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  1. This all seems like simple, obvious stuff to us but to Jill I think it's really new. She sure didn't learn these things at the TTH.
  2. Well according to Vanity Fair, as of June 2018 the Royal Family costs British taxpayers 69 pence apiece per year. That's 69 pence per taxpayer, not family member. At today's exchange rate: .91 US Not sure abolition is going to make much financial difference to the average Brit.
  3. That was definitely an interesting episode. Good stuff to chew on. I like that they are getting a little experimental. This isn't a show that easily does bottle episodes but I think they pulled this off.
  4. My ick point is that we have Bo Peep going from dating Trex to dating Mr. Incredible 😁
  5. Athena has an alter-ego
  6. I'm really loving the Grant/Nash family dynamic. That a couple can divorce and still be friends, that they can respectfully co-parent and that remarriage simply means more love. And that love is romantic, parental, friends, siblings, etc... Such a refreshing change from the usual TV divorce full of acrimony and conflict.
  7. Yep, there was blond agent in Season 4. Ravens and Swans. Can't remember her name.
  8. ECO needs to write more episodes. This was great. I love the callback to season 2, when Kensi was kidnapped by Russians and Deeks had to get her out from a bomb rigged room.
  9. Go Ian! What a great kid!
  10. James Herriott is a wonderful book to be reading to the kids. And not fundie at all. Good job Jessa (now don't blow it with a diaper mountain)
  11. It's "Princes at War" and it's fabulous!
  12. Feels like the producers and writers are getting their groove back. This episode felt much more like *our* show.
  13. I think that's the ultimate point. I don't think we're supposed to like Sheldon that much.
  14. The more we see of Missy, the more I understand how Sheldon was able to become friends with Penny.
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