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  1. Call me old fashioned, but I like my stories to tell a story. Not just to act as setup for future stories.
  2. I actually think Ella is never going to find out the truth. It’s a little galling how she’s kept in the dark, I know, but the whole point of her character is she has faith. If she actually saw incontrovertible proof of the celestial world, it would undermine her because then it wouldn’t be faith any more. I hope they find a good role for her to play next season, but she will be fine without knowing the truth.
  3. I can't believe Mare is actually the one who looks the wisest and most reasonable in this episode now. Everybody else is just hiding things, sometimes unnecessarily. It's like they're all determined to make themselves look guilty even when they're not!
  4. Wow, and there are still two episodes left? At least Katie’s mom is going to get her back, so there’s some happiness there. I also think the sudden death trope has been played out. It was shocking on a few seasons of 24, but that was over ten years ago. At this point, it’s shocking when everybody survives. Minor point, but I don’t think Lori’s husband is having “another” affair. I think it’s with the same woman as previously. Lori asked her son “is it with the same woman” and he nodded yes.
  5. I don’t know much about hospitals, but are they just going to have a baby in a patient’s room crying his eyes out and do nothing? Why is there nobody at the nurse’s station to hear? What kind of college student drives a BMW SUV?? This show sometimes gets compared to Sharp Objects, but I like this show waaaaay better. Progress actually happens in each episode instead of characters just wandering around in the name of “atmosphere.”
  6. I don’t think so. The station is identified as a Haverford College station (fun fact, I went to Swarthmore a few exits away from Haverford. And they also name dropped Bryn Mawr which is also nearby).
  7. I did not see that last line coming. The theme so far seems to be about all the things people will do in the name of family. They may blatantly harass a detective (risking jail time for themselves). They may summon up a mob at a press conference to shout at the police. Or they may just straight up murder a kid. What is Mare going to do when she is faced with possibly losing her grandson? On another note, it was a nice tough when Mare made sure two other men were with her when she broke the news to Erin’s father. She knew he would blow up and it might not be safe for her.
  8. I haven’t been watching recently, so I didn’t know that they’ve stopped with the celebrity guest stars. Wayne Brady’s tap dance number! Just...damn!
  9. Wow! I thought they were going to do that explosion in CGI. Or maybe do it with a miniature set and composite John onto the foreground. But I think that was actually a real full scale set. The movement and physics of everything was too good. Making that all up in CGI would have probably cost as much as doing it for real. John really does enjoy spending HBO’s money.
  10. I think a large part of the disappointment for me is how little all the sleuthing and legal maneuvering really mattered. The theft of the body? Didn't really come into play. The dental retainer? Perry refused to use it and thus demonstrated that he had honor, and maybe that's what convinced Paul Drake to go work for him. But it therefore had no legal consequence. Tracing the church elder? He gave Pete the slip and got murdered, so that didn't pan out either. Figuring out that the baby died due to feeding from an addicted woman? That also didn't get introduced into the trial. Basically, th
  11. For the record, I also thought Sharp Objects was a hack job. Infodumping everything in the last episode is not good writing. True Detective managed it by unspooling multiple timelines (at least in the first and third seasons. I didn’t watch the second.)
  12. The case was really pretty straightforward, so I don’t know why the writers did such a poor job conveying it. In the threads for the previous two episodes, there were multiple posts from people asking what on earth is going on and why Perry is so happy to discover something in a ledger somewhere. Meanwhile, I noted in the thread for the previous episode that the church was turning out to be an irrelevant sideshow, and I stand by that. In all honesty, Tatiana Maslany’s role could have been excised in its entirety without any problem, and it really hurts me to say that. She was completely
  13. None of that was revealed during the attempted resurrection. Most of the episode itself moved the plot forward pretty well. But the last ten minutes did nothing other than reveal that Sister Alice isn't Jesus.
  14. Well that whole resurrection sideshow turned out to be a big waste of time.
  15. Awwww man. No Gilbert Gottfried voice for Kushner this time?
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