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  1. I did. I felt like the ending was missing something.
  2. Pete Davidson--I don't get it. Any of it. I view Jojo Siwa as an act. I am not fond of her act either but it is also not geared toward me. With that said, I do wonder if the line between act and reality has been blurred for her. I also wonder about if her tight ponytail will affect her hair line in the future. Martin Freeman is another who I sometimes find annoying.
  3. I just watched and enjoyed it. I really do hate time travel but this was fun. I also hope Fitz is able to reunite with the gang soon.
  4. I preferred the GOT TV changes (except for a few) over the book version. As the books went on, the more off the rails the story became. Another UO, Martin is a great world builder but a goodish writer.
  5. My UO for showrunners, writers (TV, movies, books, plays, etc.), and fans is just because someone (or lots of someones) guessed where your mystery was going does not automatically make the journey to get there boring or bad. There still can be a lot of intrigue, interest, plot between A to Z if creativity is there. This is in reference to Lost and GoT (two of my favorite shows that caused lots of disappointment). But I think many people (including fans) can mess a story up by wanting it to constantly push the enevelope, shock, mind bend etc. I like that too when it is done well but I like a good, plausible, and a "not total character changing for no reason story" done well too and sometimes better.
  6. Andrew's brother was annoying when he first appeared on screen, and I saw something like this coming. I did not mind the sister-in-law but did feel she was trying too hard not to make Molly feel "different" as the only non-Chinese person in their little group. The over compensation became annoying. As for the towel incident, I think we really don't know if the couple before Molly was asked to show a key or not. I agree that noone has the right to tell Molly how to feel about what she perceived to be racist. I also think her feelings are valid because they are hers but have no idea on what really went down and think that having that be vague was a conscious choice of the show. (Can we side-eye the dude swimming like fire was on his back that caused the water to get in the sister-in-law's eye in the first place?) I also agree that "devil's advocate" folks are passive aggressive (often in denial) shit starters. I don't debate with "devil's advocate" people. I would have left the whole "You people" observation and phrase out, as well as "He (Andrew) is different." Because that never comes off well. No matter who says it. I find it interesting that the sister-in-law said something to the effect that "they are always trying to divide us." Lots of different perspectives arose from that incident. Where I will come out firmly and say Molly was trying to start some shit of her own was when she was bad talking Nathan with Andrew. And what would she have thought of Andrew if he would have joined in. That would to me have made Andrew a lot less attractive. And the comment about Issa ran from her like she was a job was not a good look on Molly. I see a lot of mental health issues in Insecure's future. Molly, Nathan, Tiffany, and possibly even Andrew;s sister (who sounds like she is a mess too). As a black woman with a lifelong battle with depression and a Chinese close friend who also has dealt with the same, I am here for it. (I admit that I may be reading a lot into the discreet mentions of Andrew's sister.) If Lawrence is leaving the show, I will miss the character and the actor. With all of Lawrence's flaws, I think he showcases the male perspective of being insecure well.
  7. I am also in the camp of those who find Driver untalented and unattractive. I also don't care about sports.
  8. When I click on the "Go to this Post" from an email delivered to my inbox, I am sent to the my subscribed forums section and not to the post.
  9. I am not receiving email notifications to subscribed forums and have not been since Friday.
  10. George was funny and exacerbating. I get the feeling from his son's reaction when he was dropped off that they had not seen each other for a very long time. 😁 I agree that those women were foul and got the feeling a few times that something was off about them. Maybe I had that feeling because every nice thing Issa tried to do sort of went sideways before meeting them. When Issa broke down in her mother's arms I felt that release of pain.
  11. Maybe I am a tad messy (don't think I am), but I don't see anything wrong if Issa had called Nathan (who ghosted her), because her back was against the wall, for a favor that her best friend (rightly or wrongly) could not provide. I agree that Nathan offered though.
  12. I actually like Condola (but I like Tiffany and Lawrence too, and can see why some fans don't). I hope she and Issa remain friends, and she becomes a network for Issa to continue to accomplish her goals. I think Molly was out of line, and although she is professional, I think this confrontation was on brand for Molly and Issa from what we have seen of the tension in their relationship lately. I also had to look up the performer to see if he was real.
  13. I haven't even filed my taxes yet and owe money. I got my deposit two days ago.
  14. I liked it. Eventhough it straddled the saccharine sweet in some areas. I will also say that A Million Little Things has many annoying moments for me, as does This Is Us (one of my top three shows currently airing), I still like them too.
  15. I am late to the game, but Barney Miller is one of the best sitcoms ever, and the turkey episode of WKRP is the funniest ever.
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