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  1. I kind of got the impression they were going to lean into Mia being super smart as well as street smart. She actually got to go to college, and with her not knowing what she wanted to do with her life, I have a feeling she could be one of those people that just loaded up on a lot of classes so she has knowledge in a lot of things. Which kind of makes sense that they'd want to shift the roles a bit so that Laurel and Dinah have something to contribute since they have more experience even if Mia has her street fighter memories back. I think it makes enough sense to use the return of her memories to explain the knowledge and the muscle memory so she could fight but they haven't explained to my satisfaction how Mia has the actual strength she'd need to pull off the moves. Right now I'm going with she worked out a lot in general and that was enough for one mission but I think the level of training for keeping up going out in the field needs to be way above normal fitness for fitness sake training. I could buy that subconsciously the need to be strong was instilled in her somehow but that wouldn't account for things like hand strength for using the bow. Those aren't muscles she easily would have built up unless she already practiced archery as a hobby. And who knows? Maybe she did.
  2. I didn't hate it but I shouted a few times at the screen over what a hypocrite Laurel was and how badly she (and the show) was trying to rewrite history. Oh, so she was pretending to be a stone cold murderer that killed for sport and convenience and cute running shoes? And it was because that was easier than not murdering for fun and profit? What the hell? How about just owning that she woke up to how wrong it all was and worked to become a better person? How could Laurel berate Mia for not believing JJ was an innate killer "cause people don't change" while expecting everyone to see her not as the thug for hire she was for a decade but the "hero" she was for MAYBE a year? And Oliver's whole journey to becoming the Green Arrow was about how much he DID change. The mixed messages were giving me whiplash. I'm not opposed to JJ being corrupted but my heart breaks for Diggle and Lyla since they got it right with him this time but still will probably lose him somehow now thanks to some overreaching asshat (Cisco) who played god and thought it was a good idea to let anyone decide who got their memories back. and not even securing the tech from the bad guys! I laughed when Mia was given Felicity's engagement ring. That thing had bad mojo, lol. I knew they wouldn't last the moment I saw it. I also sorely missed the chemistry between Mia and Connor. It was there in buckets even in their very brief scene together. I felt nothing between Mia and JJ except for Mia's sorrow after they broke up. But that was when he was no longer in the room, lol. I cringed hard a few times during the fight scenes, specifically at the freeze frames and anytime it was clear it was KC doing the fighting rather than her stunt double. I swear i have never ever noticed how slow and stilted her moves were before. Has she always been like that? Dina and Mia were fine but yeah, lets chill a bit during fights and stunts. Let them be cool on their own, not because of the camera shots screaming PAY ATTENTION TO HOW COOL WE ARE! There was a huge lack of William in this. I felt myself relax every time we saw him. Willam should be tech. Not Dinah. I don't care what "tricks" she claims she picked up as Police Captain. Tricks don't make you a skilled hacker and they sure as hell don't make you skilled in the technology of twenty years in the future. Such BS. I was happy to see Zoe alive. She didn't deserve to be dead even if her father was an ass. I enjoyed Dinah here. (And loved her apartment) Not just because she was written as much more mellow but because I felt like she'd finally taken the time to reflect on the mistakes she had made before and owned up to them as opposed to when we had last seen her where it felt like she just ignored her part in breaking up the team and all the bad blood between them. Like she felt being sent to the future was part of her penance. And that worked for me. What didn't work was the randomized, huh, I'm in the future now and don't seem to exist in the past, oh well. I won't even try to get home or fix it. I guess that's kind of a small thing compared to the hypocrisy of how they want to write Laurel. The frustrating thing with Laurel is I don't dislike BS. I just hate when the show pretends Laurel's past as a villain was a mere blip compared to her time as a hero. She lost her Earth so she's had something really hard to deal with, but it had nothing to do with her being a "hero" that she suffered unless you count surviving the end of the world because she was in the right place all because she put on a mask? She didn't sacrifice or lose anything because she was a hero. Even Quentin's death wasn't because she was a "hero" but because she threw in with the villain again and again. It grates that things she suffered because of her own terrible and evil choices gets blamed on her sacrificing for the mask. DON'T REWRITE HISTORY. And don't claim to be like Oliver or know a tenth of what he sacrificed every day when he went out to save his city. I watched the episode thinking I wouldn't bother if the spin off happens but then they went and kidnapped William and crap, I'm in. I think if the show stopped trying to make Laurel the leader of this group or trying to make her purely good ignoring the snark and owning her edge that actually made her interesting and amusing, then the show will be better. Assuming of course that we get waaaaaaaay more of the NTA in the mix. I'm firmly invested in Mia's life (and William's) so if they can adjust to favor what worked in the pilot, I think it could work. One last observation, the Green Arrow statue Mia was looking at has Oliver in a full beard (one he only had while in jail) and he looked a lot older than when he died. Just bad sculpting again or did he not die when we thought he did?
  3. He's not going to get as much out of the later books until he's older. The more emotional stuff probably will go over his head. Beyond things getting a bit darker, there's a lot of snogging and talking about snogging going on, lol. Not sure where he is at with mushy stuff like that, lol. You can always pause and save the rest for later. When he's older he can reread the early books before reading the later ones. If he'd been reading them as they came out, he'd have to wait a year between them anyway.
  4. Also Secret Garden. Cranky girl but Dickon and his animals! Kids doing sneaky things. Gardening! (But have fun with the Yorkshire accent, lol) My mother read it and A Little Princess to me around your son's age.
  5. I'm still holding out for an ending in the final Arrow episode that makes Oliver dying to save everyone a better show choice.
  6. One of my favorite moments as well. And such a contrast after they reminded us just how untrusting and awful Ray once could be. I love that Ray is now more positive and cheerful than Supergirl and The Flash combined, lol. And I absolutely am making it headcanon that Brandon Routh's Superman, the real paragon of Truth, got his world reformed with a happy ending. That smile at the end gives me the confidence to believe he did.
  7. I really liked this finale. It doesn't make up for how lazy the writing felt for most of the rest of the crossover (too much reliance on cameos and side missions that end up not mattering), but it wrapped up the story in a good way while making me really interested in what happens next on the individual stories. I didn't find the tonal shift jarring because this was the victory lap. Kara and the rest were confused but overjoyed that the world and the people were back. Kara lost her planet (again) so having her city and the people even if she was stuck with Lex Luthor made the general glee from those not impacted directly by Oliver's death make sense to me. More sense also when we found out that Kara had assumed that Oliver would be alive too. Sara was wonderful in this episode. I really hope they keep her as the natural successor in the crossovers to Oliver as the default leader. I also found it really telling that the only other canary on the episode was sidelined in the Bunker on the coms. The Arrowverse keeps IMO definitively stating who remains the first and best Canary in this universe. I did tear up a few times while Sara was coping with Oliver's loss. Diggle got to me with his tears but they burned the bridges with Wild Dog and Dinah so theirs felt like crocodile tears. CL did a very good job showing how much Oliver mattered to her and as her last connection to her old lives. Lol. Even though they kind of forgot that her mom is still alive so there would be someone out there that remembered her when she was just plain Sara. Barry made me roll my eyes when he just had to remind everyone that his mom and dad were dead so he understood better than Sara what she was going through. Um, Sara's dad is dead. And her sister is dead. And people from her crew that she felt were like family have died. I don't think she needs you to explain what loss is like. There was one other time when I got tears in my eyes. That was when Baby (not so baby) Sara showed up. I'm willing to pretend this was my second favorite crossover (behind EarthX) for that moment alone. And I do think she was supposed to be JJ's twin (or rather he hers) They were the same height and looked to be the same age. The twin answer makes it the least disruptive to the past timeline as well. I'm so happy to have back all those wonderful Baby Sara moments from the earlier season. She was a rock star and I really mourned losing those bits of history as canon. Now they are restored! Baby Sara on the back of the motorbike is back! One thing that I think we'll get from the Arrowverse sharing the same earth is the shows sharing more villains. I imagine we'll get that kind of crossover more often than the main characters. That could make for some interesting dynamics. I'm happy to have BL join the Verse. I enjoyed his interaction a lot, what little we got. And We need people to balance out the chipper supers and the dour non powered fighters. I also enjoyed the little moments like Rory/Rebecca and Killer Flash getting to hang out again. I think he misses ice power people. I also appreciated the time they took to honor Oliver even if I still am holding my breath over what his final end will be. Treat me right show!!!!
  8. It wasn't a great episode to watch but Arrow in the crossovers has pulled worse ones. I was ok with the flashbacks even if they didn't feel like they served much purpose until they got to Laurel and Diggle's "conversation" That earned the crossover's first "HELL NO!!" (literally yelled aloud, lol) There is NO WAY that Diggle would have told her at that stage in her life at her current skill level to "Be the Canary". She was a fricken lawyer that hadn't even been brushing up on any of the self defense lessons she took back in freaking high school (per the canon until proven otherwise show comics) Diggle would never in a million years put that kind of burden on the fragile psyche of an only recently recently recovering addict and not only that, of ALL the people, Laurel was the one person that Diggle was most frustrated about in the past in how Oliver would go and make poor choices if he thought she was in danger. Diggle wouldn't encourage her to create more problematic situations. And there's no way a man with Diggle's level of training would think it a good idea for an office worker in her thirties to try to emulate her LoA trained sister that had just been killed. It's beyond credulity. Best explanation I've heard. Sara the paragon being there in the scene was the new twist added to the scene and once the paragons showed up, stuff in the flashbacks changed so I'm going with what is the least amount of crazy and "dead" Sara the paragon came up with her own "memories" Either way, what a weird reason to bring old Laurel back. I wonder if it was all so they could do the surprise of Dead Sara not being dead lol. I liked the Oliver and Anti Monitor fight. SA actually managed to pull off saying "You have failed this Universe" without it seeming cheesy. I do wish that the episode hadn't only focused on Oliver's past fights to prepare him for his final battle. What about all the things that prepared him for those showdowns? His will to give his all was never a question. He prevailed for other reasons than determination. He always was ready to leave it all on the line. I found it really interesting how they moved Sara into Oliver's relationship with Barry. Frankly, I like it but I was expecting Kate to get that nod.
  9. I laughed but fragile ego much? Here's he's mocking what damage a blonde "secretary" can do but clearly Emily did damage. So shouldn't he be less embarrassed that Deathstroke could be taken by surprise by Felicity's move since Emily just proved a woman her size and strength could do it?
  10. Check out Beverly Cleary if you haven't yet. She has a number of great series but my fav will always be the Mouse and the Motorcycle Series. Another multi book series that I remember enjoying starts off I think with Bunnicula or Howliday Inn. It's told from the PoV of a dog and a cat. It's got some safe chills in it. I also remember devouring the Encyclopedia Brown series (kid solves mysteries based on his knowledge and powers of observation) And for you, have you heard about the Netflix show, Spinning Out, yet? It seems made for you with your love/obsession of figure skating.
  11. I bet you will quickly get used to it. Whatever is normal becomes normal. I worked about 20-30 miles from home all my life. (35-60 minutes each way depending on rush hour). Charge your phone, put on some music or get into podcasts, lol. Also you'd be amazed how easy it is to dry your hair with the air vents in the morning with all the extra time. ;D Off topic, but are you far away from the fires? You safe?
  12. Aww, thanks you guys. I really appreciate everything you said. It means a lot to hear it from people I feel like I know and know I can trust their opinions to mean something. I'm getting ready to post the final chapter in a little while. I've been working on it so long it's kind of bittersweet. But hey, that lines up perfectly with coming to the conclusion of Arrow as a whole.
  13. So I had been working on a fic for more than a year and started posting it a couple months back. And now i have only 3 more new chapters to post before it's all done. It was such a huge part of my world for so long. If any one is interested in checking it out, here's the link and the blurb. I swear it's not as intense as I make it out to be, lol. https://archiveofourown.org/works/20373139/chapters/48315145 Oliver Queen vowed never to return home. Felicity Smoak is determined to change his mind. Eight years ago, the Queen’s Gambit sank and Starling City went into mourning for two of their own, Robert and Oliver Queen. Then, two weeks later, the son emerged, seemingly clueless, but very much alive. The city’s devotion flipped to suspicion. Oliver Queen went into exile and life in Starling City went on unchanged until the day Felicity Smoak was plucked from the IT department and handed a mystery. It was only when bodies started piling up that she understood the stakes. Abruptly thereafter, she was told the matter was settled and to stop digging. She didn’t. For years, even as Felicity grew closer to the Queen family, she secretly continued her search for answers. She wants to move on and start living her dreams, but she can’t until she finds the truth. Now, she knows how to get it. Retrieving Starling City’s Prodigal Son is only the first step.
  14. I'm hoping all this means is we'll bawl a bit before our happyish ending.
  15. The idea that Barry is the Paragon of Love is a joke unless it's because he seems to be afflicted with Lana Lang syndrome and people MUST LOVE HIM and hence keep dying for him. I did enjoy part of this episode but as a whole I was kind of underwhelmed by the third installment. I really enjoyed Diggle getting a moment to showcase the brotherly bond between he and Oliver and his moment with Lyla before she was taken over but it was all rushed and Barry's big sacrifice amounting to nothing felt really blah. They barely even tried to do a heartfelt goodbye between Iris and Barry. If I hadn't known better I would have thought he was going off for a brief business trip. Where was the emotion? And him suddenly being sure he'd come back to her? Where was that in the lead up during the Flash episodes? I am surprised they wiped E1 especially since i thought that was what Barry and company had just stopped. I will miss BR Superman but I don't mind Supergirl's Lex. He's no Michael Rosenbaum but he's a solid number two on my Lex list. I'm glad Oliver will be back in the next episode. I wasn't super excited by the rest of the line up even as a viewer of all the shows. I don' t know. Maybe I'll like it better on rewatch. If I were to rank the episodes I'd go 2,1,3
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