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  1. One of my current favorites: Nick & Jess on New Girl The first time he kissed her.... yowza!!!
  2. PP was still going when the plane crashed. Addison got a call that Mark had died.
  3. For those of you who read the books, how do you think the events of this year would impact the characters? Besides the pandemic there have also been major crackdowns in Hong Kong and China where a lot of the novels take place. Any thoughts?
  4. That's a pretty interesting read. Thanks!
  5. Oh man. An AoS season dealing with the Blip? I'd have watched the hell out of that. I'm still annoyed that we cut to 5 Years Later. I know it had to be done but I wanted to see how pieces got picked up.
  6. I want someone to kiss me the way Nick kissed Jess the first time. Wowza!
  7. https://www.tvguide.com/news/brooklyn-nine-nine-donate-national-bail-fund/
  8. I was wondering: even though Devi is a minor, as a US citizen can her mother force her to leave the country? Like, legally can Devi protest/fight that choice?
  9. anna0852

    The Star Wars Saga

    Leia was raised as a princess/politician on Alderran. Probably got it from her adoptive parents.
  10. Noooo! Last year the dumped The Kids Are Alright and now we lose this? Not cool ABC.
  11. I'm getting a kick out the early seasons watching Jackie and Kelso being a complete disaster. Knowing how Mila and Ashton *really* ended up makes it so much funnier.
  12. Have we seen or heard Nalini tell Devi that she's proud of her or that she loves her?
  13. anna0852

    Station 19

    Sullivan has nerve damage, which needs a neurosurgeon to correct. He met Amelia when he was looking for an opioid prescription. She's a recovering addict herself and dragged him to a meeting.
  14. anna0852

    Station 19

    My theory is also some sort of mental illness requiring inpatient treatment. With the stigma surrounding mental issues even now, it probably wouldn't have hard for Pruitt to get full custody during a divorce 20 years ago. And then decide that telling Andy her mother is dead is easier than explaining and dealing with the nature of her illness.
  15. anna0852

    Station 19

    Called it! Not a bad finale. I'm grateful for no major cliffhangers since we don't know when it's coming back. The haircut looks pretty cute. Jack continues to be one of my favorites. I wonder how the charges got rolling. That's pretty big. I'm glad Andy finally had someone hear her out. Meredith can absolutely relate and I'm glad she listened. Not happy Andy wasn't there after surgery though. Andy was right to be spinning out!
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