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  1. On a shallow note, the daughter from The Ranch was gorgeous. What a sad, sad story. Amazing that Eduardo survived.
  2. I was browsing Rotten Tomato's reviews of this movie, and found one that really spoke to me regarding Emma's character: I do think that yes, Emma is classist and snobbish but I also believe she genuinely thinks she is helping the people around her. Which didn't come across so well in this version.
  3. I totally called the break-up when I saw the series preview, but I was hoping I'd be wrong. Still, it was wonderful to see how mature Alexis was about it. She's grown to be probably my favorite character.
  4. I saw this tonight. It was enjoyable but far from my favorite Austen adaptation and not even my favorite version of Emma. I liked both the Gwyneth Paltrow movie and Romola Garai miniseries better. I thought the costumes were beautiful. Miranda Hart was criminally underused. The actress playing Jane Fairfax was perfect. I liked Anya Taylor-Joy more than I thought I would based on the previews. I loved the preoccupation with people getting dressed/undressed. It really gave the physical sense of how confined the rules of society could be.
  5. I still plan to see this, although I appreciate the conversation it's sparking. I think this review might be on the nose: There's one thing that twitter thread doesn't bring up which was in the screenplay (again, have only read it, haven't seen the movie, so I have no idea if this was kept although my gut says they wouldn't have cut it). Major spoilers plus trigger warning for sexual assault in addition to all those in the original twitter thread.
  6. I had read that theory before, and I certainly like it better than the depiction of a bipolar person as dangerously homicidal.
  7. I was able to find the original script online so I'm horribly spoiled but yeah, I'm still looking forward to this one a lot.
  8. I watched this over the long weekend and it was interesting, although I had read spoilers in advance so I'd know when to cover my eyes. The close-ups of the aftermath of the cliff jumping scenes were a bit much for me. The one thing I was really disturbed by was the scene where Josh (William Jackson Harper) was murdered and then possibly raped(?). I couldn't really tell if that was what we were supposed to be getting from that scene and I did not want to rewind to examine it more. I was also really disappointed with how they labeled the sister as bipolar as if that explained her behavior. It pisses me off when I see stuff like this where it's really not at all necessary to the plot and just further stigmatizes mental illness. They could have just said "You know she's threatened this before, you know how she is," rather than naming a specific mental illness.
  9. I think David is hot. They’re both good looking.
  10. LOL! Sounds like he pretty much embarrassed himself, but I guess his ego can't take that.
  11. Buzzfeed posted an article here with direct comparisons of headlines/quotes about Kate Middleton versus Meghan Markle.
  12. I loved Alexis trying to play off her flight mix-up by claiming she was going to stay an extra month for the wedding, only to have David see right through it.
  13. This case seemed vaguely familiar, but it honestly wasn't until they played the 911 call of the guy offering to take the POS down that it all clicked and I remembered it. I'm surprised I didn't remember the dog!
  14. True. My dad left the restaurant industry in DC because he found it so toxic. He worked in construction instead and told me how glad he was that there wasn't constant swearing. I asked him if he missed working in restaurants and he told me he still had nightmares about it 15 years later.
  15. I can’t recommend this podcast and that season in particular enough. And even though it was in 2015 I don’t think she excused or romanticized Polanski (and his later rape of a child) or his relationship with Tate at all. On a random note, as much as I enjoyed the alternate history ending I did not buy that Tex or the girls would just change Charlie’s plan like that. But that was a minor quibble in that scene which overall I found very funny. I laughed out loud when Francesca popped out and let the dog in the room. And why the hell was Leo’s character listening to The Royal Guardsmen’s Snoopy and the Red Barron??? I got a kick out of it because my mom always played her old record of Snoopy’s Christmas when I was a kid.
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