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  1. tomorrowgirl

    The Human Beings Known as the Arnold-Klein Family

    I just saw Jennifer and Bill on HSN, selling Rocky & Maggie's pee pads with the pop up fire hydrant. They tried to get Rocky to pee on the hydrant, but he was evidently camera shy.
  2. tomorrowgirl

    Worst Cooks In America

    Does Anne's team always have to win?
  3. tomorrowgirl

    S14.E11: Night Lights

    I don't enjoy torture scenes and I don't enjoy poorly written scripts, but I was very glad to see the return of Reid. I just wish the writers would give him more to do.
  4. tomorrowgirl

    S01.E15: Heartfelt

    I know him from Hawaii Five-0. Will Yun Lee has been in several episodes over the years, playing a character named Sang Min.
  5. tomorrowgirl

    S01 Live Feed Discussion

    I've watched BB since season one, but I've never had the desire to lay out the money for the live feeds, plus I was afraid that I'd be glued to the computer for fear of missing something great. So I'm very grateful to all of you who post here. My porn name is Mandy Swanson.
  6. tomorrowgirl

    The F Word With Gordon Ramsay

    After only a few minutes, I started forwarding through some of the scenes, hoping to find some interesting content. I don't think that I ever found any.
  7. tomorrowgirl

    S13.E18: Be Still, My Soul

    I have never been a fan of Maggie, but this episode was well written, acted and directed.
  8. tomorrowgirl

    Guy's Grocery Games

    It looked like Richard Blais tasted his sauce, then put the spoon back in the pot.
  9. tomorrowgirl

    S07.E01: Family Face-Off: A Family Affair

    Do the contestants not get any instructions on how the equipment in the truck works? It seems like every year there is a problem with the pilot light or some other equipment and the people have no idea how to get things working. Some contestants are already familiar with food trucks, but for others, it's the first time using one. Tyler looked like he finally understands how to get a closer shave.
  10. tomorrowgirl

    S03.E08: Landoll's Mohican Castle

    The focus on this makeover was just for the wedding or event room. In order for this place to be a success, they need to pay attention to the every day aspects too. The kitchen seemed like it needed a new layout, since the food warming area was off the beaten path and awkwardly placed; the cooks aren't very knowledgeable about basic menu items, the staff doesn't know how to correctly write up the tickets. Maybe those problems were taken care of off camera, along with the need to thoroughly clean the lobby and the tower, but they should have mentioned that these problems had been resolved too. Since we only got a glimpse of the room belonging to the couple, I wondered if the rooms themselves were in need of cleaning or updating. I don't see how this place can be a money maker if they only concentrate on the events package without also making needed improvements in the restaurant and hotel.
  11. tomorrowgirl

    Hap And Leonard

    I enjoyed this show. Although I did not like the excessive violence. I liked it because of the friendship between Hap and Leonard, and I thought the story line was interesting. I also liked it since it was set in a different time, and I didn't have to watch people with all their high tech gadgets.
  12. tomorrowgirl

    S03.E18: Ragnarok

    After last night's episode, I now wish that the show had ended after the first season. I loved the two character's friendship and the fact that they were together, instead of Abbie being off in other dimensions, or away from Ichabod. The show was great that first season, but it really lost its way.
  13. tomorrowgirl

    Little Women: LA

    I'm often flipping channels and watching something else when I watch this show, so I rarely see all of it. I didn't see the part where Terra and Christy were throwing glasses at each other. I did just find this link from Reality Tea (a site I've never heard of) that mentions the glass throwing incident, which apparently sent Christy to the hospital. http://www.realitytea.com/2016/01/20/update-little-women-las-terra-jole-attacked-christy-mcginity-threw-drink-christys-face/
  14. tomorrowgirl

    S08.E05: WCIA: The Cod Squad

    I saw Taylor taste his tartar sauce, then shake the spoon back into the little bowl with the rest of the tartar sauce that he served. Either Anne didn't see it or she didn't care. Or she wants him to win so she's not going to point out any more faults of his than necessary.
  15. tomorrowgirl

    Lifetime's "My Sweet Audrina"

    It's been a long time since I read the book, which I read more than once and loved. Even though the book is far from fresh in my mind, the movie was too different from what I remember. It was disappointing and didn't capture the mood and essence of the book.