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  1. Was it just me or was the camera work blurry at times? Who is this Francesca person and why should I care? And why was she wearing a skinned teddy bear all night? Gigi can do a million times better than the Trump-lover Damian. It’s been ages since I watched the show but I don’t recall liking Diamond this much the first time around. She’s great and I hope she finds what she’s looking for.
  2. Finally watched this and even though I knew how it would end I still ended up crying. I liked it a lot even though the ending was terribly sad. My favorite scene was her confronting Ryan about the video - I found it totally chilling. I think this movie was less about revenge and more about what happens when you are so paralyzed by grief and anger that you are unable to move on. Cassie knew she was putting herself in danger (hell, even sober she was putting herself in danger every night she targeted “nice guys”), and she had the video. She didn’t have to get revenge up close and personal l
  3. I thought Phillip came across as a boor and a horrible father so I would definitely like them to change a lot about Eloise's story line.
  4. Words really can't express how much I love the original Miranda (it's the one show all 6 of us in my family can agree on!), and this is...I don't know. Just doesn't seem as charming. And really, it's hard to top Gary (aka Tom Ellis). I might give it a try but I don't have high expectations, that's for sure.
  5. And comes away with his mouth completely dry! Someone call Ben Shapiro's doctor wife! From another thread, if you're wondering about the effectiveness of the pull-out method, Planned Parenthood's got you covered.
  6. If you liked those three characters, I feel like you might really dig The Duchess Deal or The Governess Game by Tessa Dare. I don't know exactly why but something about that trio (plus Newton) reminds me of the shenanigans in those two (especially the latter). Personally book 2 in the Bridgertons was the only one of the series I liked. Books 3 and 4 I managed to finish but they weren't my faves. I do like her prequel series of the Bridgertons though. Haven't read the latest but the rest were all enjoyable.
  7. I'm still thinking I would do an awful lot to get a Spindle Cove series. I know Beverly Jenkins mentioned one of her books was optioned (Forbidden, I think?), and Alyssa Cole also hinted that one of her series (The Runaway Royals) has been optioned. Here's hoping they get picked up! I'd hate to see only cishet white women getting deals. I know optioning is only the first step, but still...I'm optimistic!
  8. On the one hand I get that, but on the other hand she's getting money and kudos for it which isn't necessarily deserved and that definitely bugs me.
  9. I feel like the only "adaptations" we really get are the occasional ones that are adapted for Hallmark (which are then very mild on the heat scale). I want so many more steamy adaptations!
  10. There's also some behind-the-scenes issues where Quinn has said some problematic things about writing people of color in her books. There's a thread on Twitter here that is very worth reading. I'm still watching, of course, but there's a couple of problematic areas.
  11. He didn’t love her. I’ll let others weigh in on the rest as I got bored somewhere along the way and stopped in the middle of the series. All I recall is Penelope was usually very complimentary and easy on the Bridgertons but I could be forgetting stuff.
  12. I just read this one and it heavily hints that she was always prone to depression but ppd definitely seems to have been a contributing factor that exacerbated her condition. I didn’t think the book handled that storyline particularly well. Yet another reason I hope they change it completely. You’re correct that she was originally meant for Phillip’s older brother.
  13. It’s also a very common trope! One of my faves. 😄
  14. Man, women's choices back then were horrible if they found themselves unmarried and in the family way, weren't they? Pray the man does right by them or dupe some other unsuspecting man into marrying you before the baby is born. I don't really blame Marina for trying it, but I also don't blame Penelope for revealing it. Colin didn't deserve to be duped like that. If George was such a good guy as we were ultimately told, he should have married Marina before he left for war since he'd compromised her. I sincerely hope we get more because I am more interested in almost all the "side" characte
  15. I noticed the frequent shots of bees...presumably a book call-out since the Bridgerton patriarch died of a bee-sting. And of course Sir Phillip Crane made an appearance, although this time his wife is not a distant Bridgerton cousin. I honestly would like to see them completely change Eloise's character arc, as I found Sir Phillip in the books to be a boor. I'd prefer to see poor Marina actually achieve some happiness with her new husband.
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