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  1. I love that commercial, but I do find myself wondering why they don't complain to the landlord about the noise upstairs.
  2. There's this series of commercials for a tax preparer (can't remember which one) where the tax person and their desk goes to the client. In one of them, the client is a farmer who says, I think, "The profits from my wheat farm in Utah pay for my potato farm in Idaho", but the first time I saw it, I'd have sworn he said his WEED farm in Utah.
  3. The only things I've actually watched him in were a couple of Scottish indie films, one where he played a sympathetic but slightly odd doctor and one incredibly weird film involving Vikings getting lost on the way to the Holy Land (I think - it was a pretty incomprehensible movie, and I'm not talking about the accents.) The concept of him playing a dumbass in comedies is amusing.
  4. I immediately thought of this line from 1776: “In my many years, I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a Congress.” I ran the song category. I also got Delta, jack and shipwrecks. Contestants are told before their games that if the host hasn't ruled your original answer incorrect yet, you can change it. Thus, if I had changed my stupid "a" to "the" before Alex said I was wrong, I'd have gotten credit for the very first clue I rang in on during my game. But I didn't, alas.
  5. None of those thrill me, but I don't hate any of them right off the bat. I'll have to see how they do. Still hoping for Brad. For FJ, I said the Netherlands since I wasn't sure if Surinam was independent or not. Almost changed it to France. Oops.
  6. I didn't dislike The Incredibles, but I didn't think it was all that either. There were some amusing bits, mostly early on, but it dragged.
  7. Austin sitting in the audience that one time was almost more of him than I could take.
  8. I was yelling "Australian crawl". I thought of Koko, too, right after Lassie. The "long live" part gave me Viva Las Vegas. Didn't know that Las Vegas is Spanish for the meadows, but I do now. Oh dear god, that would be the end of Jeopardy for me! Of all the contestants who've annoyed me over the years, Austin is the worst. I could maybe stand James, at least for awhile, but I think Brad would be a natural at hosting.
  9. Sorry, but no. Ken was okay but not great, and he was trying way too hard. He wasn't terrible, but he's not really a good choice for permanent replacement.
  10. I don't feel sorry for either of them. She's a famewhore and he's a raving loon when he's off his meds which is apparently all the time now. (I know he can't help having mental health issues, but he can take his meds.) I do feel sorry for the kids, though.
  11. The tv show with Lynda Carter was originally set during WWII, so you're not completely crazy. Nope, I was doing it too. Has she been announced as a guest host? I hadn't seen that. Not sure how I feel about it.
  12. It ran at the usual time last night for me. I got FJ, but at the very last second so I wouldn't have had time to write it down. I knew it wasn't 1917 because that was nominated for Oscars last year so it had to have come out in 2019. Not a fan of superhero movies, so Wonder Woman wasn't a big thing on my radar, but I had read a little about it. I got Atlantic, although it took me a second. Totally misunderstood the GQ category, so I got maybe one of those. Wrong war.
  13. The actress who played Hamlet's mother in the Olivier version was younger than Olivier. Personally, I don't actually care about older men who date/marry much younger women nor do I care about older women who date/marry much younger men. As long as everyone involved is a consenting adult, and the relationship is non-abusive, it's fine with me.
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