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  1. Xantar

    S06.E21: Bias in Medicine

    I'm not sure which part you don't get, but AT&T now owns Warner Bros which owns HBO. John is making "biting the hand that feeds you" humor. I've seen Charles Johnson (the husband of the woman who died in childbirth) speak at a conference, and their story is even worse than you are probably thinking. They noticed a little bit of bleeding, so they called the doctor who examined her and ordered a CT scan "stat" (that's what it says in her charts). An hour later, the CT scan still hadn't happened. Three hours later it still hadn't happened. When he asked what was going on and noted that his wife was becoming pale, a nurse said, "Sir, she's just not a priority right now." It wasn't until seven hours later that someone took another look, realized that this was a crisis situation, and immediately rolled her into the ER. It was discovered that one of her organs had been nicked during the C-section and she had three liters of blood in her stomach. She had been internally bleeding to death the whole time because nobody would look to find out what was wrong with her. The most frightening part: this happened at Cedars-Sinai Hospital. Kira Johnson was an upper-middle class, college-educated woman who spoke five languages. It didn't matter. The system failed her anyway. There's an ongoing lawsuit, although Mr. Johnson doesn't talk about it much. I normally hate medical malpractice lawsuits, but I hope he makes that hospital hurt.
  2. Xantar


    But the thing is the show made it clear that at least two people are to blame for the accident. At the beginning of Legasov's presentation, he explains that the reactor was taken down to 700 megawatts and left there for 10 hours. This caused xenon to build up in the reactor core which choked it which is why the power level couldn't be brought back up during the test. And that happened because the test was originally supposed to happen right after the power level was lowered but some factory asked for the power to remain high until after dark. Had there been no xenon buildup, Dyatlov's actions would have been reckless but would not have resulted in "pulling the reactor back like a slingshot." It was Fomin who decided to keep the power level that low for so long and then move forward with the test. He did that because he was so focused on promotion (and probably also had no idea how a nuclear power plant works). Had Fomin made a different decision, the disaster at Chernobyl wouldn't have happened. All of this is clearly depicted in the show. If you're going to fact-check the show, you have to get the facts right. Edit: I've read the article again and I see that the article itself points at three people. For some reason, the quoted post here talks about one person, but the New Yorker article doesn't. I'm going to leave my post up, and I think others are making the point much better than I am.
  3. Xantar

    Attack On Titan

    Edit: wait. Have you guys not been watching Season 3a yet? It’s been airing on Hulu this whole time!
  4. Xantar

    S08.E05: The Bells

    I would have written the episode so that burning the city to the ground made tactical sense. Dany destroyed the Iron Fleet, disabled all the scorpions, and then was left sitting there facing a surrendering army. Fine, if she has no mercy she can go ahead and torch the enemy soldiers. But then why take aim at the civilians? In fact, why not just fly directly at the Red Keep, burn it all down, and be done with it? It all could have been written to make so much more sense if the innocent humans shields had been actually used as human shields instead of just being scattered around in tactically useless locations.
  5. Xantar

    S04.E06: Orgy Pants to Work

    I swear, I enjoyed this episode for reasons other than Aimee Garcia’s ass. But damn, girl is spending time on the squat rack!
  6. Xantar

    S02.E17: Be Careful What You Wish For

    I completely agree. SWAT had a very moving scene in which a retiring police officer met a woman whose life he had saved when she was a little girl. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when she told her story, and that one potential victim was quite enough to deliver the message. The one caller in this scene would have arguably been much more effective because we would have had time to Hear more of her story.
  7. Xantar

    S02.E17: Be Careful What You Wish For

    Oh come on! First Game of Thrones and now Eddie’s wife? Why can’t female love interests survive on TV any more? The scene with the people Maddie helped was over the top. I guess it was nice, but it didn’t land with me because it seems so schmaltzy.
  8. Xantar


    I thought it was hilarious when they got camera footage of the suspect and then ran facial recognition to compare him to 9 pictures on their watch list. As if you would need a computer to tell you, “Which one of these 9 people does he look like?” Extra points because some of the photos had very different complexions and would have taken all of two seconds for a human to eliminate.
  9. Xantar

    S08.E03: The Long Night

    So the thing about the Dothraki is they were always going to be mostly useless in this battle. They are light cavalry. Their tactic is to race around on horses, carving up the infantry and moving too fast to get hit. But that doesn’t work when your enemy is almost infinite and has no fear. Moreover, this was a defensive battle which the Dothraki don’t do. They are nomads, after all. So really, the best way to use them was pretty much what we just saw. It’s unfortunate that they weren’t more effective, but they really never could be in this situation.
  10. Xantar

    S06.E09: Mueller Report

    As of this morning, they had just revised the death toll from the Sri Lanka attacks. I can give the LWT crew a little slack if they decided to wait considering we still don’t even know how many people died.
  11. Xantar

    All Episodes Talk: S.W.A.T.

    Goddamnit, they got me at the end. That was a great send-off. I was spending the whole episode scared that Mumford was going to bite it on his last mission, but fortunately the writers are better than that. The actor playing Darryl was pitch perfect. The dawning realization on his face when Hondo said, "I want to do it" was so naturally played that I forgot that he's not a real person. I hope other people in Hollywood are paying attention.
  12. Xantar

    The Code

    The lead guy bugs me because his voice keeps cracking whenever he’s trying to sound stern or authoritative. Why couldn’t Ato Essandoah play the lead instead? He has much better presence and gravitas. I couldn’t figure out the relationship between those two anyway. Why does the supposedly junior officer keep telling the higher ranked Marine what to do?
  13. Xantar

    FBI: Most Wanted In The Media

    As best as I understand it, he has abandonment issues from his parents so his wife threatening to leave was a trigger. Or you know, he was just a nutso monster. And that still doesn’t explain his addiction to massage parlors.
  14. Xantar

    FBI: Most Wanted In The Media

    I like Alana De La Garza a lot, but I'm not sure I'm on board for this dreck. Hopefully she gets more to do than just make an announcement to the press in future episodes. I said it in the other thread and I'll say it here: Matthew Lillard weeping on the ground with a missing arm was unintentionally hilarious. CBS needs to learn how to lighten up on their procedurals because otherwise things get monotonous and my mind will start to wander.
  15. Xantar


    I had to laugh at the death of the cemetery custodian. He was so stupid that I just couldn’t feel sorry for him unlike the other victims. And Matthew Lillard weeping on the ground with a missing arm is comedy gold.