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  1. Everything you have said is far from fact and there is nothing in reality that says Taylor's race is why he's acting like he is. Taylor isn't the type of woman he wants because she's basically a Instagram girl that lacks substance in his eyes. There is plenty, plenty here on screen to tell you why he doesn't like her without bringing race into it.
  2. He never said he didn't want a black woman.
  3. Eh. I wouldn't under any circumstances want to be with Meka looks or personality wise. I'm sure he'll be fine. Zero excuse to be a whole ass though.
  4. I can't get down with this whole race thing that has been brought into Brandon's narrative. He has never expressed at any point and has been pulled out of thin air. And as I gave stated before, no dude on this show is going to see Taylor walking down the aisle and be worried about her race. Brandon had her number as far as being here more for the cameras than anything else early on and never got over it. So, he uses any excuse to dip because mentally he's been out since the honeymoon.
  5. I don't think he's a big confrontation guy. He could see what was going on towards Michael and clammed up.
  6. Yeah I think they caught him in a lie on where he was. The previews are weird. Half of it is stuff that was in the previews for this week's episode. Katie calling Derek a boy or from even earlier with Jessica complaining about Austin's traveling. They don't even have enough content for previews anymore.
  7. Jessica and Meka out here like private eyes! I'm laughing right now.
  8. Good. Because he should be running. Katie thinks someone is an asshole? Really? I mean Brandon is an asshole but people in glass houses and all that. Mindy has earned her freedom from this nonsense for a bit.
  9. Racj82

    S03.E13: Pinned

    Like everything that's happened to Butch? Hen possibly causing someone's death with failure to siren? They've all had a rough season and a half really. I would be cool with all them not being in immediate danger for a while. I know their jobs are dangerous. But, outside of that, I'd like them to not be in mortal danger.
  10. Meka and Taylor trying to match? The jilted twins. Why the hell is this show 2 hours? We don't need this excursion shit. It's not interesting on any level.
  11. I'm confused by this golf cart shit. Him stealing the keys to prove he's the bad boy. It seems more juvenile behavior she should be disapproving of. Something he would have done in college days. Frat boy shit. Not seeing it as "bad boy" behavior. It's silly and dumb. Also, nothing says immature and not ready for something real than a woman saying she wants or is looking for a bad boy. You don't want a real man.
  12. Jessica still always being the mom of the group. Even to someone else's man.
  13. Michael skipping out on breakfast? Hold up. Look at how fucked this season is. One couple didn't make it this far into the season, two people are trying to run and one couple has a argument every single day.
  14. Derek is going to spend the rest of his life saying sorry for shit he doesn't even understand if he stays with Katie. None of their arguments make sense.
  15. Side note that the argument between Katie and Derek outside seemed sketchy. Like there was some frankenbite editing going on or audio being added in later. On Katie's side of the argument.
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