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  1. Yeah, it's her face that had me confused. I know weight loss can affect your face too, but still, that's a lot different.
  2. My UO is that I liked the first season of Top Chef precisely because the contestants were not all professional chefs.
  3. Adele has become unrecognizable, and not in a good way. Unlike the court officials involved in the case, we do not have all (or indeed, most) of the details regarding the issue of conservatorship. Which is why I don't feel qualified to offer an opinion on the matter.
  4. I liked Rogue One, but in the end found it uncompelling because I already knew what the end result would be. So not a horrible way to spend a couple of hours, but a fairly pointless one.
  5. I have to confess, I don't find the Celebrity Jeopardy episodes particularly interesting. Most of the contestants are less interested in competing than in being funny, and that just wastes time.
  6. She was funny as Howard's fantasy of her in that one episode of Big Bang Theory, which is something, I guess.
  7. You didn't offend me. I like the commercial, but like I said, mostly for the song. You're okay to not like it. :-) Plus, my best friend hates the very concept of those bowls; she really doesn't like all her food mushed together. That makes sense.
  8. I work for a county government. Pay day is Friday. Direct deposit does not change that. The money is in our accounts on Friday morning. The only exception is when a federal holiday on which banks are closed falls on payday Friday (basically Christmas, New Years and July 4th). Then, and only then, our pay hits our bank accounts on Thursday. Oh god, I hate that song. But I do have a beach happy place I go to mentally. Of course, it involves a sexy Kiwi/Aussie actor, surfing, and absolutely no Corona whatsoever.
  9. I think she has a terrible voice, but am kind of amused by her mis-reading tax attorney for taxidermy. Awwww, I like that one. Although I'll admit it's mostly nostalgia for Welcome Back, Kotter. And I like most of their food, although I haven't had those bowl things.
  10. Having known someone who had shingles very badly, I get it completely. That shit is painful and can last for weeks. It won't kill you, but it will make you wish it would, apparently. My insurance company covered the first one at 50, but won't cover the better one until I hit 60. So I've got five years to get through without getting shingles - fingers crossed. I don't mind the commercial, although they do seem to be running it a lot lately. The singing hoo-hah commercial is so, so, so terribly stupid, I can't even with that one. I have a lot of bras where the strap adjuster is on the back of the strap, but that may just be because I have the strap as tight as possible. And no, I can't adjust them while wearing them. It is a weird commercial, though.
  11. Just saw the Emmy nominations and realized that not only had I not watched pretty much anything that got nominated, I wasn't even interested in watching any of it. I guess that saves me an evening of tv viewing, so thanks members of the TV academy.
  12. I thought he was incredibly sexy in Horatio Hornblower, but not so much in other things. For me, it was the uniform, I think. There was a lot of eye candy in that. Paul McGann didn't do much for me, but my friend loved him. There was literally something for everyone.
  13. Come sit at my table. It's a small, but fun one.
  14. I think they gave away cars to the tournament winners.
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