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  1. Kinda saw that coming with April and Matthew. I always thought they got back waaaayyyyyy too quickly after his wife died.
  2. He was switching radio channels
  3. This whole episode absolutely stunk.
  4. Loved Athena rolling up on Buck and Taylor!
  5. Oh man! Clairee is one of my favorite parts of Steel Magnolias.
  6. There is an AMA on Reddit from someone who knew the Duggars growing up. Apparently JD and Smuggar got into an actual physical fight at one point. JD really doesn't like Smug and apparently turns into a wolverine when he fights. https://www.reddit.com/r/DuggarsSnark/comments/n2jg4k/i_grew_up_with_josh_duggar_ama/gwk7117?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3
  7. I'm really glad now that Fenna is with them. Dogs are amazing for unconditional love and comfort. Jill is going to need it!
  8. Josh got arrested today by federal marshals on behalf of DHS. So....
  9. Serena is probably terrified of being sent back now. She betrayed her husband and is proven fertile. She'll be in the Red Center in no time.
  10. She's a great actress! I do wonder if her parents are informed of the subject matter though before shooting. Especially on this show. They may need to have some tough conversations with their daughter ahead of time.
  11. anna0852

    Station 19

    The 9-1-1 shows and Station 19 must be pulling from the same casting pool. First Tracie Thoms comes over from 9-1-1 and now the woman playing Innara just showed up on 9-1-1: Lonestar
  12. They're living on a commune with Judy Winslow.
  13. anna0852

    Station 19

    Per the title card at the end, the episode writer drew on the actual experiences of the cast and crew.
  14. Lone Star has really gelled this season. I'm enjoying!
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