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  1. And sometimes you can't put a finger on what it is that bugs. I will say she bothered me less yesterday than previously. Maybe it was not wearing the stupid bolo tie (I hate those things) or maybe it was just standing next to a contestant with so many tics at once that whatever it was about Katie paled in comparison. Man, that was one ridiculously easy FJ. That's how I got that one. Very funny movie.
  2. Keith Urban's a beautiful man who makes some nice music, but I can't think of one of his songs which belongs in the Top 200.
  3. I'd read that, and seriously disagree with her position. I'd have killed for some of the vaccines which are standard now. (Looking at you, chicken pox.) Delayed vaccine schedules aren't much better than no vaccines at all.
  4. She's the co-host of The Today Show, along with Hoda Kotb, which I watch every weekday morning while eating breakfast. To be fair, I tend to switch between the 3 morning shows, depending on what story is being featured at any given time. This is me, too. I've tried to hear it, but I just don't.
  5. Something about her bugs the crap out of me, so I'll be glad when she's gone. What bothers one person doesn't necessarily bother others. Hell, there are people who love Austin. It was an interesting category but he took too long with his clues. Fortunately they still managed to clear the board. I guessed laissez faire for FJ even though I didn't think it was right. And I was correct about that, lol. I got all those, although I was reluctant to say Dag Hammarsjkold out loud since that was my incorrect answer to a clue about UN Secretaries General in my game back in 2008
  6. I got all of those. Did not get FJ, however. I'm fine with Savannah Guthrie. I don't notice anything wrong with her voice.
  7. Oh, for fuck's sake, now I have to put up with Katie for another damned game, damn it.
  8. I hated Pulp Fiction when I saw it. I only watched it because Reservoir Dogs turned out to be so much better than I expected, and boy was I disappointed. Pulp Fiction pretty much put me off Quentin Tarantino's movies for good. I figure that Reservoir Dogs was just an aberation.
  9. I think it is, since very few people know it by any other name.
  10. And FloJo's records should all have a big asterisk next to them anyway.
  11. I don't like the character and I don't like Tom Hiddleston, so I won't be watching.
  12. For some people, yes, $100 a year would be a selling feature.
  13. Yep, my answer to her comment would've been "I'm not". Whereas I found Julia annoying as shit and thought she was putting on an act. It should be but very rarely ever is. (See Carson, Kit.) This has been a complaint about Jeopardy for a couple of years now. Yep, I had no problem getting Vivien Leigh the moment I saw Olivier in the clue. Unless it's Nehru, because apparently there were so many famous Nehrus. The first three seasons are fantastic. The fourth one is terrible, because you cannot replace Jeff. I hated Torchwood, but love Welsh hist
  14. Okay, that was pretty sweet.
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