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  1. I've watched this movie multiple times this month because I really love it. The first 10 minutes surprised me too, but that's because I expected the movie to center around Lupita's character, Miss Caroline. I didn't realize the movie was actually David's story. I thought the first 10 minutes were needed for David's story arc, so I didn't mind (although the movie would have been even better had it centered entirely around Miss Caroline). Lupita was great, as were the children. I thoroughly enjoyed that the children in the movie didn't get the Hollywood treatment. I don't know why children are such obnoxious brats in American TV and film. This little Australian movie portrayed children as, well, children. They were very innocent and age-appropriate. I liked that. Josh Gad's character was was a trip and he cussed A LOT. I wasn't quite prepared for that. I was also expecting more zombie gore and violence. I was kind of relieved that that was less than what I anticipated. In fact, I was surprised that the whole movie was more rom-com than zombie/horror. That was unexpected too. Anyway, I had a good time.
  2. *whispering* After thinking about it, imma need to ETA my earlier ETA and rescind my kudos to the writers due to INconsistency. How long does it take for someone to turn to turn after they've been infected? It seemed to take Carter and Amy a long time to turn, but the people Winston bit turned almost immediately. The lady in the cabin with Lila turned overnight. They need to establish a time frame and stick with it. What kills a viral and are the rules different when they're just infected vs. after they turn? I mean, Clarke and his soldiers killed Winston and the people he bit with bullets, but in ep. 9, they were firing at virals point-blank and they didn't die. What was the difference? Lacey came along and shot infected people with one bullet and they didn't get back up. Was that because they hadn't yet turned? Also, if they couldn't kill virals with assault weapons at the compound, how did Amy kill them one with a bow and arrow? She didn't even shoot him in the heart. She shot him in the neck. They need to establish some rules or this world they're building is going to fall apart really quick. The reason the vampire mythology has endured is because rules were clearly established that everybody understood. If this show just changes rules willy-nilly to fit any given situation, the show is going to get real dumb real quick. They need to make hard and fast rules and write within those parameters, After re-watching ep. 10, I think they should have ended the season with the missiles heading towards the US.That would have been a powerful ending. I actually thought the last few scenes detracted from the season rather than enhanced it, especially Amy killing a viral with her bow and arrow after the previous episode showed them being nearly impervious to bullets. That didn't make sense to me. Overall, the season was very good. The best things were the characters themselves. Each one was very strong and solidly written. The wakest thing was the world-building. Again, the writers need to establish rules for the virals and write within the rules.. Still, I'm looking forward to next season.
  3. I just re-watched episode 9, and two things stood out to me. Someone mentioned this upthread but, the first time around, I missed when the soldier in Bolivia told Lear that the locals told them to kill Fanning. Of course Lear, in his arrogance and his God Complex and his selfish agenda, ignored them. Nevermind that they had probably experienced virals before and knew exactly what to do. The most poignant line in the whole finale was when Amy said something along the lines of how Lear and company had so many chances to turn back, but they never did. The second interesting thing was Shauna. It didn't register with me the first time that when she conversed with both Sykes and Richards, she has no blood around her mouth. She didn't feed. Whereas Carter seems like a follower to me, Babcock''s flashback showed that she was obviously the leader of her little friend group. She was still thinking independently, even as a viral. When she was talking with Sykes, you see it in the way she balked at Fanning's order that they feed on innocent families, and later on in eppy 10 with the way she and Clark were handling her feedings. Kudos to the writers for their consistency in characterization. ETA: Since all of the virals survived the explosion, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that Shauna had somehow also managed to save Nicole. Maybe that's what she was doing while the other virals were on a rampage.
  4. ...aka, when you tie yourself forever to a man who you know is in love with another woman and you're actually surprised that you make each other miserable. It's another episode of Smart Women, Dumb Choices. Yep. You know, that part really didn't surprise me. It seemed in keeping with his backstory. In the flashbacks, Carter seemed like someone who was empathetic towards other people, but surprisingly gullible and easily manipulated when it came to his own life. When he was running around biting people, I was thinking that he's definitely a follower, not a leader. Agreed. It made me love her all the more. So much THIS. Brad and Amy were the heart of the show every step of the way. In season 2, I hope the ending scenes and time jump turn out to be Amy's vision of the future rather than actual events. I've gleaned from comments that the whole lineup of characters basically changes in the book, but I'm not ready to leave most of these characters yet. I mean, TV is a very different medium from books. I can't see them moving so hastily away from characters who have endeared themselves to their TV audience. *shrugs*
  5. This was a great episode. I was genuinely shocked by the security guy who turned out to be a viral. Dumb mustache dude! See, arrogance is as dangerous as a loaded gun. Amy was killing me the whole show. I was so scared for her. When she was riding her bike down that tunnel all stressed and indecisive and stopped to go talk to and hug her mama while Brad was pouring out his heart to her? Lordt! I was a mess. I was thinking there were only two options, but my Amy found a third option! I can't wait to see where they go with this now that the virals are out and Lacey is on the way! The setup for the finale has been stellar. Don't disappoint me show! Looking forward to next week!
  6. I've got to agree with you on this one. She was waaay too calm. I kept waiting for her to freak out at some point, but no. She could have been buying carrots at the grocery store for all the emotion she showed. It was quite jarring. Her whole performance was very underwhelming.
  7. EXACTLY. Between Lear and Fanning, Elizabeth probably chose death just to escape both those arrogant azzholes. ....and it wasn't until l watched this episode that I realized i could read minds too. When Nichole shut off Elizabeth's machines and scurried out of that room she was thinking, "Yeah I feel bad for y'all, but I remember what happened with Carter. If this bish turn viral, I ain't gone be locked up a room with her!
  8. Brad and Amy made me cry this week when they were talking about grieving. Poor kid. It must have been so scary for her to have to run from and fight that maniac and face that she might turn into that same thing. That's a lot for anybody to process, especially a child. I was struck this week by how everyone (except Amy and maybe Lila) was both right and wrong. There are very few unqualified heroes and villains in this situation. Brad may legitimately care about Amy, but he is the guy who kidnapped her. Amy was right about that. A nice kidnapper is still a kidnapper. Lear and Sykes may have thought they had good intentions, but they are still the new king and queen of human experimentation. I mean, DOD dude wasn't wrong. He authorized the program, but Sykes and Lear experimented on people for 3 years, so they don't have the right to act all pure and holy now. Clark may have finally seen the light (maybe), but he's still been the primary enforcer in this nonsense. Pandora's box has been opened. It doesn't really matter now if he says, "Oops!". On the Virals side, I can understand why Shauna feels betrayed by Nicole. She really did think they were friends. OTOH, how is Sykes supposed to remain friends with some chick who appeared dead at first and now wants to steal her life and taste her blood? When Babcock and Sykes were arguing, I was like, "See, this is why we can't be friends". And Fanning seems to actually expect Elizabeth to be grateful to him for forcing this condition on her. He could have explained to her what he wanted to do when he visited her and let her make the decision. But, noooooo! He's Mr. Brilliant (and a man), so he just decides to bulldoze over her and choose this for her. If she turns, I hope she hates him for it and takes every opportunity to express it.
  9. I.Loved.This^^^^. Oh, Fanning just KNEW he was dropping a bombshell on Lear, only to have Lear basically tell him, 'Oh, that? Yeah, I know. Liz told me. No biggie'. It was delicious. Me too! I want this so bad. I also want Lacey to survive a long time. She's such an interesting character. Yep. Agree with this as well.
  10. This. I found the backstories of Babcock AND Carter to be severely lacking. Yes, they both would have gotten serious jail time, probably even an unfair amount of time, but the death sentence? Naw. I just can't buy it. Plus, the fact that Shauna and her mother looked the same age in her flashbacks kept taking me out of the moment. I really wish they'd have used a younger actress. As for Carter, I really felt like they cheaped out on his backstory. It's like they were afraid to give him an actual reason to be on death row other than making him the poor widdle victim. Puh-lease. There are plenty of black men behind bars and on death row because that's exactly where they belong. He would be much more compelling to me if he really had done a terrible thing, but was now remorseful because of what he actually did. Instead, they made him seem dimwitted and infantile. I mean really! Between his dumb backstory and him passing cutesy crayon notes back and forth to Amy, I feel like they went the Green Mile route with him. I don't like it. Speaking of things I don't like, these have to be the most incurious and incautious group of doctors and scientists ever! Yeah, they're totally going to unleash vampires onto the world. Lordt! The incompetence. Of course, if they were good at their jobs there wouldn't be a show, so whatever, I guess. Still love the show, especially Amy and The Agent. She's such a smart little cookie. I love how she keeps finessing the adults around her. Also, when she and Brad were running and she blew past him? Yeah, she's feeling the effects of that vampire blood. She's mentally and now physically superior to those around her. I'm interested to see where they go with this. All I need right now is for Brad and Amy to escape that compound and hook back up with Lacey. I need more Lacey. Just imagine Amy after Lacey takes her under her wing. Talk about formidable. Amy would be unstoppable.
  11. Same. I actually said out loud, "Ummm, Sweetie, that's a vampire". When a show has me talking back to the characters, I know that I am fully engaged.
  12. Daryl is a grown-azz old man. If he doesn't want a leadership position, he can just not take it. Daryl is a grown-azz old man. It's inappropriate to even mention him as a potential romantic partner for Lydia, a girl young enough to be paired with a teenaged Henry.
  13. IA that it won't win, but, for me, that's not what's most important. The biggest significance of any Best Picture noms for BP is that it means that Danai and Lu will appear on the red carpet. I mean, all that other stuff (precedent, opportunity, etc) is great. Wonderful, but I just want to see Danai and Lu Sorry, not sorry.
  14. Eh. If not Star Trek, then another opportunity will come along. I'm not worried about Danai's career. As for the show, I'm okay if Danai signs up for one or more of movies to finish out Rick and Michonne's arc, but as for continuing to be a regular on TWD? That's the last thing I'd want for her.
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