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  1. I think David is hot. They’re both good looking.
  2. LOL! Sounds like he pretty much embarrassed himself, but I guess his ego can't take that.
  3. Buzzfeed posted an article here with direct comparisons of headlines/quotes about Kate Middleton versus Meghan Markle.
  4. I loved Alexis trying to play off her flight mix-up by claiming she was going to stay an extra month for the wedding, only to have David see right through it.
  5. This case seemed vaguely familiar, but it honestly wasn't until they played the 911 call of the guy offering to take the POS down that it all clicked and I remembered it. I'm surprised I didn't remember the dog!
  6. True. My dad left the restaurant industry in DC because he found it so toxic. He worked in construction instead and told me how glad he was that there wasn't constant swearing. I asked him if he missed working in restaurants and he told me he still had nightmares about it 15 years later.
  7. I can’t recommend this podcast and that season in particular enough. And even though it was in 2015 I don’t think she excused or romanticized Polanski (and his later rape of a child) or his relationship with Tate at all. On a random note, as much as I enjoyed the alternate history ending I did not buy that Tex or the girls would just change Charlie’s plan like that. But that was a minor quibble in that scene which overall I found very funny. I laughed out loud when Francesca popped out and let the dog in the room. And why the hell was Leo’s character listening to The Royal Guardsmen’s Snoopy and the Red Barron??? I got a kick out of it because my mom always played her old record of Snoopy’s Christmas when I was a kid.
  8. I hope he learned from his mistakes, but given this quote in the linked article, I'm not so sure if he was just acting contrite or if he really does get it: This Washington Post article has more info. His restaurant Graffiato was near a place I worked years ago and it was good, but DC isn't hurting for good places to eat. I don't mind him making a living, but that owner's comments are pretty tone deaf. There's a way to say "I'm giving him a second chance" without basically saying "I believe him over his supposed victims" (which is how it reads to me).
  9. I'm very excited but this promo has me worried that Ted and Alexis are breaking up. I hope I'm wrong!
  10. The trailer just dropped and I'm intrigued. I'm loving the background music.
  11. Yeah, that part was true I guess, although something about the way she was doing it and ran to the elevator and just left her assigned post also didn't work for me. It's a shame as I wanted to like it, since I do like the actress.
  12. I enjoyed it for the costumes they put Anna Kendrick in alone. I thought they were super cute in a kitschy way. So far I'm behind on my holiday watching, but I've managed to see a few. Check Inn to Christmas didn't really grab me, but I appreciated that it skirted so many of the awful tropes, and that the leads seemed to genuinely like each other from the start. I just finished A Storybook Christmas and thought it was super cute, and I'm looking forward to watching Jake Epstein in Mistletoe and Menorahs next. I loved him in Degrassi TNG, so I'm happy to see him in other stuff. I also like Ali Liebert a lot and the niece wasn't obnoxiously precocious. I tried to watch A 9 to 5 Christmas but shut it off when her first day on the job consisted of her just standing there randomly greeting customers and apparently not doing any actual work like stocking shelves or working the registers. Then she got called up to the head of the company. Really? By that point I was both bored and not able to buy the premise.
  13. I felt like I'd seen this one before, but even if I hadn't I'm pretty damn sure it would've been obvious who did it. Note to self: if a family member ever takes off and refuses to communicate except through email, contact the police.
  14. I wish Kristen could have just repeated her monologue from the last time she hosted where she talked about how Trump is/was obsessed with her and Robert Pattinson. Still topical!
  15. There was a period in my early twenties where I only had broadcast TV so I watched almost exclusively Dateline, 20/20, 48 hours, etc. After awhile I had to stop because I started wondering who in my life wanted to murder me.
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