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  1. Thus existeth the career of Dan Brown. So I finished the latest Ruth Galloway mystery last night (The Night Hawks), and I'm off two minds about recommending it. The mystery itself was pretty engaging although there was little actual archaeology involved, unlike most of the other books in the series. (Ruth mostly sits around complaining in her head about the paperwork required for her new job as head of department.) I actually preferred the sections which focused on Nelson (!) and his team because they actually moved the plot forward. It rolled at a good pace, was twisty without
  2. When did she find time to date Justin Bieber?
  3. I don't to agree that Mary doesn't deserve a big portion of the blame, either. It's all just our opinions here, and that's mine.
  4. Eh, Mary never listens to anything George says, except the one time he mentioned having thought he was in love with someone before her. With Mary, it's her way or else, and she doesn't actually care what anyone else is feeling, except for her precious Sheldon, of course. I'm surprised they didn't split up years earlier, but I'm sure it was just because of the kids. Except that she thinks what she wants is best all the time. If I had to live with someone like Mary, I'd drink, too. Why not? There are very few things which can't be a topic for entertainment if handled w
  5. Lifetime has changed up their schedule so that one day there's a lot of The Closer, some days a mix of The Closer and Major Crimes like before, and some days it's all Grey's Anatomy.
  6. One can be an actor and not do tv or films, and thus not have a lot on IMDB. There's this thing called "theatre". Not saying that Jonathan has done theatre ('cause I really have no idea), but it's a possibility. I was yelling "Winston-Salem, dummies!". Whoops. She did? (Just kidding.) I've never, ever watched a single episode of Maude, and yet I can picture Bea Arthur in that hideous 70s wardrobe. Guess I've seen photos. What it took to unseat Matt was TWO opponents who were faster on the buzzer. But yes, Jonathan is also a very good player on his own. And fairl
  7. Those two shades of green DID NOT go well together, imo.
  8. It wasn't a bad show, but for those of us who'd seen Helen Mirren in the original, it was most definitely not Prime Suspect.
  9. I think it's pretty obvious that I didn't like him (honestly, it was more that I got tired of him pretty quickly), but I absolutely think he handled himself well, both in victory and defeat.
  10. The joke around our courthouse is the out of shape cops are far scarier than the fit ones precisely because they're NOT going to chase you down, they're going to shoot you. (Yea, it's a very dark joke.) Eh, I hated being told not to talk about the boards on the boards there. Each site has had its own virtues and quirks.
  11. He's not wrong about that. It is weird as hell. They did have incredibly unrealistic expectations of what their money would get them in the Kensington area, though. I did like the place they ended up with, and the first place, too. I don't. I want to see what people can get at the lower budgets. I'm entertained when they find out it isn't the luxury they're expecting.
  12. Yup, the JTP is always the best thing about any episode they're in. Their parts for Adam's video actually made me laugh out loud.
  13. The Raven Black episodes were based on the book, but apparently very loosely. I do know that the scene with the two girls visiting the hermit with the raven is how the book starts, because that was all the farther I got into it before I had to return it to the library. (At least I think it was that episode - it's been awhile since I've seen it.) I just finished The Postscript Murders by Elly Griffiths, a loose follow-up to her other standalone book, The Stranger Diaries. It includes one of the main characters from the earlier book, and was an excellent read. The characters were all fu
  14. I do find myself constantly readjusting the damn things trying to find a comfortable spot, though, so maybe that's what she means? (Part of why I don't wear underwire bras anymore.) Me, too. Reminds me a bit of when my brother was a teenager and had a "radio station" in our shed.
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