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  1. Derrick is definitely taking some shots at his in-laws
  2. When Phoebe grabbed the proton pack at the police station, it looked a bit like McKenna was channeling her Mrs. Keyes character from Handmaid's Tale. McKenna absolutely stole the show.
  3. George really is the only one setting consistent boundaries and consequences. Mary and Meemaw tend to cave and the teachers just want him to shut up.
  4. I figured she's got some leeway since she used to be an attending
  5. George is a very good influence in regards to work ethic and simply getting along with people. It's really sad Sheldon doesn't or won't see the value in his dad.
  6. anna0852

    Station 19

    I called this out over a year ago!
  7. I really didn't think about Sheldon's parents speaking to his professors. For an ordinary college student a parent conference would be way out of line but Sheldon's not ordinary. At his age, college or not, a parent may need to reach out.
  8. Linda was wearing her uniform shirt. Claudette was in her 'I'm better than everyone' non uniform.
  9. Given the circumstances that was a nice send-off. At least they left the door open...
  10. I'm guessing Rockmund Dunbar is leaving. I'll miss Michael if that's the case. Can he take Claudette with him (and leave her there)?
  11. Actually, I'm not convinced it has changed for the better. Now the pendulum seems to have swung the other way and Cesareans are considered to be such a small thing that moms aren't given the right time to heal. I feel the same way about this whole "baby-friendly hospital" thing. There's something to be said for letting a newly postpartum mom actually sleep through the night because the baby is in the nursery. These days moms seemed to be expected to give birth and act as though they haven't just undergone a massive physical trauma. There has to be a balance between the bonding/breastfeeding an
  12. Meemaw is a bitch most of the time and I absolutely see how she influenced Adult Sheldon's mean streak. I enjoyed seeing her getting shaken down by the corrupt cop.
  13. Shuri might be a re-cast then.
  14. Does anyone else think that Maddie might actually be pretty ticked off at Chimney for coming to find her? I mean she was asking for space and he's not giving it to her. Not to mention how he is maintaining his anger at Buck when all Buck did was give his sister the support she asked for. I think Maddie might be a bit upset about that.
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