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  1. The Big Green Egg breaks up Kate and Toby. They are already pretty distant so Jack burning himself is probably the last straw, but still, really show? I liked the scene with Kevin and Toby. I really disliked Toby when the show started but now I just want him to find someone nice and be happy in the future. I just don't want him to be alone and miserable but maybe he ends up being a triangle with Jack and Haley while Kevin gets his square. Little Jack is so cute. Kevin really needs to get his own place and share custody with Madison. Even if the twins are too young for overnight
  2. The Laconia storyline was such a time waste. So the head guy screwed Marco over. Did he have the protomolecule then? Man, I disliked that little girl. The end of Marco was pretty rushed, but I was glad to get rid of him and move on to more interesting stuff. I loved that Holden and Drummer teamed up to make Drummer the head of the trade union. Only Holden could fuck over Avasarala and get away with it. I'm glad that the Rocinante fam came away intact and with the addition of Bobbie. I'm even okay with Filip getting away.
  3. I hate the treatment of Steve, but I wonder if availability is part of the reason they have barely used him, since he's a regular on Chicago Fire. Maybe they should have just started the series with Steve and Miranda divorced.
  4. Carrie and Charlotte's storylines were whatever but Miranda's ... Why??? Who is this character because she's not Miranda. Miranda may be unhappy now, but I hate that they have her saying she's always been unhappy. She was happy with Steve at one time. I hate that she cheated. I hate that she cheated with Che. I really dislike Che. Who brings spicy food and alcohol to someone who just had surgery? They are pushy and not funny, and I don't like Miranda when she's around them.
  5. I liked the finale while also feeling less than satisfied with it and the season as a whole. Tiffany and Kelli never got much focus so that was nothing new but even Molly seemed to get less focus this year. I'm okay with her ending up with Taurean, but I don't feel like I know what they are like as a couple. Not the way I knew what Molly and Andrew were like or even Molly and Dro. They spent too much time on Issa and Nathan this season,but I get that Issa was trying to force things with Nathan because she didn't feel confident about making things work with Lawrence. I just wish they coul
  6. I thought this was the best episode of the season so far. Amos and Bobbie were fun. It was nice to see Prax and Anna again. Amos was right: Prax is a good guy. Marco stripping Ceres was a good tactical move, going after the Rocinante for petty revenge was not. Of course, he blamed Filip for it. I liked Filip standing up to him. Filip is a piece of shit too, but he does care about the Belters. If he hadn't been raised by a narcissistic asshole, he probably would have had a chance.
  7. I liked Steve and Miranda together, but if they want to break them up, fine. I just hate that they are turning Miranda into Cynthia Nixon. I also hate that they are making her an alcoholic. I don't like Che. They are too pushy. I liked Charolotte's conversation with Anthony. Carrie was Carrie. Natasha was classy.
  8. In later scenes, you could see her in the background, drunk. I don't think she was celebrating lol. Then there was the crying at the wedding. She's definitely not happy to be marrying him.
  9. I didn't at the time, but looking back, he called him Sporus, harkening back to the castrate and marry conversation. Like Nero, he killed his wife and castrated and married his slave, metaphorically, of course lol.
  10. I was happy to see the siblings finally united and proud of Roman for standing up to Logan. I do feel for them, being fucked by both their mom and dad, but not that bad since they have oodles of money. Logan's right that they can go build their own empires. I know that in their minds, being the successor equals their dad's love though, so this was a real blow. I was cheering Tom on when I realized he backstabbed them, and he brought Greg along as his attack dog. Who needs a soul anyway. Shiv kind of deserved this after the way she treated him all season. Now, he's the one with the power i
  11. Greg had no reason to be there, but really neither Gerri or even Connor and Willa, but I just handwaved that Caroline invited the Roy's plus some important peripheral players and Greg made the cut because he's currently in Logan's good graces. I've enjoyed Greg's scenes this season, but I don't know if they have an actual plan for him. Sometimes they show him as being corrupted by the Roy's lifestyle, but they also show that he's actually capable of normal human emotions. I know there was all the talk about Greg punching above his weight in this episode, but I did appreciate that he had
  12. Kendall is not a good person but Logan is an evil piece of shit. He sent his son a birthday card saying to get the fuck out but when Kendall actually wants to cash out, Logan isn't having it. The way he twisted the knife about the waiter's death was chilling. I don't think Kendall is dead, but the season ending with his death would make a lot of sense given his trajectory and possibly open up some new possibilities for next season. I don't want to lose Jeremy Strong, and I doubt HBO does either, but I don't know where Kendall goes from here. Maybe he'll confess to the waiter's death? To
  13. I'm happy Greg got a date even if she only said yes because she was pissed at Kendall. Shiv and Tom need to put their marriage out of its misery. Roman hit a new low. I guess his siblings know all about his sexual issues, as Shiv was really needling him. Connor is a joke, but he took Roman fishing as a kid and apparently Kendall and Roman camping. That's more than Logan ever did.
  14. I don't know if it has changed but when I was a kid and couldn't pronounce my "R's", school started speech therapy in the second grade.
  15. Issa and Nathan are so awkward together it's kind of uncomfortable to watch and their lack of urgency about Flava Flav made me so mad. The whole episode probably should have been about Molly and her family. There was the potential for a good story in there, but they didn't do much with it.
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