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  1. I've been calling her Leno chin from day one. With my friends who watch the show.
  2. Virginia, bless her boozy heart...she drinks to dull her nerves, her emotions, her being in the present...No puking in your wedding dress. The camera in her face, the pressure of the families, the wedding production that is causing her to bounce off the walls and chug drinks... Nah. I'm going to say Virginia was getting plastered because every sort of party to her is a reason to get plastered. Nerves, smerves. This is what her and her girlfriends do. I was perplexed by the car broker job but a friend helped it make sense to me. Essentially, anyone could be a broker for anything. Especially, if you have the gift of gab. He was like, think about when we got a travel agent for the last cruise we went on. We didn't need to do that. No one really needs an agent for that. But, it's easier. Simpler. They find the deals. Do all the paperwork. You just gave read over and sign. I'm not giving an ounce of thought to Ryan never saying I love you before. This is a mundane factoid that MAFS uses in editing all season to make a big deal about and allow judgment. Many people go a long time without ever being in love or saying I love you. It doesn't mean anything. It especially doesn't mean they are incapable of saying it or feeling it You are better off with a person that genuinely says I love you because they truly mean it and feel it than people that just say it or feel it with ease. Now the whole season for Ryan will be can he say it? Will he say it? Then he says it at the last episode and the show makes a big deal about it. Whatevs. Clara's non stop babble will be a bigger issue than that.
  3. I actually went to this park when I was a kid. I smashed into someone on the alpine slide. I was forced to go down a waterslide head first (they wouldn't let me go feet first) and nearly drowned after hitting the water. I never been in water that deep before. And the lift they use to take you up the cliff is one of the scariest things ever. It's so damn far up and the lift doesn't stop, you had to jump. But, where you jump, there is a giant edge of a cliff behind you. If you tripped or something, there was nothing stopping you from falling to your death. Just another day at Action Park.
  4. This era has always been seen or often portrayed in media as the good old days. Simpler times. I do think this a construct created to make whatever Wanda is going through easier or more idealic. Even if the world she's was in were based in 70s or 80s, the shows started ushering more and more real life situations even if it may have been sanitized for tv. This is era really is not the good old days. It's was for white men and that's about it. I'm sure some of it that it's an era they could really have fun with as well. As viewers we have been forced to watch 80s and 90s presentation over and over again in recent years. I like looking at a different era. There may end up being no grander purpose but I love the style.
  5. My words weren't at anyone in particular about endings and stuff. I know not everyone needs the answers to be the answers they want. Just a complete story. That's just not everyone.
  6. That's all fair. I don't put as much stock in the final destination of the ride. I'm more about the ride itself. It's super hard to nail a landing that will please most. There is so much focus on how one thinks a piece of entertainment should end. For me, it's more about am I enjoying the ride. It shall end how it shall end. It's not my story they are telling. I'm also more of character person. You get me invested in the characters and keep it that way, I'm in and will stay in. I'll be fair in that shows and movies really should put more value in telling a cohesive story instead of just churning out content and making money. But, this is a business. I get how it works. It's always a dangerous game these execs are playing when they keep burning viewers out with their lack of planning and padding out stories. People can only take so much.
  7. At this point, I feel like it's increasingly hard to just tell a story because many people get caught up on in these minute details and elements that don't matter. They don't need to explain anything about the wardrobe here. They can. It could be part of a bigger picture. But, just having mismatch of eras, in my opinion, isn't an example of anything. I do feel like I'm on an island to myself at times. I sit down and watch these shows and movies. I enjoy them. I pay attention. But, I'm not looking over them with an eagle eye and getting caught up with little details. I'll admit, I clocked the wearing of pants in terms of that obviously being a dick van dyke thing but she wasn't wearing them on the set that looks more like it. But, the extent of my thought was hmmm. Odd. And never thought about it again. But others have been completely distracted by it or various parts of the setting. I really didn't think it was that big of a deal. Separately, I also feel like binge watching has killed attention span of many viewers at this point. It's at a point where people can't go backwards. They can't take a slow burn. Can't let a story play out as it was written. All they want is answers. Answers! I guess maybe Lost is to blame as well. Many people (not me. I love the show still. Even upon rewatch), felt burned by the mysteries that seemingly had no answers. So, a lot of people are weary of not getting answers or proper ones. I'm enjoying the ride so far. I had no expectations for the show. I figured it would be weird and not your typical MCU vehicle. That is very true. I'm looking at the show as a dream episode of a tv series. But, whereas this usually plays out over the course of an episode, it's playing out over the course of a 9 episode season. I'll be honest in that I usually don't like dream episodes. It's usually, to me, a time waste in terms of story. The difference here is that it's not a time waste. This is the series. I didn't spend episodes following Wanda and then I was dropped into this weird world. We are in it with her. Yes, one probably will be able to just jump to the end and understand things. I would rather experience the whole story. I'll judge it then.
  8. Yeah, I don't read comics but I actually binged all of x men evolution on disney plus. They bring is Wanda at a certain point and she is super unstable. They actually explore issues between her, her brother and her father on the show.
  9. There is zero part of me that sees the pregnancy that way. It's just another peace of what she wanted. It actually kind of plays with the world they are in. With the tv shows of that time never mentioning sex or even implying it (they kind of did here) but a pregnancy almost magically happening.
  10. It's a 9 episode story so my assumption is that the story will evolve and this the beginning of the story. It so happens that we are in the mystery without the setup. Like many stories start.
  11. I feel like the question "What does a whole wife mean?" Was asked last year too. It's just a phrase. There isn't really anything to define. It's like saying wow, I'm really going to be married soon. I'm about to be a "whole wife" out here. They mean the same thing. It's just a silly phrase some people say. Just like the phrase, I put my whole foot in this when someone is talking about food they cooked. That's saying you just put everything into the meal you made or that you killed it. Whatever you prepared came out great.
  12. I struggle to see what gender had to do with it. Nicky lived his life in isolation from those close to him as well. Most people want to share their life with someone. Don't know how the show is wrong for doing that. I would comend the show for showing that finding love or experiencing new love doesn't just end because you get older. Or because the one you loved more than anything dies.
  13. Something told me Natalie was pregnant. It could have been issues with family members at home but she felt a little too resigned for it to be a really bad thing. I'm genuinely not a Big T fan. I don't thinks she's as funny or cute as others think but her mean face made me choke on water it was so cute and funny.
  14. I don't have a problem with the people on the panel. I don't know why they have to "be somebody". It's a panel of fans and writers talking about the show and the couple's. Don't know who they need to be. I also appreciate people coming in and flatly calling out bad matches and decisions by the experts. In some ways they were stand ins for the audience instead of yes people saying what they are told to say. I need to find a dating site for people who don't like or want pets. It's so hard to find these days. This show always reminds me of that fact.
  15. A woman who loves being a couch potato? And has no pets? Dream come true. Sign me up.
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