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  1. I watched the first two episodes and am all in. I have a feeling there are lots of hidden clues embedded in the episodes that will help the viewer with what is going on.
  2. I like trivia shows but really do not care for the snarkiness and it felt off for both Ken and James. It was way more off for James. Full disclosure, the only Jeopardy player that bugs me more than James is Buzzy. Anyway, I like Brad and fear his snarkiness when he is the chaser will make me like him a bit less.
  3. I will sit at my own table and say it: I do not like Captain Jack, I do not like the Daleks, and all they needed to make me totally hate this episode would have been Rose and the Cybermen. I am sad to see Graham and Ryan go.
  4. I started Bridgerton but after an epiode and a half I was out. Great eye candy, but me and Shondaland don't mix. Queen's Gambit was good but not great. I know that I am a hard person to please.
  5. I just read this whole thread. I am watching on Netflix and on season 2. 90% of these characters are unlikable, especially Murphy.
  6. Is this the same Gray from before? I am eally not liking this actor as Gray.
  7. It seems to me that Mrs. Coulter can't like or love her daemon because she does not like or love herself.
  8. I am noticing that if a teams wins in one episode that one loses in the other.
  9. I am watching the Christmas edition of this show now, and I am shocked that they all have been using peppermint in their recipes each show without being told.
  10. 80s Mark Harmon was very handsome to me, and he has aged well. He is not my type then (I was just a young little kid) or now. Harrison Ford is not bad looking but not good looking either. Harry Hamlin is butt ugly! He may still be a wonderful person though.
  11. Minority opinion that I have felt since season one, I am not impressed nor routing for Mrs. Coulter and am not impressed by Rachel Wilson. She does silent rage well enough, but I saw her in Luther (hated her there) she was very one-note for me, and she is fairly one-note here. I am not umimpressed either. I am just saying.
  12. I think all of Linda's family is way too much! This includes her sister.
  13. Whether this was supposed to be a whodunit or psychological case study, it was very poorly written to me.
  14. Sadly, Eric Clapton has broken my rock 'n roll heart repeatedly.
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