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  1. I feel like I'm going to single forever. Single women, in particular, seem to love having pets and I never ever want to be around animals. It's like the first thing I look for on dating apps. My dream woman is a one with no pets. That Doug sketch just reminded me of this fact. I was hoping for one week for sketch to not involve a dog. Just one. When SNL gets stuck in patterns, they REALLY get stuck in them.
  2. That Funeral DJ sketch was the perfect example of Saturday Night Live at it's laziest. Someone is doing or performing something that is not normal or unexpected. They keep cutting back in between the act and a group of confused people. There is usually one person who digs it while everyone else is appalled. There is no real ending to the sketch. People complain about game show sketches. These are the truly lazy sketches to me.
  3. I forgot to add that Kurt needs to calm all the way down with calling the women in the house bitches. He seems to do it again next week by the way Candace is reacting to something he said. Stop calling people out of their name in the most disrespectful way you can.
  4. I also forgot to ask about Kortni. Besides the poundage, she is literally sick every season. What is up with her?
  5. These people are so gross. What the fuck did Nilsa put in her lips?
  6. What I mean and what other people mine they aren't just two consenting adults having sex is that it's not JUST that. You are zeroing in on the consenting part when that's not what others are focusing on. At the end of the day, neither of them really need to make their lives more needlessly complicated right now and hooking up does that. He's in the middle of trying to help a friend mend her marriage and then he sleeps with that woman. Yes, they both wanted it. That's not the point. It's not something either of felt that they SHOULD of done for reasons that have been laid out already.
  7. I felt poorly for that boy. He should not have been put in the position to answer those questions. And obviously he wouldn't be dumb enough to pressure Deja for sex or something right in front of Beth.
  8. She's also a mother. Not to speak for all moms but mine would 100 percent want to do it herself. Not because I'm not capable. It's the whole "I don't want to put you out" thing. Which is ridiculous. But, she's my mom. He was actively trying to get that family back together and then inserted himself right into the drama by sleeping with her and making things more complicated. And they shouldn't be interacting like that anyway since they are both in AA and are basically supporting each other through the process. And Kevin doesn't make the best choices when it comes to his dick and I'm sure it's something he's trying to fix. This is not just two single consenting adults having sex. It's also not really what either of them need right now. Neither of them need more potential complications.
  9. Between that older kid and the young one with Byron. These are some baddass/ annoying ass kids. Damn. I would be like that Abraham Simpson meme of of his coming in and hang up his hat and immediately turning back round grabbing my hat and leaving after I met them. No thank you.
  10. Can't say I remember that one. I've seen my fair share of garbage dating shows.
  11. I've been seeing a lot of people going after Gavin but he just seems like a normal dude. Not unattractive at all. He also seems like a fun, go with the flow regular dude. I don't question how he got his girlfriend at all. My only thing is that he doesn't seem to be putting enough effort in to keep her. Why would Casey give a shit what she was doing? He doesn't care. He came there to have fun, flirt and go back to his girl. That's it. And it's about to royally backfire because he's not as great as he thinks he is.
  12. Yes. I was watching her segments and thinking about how tiring this would be as a single on this show. You have to sit and listen to people drone on and on about their problems while trying to get their own ego Fed.
  13. Oh. The old we mature slower than women thing? I don't subscribe to this line of thinking. Simply because the fact is that a lot of people are weak. Weak minded and weak willed. I don't need a bunch of surveys and studies. There plenty of mature people out there at a younger age and her getting with a older guy means nothing. Assholes are just assholes. We are seeing it with Ashley and David at the same time. Rick has been much more mature than both of the women revolving around him. Why is that? I don't like scapegoating shitty behavior. That's all it is to me. He's a horny idiot. That comes in all ages and genders for different reasons. Ashley is so full of shit it's not even funny.
  14. They met while Tori was with someone she came on the challenge with and cheated on him with Jordan. They like to forget how this relationship got started. I find Ninja insufferable. I also find Tori insufferable. I'm a complicated man. Cara has one of the most insufferable faces I've ever seen at this point. Constant fucking sourpuss. Even when she is getting her way.
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