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  1. This was great. The laugh I needed!
  2. I am confused as to why people would speculate that Robert is Archer's father. Wouldn't Mallory have recognized Robert? I know that his father is a mystery, but did I miss the memo that it was a mystery to Mallory too?
  3. I had to Google Jamie Foxx being in Spider-Man or even when Electro showed up on screen. I was feeling a bit like Paltrow until I read it was not Tom Holland's Spider-Man franchise but Andrew Garfield's (which I have not seen). I am sure you all said this. I clearly missed that.
  4. I know Michael and Bobby are best friends, but he still annoys me.
  5. So, in the last month I have access to the Food Channel and have been streaming this show. I have always loved and will love Bobby Flay, but I hate when Ann Burrell and Michael Simon are judges. There are other annoying ones such as Sunny, Scott and Giada, but Ann and Michael are the most annoying. And they are on a lot.
  6. I just watched on Netflix and the Johnson skit was there.
  7. Enigma X

    Enola Holmes (2020)

    I liked this, but I am not a Cavill fan at all. Don't get any of the hype. I wish someone else played Sherlock.
  8. RBG. I am gutted. Pissed and gutted.
  9. I love me some (certain) British TV, but I have said about 2 to 3 years ago in the the TV UO forum that many people think that just because a TV show is from Britain it is automatically better than every American show ever made. They seem to forget that Britain gave us the original Big Brother (for example) and lots of other not-so-great TV. I think both places produce great actors, TV, and films and equally think they both produce mediocre to shit actors, TV, and films. Some people won't admit the latter.
  10. I guess that I am in the minority, but I liked the first two seasons of Fringe better than the last three.
  11. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I really do not want Kilmonger to be the new Black Panther and did not fall in love with Jordan's portrayal. I remember many saying that Jordan was more enthralling than Boseman in their respective roles. I disagree. I am ok with Shuri being the new Black Panther but would rather she remain a scientist.
  12. I like the three companions better than the current Doctor. The writing is off with Whitaker's Doctor. Although I enjoyed Bill, I felt like the writing was off with Capaldi's Doctor too. So, I have not truly enjoyed Doctor Who since Smith left but Tennant is my favorite Doctor.
  13. I agree that in the immediate future T'Challa should not be recast but Black Panther can be.
  14. I think there will be another Black Panther and also think that it can be handled respectfully and delicately. I pity the actor that follows Chadwick because the comparisons will be off the charts. Since I think another Black Panther is inevitable, I am more interested in how they handle T'Challa's death onscreen.
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