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  1. I'm incredibly non-religious, but strangely enough my favorite Christmas music tends to be the deeply religious ones. Especially my two absolute favorites, the Coventry Carol (Loreena McKennitt does a terrific version of that one) and O Come, O Come Emmanuel.
  2. I find that one to be the least objectionable of Walmart's holiday commercials. Get down with your bad self, Mama Rose!
  3. Oh, there's plenty wrong with it (the writing, the narcissism, the overpriced product it's selling), but patriarchy and potential spousal abuse are not on display in it, imo.
  4. He still has to drive to Walmart multiple times, though. Given how bad the traffic can be on the road by my local Walmart, my answer would be "Nope, I'm not going back, Mom'll either eat what we serve or go hungry". Only he wouldn't have to do that anyway if he said "Tell your mom, my mom, whomever that we're serving what we're serving, and if she's suddenly gluten-free, she can bring her own food" like I would.
  5. This is pretty stupid. It's only a commercial (and not one I find to be sexist at all, just poorly executed) and he's an actor playing a role. Get over it, people. And by that I mean, make fun of the commercial all you want, but leave the actual actors alone. The wife isn't actually cooking anything, I don't think. She's just sitting there on her phone.
  6. I had a taping screw up on Friday, and so missed the show, but looked at the FJ question on FikkleFame. I would've gotten it correct, based on the royalty & movie star part, but in a "Idk, maybe Monaco?" kind of way. I also would've gotten the Die Hard TS correct, although I kinda thought I was making the "Die Harder" part up. (Die Hard is my very favorite Christmas movie, but I've only seen one of the sequels, and that one wasn't it.) I like Jennifer so I'm fine with her winning again. Okay, so now I've looked at all the clues, and I would've done pretty well in that game. Would've run several categories including Black's Law. But I would've missed Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Airplane 2: the Sequel (despite having see them both). But hey, Breakin' 2: Electric Bugaloo! That's now my go to title for all "2" movies. And how, exactly, was William the Conqueror a TS?
  7. I've always thought he had the sexiest voice in the business. Idk, her voice is a little reedy for my tastes, and she enunciates a bit too much, if that makes sense, but it's still better than Kate Bush's very strange vocals on the original. I vastly prefer the version Pat Benatar recorded for the Crimes of Passion album. And that's probably a seriously unpopular opinion.
  8. Oh gosh, that's lovely! Linda Ronstadt has always had such an expressive voice, even when the material wasn't great. And when it is, like here, wow.
  9. Yeah, it really depends on the movie. If it's a comedy, I expect to hear audience laughter. If it's action, I expect some reaction to the events on screen. If it's a drama, especially a quiet arthouse-type film with a lot of dialogue, I want as close to silence as you can get in public. But unless it's a really terrible movie which thoroughly merits the MST3K treatment, I don't want constant commentary from people around me; I'm there to hear the movie, not the other audience members.
  10. Was this the mother-daughter duo where the mother had to live in a historic building even though the apartment was so tiny the bed took up the entire place? Where the daughter had a strange English accent? If so, they were pretty insufferable. The mother-daughter tattoos in each other's handwriting was incredibly laughable. There's nothing wrong with dreaming of living in Paris, or with being able to make that dream come true. Whining about having to be in that exact neighborhood is a whole different matter. (Although they are no worse than that stupid Peloton commercial.)
  11. I hate the song and the commercials, and they're too damned loud.
  12. The entire commercial is a parody of that scene. (So maybe the Colonel IS the new Patrick Swayze.) I find this commercial kinda creepy, but I sorta liked the Dirty Dancing one.
  13. I think this would help, but it's just a poorly conceived and written commercial in general. Because there's no real way to visually show how a Peloton could change one's life other than weight loss, and well, that's obviously not the case. Maybe if there was more talk of HOW it's changed her life. Still would be a pretentious commercial for an overpriced exercise bike, though.
  14. You know, thinking about it, I remember someone in my dorm (not my roommate, thank goodness) whose boyfriend tended to stay for days at a time.
  15. I understand - there are consequences for me when I eat too much cheese as well. Otherwise I'd probably live on it. We occasionally got the Sears catalog too.
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