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  1. Stabler and Benson too, as I understand, on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, but SVU has revived the pairing so we'll see how long that lasts. Plus Sherlock and Joan are a funny example because those two had actual romantic chemistry, I felt, so a coupling there could have worked. I have to wonder if Elementary didn't pull the trigger there because they worried too many Holmes purists would have gotten upset. They were already breaking ground, so to speak, making Watson a woman, so I guess they didn't want to push the envelope too much. I'm sure there are other examples too, but the
  2. I'm not sure how often actors who are only recurring get articles announcing their departure from the series. I don't think I've ever seen one, except when that character was a "big bad" or a major part of a major arc (like a temporary love interest). Karen Street was never more than a part of a recurring subplot- the biggest part, yes, but it was still just a subplot. Don't think Karen ever had a huge part in any episode. I think a few factors come into play here. One, logistics means it's better for the scriptwriters to stick to the characters they have rather than create several cha
  3. I could be completely wrong on this, but I don't believe there were any references to marital problems for Hotch until S2. That seems to be more when the show leaned in to the Hotch divorce story- in S1, the Hotchners were happily married. This could explain inconsistencies in the divorce storyline in S1.
  4. I hope you're right and I'm wrong, because I want all this time spent on a rudimentary storyline to actually mean something. I know I've been sour on this show a lot lately but I still want it to get back on track. There's still lots of great stuff for the show to explore if it puts its mind to it. It makes sense that the stress of losing his mother means he can no longer deal with the situation with Christina- which is already stressful to begin with. That could have been used as an explanation too. One thing I'll say that I didn't in my original review that I think it's sad that
  5. Re: Street- keeping in mind that I still don't like "Streelonso" in principle, I both understood and didn't understand where he was coming from with regards to how Christina deals with him. I believe the writers were going for Street making the argument that Christina was acting like his girlfriend even though she actually isn't and it's messing him up. In a twisted kind of way, I see where Street is coming from in this regard. He just used the wrong words and reasons. I remember listening to him say "I can't touch you or kiss you" and I thought, "hold on a sec...I've cuddled wi
  6. Perhaps my disdain for the Sanchez storyline doesn't allow me to fully appreciate its nuances. I will admit, David DeSantos is doing really well in the role- he seems like he's really enjoying playing the baddie who, like a great heel in wrestling, sets himself to be hated so much that when his downfall does happen, it will be something the audience will never forget. In that respect, I can, well, respect what the show is trying to do with Sanchez. Not liking him is how I'm supposed to feel. So, well done show, I guess. Still, I look at this and think this is still too "one-note
  7. This could have been an "F" if it weren't for some great acting and some nice character moments. I mean, Shemar Moore, David DeSantos and Patrick St. Esprit really brought the fire in that final scene, and seeing Street wrestle with his emotions regarding the passing of his mother was also excellent. I also think Street and Hondo had some nice exchanges. None of that really makes up for the dreadful stories they're telling. I can't get behind Streelonso. Not sure I ever will, no matter how much the show pushes it on me. Hondo defying direct orders...well, they're in charact
  8. I need to work this in one of my stories for an interrogation scene. It's too brilliant. I believe on The Mentalist, four teens all had the same story- except they blamed someone else in the group for the eventual murder. So Patrick Jane deduced from that all four of the teens were at fault for the crime in equal proportions.
  9. I guess that's the real quandary- how do you eventually get Hondo to replace Deacon as team leader without compromising either character? I do contend that it could have been done, and done well if these writers put in the effort to do so, but I do see why the writers eventually settled on a new character. I'll agree this will be worth it if it involves shaking up the LAPD, if not City Council. Of course, in that case, I'd like it if the show cast some characters to play the Mayor and other power brokers whom Hondo will take down. It'll be no fun taking down the Empire if we don't see the
  10. I get that. I'm just tired of these one-time characters whose only job on the show is to get their comeuppance and do little else. I've lost my interest in these kinds of characters. I'd rather have Deacon be in charge of 20-Squad and see how he deals with Hondo because I know and care about both characters as opposed to having to slog through watching a character whose essentially a plot device I couldn't care less about. I get that companies hire "moles" all the time. One of my workplaces had one of those types. He only lasted a day but he was there. I just don't know how r
  11. I assumed when the episode aired that Deacon assumed the role of 20-David because, in order for 20-Squad to remain, they would have needed a Sargent to lead them and Deacon was the only one. They made no indication that someone else was coming in take charge of the team.
  12. We could probably write a 1,000-page tome on all the corners police procedurals (and their related cousins, the legal procedurals) cut for their episodes, but I think one of their biggest offences has to be how reliable the witnesses in general tend to be on these programs. It's not just the "perfect sketch"- often, you'll see the police officers interview a single witness and that witness gives them a picture perfect depiction of the crime scene and the perpetrator in question, and it's that description which the police later use to make an arrest. Now, when the case involves a crime sce
  13. Memory is a weird thing and something that is poorly understood. We have this perception that when we recall our memories, they're 100% accurate to what happened at the time when the truth is, as time passes, they get garbled with other memories that we have and the quality of those memories degrade. It's why repetition and practice are so important- so that your brain can encounter the same thing many different times and process it to the point where the memory is as close to perfect as can be. Also, how two people remember the same event will vary, sometimes wildly. Just as a benign exa
  14. First step...first words. In theory, they could happen when the parents aren't in the room with the baby (such as when the baby is in the crib at night), so the parents can't know for sure when those milestone events actually happened. They can talk about when they first observed the milestones but that's about it. (Unless they have a camera on the baby 24/7...which would be weird...) As for parents missing the milestones...they're unpredictable, so I don't see why TV makes missing those events such a colossal mistake by the absent parent. I would assume it would be understandable if
  15. The problem with the Rodrigo Sanchez storyline was laid bare right there in the final scene. I mean, does anyone really think that Hondo's job is in peril? On a darker show, and one that's more about Hondo than the team, it just may be. On this show there's not even a slight chance of that happening. We all know that Sanchez is going to be exposed and, through some machinations, Hondo gets to be team leader again. I'll even repeat that and put it in bold because I'm sure that's how the story will play out. We all know that Sanchez is going to be exposed and, through some ma
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