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  1. Oh that drove me nuts about 5-0!
  2. Fresh produce, on a real plate. A genuine smile and it doesn't look like this is a posed moment. And Izzy is apparently enjoying olives, which is not something every kid goes for and speaks to him having a fairly varied diet. Good job Jill!
  3. I know the Turners are supposed to be presented as genuinely good people and they are. But if I'm them, as soon as bio mom is out of the country I'm petitioning the courts to adopt May. She's happy and loved and stable. And the whole issue of her guardianship and her citizenship needs to be resolved ASAP.
  4. Just watched. Like visiting with old friends. Loved Brad's monologue at the beginning! Very funny and at the same time you could hear him choking up over John Spencer 😥
  5. 1st, food the bathroom is gross. But at the same time Jill grew up in such a dysfunctional situation. She literally hid in the bathroom as a child to eat because it was the only way she got enough to eat. I'm not gonna judge her for not magically overcoming her childhood trauma because she is now an adult. There's no trauma off switch. She is working with a therapist, which is wonderful and a huge step forward for her. But it's not a magic pill, it's work and it may be work she does for the rest of her life. I think Turkey bacon and toast in the bathroom is not a great idea. But I'm really glad there's another adult out there who's genuinely trying to do nice things for her. Who presumably cares about her and her happiness and her comfort and her over all quality of life. Jill has never had that before. She didn't grow up in a secure family, she's just now experiencing that in the last few years. I'm really really glad for her or that she finally gets to have this.
  6. anna0852


    Nope. You're not. I do the same thing.
  7. She seemed to think that because Zach didn't actually get shot that he's absolutely fine and doesn't have any trauma from being there. Which is terrible! Like in her 1st scene! I get it, you're desperately worried about where your older son is but your younger one is in front of you begging for a bathroom. I was ready to write her off completely when she made him do that TV interview and then tryingt o force Zack back to school. Talk about self serving!
  8. Someone else who read Only Child!
  9. And since the girls are still growing, the window to delay the shoot isn't very large. That's the problem with child actors is they continue to grow and if your off season gets extended, then it's very weird when you start reshooting again. Unless they plan to have the tradition of the books broken and age the girls beyond 8th grade. The whole series they only ever went from 12 to 13, from 7th grade to 8th. Unless they're planning to change that, this series won't be able to run for many seasons anyway. Which is a total shame because I love it!
  10. That definitely goes against everything the Creation Museum ever taught! I love it. Actual science! That appears to be some sort of a school dress up day. Not only did Jill go along with it but there's some real effort showing here. He's even got homemade binoculars hanging off his belt. Israel going to school is definitely the best thing that could ever happen not just to him but to his mom as well. Now for Jill to stretch for that GED and community college courses.
  11. Season Premiere on November 8th!
  12. I was totally expecting the rest of the episode to be Chris and d Stewie teaming up to kill Brian in retaliation.
  13. I didn't even catch the mask! All of the small children in my life, which right now range from age 4 to almost 9, have all adjusted to wearing a mask with no issues at all. They're the ones saying things like "do you have your mask" as we're walking out the door and reminding us all to wash our hands and stay 6' apart from other people. Children amaze me at how adaptable they are. Tell them they have to wear a mask to go some place, then OK it's the new normal and we wear mask.
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