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  1. There have been far more than 2 and goes further than just this iteration. One guy always gets it in seasons from other countries. And I don't think any guy came out as gay on this show. At least, not to my knowledge. So, its always been wrong. It also happens for different reasons. The woman wants sex and he doesn't, shyness, mannerisms. Obviously, anyone can do whatever they want. It's more about the he does this so obvious he's that of it all. These people put themselves out there so, everything they do is up to interpretation. My point was this seems to be a constant theme for the pa
  2. This wasn't even a real a cookout. It was a small gathering of friends. It wasn't a full blown event. It's why I understand how many people end on this show. Once you get the point where you are working a lot and time is less on your side, why try to do something that bypasses all the dating nonsense. The only problem is these experts play fast and loose with the match ups. Like, ignoring anything I said about bald heads, if that is Myrla's preference, choose someone in that range. Give these people the best chance of succeeding. I know this is a tv show first but we can get enter
  3. It may at least partially be because of his job that he is on the show. It's probably hard for him, in regards of free time, to date. I know, as a courier, I don't even know when I would have time date even if I wanted to. From 11 am to around 12 am the same night I'm working from Monday to Friday. I'm burned out at the end of the week. I think that possibly is why the whole go out to eat/brunch thing doesn't appeal to him. Beyond the money. I'm sure he's not highly interested in getting ready and going out to eat instead of resting and being comfortable at home. Jose pulled the wron
  4. It's amazing because men have to or decide go bald all the time. It's a much more natural thing. I didn't think it would be such a target of discussion is all. Especially, in terms of it being reason Myrla Also, want him. I know she said she didn't want it. In a situation like this, I would expect someone to not eliminate a person over something so simple. Also, as I said, I have a preference. It's not a deal breaker. I wouldn't choose to not date someone over having short hair alone. For me, thats a trivial preference that I can look past with a great woman.
  5. Anyone can give relationship advice. Most relationship advice are obvious things that are hard to see when you are in said relationship. Also, there is nothing wrong with Gil giving advice specifically. Other than joking a bit too much, he isn't doing anything wrong. Neither is Brett. He's very level headed in general seems like he would give good advice. Him and Brett are stuck in matches that are doomed to fail. Amazing, by the way, how much a dudes attraction is related to whether or not he has a bald head. We all have our preferences but damn. I don't like short hair on women. B
  6. You can get those things for the toothpaste at dollar tree. His cheap ass needs to hit them up.
  7. Disagree on the first sentence. Agree with the second. There is no consistent/fun couple and they all feel like mismatches. Myrla just makes me feel like she only appreciates material things and appearances. She needs a brainless himbo she can take out and play with whenever she wants. Gil is trying to be a husband to a brick wall. I feel like Johnny doesn't even know what he wants. He needed some real therapy before signing up for this. Michela too.
  8. I don't like animals, thus having goats crawling all over me is an actual nightmare. Even if I liked animals, I wouldn't want them all over me while I was doing a calm and relaxing activity.
  9. Do you ask will the villain ever win when your watching these movies? By nature, heroes are going to win less in these scenarios because we see them winning all the time. And, it's not like the villains are actually winning. We are seeing the ends of stories that are not complete. The heroes are losing battles but the wars are not lost yet. Except Strange. Ironically, this where I wanted Black Panther win. I'm glad it ended with Black Panther triumphant in hindsight because of Chadwick but I wanted that first movie to end when Killmonger burned the garden. Have the second movie
  10. I don't care about what Fury is up to. Shield didn't need to be part of this. We don't know if Tony died just from the stab in the shoulder. I don't have a problem with anything involving Tony. His plan to take killmonger out was fine to me. I'm glad he wasn't completely ignoring killmonger as a threat. I have yet to have any actual problems for the sub in voice work. They probably can't use to likeness from some of the actors. I think killmonger wanted T'Chaka to see it all go down. That's the sweeter revenge. Getting lost in this for one, I love that Suri actually lo
  11. Hair isn't that deep for everyone. It's funny how it has evolved into this whole discussion. I used have a lot of hair oh my head at one point. I've been rocking a baldie for years. It's not because of work, it's not because of a receding hairline or any sort of outside pressure. It's simply easier to maintain a bald head. It's also cheaper. No more running to the barber shop. No more money on hair care products. Everything isn't that deep.
  12. What the hell did Genevieve do to her face? Does plastic surgery even improve people's looks anymore? As I side note, its crazy how much more I find more Fran attractive as she ages. She's also such a delightful person.
  13. I mean...we got zombies vs the avengers. There is rarely any space for a concept like this in live action. I can't be mad at that. I don't dislike zombies. I don't know why I would. I'm also not a fatigue person. I don't get fatigue in regards to different genres and stories. It's all about how they are presented. Having super powered/smarter zombies was a good way to even out the playing field. Also, led to a bunch of dark humor. I laughed. I was moved during certain scenes. I don't need much more. This series is surprising me in how much I'm enjoying it.
  14. Say it again from the back row. I say this as a man. Every bit of gossip I hear is from other men. All genders are filled with chatty Kathy's.
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