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  1. Racj82

    Eternals (2021)

    Also, they did a lets get the band back together story for a group we just met and it took them 80 percent of the run time to reform said band. Also, by that point, two of them are dead. I mean...come on.
  2. https://heavy.com/entertainment/mtv-the-challenge/janelle-casanave-4th-step-checkpoint/ There is a whole bunch of drama over the final. Way more going on when we saw.
  3. Just watched episode 4 again. Please ignore me if I'm just posting too much. The observer has arrived. The moment when he and Peter meet is truly chilling. Him going from saying what Peter will say to just saying what he is thinking is amazing. My heart broke during the Walter/Astrid scene. Walter was fucked up for what he did but I know how close they become. It made it hard to watch. This episode was really needed to progress Walter and Peter's relationship. Peter being angry all the time and Walter withholding secrets was already getting old. Most telling line was
  4. Yeah I didn't hate the monster of the week stories. I enjoyed Fringe as is even before the season 1 finale. Bringing in more of the mythos just put the show in another gear. I remember stories involving Stephen Root and Peter Weller being all timers while kind of being their own thing. I also kind of love how the plot with the guy in the second episode led directly into Walter and his relationship with Peter even though we don't know that yet. Walter's former colleague becoming too attached to his work to let him go.
  5. Damn, just caught a young Betty Gilpin in the second episode. I was like, I know her from somewhere but I couldn't quite place it. I remember some of the big plot elements but monsters of the week and little plot points are just not in my memory at all. I also remember as the time frame when network TV was really trying to make Mark Valley happen. Especially Fox.
  6. Fringe is now on hbomax. Now, it's time for me to rewatch this classic.
  7. Racj82

    Eternals (2021)

    Woo boy. Nope. Not great. Too many new characters to introduce. The mission is too muddled. We also spend most of the running time trying to get back together a group we barely saw together in the first place. Gemma Chan was so fucking bland. I still don't who she is as a character. As a person. It wasn't horrible. I don't think any marvel has actually been terrible. But, this is in the i don't care/already forgot about it bin. For me.
  8. Racj82

    Scream Franchise

    Disagree with most of that. I thought it was very good. I would be down with rewatches. I didn't have a problem with the reveal. I can see certain people deeming this movie as woke. A woman of color in the lead. Multiple races within the group which is all new for this franchise. Also, one of them gay or bi. Diversity equals woke you know! Sarcasm. Sometimes I do think it can be a bit of ticking boxes but not always. All the best new editions were people of color in the movie. The reveal was very timely. It also feels like an extension of part 4. I will agree that the lead
  9. Yeah, I think the biggest issue was that they are exhausted, possibly dehydrated and just the sheer amount of it.
  10. Definitely disappointing. It has become a meme thanks to Tyra Banks but we were all rooting for him!
  11. This is why I hate the term out of character. That is just something someone had done yet. You can never fully know someone's character. Just because you can only know so much. He or she would never! We don't know that. Jerry was of the most beloved people to come out reality TV in years. Cosby and Michael Jackson were loved throughout the whole universe. It doesn't stop you from also being a monster. Hate to see it but it is a sad reality.
  12. I'll say it one more time. All I'm saying is that this is not guaranteed. He's taking the job for stability. I know plenty of actors who that for those reasons. Then, it doesn't last long. It's a bigger issue with using nostalgia for movies to be sure. It's just not a safe bet now. Not the way it used to feel. Entertainment is obviously always a crapshoot. What he is doing now is a much better alternative in terms of being home. It could also flop. Netflix and Amazon Prime both just dropped tv series based on established IPs with built in fan bases and were both canceled in less than a month.
  13. He really goes into the background until the episode focused on him.
  14. It's not guaranteed at all. Nostalgia powered properties flop all time. It becoming less and less of a guarantee. I was also talking long term. It could get immediate attention then flame off. My point is that this is not guaranteed to keep him home. This will always be a problem as long as he's an actor. Only 10 percent of new shows on network TV last past a season. Fuller House got the Netflix bump. Roseanne loses viewers every season.
  15. She was always going to gas out and her with Teck was always a waste of a spot. So...I said what I said. I like breathing too. That's why I'm never going on the challenge.
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