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  1. This season, each episode is better than the last. Loved the Discworld shoutout (the world resting on 4 elephants on the back of a giant turtle). Lazlo's affection for Sean is just so ... arbitrary. The wasted, powerless vampires were hysterical. I think my jaw hit the floor when that fighter's head went soaring off into the cheap seats. Too many great lines to quote but something about Colin's "I'm just giving him the heliocentric nuts and bolts" just tickled me. So now Nandor is addicted to Big Bang Theory; but he thinks the game came first!
  2. This season's pattern of one serious episode paired with one silly episode makes for a rather choppy viewing experience, so I'm glad they're showing them in pairs. And even the serious episodes have provided plenty of laughs. I love Doug Judy and his relationship with Jake, and their last adventure together didn't disappoint! It's so goofily sweet how important each other's good opinion is to each of them. They really care about each other, in their own demented way. As for the pen, I bet Jake rationalized it as just a pen, what Doug did with it was his business. The who
  3. We watched it last night and really enjoyed it. It was a throwback to classic Top Gear silliness with some actual car talk thrown in. It was fun to see Clarkson looking so tan knowing he was working so hard on the farm at the same time. James May is looking old, Richard Hammond is looking grizzled. Time waits for no one, I guess.
  4. I think the broadcasts are Wanda's subconscious reaching out for aid. She knows she's in a bad way and everything she's doing is literally hurting herself and hurting others. However the situation is being manipulated by Agatha/Agnes for her own ends (and whatever other villains are lurking in the wings), this is still Wanda's show -- again, literally! -- and on some level, she knows it's unsustainable. The broadcasts are her cry for help. Monica gets that, and that's why she's so adamant that Wanda is a victim who needs help, not a villain who needs to be destroyed. As to whether Visio
  5. I don't remember any other alliance betraying the spirit of the race as blatantly as the Mine 5 during the rappel-"sauerkraut" challenge, when a bunch of teams that would have had to do it over & over again to get it right, or even to figure out what the challenge was, were literally handed the answer by Hung. How that wasn't against the rules and earn a penalty for her and every other team involved I'll never understand. But it was that point that it became clear that this alliance wasn't about helping each other race, it was about avoiding the race altogether. And just to keep
  6. But they did that already in Season 1 when they first met Cara and the villagers and fought off the raiders. With Din recruiting Mayfeld, I'm getting more of a scruffy Dirty Dozen vibe. And speaking of the arbitrary way some characters die for good and others come back, I'm still pissed they killed Kuill -- he was a great character. And I bet HE could have rebuilt the Razor Crest from a few scattered atoms!
  7. Thanks, all. That makes it a little better.
  8. But didn't he take it back to the ship, rather than just dropping it? I'll have to watch again.
  9. Whew, just finished the episode. Lots to love, a couple of things to eyeroll over. First, 3 eyerolls: Mando has always been ridiculously cavalier about leaving the Kid unattended, even knowing that there are bounty hunters and Imperial goons from all over the galaxy out searching for him. This time it went from neglectful to criminally stupid. "Kid, I don't know how long that force field will be up and despite the fact that I know you're always weak as an Navarroian kitten after you've done some Force hocus-pocus, I'm going to go fly off and fight the bad guys." Uh huh, good thinking
  10. Easy to see why this season sat on the shelf for two years. The alliance may have been a good strategy but it's made for one of the dullest seasons ever. Also, the Race is all challenges now, no flight drama, no train or bus drama, no running-out-of-money drama, very little self driving; it seems to get more spoon fed every season. TAR used to be about racing around the world, now it's just an oversized obstacle course.
  11. Well, you know that scene at the end where Moff Gideon was looking over those rows of dormant soldiers? That scene was actually a pilot for a spinoff called Clone Storage Wars.
  12. Next episode December 18th! Trailer:
  13. Spears disguised as flagpoles sure confused people on The Amazing Race!
  14. Speaking as someone who knows NONE of the backstory outside of the original trilogy and two-thirds of the second trilogy, I LOVED this episode. Action, atmosphere, new characters (for us SW pseudovirgins) and a new destination for Mando and ... Grogu. *rolls that around on the tongue* Grogu, Grogu, Grogu.... sure, why not? So Ahsoka is the second person to tell Mando "you are as a father to him" -- IIRC, the Armourer was the first. He seems very reluctant to accept what's obvious to everyone else. Having lost his parents so violently and so young, I guess he's afraid to let anyone close.
  15. Oh, I don't think that poor kid owed Baby Yoda anything, including his cookies. But Baby, being the selfish -- and insatiably hungry! -- toddler he is, just took'em. Isn't it about time for Mando to give the kid a name? How much longer can he call him "Kid"? Even "Junior" would be an improvement.
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