My favorite dancer nor the best dancer hasn't always won, but until tonight. I always felt the winner was okay to good.
  13. Evie

    S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    I didn't think it was that big of a deal either, but I'd be fine if Bailey decides to take her job back after this. Alex as Chief was a storyline I was actually looking forward to but they've mostly just had him be grumpy and when an opportunity comes up where he could show that he can take charge and get things done, Bailey does what Bailey does because Alex is conveniently stuck at home. I'm SO annoyed that we sat through three seasons of marriage angst for them not to care that they aren't married. I've been mostly okay with this season so far but it's not a good sign that my reaction to pretty much everything in this episode was "What's the point?"
  14. Evie

    S01.E02: Tangled Up in Blue

    Solid episode. David and Darlene may not work as a couple, but Sara Gilbert and Johnny Galecki work really well together. Blue is the worst, but David would totally pick someone completely different from Darlene but just as domineering in her own way. The Becky storyline has potential.
  15. Evie

    S05.E03: Escape from Altura

    I figured Sarge was doomed not just because Red is back but also George kind of filled her spot within the team. It was either dead, background or pointless triangle. Dead was probably the best option although I liked her a lot. Not sure how I feel about 10K losing his hand. I'd like him to have a story, but he's 10K! That's his shooting hand. Overall, I'm enjoying this more than last season.