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  1. I think Hocus Pocus is stupid as well.
  2. I don't feel sorry for her either. I admire her, and think she was smart and sensible.
  3. No, stupid Jeopardy writers, most of Anne McCaffrey's Pern novels were NOT written with her son. Only a few of them were, and they were not good.
  4. The accounts I've read say that Catherine may have actually loved Henry. And she certainly felt she was his loyal wife and deserved for him to stand by her. That may not have been realistic given the time period, but to me it's understandable. She did give him sons, but they died as infants. Which was likely as much due to Henry as her.
  5. Well, that I can agree with. Stupidity should never warrant a beheading.
  6. We'll have to agree to disagree, since I believe she had plenty of evidence in front of her that adultery was really the wrong road to go down and she was stupid enough to do it anyway.
  7. Virtuosity is a terrible movie, but damned if Russell Crowe didn't throw himself into his performance as SID 6.7. He's clearly having a lot of fun.
  8. I don't know if it's considered unpopular, but I hate the Three Stooges. Not that crazy about the Marx Brothers either.
  9. Especially since she'd seen what happened to her cousin, Anne Boleyn. I have no sympathy for Catherine Howard. In real life Anne of Cleves actually made out pretty well for herself, even if she wasn't able to remarry. Marriage was not all that great for women of that period.
  10. Nope, you pronounce the hard g in finger and not in singer. I've never heard anyone say "sing-ger". I had a problem with Hercules being accepted as the answer to the clue about the man-eating horses of Diomedes. I guess since the basic myth was Romanized, Diomedes' name was the same, so I guess Hercules could be correct. But they'd have to have accepted Heracles, the actual Greek demigod if I'd been playing, otherwise I'd have caused a ruckus. (I've tried getting an answer about Diomedes from the internet, but nothing I've found really helped.) I haven't either. I said Buck's Fizz, which is the British name for a mimosa (champagne and orange juice) but didn't think it fit the WWI gun part of the clue. It's exactly because they referenced the Roman goddess rather than the Greek one. Eros was incorrect because Venus was not his mother. Aphrodite was. I don't watch that show. Good to know for future reference.
  11. I knew it from a story from high school French teacher told about accidentally using that word after a meal with a French host family in college instead of the word for "full". The butter beans my mother used to get were shaped like limas and were bigger than the limas. From the Southern Bite website/blog: "For many folks, the term “butter bean” refers to the large dried limas that are rehydrated and cooked. I call those dried limas. And anything of the green variety in between, I've always just called limas. The truth is, they're all limas of some sort." Okey dokey then. I didn't get zebu, but did get all the rest. Yeah, I was trying to make Brahman work as well.
  12. So did I. It took me a moment, because I never realized that the family surname isn't used in Swiss Family Robinson, but once I started to think about the date of the book it referenced, the title came to me. I loved that book as a child. That helped me, too. I didn't get Rotterdam, though I should have, and didn't do particularly well in the Bible category. I did get William Golding, navy bean (from the "Ahoy" in the clue) and Paper Moon. And of course, the champ I didn't like won again. Oh well, he bugs me for some reason, but he's not the worst ever, either. I wanted Jackie to win, though. In mine as well. I even said that to the tv. I like lima beans and hate butter beans. I think it's the texture of butter beans, like they're overripe limas or something.
  13. I've used those a few times because I have trouble peeling the shells off without ripping up the eggs. It's not a problem if I'm doing egg salad, but with deviled eggs for a function which includes people other than my immediate family, appearance matters. I've probably mentioned it before, but the Chewy commercial where the woman says "no one tells you what to expect with a new pet" drives me up the wall. I've literally never gotten a pet without asking about things I'd need for it ahead of time. Now, people probably do and then order the stuff from Chewy, but that's not how it phrased.
  14. I like the first two books a lot, partly because I read them first and partly because my favorite of all McCaffrey's characters has a bigger role in those two. But yeah, they are little more YA.
  15. While this show often makes me tear up, that storyline really hit home for me. My father died of esophageal cancer eight years ago, and like Gran, we discovered it way too late to do anything. So I was outright bawling Sunday night.
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