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  1. I hate people who comment on an episode that they have not seen yet. Alas, that will be me now. I absolutely hate Jack Harkness and am not anticipating that watching this episode will change that.
  2. As a person who battles depression and anxiety on a daily basis and has been doing so for as long as I can remember, and know many smart people who won't even admit that they are dealing with depression and anxiety, I think Randall is behaving on par. Yes, for every Randall there is a person who willing seeks therapy too. But it has nothing do with intelligence or not wanting to get better. I really think the whole people with mental illness should behave this certain way is part of the whole stigma and added anxiety we have to face in society.
  3. For me the show has taken a turn that I don't care for. I don't mind the Brooks/Jo "romance," the Benny is an AI (I am rooting for Benny to be a good guy), that Emily has taken a back seat to a bigger bad, but I really hate the route the bigger bad has taken. Some of the shows nuance has been lost for me. It is weird that Helen was the first and was created seemingly more powerful even before Emily's upgrade. Why only Helen? At the end of the day, I would prefer the big bad to be human, and the AIs simply want to live as normal as they can. Boring to most...maybe.
  4. Just my personal opinion, and not that it is a bad thing, but I just think that a lot of C-list and below celebrities are being reported in this list more than it ever was before. That makes it seems as if there has been a major uptick in celebrity deaths. Again, I am not saying that they shouldn't be.
  5. I loved this episode and I loved all the flashbacks. I am a fan of Randall and Darnell having a discussion on mental health, especially as it relates to black men. But I am also glad that Randall and Kevin do have a brotherly bond that transcends the difficulties that had with each other as children. Yes, Kevin may need some therapy of his own too, but I think Kevin knowing his brother knows he can lean on him helps Kevin in some way.
  6. Other than Manny, I don’t detest the characters like most of you. Even wooden Lily has moved over to the meh category for me. But Phil has hands down been my favorite character throughout. Ty Burrell’s subtle acting while expressing his heartbreak over his character’s dad death was heartbreaking. I enjoyed other parts of this episode as well.
  7. I guess I am the only who liked Dr. Strange.
  8. I made it though two episodes of The Witcher, and I made it through four episodes of The Mandalorian before I realized that I was trying very hard to like it. I actually liked neither.
  9. I am also happy for Harry and Meghan. I am sure the tabloids, gossip-mongers, and people who feel as if their opinion matters are pouncing on this with delight to "show" how ungrateful they are. And I hope Harry and Meghan don't give a damn!
  10. About five years ago I began watching Silent Witness (the newer ones). At the end of 2019, I started watching season one, and it took me to season four to realize these were the same shows. I like season one to three better than the recent seasons but seasons three and four started to grate.
  11. Enigma X

    U.K. TV

    This is not a British show but a New Zealand show I am watching on Prime. Has anyone else watched Blue Rose?
  12. I hate Ken's schtick a lot. I think in most cases they actually do know who most of the people are by the second or third performance but pretend as if they don't. I do question those who knew off the bat who that YouTube guy was though.
  13. This season there were 7 white singers, 8 black singers, and one Latina. Depending on your personal taste, one would say any of those people were good or bad performers. In my opinion it was not dominated by (good) black performers. What I would say is that if they can get more Latinx and Asian performers on the show, it would not hurt it.
  14. I liked the episode and the season, but I just don't get Manhattan (and maybe this is my bias against time travel). I will just say that I agree with Will; it seems as if Manhattan could have done more. I am not necessarily even talking about the greater good for humanity (but do believe he could have done more there too), but he is so wrapped up in the tired time travel trope of what happened happened. I am frustrated just typing it out.
  15. Yeah, it never really ceased for me either. Some days I get four from one poster and others between four and seventy from multiple posters.
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