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  1. It is a devastating tragedy. Heartbreaking. I truly doubt he will face charges unless I am misreading every article calling it an accident.
  2. I have not been able to enjoy any of this latest season.
  3. Yes. He was battling cancer. His immune system was already compromised.
  4. I just want to put it out there that I am firmly against parental advisory labels. I will not endorse that.
  5. I don't listen to those songs either. I thought this topic came up because it was mentioned in the news that the Rolling Stones, themselves, decided to retire their song. If other artists with songs that have poor optics (to say the least) choose to retire those songs, I think they may also be commented on here too.
  6. I have no idea if this is true but heard Brown Sugar was inspired by Mick's first baby's mama.
  7. I just think I pay just as much to lyrics as music. Many people have stated they never paid much to attention it. No need to be embarassed.
  8. I have always known Brown Sugar's lyrics. For me, they are pretty easy to understand. As a Stones fan, I am so glad they retired the song.
  9. As far Alton Brown goes, I can't stand him and have read unpleasant stories about him over the years. Also, his food looks bland to me.
  10. Bobby Flay is my favorite FN star. He truly is the only reason I watch. I think he is going to be okay and if he wanted could get a deal with a streaming network.
  11. Honestly, I dislike alternate universes and time travel with a passion.
  12. Honestly, I think every character in almost every What If...? episode has acted in a hurried fashion of what we would have known them to behave to quickly further the plot. This has been one of my sour points (of many) all season. I still think this one was fun. Maybe, I only like it because I did not really care for the outcome of the three that came before it.
  13. Before it was revealed that Chloe was Rory's mother, I kept thinking that maybe Lucifer should just ask Rory what is/was her mother's name. That bugged me even after the reveal because it was a lazy trope.
  14. I loved this episode. Yeah, there were parts that grated but overall it is among my favorites. I have not been enjoying the series as much as I hoped, so that is saying a lot coming from me.
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