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  1. The angry man trope exists. It's called the angry black man trope. It exists for both genders. And there is always stigma with a angry man these days. But it gets labeled as toxic masculinity and so on.
  2. There isn't anything assy about it. Some people just value old school tradition. It's often not really because of what it was originally intended for but what it stands for now. And if none of the people involved had ill intent or felt offended by it, I don't know why I would.
  3. It can't just be that this specific guy got busted and had no way to lie out of it. It's somehow a guy thing. Nope because I've said before that this is Pastor Cal's doing. He believe he pushes for all black couples and black people that are closer to dark skinned than light. Not saying he always gets it. But, I feel this is an agenda pushed by him. Double points if you say you are religious which a lot of black people do say on here. You sign your death warrant in the casting process the moment you say you prefer lighter skinned people in your dating life or you like to date interracial in general. Yes we've had a couple of exceptions. But, out of all these couple you don't even need one hand to count them. And with Luke, they flat out ignored his preference for women of color/exotic looking women and gave one of the most basic looking white women they could find. I personally don't give a damn about any of that. People can prefer to date whoever they want. I'm sure they are missing out on tons of great candidates because of petty things like this.
  4. My best friend would but he can sound pretentious as hell sometimes.
  5. He didn't think they would be this over the top about their bears love. As I rational thinking person I get that but he should of known better.
  6. Over the top fans and fandoms are so damn annoying to me that it was hard to get into this episode. There is nothing on Earth I get this obsessive or protective of. And anytime I hear the term "my team" used by someone who isn't on the actual team, I give a mighty eye roll. So, the Connors can kick rocks on this one. I totally understand needing an escape from your live and fully investing in something even if it seems frivolous but it's just football. Sorry, it's just a game. Just like it's just a TV show, just a movie, just a song or whatever.
  7. I praise God everyday I don't know anyone like Angela. I don't have a soft spot for perpetually loud and crass people who play the victim as much as they can.
  8. You are right. But, it's my disbelief that's it's this huge issue that I've been talking about. It was dumb. That's all I thought of it. I didn't think it would be this big of deal other than it being stupid.
  9. She probably smells like a turd too.
  10. I didn't say I have any disbelief that she's a smart woman. I'm saying that I've seen nothing to suggest that she's a super intellectual type or that Brandon comes off dumb by comparison. Both of them just come off like normal people. If I didn't know her educational background I wouldn't assume she had it just because she doesn't give off that vibe. Not saying she seems dumb. She just seems like a natural/bubbly person. They've had very light/simple discussions. Nothing that told me he can't hang with her verbally. Again, I don't really know these people is my point as opposed to having them figured out like others have. I reserve judgment.
  11. It doesn't look like they are doing the interviews with Jamie anymore. They sure haven't been recording for me if they are. I don't have the screen grand for couples couch. They seem to be revolving in and out all couples still together with some holder overs. It's not essential viewing but it's fun nonetheless.
  12. This is the third episode of the season not the tenth or something like that. We still barely know any of these people. And he wasn't getting married before this. That might tend to pull you out of your element. He does our out the smooth operator vibe but that doesn't mean he doesn't suffer from any issues. At the very least, I think he is trying to put forward an image. The verdict is out why he does that. Is it through nervousness? Does he think that's what women want? Is he just a player? I don't know. This is my whole thing with this show. I don't know anything but so many times people seem to have the participants on the show all figured out by the wedding day. I don't.
  13. As I already said, I know this and I think the whole tradition is stupid. I also think what Brandon did was stupid. I just don't think he's the worst or most bizarre person ever because it.
  14. I love people looking at Taylor as if she's genius or something. There has been nothing to dictate whether either one of them are intellectuals. And a ton of education or being in a certain profession doesn't mean you need someone on that level. If I were to assume just based on what I've seen and didn't know about her career or education I would just see a bubbly and basic person just like everyone else on here. You would think Taylor went around doing quadratic equations during the whole ceremony the way education or brains keeps being brought up. Also the man flat out said he has anxiety issues which seems to keep getting ignored. He was never going to most open and comfortable person in this situation. I would not sign up for this show if that was something I suffered from but I hope he can move through. All I saw was a clash in personalities that has nothing to with how smart they are. She's more open and free in the way she expressed herself and he was more calculated and in a shell. I'm curious about how these two evolve together. On a side note, I actually enjoy couples couch. It's in some cases giving visuals to the thoughts of us and the audience. AJ was on this week as people kept fearing but he was pretty reserved.
  15. It's so hard being attractive. I'll say a prayer for them.
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