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  1. Xantar


    "Hey OA, is that our guy?" "Yep. Sure is." "We're on the second floor and he's on the ground outside. Also, there's a barred window between us and him." "Sounds like the perfect time to pull out our guns and yell at him to stop where he is!"
  2. Xantar


    My understanding is that four years ago, Alex was driving a car with Benny in it. Benny actually fired the shots that killed someone. Alex didn’t know that was going to happen. When the prosecutor pressed him to talk, Alex’s father told him not to give up Benny. That’s because Ramirez has threatened Alex’s father and his family and also assured him Alex would be protected. Ramirez is apparently somewhat high up in the gangs or something.
  3. Watching that Vietnamese PSA video is so bizarre as a Vietnamese person. And it really does slap. So they ran a montage of mascots associated with Last Week Tonight and they didn't show ChiJohn? For shame!
  4. I don’t want to get into a gun rights debate, but the mistake that grandma and grandpa made with the gun was having one in the first place. They clearly were not well trained enough to use it well, so even in the case of a genuine home invasion, the most likely outcome was they would have the gun taken away and used against them. It’s really not easy to use a gun in a high stress situation. There’s not much they could have done differently in that moment. I’m not sure they are legally liable for anything. The mistake was made long before that night.
  5. Wow, Decker was a snot. He kept talking about how people just don’t understand technology when it was quite clear that actually they do. I wanted someone to punch him in the face throughout this episode.
  6. I didn’t understand the physics of the first accident. We clearly see in the shot that the car with the two women goes in front of the truck. We also see the truck driver make a surprised face and then slam on the brakes (the shot shows a man’s foot hitting the brakes with a screeching sound). So how did the car end up getting dragged behind the truck with the driver not knowing anything happened?
  7. So I struggle with depression and in the past I’ve had suicidal ideation. What’s depicted on this show has no resemblance to my experience, nor did I read it as an endorsement of suicide. If you’re reading something else, that’s fine. I just want to say that as someone who’s been there, the comparison makes no sense to me. It didn’t even occur to me. These people are ending up in The Good Place for literal eternity. You can’t come up with new challenges or new things for them to do forever. That’s impossible by definition. So the only two possible solutions are either people in The Good Place eventually lose their innate human drive or it ends for them. We don’t even know what that ending looks like, and the show was wise to avoid it.
  8. I like Rob Lowe and I’ve been a fan of Natacha Karam since the late lamented The Brave. That and screwy rescue scenes are enough to keep me watching. It really irritated me when Firefighter Hoyt kept talking about his “men” and his “brothers” though. There was clearly a woman on his team. On another note, the car accident victim had a 10-month old and also was visibly pregnant. She didn’t waste any time!
  9. OK, I have a theory for the final episodes and a thesis for how the show ends. First of all, Team Cockroach is going to discover The Good Place isn't all it's cracked up to be. Maybe it will turn out to be super boring or maybe eternal paradise will turn out to be stagnant. I'm not exactly sure what. So I think they are going to decide to leave. Together. And they'll come to the conclusion that as long as they have each other, they'll be fine. This is the flipside of Season 1. Remember that in that season, the original four were explicitly chosen because their mere presence together would torture each other. Now they have spent so many lifetimes together that they would willingly offer themselves up to eternal torture for each other. They can get through anything as long as they have each other. What is The Good Place? It's wherever our friends are.
  10. This was weird. At first it seemed like it was going to be an examination of racial inequality in sentencing (which is fine by me). Then the mom just became kind of delusional. And by the end, Lecroix was vowing to find the daughter even though she’s not relevant to anything he’s doing. And then the episode just... ends. We don’t even get a resolution as to what happens with her son. And I still don’t have a sense of any of the characters. I’m done. I have the show a shot and it’s time to kill boredom with something else.
  11. While Team Cockroach was describing their plan for testing and redemption, I was expecting them to also describe how it could work in the other direction. Theoretically, there's no reason why someone who originally qualified for The Good Place can't start becoming more selfish, short-sighted, and hypocritical. An argument could be made that the Committee Members have done great harm by their indecision and lack of sense.
  12. Also, "murder" has to include the intent to kill (the Latin term is "mens rea"). There was plenty of evidence that the doctor was negligent but none whatsoever that he intended to kill anyone. If this episode was intended to highlight racial bias (which is real), it probably backfired among the intended audience.
  13. To me, that's not saying much. The backdoor pilot was baaaaaaaaaad. This episode was better just because it didn't have a dumbass walking up to an obviously enraged man destroying a headstone with a pickaxe.
  14. What exactly was the plan supposed to be at the end? “Hey, let’s unbalance the perpetrator and then let his daughter come out to meet him. And then let them physically get close to each other. What could possibly go wrong?”
  15. So this episode is really about who gets to have Dr Manhattan’s powers. Senator Keene, Lady Trieu, or Angela. They each represent a different kind of vision. We know what Keene and Trieu would have done with their power, and this episode argues that they shouldn’t have it. What would Angela do with that power? In some ways, she’s like Jon Osterman—unassuming and not really wanting ultimate power. But on the other hand, the comics and this show make it clear that Jon could see all time and was therefore helpless to take any action.
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