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  1. The ongoing case against Gregory St. Johns takes an interesting turn, with the State of California suing the CM studios: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/california-authorities-bring-suit-criminal-minds-team-unchecked-sexual-harassment-1295960
  2. There was one more episode they couldn't film because of COVID-19. The original finale was supposed to air on April 29, the 25th anniversary of the LA riots, of which Hondo would have a personal connection to. The writers do plan on making that episode, but it won't be the premiere next season. They may hold that one to next April. Ironically, S.W.A.T. was intended to give way to The Amazing Race which would air over the summer...but the production shutdown halted that show too. Because of that, next season Race will air in the fall, pushing S.W.A.T. to midseason.
  3. That's a wrap. See you in January (the show has been held to midseason by CBS). I felt like this episode went like a lot of episodes this season- it was middling, it was derivative, formulaic, rudimentary...average. Watchable still, but it doesn't grip me like it used to. When you get the feeling you can write these episodes in your sleep, it may be time to mix things up a little and go a little against the grain. I'm not sure what they could do differently. It's easy to see where they've went wrong- the cases are almost always about dealing with some Latino cartel (as was the case tonight) or "gangbangers", the stories are always told at a fast pace to feign a sense of urgency, and, outside of Street's story in "Bad Cop"/"Good Cop", the characters' own stories don't have the depth or exploration that they used to have, since the show thinks having their stories being told in snippets in each episode is enough. Which was fine when the show was starting out and establishing itself- but, by the end of S3, the show and its characters should already be "established", so it's not enough to simply rely on formulas to get the job done. S.W.A.T. is at the point where it should be trying new things and exploring its characters a little deeper than it used to. The novelty has worn off. The good news is, they've got some time to think about it. Hopefully, when the show comes back, they'll realize how they can punch things up a little and go with it, because that's how this show will get back on track.
  4. S.W.A.T. is back for Season 4: https://tvline.com/2020/05/06/swat-renewed-season-4-cbs/
  5. I believe they're doing something with Survivor over the next two weeks so that's why the "season finale" airs on May 20. I don't know about sweeps or anything like that. I do know that networks are trying to space out their products so that they can take as long as they need to in order to air their new material, because they're unable to make any new shows to fill their schedule.
  6. There are just some episodes where you know, almost as soon as you start them, you know they're going to be a "long" one. While I think this episode eventually didn't drag like I thought it would, the episode still wasn't as compelling as it could have been. I could get into my usual complaints about "Bonnie & Clyde" stories- they usually cast the woman as an unwitting participant or in a "twist" make her the "actual" ringleader of the couple- but the show didn't really develop, well, any kind of story about the pair. They just relied on some exposition, the "Bonnie" looking rather maniacal, and the couple just randomly and recklessly shooting at everyone, because I guess they just wanted to get caught. Oh, and those "bounty hunters" really just got in the way...and caved too easily. The lady hunter made it clear she needed the job for her kids' tuition...a few "magic words" from Deacon can change her mind? I don't know why SWAT and the bounty hunters couldn't have worked out a deal. They work together and the bounty guys get to bring in their fugitives. The two sides were unnecessarily antagonistic. So the case was, again, a dud. The side stories were hit or miss too. I had a feeling we'd see "Shady Piper Lynch" at some point and there she was, threatening to go to the press to rat on the Deputy Mayor. At least her tactic actually worked and didn't do too much damage to SWAT. I doubt that's the last we'll see of that, though. Gotta feel bad for Darryl, but...if I was the father of the girl he impregnated I'm not sure I'd be so quick to let him back in to my daughter's life. Rightly or wrongly, memories do run deep. Then there was Luca's story...heartwarming in the end, but you knew Luca was going to find some way to continue with the force. Knowing he did the Three Mile Run at the end of the episode- that we know is not a season finale- removes some of the suspense behind that run too.
  7. There will be a lot of variables to that. One, I think there will be people- no matter what happens- who will not feel safe at all to go out and do things. They existed before COVID-19 and they'll exist afterward. Two, "COVID fatigue" was a thing before the lockdowns started. Doubt it's abated in any way. The amount of people who have that (I know I do) will also determine how many people will go out when we're finally told we can. Three, it'll depend on how the news plays out the rest of the year. If, say, by mid-June we're talking about 100 new cases in the U.S. and a vaccine or a treatment is on the horizon (which I believe is a distinct possibility) then I think a large majority of the population will like their chances and feel it's safe to go out again. However, if by mid-June we're still talking about 20K new cases a day but we have a lot of impatient U.S. states opening up because they're more concerned about Independence Day and their economy than public safety, then I don't think you'll have a lot of people who'd be willing to go out. Some will, but many won't. Alternatively, if by October we're still in lockdown despite having only one or two new cases a day (or just a handful of cases, period) there will likely be too much public pressure to reopen completely because I'm sure by that point the public will believe the governors aren't acting rationally. The restless will far outnumber the afraid by that point. Of course, I believe the last example is extreme, and the second isn't likely. I also don't think a second lockdown will happen- if there is a second wave, it won't hit as hard. However, those are not debates for this thread. To answer the question...it'll all depend on what the situation is like when movie theatres are reopened, a variable none of us know.
  8. I think that's the heart of it- Chris has been almost all tell, no show. It's hard to get invested in her struggles when we don't see them on screen. The "throuple" storyline was the closest we got, and even there, the show did a lot of telling. Me too. Amy Farrington is still not half the actress that Stephanie Sigman is, but she fits in with the cast better and her character fits better with the storylines they're telling and the dynamics they have. I can already picture the scene- Hicks and Lynch are alone in Hicks' office and Hicks tells her, "if you want me to trust you then you gotta trust me. Maybe when you're a Detective on the beat you can pull stuff like this but when you involve me and when you involve my team, that's not just your a** on the line it's our a**es as well...and I can't have someone who jeopardizes the careers of my team, let alone mine! So the next time you want to pull something like that, you gotta run it by me! Understood?"
  9. I've never bought once this line "we're going to be in lockdown for almost two years" because I doubt people, businesses and even the government will have that kind of patience. I give it a few more months, tops, before everyone's patience gets really tested and governments are forced to reopen completely. Whether or not it'll be the right thing to do is a separate debate and I won't engage in it- I just believe it will happen. I also believe a vaccine or a treatment will become available sooner rather than later because it's the most pressing issue in the world right now and, as I said before, no one can wait the "12-18 months" to get it out. Rightly or wrongly (which, again, is a separate debate), governments are going to fast-track it. What I will talk about is what will happen once things really do re-open (assuming we can film and a writer's strike doesn't get in the way). If there's a vaccine or a treatment that works (which I think is highly likely), then it's a moot point- everyone will go back to work, even the older workers. If there isn't a treatment available by then...I think there will still be workers (of any age) who won't go back to work until there is one, and I'm sure a few studios will follow suit. Others will likely not care and just want to get back to work- and they will. There are people who likely want to work now but can't because they're not that worried about the virus (if at all)- those are the ones who will dive right back into production at first. The rest will trickle back, with more going back the longer there's confidence things really are safe. Lastly, let's keep in mind that before things are really normal, there will likely be a few "false starts" along the way. Governments and health officials have gotten a lot of things wrong about COVID-19 during this pandemic, and we've already seen a few misguided reopenings (like the Japanese island of Hokkaido), so who knows how many people will really trust that things are really safe when they are. Most people will go back to normal as soon as they can, but there will still be some of us who won't. Going forward, that will be the real question of the fallout of COVID-19.
  10. Season 2.11, "School"- the flashback episode about the school shooting- showed her in her K9 role. I thought that was a S1 episode but I was wrong. As far as S1 is concerned, I don't really recall much of well, anything about Chris, so maybe you're right about her wearing the K9 patch that season. The storyline about her helping the female SWAT candidate was in S2, during Street's redemption arc, and we never heard from the prospect again. It'll be interesting to see where this goes. I could see the show opting for some kind of mixture of the two choices- Lynch's rule-bending initially causes issues with the team, but then they realize that Lynch got it right. Perhaps there's later "an understanding" between Lynch and Hicks that if the team has to break the rules, it's under exceptional circumstances and Hicks has to approve it first- because it's his butt on the line if it goes awry. That does seem to be Chris' ongoing issue- go headstrong into things only to see it backfire spectacularly against her. It's an interesting character trait, but I don't know how much longer they can keep up with it. At some point, she'll need some character growth and not get so reckless. Maybe there's a glimpse of that with her interaction with Hondo but I don't think it goes far enough. At one point, she'll have to learn there are some fights you just can't win. As far as her being "the woman"...I think they've tried not to make that a big part of her storyline but it keeps cropping up. The reason why those moments stick out is because the writers haven't developed Chris as a character like they have with the others- that is, Chris is still searching for her "identity" whereas the others aren't. It probably does, I'll agree, with Hollywood's inability to write female characters well. Hollywood either tends to write a "man with boobs" or someone who makes "being a woman" their core identity- there's never really an attempt to write a character who happens to be a woman, has a "generic" motivation but understands things from a woman's perspective. Chris, it seems, mixes the "man with boobs" character with the "I'm a woman!" character, which helps explain why her characterization is such a mess.
  11. The early promotional material for S.W.A.T. said Chris was the leader of the K-9 unit, which the show later dropped. Much how early promotional material said Mumford's first name was Jeff, which later became Jack.
  12. I wonder if that kind of character can work on a show like this. S.W.A.T. has been pretty clear that in their universe, the law is paramount and no one flouts the rules and procedures. Maybe it could be a way to "punch up" the show a little bit by introducing a story or a storyline that reminds these "RULES!"-minded police officers that sometimes to do the right thing you have to break the rules- or in this case, the law, but then I wonder about the tone the series will take. Corruption does begin with a slippery slope. Hopefully Bonnie's the type that will accept a pop can lid as a ring. Arguably, if it's "true love" she shouldn't care if Tan can get her another expensive ring- it's the thought that counts. Family always wrestles with the emotions. You can have family members who are truly awful people and aren't the kind you'd ever want to help, like Hondo Sr....but they're family, so you feel obligated to help anyway, even if it won't do you any good. Hondo feels like he can't win, and I know how that feels. It'll be as Pyrrhic a victory as there ever was one, and for what? Some cheap drama? It really feels like lazy writing. I do think this ultimately goes down to the fact that the writers still don't have a feel for the stories they should write for Chris. They had Hondo and Deacon figured out, as well as Luca, who's always had that "SWAT is in my blood" storyline. They eventually figured out Street with his stories with his mother, getting back on the team, Molly and Nate, all part of a larger storyline where Street is maturing before our very eyes. Tan came late to that party but it seems like there's something with him and Bonnie. I also think the show is trying to build Lynch+Hicks ("Hynch"? "Licks"?). What has worked for Chris? She was supposed to be the dog operator, but aside from the school shooting episode and the episode where she said goodbye to Champ, we never saw that. Then there was whatever that storyline was with the "throuple". All that did was amp up Chris' angst and deliver some drama between her and Annie, before petering out. We've also had various one-off episodes where Chris deals with feminist issues or has to deal with her family, as well as those odd times where the show tried to make "Chris+Street" a thing (and maybe they still are). ...but nothing has stuck. If you want to talk about a character that's been poorly developed and has gone nowhere, you don't need to go much further than Christina Alonso. Which is a shame because Lina Esco has done a marvelous job with her character, but it doesn't make up for the fact her character just seems to be in a rut. One that I don't think this current storyline will get her out of. Unless they're using this storyline to write Esco out of the show (I hope not), what's the purpose of the storyline? To give Chris some more angst because she's (yet again) bitten off more than she can chew? To give Chris a "heroine moment" that will give her some fame before she goes back to being a regular SWAT officer? It's not like there's a promotion waiting for her or something. So I'm not looking forward to the conclusion.
  13. This one was really hard to grade. On one hand, we had a pretty rudimentary case that followed S.W.A.T.'s usual formula- amped-up pace, lots of things happening to increase tension (and ensure you're not paying too much attention to what's going on...) and everyone talking with those heightened voices to give you a sense that this is really an important case, everyone! Oh, and lots of guns, fast driving and fist-fights...because we can't have a show about a military-themed police unit without bullets, burned tires and (metaphorical) blood flying everywhere. This time, the show tried for the "personal" angle by having Tan be the target, and, to his credit, David Lim did bring it tonight selling Tan's frustrations and peril. Even though the episode played out like many other "teammate in peril" episodes that feature on so many different shows, Lim gave you a reason to be invested in Tan's, so credit to him. We also had another incident where Hicks- and now the rest of the team- are questioning whether or not they can trust Piper Lynch. I want to be optimistic about this storyline but it feels awkward, and let's be honest- there's only two ways this story ends: Lynch actually is trustworthy or she isn't. ...and then what do you do with the character? Lynch hasn't been well developed and she's had almost a season under her belt. Mind you, the writers did turn one dimensional characterization- Street and his shady impulsiveness- into a peach of a story, so there's hope Lynch may not be lost after all. Then there's Chris' storyline with the Deputy Mayor's son and...well, I want to be invested in it but that has "this won't end well" written all over it and I'm not confident it'll be a riveting storyline. Because too many other shows have done it before and Chris seems to have done this way too many times. So there's that part of S.W.A.T., the kind of "stuck in a formulaic rut, needs something to inject some life into it" thing that it's been doing all season. ...and then there was Hondo. Perhaps they should have devoted the episode- or an episode- to Hondo's storyline tonight, because it was pretty interesting and layered, ripe for development. Credit here to Shemar Moore, April Parker Jones (who played Hondo's sister Winnie), Rochelle Aytes and the writers for conveying so much with so little time. Just to sense the Harrelsons' struggles with dealing with what Daddy Hondo did to them and how it's affected their relationships and- worse- seeing Daddy happy again when they can't sort out their own happiness is intriguing stuff. Perhaps we've not all been in exactly the same situation as the Harrelsons but we can all relate to the feeling. I'll wait and see how it unfolds, but so far the story is starting off well. I just hope Hondo doesn't just give Nichelle those "magic words" and everything is all right again- something like this should take some time to heal.
  14. Which leads me to add- The Hugger might even become a character (especially in comedies, though I could see them in dramas), because I'm sure that too will be a real-life thing once COVID-19 passes. Which leads to..."the hilarious new comedy where germaphobic Gary has to deal with Hugging Harriet! You'll burst into laughter as you watch these two polar opposites try to find a way to live together! Coming this fall!" You can thank me later when this becomes a reality. 😛
  15. I think it's a bit premature to talk about social changes right now (and I'd debate the opposite will occur- we will have been so deprived of hugging and shaking hands that we will be only too eager to be able to do it again, but that's not a debate for this forum). I do think The Germaphobe as a character will make a resurgence and not seen as some kind of weirdo, a la Sheldon Cooper and Spencer Reid.
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