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  1. My UO is that I never liked The West Wing.
  2. I thought everyone everywhere spoke with a British accent - are you telling me I was wrong?????? ;-) Edited to note that I would love to see a good biopic of Napoleon, but I can't stand Joaquin Phoenix.
  3. Because their intro package said they were. Although Nathan is from Tennessee. Or at least that's where each live now.
  4. Lol Hell, I haven't been in quarantine (essential worker, according to my local court system), and I still want to do that. I love parties where I can get drunk and dance my ass off.
  5. Plus potentially uncooperative animals - it was the trifecta. It was indeed a shitshow, for a lot of reasons, and for me, at least partly because they hardly got out of the US at all. (Edited to note that I didn't think they used enough of a variety of US locations.) But mainly because the concept of families was poorly thought-out. Was there some objection to this? I think it was mainly because we heard so much of it that it got stuck in some people's heads for hours.
  6. I remember that. I wondered how they were going to manage to work some of the requirements of their religion around the constraints of the race. I had forgotten it was the same season as the poker players. Yeah, that was pretty cool. Yeah, it looks like it was season 10. There've been so many, I have trouble remembering anyone who didn't really stand out.
  7. Yay, it's back! I couldn't remember whether or not they'd managed to finish filming before the pandemic. I love them going to Trinidad & Tobago. (I'd have loved it if All-Night Dwight has been the greeter at the pit stop, but you can't have everything.) I'm reserving judgement on the teams for the most part, although I was hoping the Hurdlers would be the ones eliminated 'cause they bugged. And I really wish there hadn't been an elimination at all. Oh well, Catfish Guys, you seemed pretty okay, and I wish I could've gotten to know you better, but at least you'll get a free vacation wherever AR is keeping eliminated teams this time.
  8. All I can say to this is "Fuck you, Apple." How will this even work? Again, fuck you, Apple.
  9. That clue said absolutely nothing to me, so I did not get it. I knew Rodeo had been a ballet, choreographed by Agnes DeMille, but I did not know that Appalachian Spring had been one. So of course my FJ answer was Rodeo. I was thrilled to get Pretty Boy Floyd but was not at all surprised that the contestants didn't. Them missing The Glass Menagerie did, though. Can't remember which night it was that ELVI was a category, but the contestants not getting Elvis Costello deeply disappointed me. Yeah, me too. He read about the only lyrics of hers that you can actually say on television. It's a thing, but it's Stravinsky, not Copland. She's the only person who has ever managed to hide the dark circles under my eyes - I wanted to bring her home with me. She's a miracle worker. I guessed McDonnell Douglas. I'm familiar with Appalachian Spring but did not know it had been a ballet. Should've said it anyway, since Rodeo didn't exactly fit. And what, a week after no one knew Lawyers, Guns and Money by Warren Zevon? Philistines!! I can name every British monarch from Edward the Confessor and Elizabeth II, and some of their spouses, and I still got both George III and Henry VIII wrong; I said George IV (Regency, you idiot, while George III was nuts, not after he was dead - ugh!) and Elizabeth I. Sometimes the brain just doesn't go to the right place quick enough. This is from the ballet Rodeo. So you were getting there.
  10. I guess I lucked out by being on a week on/week off schedule at work 'cause mostly all I bought on the internet were dvds, all of which I had time to watch. But I loved that commercial.
  11. Okay, SNL needs to dump Jim Carrey as Joe Biden. He has the voice down, but everything else is completely off. It's more like Trump's version of Biden. The cold open was too long again, and did not need Kamala Harris. All they needed to do was stick with Trump's evisceration by Savannah Guthrie. Issa Rae was fine, but the material they gave her wasn't not good. The only funny things were Weekend Update (I will miss "I'm Eric"), BonjourHi! and the Ebay commercial. Can't comment on Bieber 'cause I fast-forwarded through his performances.
  12. And the bullshit about "they should have cast a woman of color" begins. Cleopatra was not a woman of color. She was Greek. The Ptolemaic rulers of Egypt were Greek, and they married other Greeks to keep the bloodline pure. Yeah, they slept with local women, but they didn't marry them. Now, if someone wanted to make a movie at Nefertiti, yeah, she should be Egyptian.
  13. Since the category required the answer to be the name of a beer, too, I assumed that just "Adams" was insufficient, as there is no Adams beer nor is the beer just known colloquially as Adams (unlike Stella). That's just my take on it, though.
  14. There are many of us who find those commercials quite funny, especially the one with the therapy group. "Next thing you know, I'm telling strangers that defense wins championships. "Well it does." I love that. (And yes, defense DOES win championships.)
  15. Yeah, I realized that after I said my wrong answer.
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