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  1. anna0852

    Scream Franchise

    Sydney snaps and becomes ghostface. At this point it's either that or a nervous breakdown.
  2. Addison and Amelia worked together in LA for years. Addison even delivered Amelia's first baby, the little boy who's brain didn't develop.
  3. I think it makes sense for Georgie to convert the garage. Sheldon will pitch a fit since that's where his trains are kept.
  4. With most daycares Mac would lose his place if they pulled him out and then they'd have to find a new daycare all over again in 5 months. Plus kids do better with routines and pulling him out would just be disruptive.
  5. I made the 'Hetty is Dumbledore' comparison several seasons ago!
  6. Paget is the narrator for Behind the Attraction on Disney+ and is a hoot! I always thought CM should have used het comedic skills a bit more.
  7. Chris Hemsworth Zoe Saldana Idris Elba Benedict Cumberbach Karl Urban
  8. Liv sure changed her tune seasons later when her son caught measles because of an anti-vax mom 🙍‍♀️
  9. Y'all..... looks like that 'no dating' pact from the Friends set might have been breached. https://torontosun.com/entertainment/celebrity/jennifer-aniston-and-david-schwimmer-reportedly-dating-lots-of-chemistry
  10. We saw Rhoady embrace Clint and tell him to stay safe when the teams split up on Morag. I don't think he'd believe that Clint killed Nat.
  11. WandaVision scored Emmy nods for both Paul and Elizabeth!
  12. I really wish that this had been released after Civil War. It it would have made much more of an impact especially heading into Infinity War and Endgame. That being said, I nearly burst into tears sitting in a movie theater and seeing that beautiful MCU intro come up on the screen. I'm thrilled to have our troublemakers back in any capacity. Seeing her upbringing and background makes me think Nat had to really work to be as functional as she is.
  13. I couldn't copy the link but apparently Colin is about to be a dad! Scarlett is pregnant and reportedly due fairly soon.
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