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  1. So did I. I thought Phil Mickelson was older. I knew about Antwerp's diamond cutting industry from a Dick Francis book, but I've also been watching a Belgian cop/crime show on public television which takes place in Antwerp, so I was shouting it at the tv. They didn't listen to me, though. I have a much-loved t-shirt which says "Baroque: When You Are Out of Monet".
  2. Been binge-watching an Australian hospital-set soap from the early 2000s, and was heartened to discover that even on their tv, doctors (not orderlies) take patients to the operating theater. So apparently Grey's Anatomy didn't make that up.
  3. I'd never binge-watched anything before Season 1 of Game of Thrones, which I blew through in less than a week. (I got HBO for every season after that to watch it live.) More recently, however, I've binge-watched an Australian drama series on dvd (but made myself stick to 2 episodes per night to make it last longer), and then moved on to a 20 year old Australian soap opera which has like 40+ episodes per season. If I didn't binge that, it'd take nearly a year to watch if I stuck to just one episode a day. Plus, there are some thing on Amazon Prime which I need to see before I cancel my membership, so I'll definitely binge-watch them. So I guess, for me, it depends on the show?
  4. I wouldn't allow it, because not all neutron stars are pulsars. But it's not egregiously wrong.
  5. But what did Kit Gershwin do? I did so-so in Parts of Speech (my inner Stannis Baratheon must've been asleep) but did get the Netherlands, and FJ. That you pay attention to entertainment news? Like me. I did watch the 1st two seasons of The Wire (and adore Idris Elba) but none of the others and still got them all correct. I got dulcimer, Rockies, cheese, clavichord and the Netherlands. I did okay in Politics for a change, but I did say 8 Days War before changing it to 6. Jeopardy is really inconsistent about that - hence all our Kit Carson jokes. That clue set me off on a google-search to see if I was correct in remembering that the Admiral of the Red was the highest rank in the British Navy during the Napoleonic Wars. I was. Yay! So was I. Damned fine song from a brilliant artist, and none of these bozos knew it. UGH. I surprised myself by getting pulsar - I always say I don't know enough about astronomy and wished I knew more. I couldn't remember Emily Blunt but did get the rest. I always say that if you wanted to commit a burglary in Alabama, do it during the Alabama-Auburn game. (Weird side note: I've been binge-watching an Australian soap from the early 2000s, and have seen two episodes involving the Melbourne Cup. The first Dick Francis book I ever read had the main character commit a burglary in Melbourne during the race because he knew no one would be on the street to see him do it. I think of that whenever I see a mention of the Alabama-Auburn game.) I said Lent, then was all "No, that thing with the calendars my best friend buys every year", but never got to Advent. What is "What if Count Fleet and War Admiral had a baby?" lol
  6. I should've gotten, given how many times Amazing Race has gone to elephant sanctuaries in Thailand, and given Jade's infamous comment about elephants being descended from dinosaurs in the ANTM episodes in Thailand. But I didn't, and said India. So did I. If it's steamboats, it's Robert Fulton. (Plus I live about 30 min down Rt 272 from Robert Fulton Township, PA.) I was like "Henry James? No, too early. That guy from Henry and June, wrote Tropic of Cancer, what the hell's his name?". I got Bonnaroo because I used to work with a couple of guys who went every year; one of them was very cute, and his older brother was absolutely smoking hot. I should've gotten Lollapalooza but couldn't drag it out of my brain. I wouldn't say this season bites, but the last couple of games have been too slow.
  7. And then sell you insurance. ;-) "You want I should do that again? No? Then get Liberty Mutual." All with a Kiwi accent.
  8. The "taxidermy" "tax attorney" confusion is supposed to be a riff on Travolta's "Adele Dazeem" weirdness at the Oscars. I personally dislike her voice under normal circumstances, but she does sound even worse in the commercial. I do think she's supposed to be a caricature, though. I at least find Terry Bradshaw amusing in real life. Not in that commercial, though.
  9. This is one of my very favorite movies, so I'm willing to hand-wave the house on top of Mount Rushmore. A friend gave me the dvd for Christmas one year - I think I'm going to have to get it out and watch it.
  10. I loved Bohemian Rhapsody and thought it was a terrific movie. That's how I feel about Birth of a Nation. Its storyline is loathsome, and so are most (if not all) of the "heroes", but as a work of filmmaking, it is groundbreaking and deserves to be thought of that way. But it's a film I've only watched once, and it was not a pleasant experience.
  11. I'm 100% positive this is George R.R. Martin's approach as well, and why it's been 9 years since A Dance With Dragons and not a sign of book 6. I liked The Hunting Party, but I didn't love it. Probably because some elements did become both predictable and ridiculous. But I thought the resolution was pretty good, and I'll confess to not seeing it coming, although maybe I should have. I'm currently reading The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton. It's good, but dense, in an early GRR Martin kind of way (before he decided he didn't need to listen to editors). I'm 300 pages in, and I think she's finally done world-building and finished establishing characters so that the mystery can take center stage, but who knows. Still, it's a fascinating look at late 19th century New Zealand, and I'm enjoying it.
  12. My mother uses it for napping purposes. I will confess to looking if they're playing at St. Andrews - that's one wild course. I've heard OF them, but know nothing about them but the name. So I got that wrong. I didn't get rivers but did get the others. I also got Anschluss but wasn't sure of the pronunciation - I'm going to say I pronounced it correctly, though, lol. True, it is acceptable. I didn't hear the contestant say "Is it", but that's probably down to my tv or my ears.
  13. My family did not have cable in the 80s, so we only watched what the networks were running. The only exceptions to that were the shows the local stations showed between the soap operas and the news, like Emergency or the Brady Bunch. MASH was on in prime time until 1983. Personally, the 80s nostalgia is the best thing about the Goldbergs for me. I never started the 1st episde of Schitt's Creek. Doesn't interest me in the least. But that's what cable is for - finding stuff you like.
  14. I think it's going to have to be an agree to disagree thing, since some of us do pronounce some things differently and others not. I suppose a contestant could challenge it if they felt it would make a difference. I didn't get True Romance but did get all the rest. The Lost Boys is one of those movies I will always watch if it's on and I have some time. The year and "dome" gave it away to me instantly, but it took me a moment to decide whether it was Samuel Taylor Coleridge (which it was) or Samuel Coleridge Taylor (who was a composer, not a poet, and lived much later). Still settled on the right name in plenty of time. Thank you, college British lit courses. Those are the only lines of the poem I remember, but I'll probably be able to quote them on my deathbed. They are really engrained in my brain for some reason. I suppose remembering that it exists helps, too. ;-) I know I should've been impressed by the Pantheon, but after so many other things in Rome (and Greece before that), I really wasn't. I wasn't blown away by its interior, and didn't actually find it that attractive. But hey, to each their own. :-) Golf is all seasons. Or Hell, really.
  15. I doubt she will since it didn't change the outcome of the game. It was already a runaway. I took it the same way you did. Kinda like my "it's a lot easier sitting on my couch, beating out the cat". Never heard of it. And I've worked at a bookstore and a library. I learn something new all the time on Jeopardy. Lucky you. I had to read The Old Man and the Sea in high school. UGH. I knew The Sun Also Rises from the torero. Okay, I'll give you that. It was an amusing story. I said Rivera first, almost switched to Picasso but decided not to, thank goodness.
  16. Ken was a bit stiff, but otherwise okay, and I think he'll get better. Brad would be a natural at hosting, though. I thought her hair looked stupid, but she was a good contestant. Me, too. A friend was watching it awhile back when one of her channels was running it. Plus, 1820 seemed too early for the Alamo. American seascapes are always Winslow Homer on Jeopardy. Just like New England male poets are always Robert Frost. What was the question? I ran the Navajo category - thank you, Tony Hillerman. Whereas Daniel Boone was a man, Yes a big man! With a whoop and a holler He could mow down a forest of trees. That's why I knew it. I remembered it from a big flood a few years back. More like a blowing gale of fake air. She made me want to stab her right through my tv. I hate people who are that freaking over the top. She reminded me of stupid dancing Jennifer with her stupid drumsticks. (Unless it wasn't put on and she really is on the spectrum, in which case she couldn't help it.)
  17. Pantheon is literally "all gods" in Greek, but if you didn't know that, it would be tougher. I cannot believe none of them got this one. I mean, I know it was a long time ago, but the Miracle on Ice is the greatest upset in sports history! I was confused too, but it makes sense that he wouldn't be able to fly from the East Coast when they were filming. Yeah, that miss was rather mystifying. I have to confess that I wasn't particularly impressed when I visited the Pantheon. I don't pronounce them the same way, and apparently neither do the Jeopardy judges, so I have no problem with it being ruled incorrect. Definitely a case where you just want to put the last name. It's the pronunciation which matters when it comes to spelling. Misspellings are fine if they don't change the pronunciation, and many people pronounce Barry and Berry differently. I couldn't come up with Triton, but did get the rest correct. Not from Detroit, but it was an instaget for me too. That misspelling made a big change to the pronunciation so it was correctly ruled wrong. (e-man-cip-tation vs. e-man-ci-pation) OMG, if Kelly had won her game, I'd have had to quit watching - she was sooooo too much that I wondered if she was on the spectrum.
  18. Idk, I haven't devoted hours of my life to either crocheting afghans or building train models from scratch. Yet. lol
  19. I don't know how old you are, but I've still got a ways to go to reach 70. And I've been interested in nautical history for at least 20 years, maybe more. I DO have extra pillows on my bed, though, so . . . That is a really sweet commercial, although the first time I saw it, I was worried that the dog was homeless. Then I realized he had a collar, and was just visiting friends for treats.
  20. WTF?!?! Did he read a different play than I did?
  21. While I don't share the bitterness about 99% of GOT (but don't get me started on how Jaime dies) - I can absolutely agree that this was a glorious moment.
  22. When I was growing up, once we hit our teens, no one cared if we were swimming alone or not. Almost everyone in my neighborhood had a pool in the backyard, and none of us worried about swimming without a buddy. No one taught us this precaution, but then, none of us took swimming lessons anywhere, we just learned in our pools. This absolutely shocked me when I read it. The thought of a world without Diana Rigg - ugh!
  23. You know, that made me think of my La-Z-Boy opinion: I hate the Kristin Bell commercials. (Okay, I hate Kristin Bell in everything.) They need to bring back Brooke Shields who was funny in hers.
  24. Well, you know me, through the internet anyway. Although all but one of my naval history books are about the British Navy in the Napoleonic era. The other one IS sort of about submarines, though. ;-) (Shadow Divers) Yeah, I like those as well.
  25. I don't remember it being preachy. Obviously I need to see it again. But I mostly was there for Mickey anyway.
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