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  1. I think it probably did shake her confidence and then the media reacted like she cost the team ... something. I'm not sure what since it was qualifying and the scores started over on Tuesday. The pressure had to be enormous.
  2. Paxton's injury likely ending the possibility of a collegiate swimming career and even his parents assuming he couldn't make it into college on his own was rough. Devi's birdhouse lol. I'm glad Paxton came around and asked Devi to be his tutor, and they are cool, as tutor and tutee anyway.
  3. I'm glad Devi dating both ended quickly. I loved Fabiola's slideshow explaining why she would never get caught. I did not expect Paxton to get hit by a car, and I watch k-dramas where the truck of doom is extremely common lol. Poor Ben. I didn't realize how much I rooted for him until I saw his face when Devi ran after Paxton. Nalini and the paternal grandmother were sweet.
  4. Devi dating both isn't going to end well, but I can't blame her, believing she'll be moving to India in a month (I'm assuming the move won't happen). I like Devi with both guys though now knowing the Paxton actor's real age it does squick me out.
  5. Evie

    S10.E27: Cut Out

    Isaac said it was boring there in a different season and it's probably only gotten moreso for him with the pandemic. Javi and Lincoln are both sporty so they have a lot they can do together. Jo is not sporty. I have a feeling Jo is stricter than Kail and there is less stuff going on than at Kail's. Maybe Jo will see this episode and find an activity he and Isaac can do together but my mom would have said, you have a room full of toys, play with them lol.
  6. Jared just can't apologize. He at least deleted the tweet to Robbie but that certainly deserved an apology. I shouldn't be surprised, this is a pattern, but at this point, someone else really should control his social media.
  7. This is why it is hard to give Jared the benefit of the doubt and assume he was hurt and lashed out without thinking. This is not what he should be tweeting the next morning. You don't start off with "Thank you for the love" unless you really, really like the attention. You delete the tweets, apologize, and wish everyone and the project all of the best.
  8. I feel sorry for Britney but at the same time, I'm not convinced that she's capable of running her own life. Her dad should be booted, and she should get to decide whether she wants to work. I really don't think she needs a baby and fear her money will be gone within a few years if they end the conservatorship.
  9. I really didn't expect Matilda and Drea to go through with the wedding, but it was lovely. It was very sweet when they said their vows privately under the veil. Genevieve reading the speech Matilda wrote and everybody's confusion was funny and sweet. I was rooting for Alex and Nicholas to get back together but Nicholas was right to say no. Nicholas was diagnosed with autism, but he's still the same person that drove Alex nuts. This season flew by. I hope this show comes back.
  10. Is this supposed to make me want to tune in next year? Owen and Teddy getting back together is ridiculous. They both should have been shipped off. I don't care about Maggie and really don't care about Maggie and the husband I don't even remember the name of because he's not a developed character. I don't care about Jo and the baby and just want Jo/Link to remain friends. I sort of cared about Amelia and Link but the failure to communicate killed that. Bailey, Richard and Meredith are rather played out. They had their returns this season. What's there to look forward to next season?
  11. It happens. I got my first period on my 10th birthday and started fourth grade a few months later.
  12. I think Nicholas just needs some time to process it. He could have stopped at the assessments, but he was starting the process to be formally diagnosed at the end. Josh Thomas didn't seem to think his diagnosis was tragic, so I trust that Nicholas ultimately won't either.
  13. From what I read in the Friends forum, Perry said they don't always stay in touch regularly but when they do see each other they can talk all night. That sounds pretty normal to me for busy people with families and careers.
  14. Really good episode. I read Josh Thomas' interview in the New Yorker about his autism diagnosis so knew he was planning on incorporating it into the show. Thomas based the characters he played in Please Like Me and now Everything's Going to Be Okay so much on himself and his experiences, that as a viewer, the diagnosis is not that surprising. Looking back, I can see it. I liked that they had Suze bring it up because as a parent of an autistic child, I buy that she might see the signs. I really like the friendship between Nicholas and Suze. I liked that Genevieve helped him with the self-
  15. I think what bothers me about the ending other than the WTF of her marrying the boss is that we know Toby is not in a good place in 2030. Within five years Kate is happily marrying someone else but Toby is miserable years later.
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