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  1. I guess what I am saying about Vanya though is that despite Reggie's abusive parenting, she was still a bit one or both of the crazy 'pathics (will not try to understand if it is socio- or psycho-). That is how the season one writers portrayed her with no nuance. Is that how they meant to portray her in hindsight? I don't know.
  2. Though I like Vanya better in season 2 than in season 1, I do believe if she was skinning live animals instead of killing nannies more would think there was something evil about her. I do believe she may not have had the empathy to feel bad for what she was doing, but I also believe it was not normal. Reggie was horrible and wrong for not getting Vanya proper help, but he did not start treating her differently from the other children (that he emotionally abused) until all the dead nannies, right?
  3. I was afraid that Yo-yo was going to die from an infection. So, I guess, for me, it created suspense.
  4. Honestly, I am not sure when I started watching AoS just for the created family and not for the plot, and, although, I hated most of the villains during its tenure, most of the time travel stuff, and there was always at least one thing each season that made me go "WHY!" I loved how the ensemble cast of characters formed this rag-tag family. So, I am happy the ending was happy. I squeeled when I saw Fitz--although, I knew it was coming. I do wish that Crazy Cal would have made an appearance. I loved him. I am glad Sousa did not die. I kept expecting, when he and Mac were just shooting the breeze, for a Chronicom to come behind him and shoot him. I was hoping for some way to resurrect Enoch too. I am on the fence with Deke staying behind. It made me sad. Overall, I am not mad at this.
  5. You said everything that I wanted to, but the bolded especially.
  6. I seemed to have enjoyed this show more than most and never expected it to be "your mother's" version of Perry Mason because it is on HBO, it is 2020, and we know that even in the late 50s to mid 60s things were a bit more complicated than the original portrayed it to be. I also did not really expect Alice to be part of the big bad. I did not rule it out, but I never got the impression that was her purpose on the show.
  7. I don't know when Kora is lying or being sincere because her expression and tone is always the same for every emotion.
  8. Because the writers either did not think of it or were hoping noone else would think about it.
  9. I also liked the bonding of Klaus and Allison. And I really disliked season one Vanya, but enjoyed season two Vanya.
  10. Thank you all for your kind words, and heartfelt condolences to all of you who have experienced loss recently.
  11. Yeah. Emmett going behind Sonny’s back like that was out of character. And, although not out of character, it was lazy writing for the woman to predict Emmett would cheat and then he cheats. Waithe is not a good actor. I agree that the young man playing Kevin is a good actor. I also think the actors playing Jake and Poppa are consistently getting better. And just because I am always citing who is acting poorly, I will say that I think the actors portraying Keisha, Emmett, and Tiffany are ok too. I am ok with Jada’s new guy offering advice but he was a bit too judgmental to be that new. I like them together though. I am team Nina when she was kicking Dre out though. Dre made it seem as if Keisha was gone for two years and not two months.
  12. I hear ya, but I think it is more of the makeup switchup than the weight loss as to why people thinks she looks so different. I mean if you cake that stuff back on, you will begin to see the old Adele.
  13. I don't know if people can't believe it is Adele because they think she looks bad or just different. I think she looks fine and thought she had a cute face when she was heavier and now. The difference now is that there is so much less makeup. I prefer the less makeup.
  14. I thought not every kid born that day was "special," and Reggie only got the ones that were. I thought he got all the ones that were that he could find. To be honest, of all of them, Ben's power does not fit on this show to me. (Well, now with the revelation of what Reggie is, it does.) I like Ben a lot but felt the others had more interesting powers.
  15. The Scottish burr is part of the appeal for me.
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