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  1. Watching Kate (though brainwashed) beat the imposter’s ass was definitely satisfying. Even more satisfying was seeing her steal her own suit back from the one who stole it in the first place. Loved seeing Kate back in the cave and her own apartment again. Hopefully she stays there. Or she can move in with Sophie. The fact that “Circe” still hasn’t been able to kill anyone yet is proof that deep down she’s still Kate. So everyone shouldn’t write her off yet just to sooth Randomwoman’s ego. Although I suspect the only one who will be able to bring her back is Alice. Glad they got
  2. I just see Kate and Sophie in one of those photos. No sign of Circe. Might finally be time for that kiss Meagan and Wallis have both been teasing.
  3. Wallis Day seemed pretty certain in one of her interviews that Kate would always have a place in Gotham. And that her stepping up again to fight crime is something they were more likely to explore next season. Which would have been around the time she was reading the script for the finale. It was also while they were filming the finale that she retweeted her old Pride tweet “Today I’m a gay superhero”. I mean, let’s face it. She knows more about what’s going to happen than we do. And she hasn’t been very subtle with spoilers.
  4. Kate doesn’t have to leave her own home just because some random chick stole her suit. Gotham is still her city. Everyone she loves is still there. I think anyone who expects her to leave at the end of this current season is just seeing what they want to see.
  5. I know. Worst thing about this episode is that the real Batwoman wasn’t even in it.
  6. It’s sickening just how anti-law enforcement the show has become with their “ACAB” agenda. The original source material portrayed characters in service roles as the good guys, who helped Batwoman to protect the city, because they all had the same goal. To protect and serve. The show only exists today because of the creators pro-service ideology, with their iteration of Kate Kane. She wanted to serve, so she trained with the army. She missed her chance and saw Batwoman as her way of doing what she couldn’t as a soldier. But nope. Can’t have any of that now. In order for the newbie to
  7. Guess it was the only way they could explain her looking like Wallis Day now.
  8. They really need more funny episodes like this one. Kennedy was great as “Handsy Drew”. Very fitting nickname. Next time a ghost needs to do something to affect the whole Drew crew. Something goes wrong and hilarity ensues.
  9. As much as I would love to see Kate reclaim her rightful place as Batwoman. The sad truth is, these writers clearly care more about political pandering than respecting the source material. The imposter who stole the suit will get to keep it, because they already chose her over Kate. And because she’s part of a minority group she’ll get special treatment just so they can say the show is woke. If I didn’t hate the OC before I certainly hate her now. Why did she have to come along and ruin everything? Why was she more important to the producers than the character whose story gave them the op
  10. Wow. Just when I thought these writers couldn’t be any more disrespectful to Kate. They bring her back after the OC has taken everything away from her. And according to them that’s the way it’s going to stay. Because creating their own random character and giving her Kate’s mantle as Batwoman was more important than simply respecting Kate and recasting her right from the start. It’s just downright disgraceful.
  11. Well, I guess this new casting explains why Gracyn Shinyei (young Kate) and Ava Sleeth (young Beth) were on set filming together again. Most likely for flashbacks. I thought I would be pleased. But to bring Kate back now, only to deny her the Batwoman mantle, is really just more insults by the writers towards her character. Because they already made their choice to replace her with the OC. I don’t know why they hate her so much.
  12. Erasing Kate Kane was a mistake. If the ratings for S2 prove anything, it’s that more people were interested in watching when the real Batwoman was on the show. Replacing her with some random OC was not the right way to go. Hopefully the producers realise this and can recast the Kate Kane role mid season and give the character back her mantle.
  13. Poor Snowing, worrying their memory wiped grandson doesn’t think they’re cool. ”We can’t just sit back and do nothing.” Way to make it sound over dramatic.
  14. I already know season 2 is gonna suck. Because choosing to replace Kate instead of simply recasting her just erases everything fans watched season 1 for and the reason they stayed with the show this long. Kate Kane is the only Batwoman. I just hope the producers realise that before making a terrible mistake.
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