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  1. Hopefully they do bring him and William on. They've already set up a Romantic angle with Mia. Plus I really like the dynamic with him William and Mia and dont want it broken up
  2. I'd like to see Upton and Halstead NOT Hook up. Dont get this need nor want to see them hook up when both have already banged co workers. Dont hate Upton at all but its gross going for another co worker when's she already boned Ruzek who's fucked Burgess and Halsteads already fucked a former partner. Dont understand why they cant write them to have romantic partners outside the Precinct
  3. Ugh I just donr want the Production Pet Hannah winning. It's bad enough shes on her 3rd show and already "won" being named Bachelorette. It's just so obvious shes a Production pet too..
  4. Ugh I hate love Triangles cause I grow to hate the person at the center of it and I'm already not liking Edie and Amanda? The woman who doesnt give a damn shes fucking a married woman
  5. Well the women were the only ones really considering her a threat with that ridiculous Parvati 2.0 garbage. The other women looked like idiots to me just buying what Annoying Grating Noura says and playing into her hands. Cause u know it wasnt possible that Jack and Jamal were running No sir its always the pretty woman RME. No one cared to think Maybe Noura had a Grudge and makes up stuff now shes in a position of power nice job geniuses.
  6. Am I supposed to like Edie and the woman so willing to sleep with a married woman? Cause I really dont. I get her marriage is rocky but I despise cheaters, not as much as actual sickos and Murderers but I do. I also hate the "pretend to hate them but actually want them " crap shown earlier in the episode.. I really like the show though. Felt bad for Roxy when she walked in on her horrid Parents talking with the lawyer. Love me some Brittany Snow!
  7. But Probst would love it. So his male alliance he likes can form
  8. How was she Parv 2.0 cause I didn't see it. Molly didn't get hate from me like Parvati did. Couldnt stand that smug arrogant bitch
  9. And again we know Molly was in control how exactly? Cause bathshit has a grudge against her Noura said so? Something in the preview for next week suggested you could be right but wont discuss here
  10. Not me. I fucking cant stand Noura and it just looked to me like the girls were just mad Jack and Jamal werent all buddy with them. The "oh she controls the boys" excuse is so tiring. It did not look like Molly was controlling them. How was she controlling them cause Annoying bossy as Hell Noura said so? Way to do what she wants idiots
  11. My guess for Skeleton Is Dana Carvey. He talked about being second fiddle and said Party on Dudes which is something Garth from Wayne's world says. My guess for Rottweiler is Singer Chris Daughtry. He was on American idol, same season as Kellie Pickler and Katherine McPhee and all 3 lost to the inferior Taylor Hicks. Daughtry had big hits like "Its not over", "Home" to name a couple
  12. She certainly did! And hopefully they announce later that Connor and William will be in the show, I still dont understand how they seriously think a show with a DESPISED character as one of the mains Is something fans would watch. Why cant we have Mia William and Connor as the 3 leads? So tone deaf its seriously like Juliana Harkavy has dirt on people
  13. I'm actually heated about this! They are so tone deaf. I DO NOT want Mia with horrible Dinah and With Laurel. Why cant we have Mia Connor and William? Why do they think People will tune for a show where Dinah is even more prominent on screen! I shouldve known that they would greenlight a Spinoff with Mia but not with the characters she works best with! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  14. Oh yeah I have my problems with Kat no doubt. Hooking up with Jackson and Nick, playing for Shitty Holly and Jackson which cost her the game, letting Jackson treat her like crap yet still make excuses for him, having the gall to be pissed at Nicole and Cliff for having deals when she was selling them and Jess out staying loyal to BitchieBeth. And I blame her for not getting Cliffs Angel's to switch up and boot Jackson.
  15. Kat couldve banged Christie then if she was hard up for Sex lol. Christie finds her hot AF and Christie's not disgusting like Nick and Jackson JMO lol
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