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  1. HappyHanna

    S03.E18: Her

    I am sure that this has been brought up somewhere in this board, but, I didn't see it in this thread. With all R&B's talk about needing to cut back, downsize, etc because they only have Randall's city council salary (and whatever Beth is making on dance teaching, which I imagine isn't much) to live on, I imagined that city council was a part time, barely paid job. I googled. https://data.phila.gov/visualizations/employee-salaries Base salary for a Philadelphia City Council member is $130,000. I am sure that is a huge cut from whatever Randall was making in his previous job, but it isn't exactly poverty wage. Or anything close to it. Of all the unrealities of this show, I don't know why this is the one that bothers me.
  2. HappyHanna

    House Hunters International

    Tblisi to Zanzibar I joined the boards (finally, after a long time lurking) just so I could comment on this episode! A family whose modus operandi is traveling the world and experiencing different cultures, and the wife is that stressed at anything that isn't a totally modern, western home (and what exactly was wrong with the kitchens in the other places, multiple ovens was too stressing?)? She doesn't know what the spray hose next to a toilet is for? She only wears short dresses in a place that is almost entirely Muslim? I am going to guess that their international school actually was putting them up in the apartment they picked, but come on!