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  1. That would also explain why hope didn't just carry them to Camp Lehigh in the first place, which is what I was wondereing once she turned big.
  2. Pet peeve time - I liked the episode in general but I hated that once again, there's a plot of "if you save your loved one, the world will end" where nobody points out that, if you save your loved one and then the world ends, that loved one is still dead! I realise Evil!Strange might have been too far gone for that to compute, but somebody at least could have pointed it out. This makes me wonder if the Ancient One's trick might have worked here as a workaround to the "fixed point" problem - split Christine in two, one Christine dies in the accident and the other lives on with Strange (
  3. Honestly, I'm surprised his daughter wasn't the person he/the Camarilla used to spread the witch plague, I was totally expecting that. Anybody else's head whirling from how fast they change what the Spree is about? First it's about stopping conscription in the U.S., then it's suddenly international (still not sure what conscription in the U.S. has to with other countries, unless potential conscriptees are fleeing there and the army keeps following?) and now it's about Nicte's personal vendetta after Alder stole her private WMD and they're counting up civilian lives vs. witch soldier's liv
  4. I'm inclined to think that's just the limit of what they can technologically achieve, especially since that's probably an obvious thing people would think of first. In the real world, it would also be nice to have computers/smartphones/medical devices that don't need any outside input of energy, but that's just not how it works. And they probably do have risk mitigation factors, such as a way to call headquarters for backup / a tempad replacement if anything goes wrong, plus, if a team just didn't show up again headquarters would send someone to investigate.
  5. But didn't Sylvie say she had to sift through hundreds of years of memories? So the agent must have been alive/conscious for all of that time, not just displaced. And sending your underlings into situations where inexplicably (for them) , their colleague will disintegrate if they take off their helmet/armour/etc. doesn't seem very ideal. I'm not sure the Inifinity Stones being powerless has to do with technical advancement, so far I've taken it to be part of the "magic isn't possible at the TVA" thing. Which was something I found interesting about Sylvie - that she didn't know magic doesn
  6. I'm pretty sure the device Loki is using is Sylvie's - you can see him swipe it during their fight at the TVA (at least I think that was what was going on). She also says that the reason they landed on a moon that's about to explode is because that was one of the "apocalypse" destinations she'd expressly programmed into it. Though I like the idea of him lying about the device being broken, I'm just not sure he'd take it that far - they both seem to be in real danger at the moment (Loki might be able to magically catch a falling building, but I'm not sure that extends to catching falling pieces
  7. This is complete spitballing and might be out the window by the next episode, but since Sylvie and Loki seem to be bonding (of a sort) and Loki clearly seemed shocked about the TVA/employees reveal - what if the Sylvie variant comes about specifically because Loki kidnapps baby Sylvie to set the destruction of the TVA in motion? Or even - what if Sylvie kidnaps herself as a child and she herself is the "mother" she barely remembers? (Though they would really have to condense that story to not have it take over the series... well, there's always fanfic :P) There's also that romantic intere
  8. Lol, my very first thought when she grabbed him was "and why should Ravonna care?". The people of the TVA have made it very clear that they couldn't care less about the variants' lives and that Moebius is just an outlier (if he's even really interested in Loki as a person at all and not just as an opportunity). Of course, with the new reveal that they secretly recycle the variants that's even more disturbing. I wonder if Ravonna knows what's going on? Somebody has to be doing the "brainwashing" (or whatever happens to turn normal people into TVA employees), and I don't think anyone below her d
  9. ...to be fair, if I were in the hands of an agency that vaporized people at the slightest provocation, I'd be booking it out of there the first chance I got too 😆
  10. I figured, even before the Lady Loki reveal, that it was because of the blue tongue from the candy. Plus, this is medieval France - if Lady Loki was wearing trousers (and I don't see why she wouldn't have been, she was in the Roxxcart unless I misremember) he likely wouldn't have even recognised her as a woman, especially since longer hair was common at the time for all genders.
  11. ...yeah, the door also closed immediately just after Loki had passed through, which might be a dramatic coincidence but still seems suspicious.
  12. I'm wondering whether, if there are several branches of the TVA, they're in contact with each other or even know of the other branches' existence? It would be funny if there were a TVA branch out there staffed by lizard people guarding the planet of the lizard people and their version of the Time Keepers looked like regular humans 😄 I'm still suspicious whether the TVA workers are actually created by the Time Keepers - I feel like there's a real possibility they've just been taken from somewhere and then have been brainwashed to believe they've always been with the TVA. As somebody sai
  13. I've been thinking something like that myself - that could be epic, even if we only get it for a brief moment. Though I suspect if we get it, the interpretation of "together" in "working together" might be malleable , lol.
  14. Could be that, or could be that they simply decided to use names familiar to the viewers instead of made-up names. Either way, there were a lot of them so I'd say that this incident creating the multiverse is definitely on the table.
  15. While I don't think Ravonna is a Time Keeper, I wouldn't be surprised if the thing with the three Time-Keepers turns out to be a myth and that they've either left or never existed in the first place. At this point I think there's a good chance we're going to get a "Wizard of Oz"-style pulling-back-the-curtain scene somewhere down the line. (Also, does anybody else think it's a bit weird that everybody keeps refering to the Time-Keepers as "lizards"? Presumably, they all have plenty of experience with non-human-looking sentient populations so I feel like this shouldn't stand out to them this mu
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