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  1. How the fuck did Sara Foster not know the song Walking on Sunshine lol? I figured that's one of those songs EVERYONE Knows!
  2. Holly also spent plenty of time bashing Sis Christie Kat behind their backs calling them Cunts among other things. Shes also called Nicole names
  3. Holly has no fucking room to talk. Her Piece of Crap Boyfriend Jackson is more a Sociopath than Christie!
  4. I wouldnt write off Brett and Casey as not happening. Just cause she got engaged doesnt mean it wont broken next season. Hes not a regular and I'm willing to bet Brett and Casey happens just not until mid season or even stretches to near season's end so they can bring back Saint Gabby for DRAMMAAA!!
  5. Nicole and Cliff need to boot Holly and tell her that Jackson was okay with her going
  6. It was literally hypocritical to me that Kat told Nicole she was playing Nick's game when Kat played for Jackson and Holly. She even said in a Jury Vlog she regretted not voting out Jackson the week before her own eviction
  7. At risk of being mocked or being told what are u nuts 🤣 I say they should get Permission to play that song in the series finale.
  8. Um I watched it as well and I saw her wrap her legs around her. I remember cause I wanted to Gag
  9. I'd break up the showmance. I dont trust that AG wont pull out comps to ensure her POS Grossmance makes F3/F2
  10. Not white Knighting Christie. Nicole's just a blind moron who's seen Jackson be a piece of crap but he deserves to win and Christie didnt. Hypocrital to judge her and not Jackson. Jacksons been lucky Mama AG loves her assbags and has protected him like none other. If she'd rather lose to that piece of shit then why dont she give up after this week Famous last words. AG loves her POS Grossmance
  11. Wish I could be happier. I can't since i feel Jackson is a huge piece of shit and Christie wasnt yet Nicole is too blind and acts like Christie was worse than that piece of crap
  12. LOL AG is likely ready to ensure her fav Jackson beats them some more.
  13. Hope Ovi is saying how dumb they are protecting Jackson and Holly
  14. Well since Cliff and Nicole play to please their Master Jackson (AG gave them extra money to play for her fav Piece of shit) maybe they throw F4 veto so he can get F3 and both fight for the honor of sacrificing their game for the Babied Coddled Most protected Production Pet POS. Ugh let's FF to the end of this shitty season I cant even pull for Nicole after her Judgemental crap towards Christie. Since she'd rather lose to that Piece of shit instead of Christie who cried and was annoying at most
  15. How is not separating the couple smart? They have the shot yet will be stupid cant upset their Master Jackson!! Hope the Jury laughs at these fools
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