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  1. Even if it might delay them a little more, I am happy to see them take a big step back, look at the social/political/racial climate and try to put out the best product they can. Quality over quantity for me.
  2. B99 to Scrap Season 8 Episodes TVLine Article stating that the writers/Dan Goor had 4 episodes written Already and decided to trash them. Terry saying they don’t know what direction the season will take this year, they they want to make it groundbreaking and meaningful.
  3. Just get to the Shea vs Jujubee finale. We all want it. but, Ho estate, this is Shea’s world and I love it.
  4. Terry Crews confirms that Season 8 will be influenced by the current Black Lives Matter movement: https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a32812260/brooklyn-99-season-8-black-lives-matter-terry-crews/
  5. Either Stephanie is confident or it’s a red herring and she gets eliminated.
  6. I can usually tell when it’s a PR or not, but this seems actually genuine and I, glad he is recognizing his shortcomings. He’s not a bad guy, and compared to statements from others who’ve been caught with ignorant comments, I can see that he actually seems sorry. But, that’s just me.
  7. So when is Andre going to win all the awards?
  8. Yeah, but going through LCK and beating 2 of the 3 chefs still left in, I would be smug too, 🤷‍♀️ but that’s just me.
  9. So they accidentally posted the Season Finale on YouTube, and basically: Kevin had to beat 2 out of the 3 chefs still in the competition to make it back into the game. He chose Malarkey (beat him), Bryan V (lost), and chose Gregory (beat him). Which means Kevin is back in.
  10. Here is the link: HomeCon Also the cast, except for Alexi and Nathan are doing private one on one calls. Eric/Melissa are doing a joint one and just themselves. All this is for charity.
  11. Apparently, Melissa is eliminate right before final 5.
  12. Man, I want Kevin’s eggs Benedict. That shit looked good
  13. How I kind of want Season 3 to go: - More bonding between Chen/Harper/Lopez, especially Lopez/Chen. I would love to see them work together, since Lopez is the only TO she has never worked with. - More after work scenes between the T.O’s. We know Lopez and Tim are best friends, but let’s see Bradford/Harper try and become friends more. - Lopez and Wesley going through wedding planning and the struggles of being an officer and a lawyer. - More Jackson/Lucy scenes -Cojo the dog. -If/When they decide to go the Bradford/Chen route, which they totally will, let them connect as friends first, then build that up throughout the season and possibly pull the trigger in Season 4. Eric has even said he wants the two as a slow burn( watch them fumble p, make mistakes throughout, and then get to their Ross/Rachel moment as he described it) - More of Grey outside of work, or just more Grey in general.
  14. Yeah, Bradford was already on the fence about possibly going to NY and when Grey told him that, it was over. Bradford legitimately cares for Rachel, especially since she is complete opposite of Isabel, but you know this long distance stuff is ripe for future drama and a break up. I mean, he was ready to “rip the bandaid” off and break it off. But, he is a nice guy, so try and make it work, I guess. Please, don’t pair off Lopez and Nolan because Nolan wants to fast track to detective (even though you know they’ll find a way to get him there by seas. 3 finale).
  15. Let me reword it...the writers present Nolan as this a White Knight hero. He’s able to solve everything and be the Big hero every episode.
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