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  1. I think I may be slow, but hasn't Loki disappeared from his timeline? So, will the reset place him back in custody on Earth or will the reset kill him? I guess I am having trouble with him being a variant (since he actually disappeared from his timeline) and not the actual person who caused the variance. That is different.
  2. I am not sure why I have not watched this show from the beginning, but I binged this all last week and finished this episode Saturday. Tom Ellis should have been enough to get me to watch from the start. I don't have much to add but hope to be adding more to the upcoming season discussions.
  3. Sorry but Ava from Justified was the one I could not stand.
  4. I was not disappointed. I don't think it is Loki they are hunting. It is a classic trick where they are not showing the "villain's" face.
  5. I am working from home too, but I am anticipating this may be one of those things where afterwards all I will crave is a drag on a cigarette. And I don't smoke.
  6. Oh my goodness. I cannot watch this until after work, and I can't wait. I think this will be the only bright spot in my day.
  7. I was done after the first episode this season.
  8. For those who may not know. He played The Kid's, character played by Prince in Purple Rain, dad. Sorry but wanted to add to clear up possible confusion.
  9. As a person struggling with social anxiety and depression I feel for Naomi Osaka. I am glad Naomi Osaka decided to place her peace first. In my opinion, just because something has always been done a certain way or because others do it should never be a good enough reason when preserving one's mental health.
  10. He was using his actual Australian accent.
  11. I was not surprised by the twist and never liked an evil Walter. I am going to guess that beyond this finale, that there is not set plan on the direction this show will be taking if renewed. (Was it renewed?)
  12. Dylan's dad can't be the baby's father unless he is not Dylan's father or unless that was the most inaccurate paternity test they gave Dylan and DJ from the start. The test would have shown Dylan as a relative but not the father.
  13. In the real world, Keisha could have gotten her scholarship deferred. I promised myself not to come in this forum and be overly critical, even if I am in my head. I just want to say when Tiff and whatever Lala's character's name is were in the kitchen, I realize they were trying to pull off real-life laughter/banter so the viewer can see Emmett's paranoia. It just seemed very rehearsed to me. I know that of all the things that I could have pointed out that bothered me with the episode that this was minor. Still. And I like Jada's hairstyle, but it does not fit Jada at all.
  14. This is my second-favorite animated show (after Archer), but Linda and her sister and parents are right up there with Teddy with being absolutely annoying.
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