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  1. Talk about being "prepared" has now made it to the local nightly news. I'm already in the boondocks and tend to shop in bulk so I'm as prepared as I'd want to be but I've talked to a few people that are looking to buy masks and such. One friend in Philadelphia tried to buy them at a local pharmacy but they were long sold out. I think it's never a bad idea to have some supplies on hand but giving into paranoia to any excessive degree is not where I want to go.
  2. Moving is hard and the longer you have lived there means that much more stuff to move (this is a good time to decide what NOT to move as well -- the throw away pile and the give away pile). You have great organizational skills so you will shine here I'm sure! And lol, renovations is just as stressful. But I think you will find not living there will make it SOOOO much easier. Both because you won't have the stress with having to live through the mess of renovations and because you won't have the same emotional attachments so you can be more practical about it. You might find it a lot easier to find time to read smoochy fanfic than write it in the next few weeks. Good thing there is lots to choose from. 😄
  3. I swear the ads I saw prior to the movie coming out this last Friday were already referring to it as Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey. Not that the printed title in the trailer had changed Either way, for certain the trailers left no doubt this was Harley's movie
  4. BkWurm1

    S06.E10: Marathon

    Except we know that characters from other earths until they had their memories restored had no memory of not being on the same earth with the rest of the Arrowverse, so we know that for most people on the planet, this is the way it's always been so they would have no memory of what was lost. Honestly, I'm pretty sure every show is going to come up with it's own rules and we the ones watching more than one show are the only ones trying to make it all make sense. Again show writers, do better!
  5. BkWurm1

    S06.E10: Marathon

    See I'd hope facts would be higher on Iris's list of priorities than fluffing up the City's favorite hero. By Iris giving the Flash the sole credit in stopping Crisis, it's misleading at best and just wrong at worst. I get why it happened, to mirror the original headline but it didn't work. Didn't make sense from the people's pov and wasn't right from the standpoint of the facts. And from what I could read in the article, she only mentioned sightings of the other heroes in the opening paragraphs, not co credit. It's just such freaking lazy writing. We are not idiots. Do better by us Flash writers. For me they wrote him as if he didn't really know Oliver by claiming he wasn't the sentimental type so that was very disappointing coming from a brother and then to make it worse, we know from the Arrow finale according to Diggle Felicity barely had gotten out of bed since Oliver died. They weren't sure she'd even make it to his funeral, so Dig making a joke about her cheaping out on care and cleaning of Oliver's mask, something that had a lot of meaning to them both, came off as a distasteful and really out of character for Diggle. It was poor timing. The Flash episode took place a week before the Arrow finale. Maybe if they had Dig pop in later after there was more time and distance from Oliver's death and funeral it wouldn't have been so jolting.
  6. BkWurm1

    S06.E10: Marathon

    Apart from a rather biased and misleading headline (Who exactly stopped the crisis? Sure wasn't just the Flash, or even mostly the Flash) Iris had a good episode. See show, it isn't that hard to let her have her own plot lines that will tie into the rest of the show eventually. Not sure why Cisco apologized to the guy that let the anti-monitor out. Nothing Cisco said changed just because Cisco also was feeling guilty over chucking his powers (as he probably should, way to drop the ball for the team and the world, lol) I really wish the show runners had gotten together and agreed on the rules of how this stuff works after crisis. No, Cisco should not have forgotten he owned a Superman shirt and if E2 is gone, then the Harry holo should have vanished. If we are lucky then the Harry holo is a clue to the fact that despite what Cisco believes, there are still multi verses. I mean we know there are per Crisis so maybe it's just taking time for people to figure it out. The Flash writers just plain don't know Oliver's character. Oliver was more sentimental and sappy than any of the characters IMO. And Diggle would have known that even if just from toasting him a final time with the vodka that Oliver sentimentally saved for such occasions down in the Arrow bunker. Then there's the hood his first mentor wore that he incorporated it into his first costume which Felicity knew to save it and reuse when Cisco reworked his costume since it had special meaning to him (Cisco had that line) He saved a hoizen (arrowhead like thing) that he found on the island that had a lot of connections to people he lost on the island to his sister as a symbol of reconnection in like the first or second episode of the episode and it came up even in the backdoor pilot for his daughter years later. He has obsessed over the color of the pen Felicity was chewing on when they first met. In the end, he waited for 20 fricken years for Felicity in a room that looked like his mom's old office complete with all the family pictures because just because it was where he'd first even seen a GLIMPSE of his future wife. This guy brought a hold trunk back full of souvenirs from his time on the island but he's not sentimental? Giving Barry the mask was very in keeping with his personality. Oliver has been about tokens that have special meaning to him throughout the show. I have to pretend that Diggle was being sarcastic when he said Oliver wasn't sentimental but he said it in such a dry manner that it went over Barry's head. Lol. I feel like out just about all of the other earths, E2 is one Oliver would have brought back since he spent time connecting with people on that earth before it vanished before his eyes. So I'm not convinced the Star Girl E2 doesn't also have some version of all the E2 people we'd met before. Its just Earth Prime people haven't figured it out. Wouldn't it be handy if Cisco hadn't gotten rid of his powers? He'd already know this.
  7. BkWurm1

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Didn't Laurel then yell at everybody to get back to work? Or am I misremembering?
  8. Something I never got around to mentioning, during Oliver and Diggle's flashback, while it was mostly pointless, it did remind me how much more enjoyable i found watching just Oliver do his thing in the field rather than a ton of cuts and camera swings to the bevy of other fighters. It was such a mistake when they overloaded the team with muscle for the sake of having more masks. It was too hard to feel the tension of a fight scene when everybody had to get their time in the spotlight. it felt very paint by numbers at that point.
  9. Arrow came on the air a year after Smallville went off of it and SV, as I have bemoaned many a time in my posts, was for me a very traumatic ten years of viewing. For the first seven, even eight years, it played up so many troupes and moments that on any other show foreshadowed a heck of a lot of stuff that was totally dropped for comic canon when new show runners took over which basically messed with my head and translated to me not trusting my tv watching skills to know what was supposed to be happening specifically when it came to shipping. So the LAST thing I was ready to do was watch ANOTHER superhero show on the CW. But I had a friend that had cut the tv cord and, assuming I'd watch, asked me to tell him if it was worth him catching up once it was on Netflix. (Or wherever it was the first year). He'd put up with my Smallville rants so I figured I owed him, lol. So I set my DVR and even watched the Pilot live. I knew going in that the show had a comic canon love interest so I told myself it would be safe to watch and I tried to be positive about her but her first scene grated and it only got worse between her and Oliver in the first episode. The only moment I actually liked the character was when the actress had a flirty moment with Tommy. I felt the pilot was well shot but not sure the brutal downer feel was for me even if I did love the actress that played Thea and also Paul Blackthorne from other stuff they'd done, I did not watch live the next week. I liked Diggle but all the problems of the pilot were amplified in the second episode. I might have quit if not for that promise to the friend to give it a fair review. Still, I let the shows backlog on my DVR for months. Finally many weeks later, I forced myself to watch that third episode and the very first Olicity scene hadn't ended before I paused the DVR and looked up who that IT girl was, crossing my fingers that she would be back and by then they'd already made her a REGULAR for the next season! Suddenly, I was eagerly watching, binging what i had recorded and the show just kept getting better. Diggle was joined Oliver, Felicity was brought deeper into the mystery and soon joined the team. And that spark that I saw between Oliver and Felicity in their very first scene only grew. I hated myself for doing again. Falling for the impossible ship on a comic based show. I knew what what I was seeing would mean on any other show but I was sure I was setting myself up for heartbreak again but I couldn't stay away. By the time the first couple episodes of season two aired, I started to hope that maybe this time they would do right by what I was seeing on the screen. I mean first Oliver (shirtless) swinging on vine to save Felicity from a landmine! And then in the next episode that stunt out the window? OMG! It was impossible to not have hope my ship actually would sail! It was a massive roller coaster ride after that and I would not have remained sane without the forums and the posters to help us all through it. Arrow feels like my do over superhero show, one that honored the chemistry and potential beyond comic canon to create something unexpected and incredibly special. It restored my TV viewing sanity and restored my faith in shipping. Oh boy did it restore my faith in shipping, lol. Arrow is an imperfect show that still managed to somehow do better by their love story than perhaps any other show I've ever seen. It is still mind blowing to look back from where we started and how far we came. Amazing.
  10. Good question. Maybe that future never happened at all and all of the previous flash forwards were ONLY part of the Monitors vision of the future based on what he thought Oliver did vs what Oliver really did.
  11. We haven't seen anything on Arrow like the dopplegangers on Supergirl or Batwoman. All we have had is Laurel confused why she was there and not original Laurel while Quinten knew all about them both and was ok with Original Recipe being still in the grave. And then we had Tommy having zero previous knowledge of BS. If a spin off happens, it will get to set its own rules like Supergirl and Batwoman, but based just on what we saw on Arrow and the end of Crisis, it feels like Star City didn't do dopplegangers so Laurel would never be confused about who she was in the world even pre memories returned. In the backdoor pilot she was pretty clear on her history with her Oliver. In the context she brought it up, she was saying people don't change. You'd think if she had two versions of her past, (BS's Oliver and our Oliver on Earth Prime) she'd have brought up both.
  12. It's in the news all the time but there are no cases in my state. Just a few on the coasts. I will say that when I went into the doctor's office a week back for a routine appointment they now ask if I've recently come from China. Before is was just out of the country.
  13. I was watching the new episodes with friends that I don't see often enough so by the time we finished, I'd been spoiled on the ending and basically I have rejected the very ending as never having happened. It's fiction. I'm choosing my own happy ending. Where I ended it was lovely, lol. (I watched it all, just reject it) I kind of feel HIMYM was worse because it sort of retroactively screwed the characters and relationships making ever watching it again a mess. VM made a really dumb choice because the creator had weird ideas about re-upping her dedication through fresh pain. I felt she already had plenty to drive her (and neither of them would just left the backpack sit unopened in her car at that point- totally out of character for all involved so it shouldn't have happened anyway.) She didn't need a cheap move like what they did at the end. BUT as bad a "twist" as it was, it does nothing to hurt my love for all that came before. I really have to than the comic universe for setting the idea of a multiverse in my head. I'm at the place where anytime i don't like how a show ends i just assume it ended only on that earth and my version happened everywhere else, lol
  14. I had kind of mixed feelings about the ending to Good Place. So I wanted to offer this as a spark to cling to. It was after Eleanor went through the door that she was able to send Michael mail. So it kind of said to me that their journey had not ended after all. (Oops, got mixed up on which thread I was in. Sorry)
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