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  1. I watched the American version and the Australian version. I'm just entertained by more than one thing. I love the drama of the Australian version and the often more sweet version that the American version gives. It's all good to me.
  2. Michael is such a chatty Cathy. It's crazy. The experts were right to go at Ivan and Aleks. They are both fake as hell and trying to hide behind modesty. They haven't had one calm dinner so far. Usually because of Michael.
  3. Watching these women put on makeup these days! Eek! It's just so much. This shit is so draining. So many people on these shows can never have friends with benefits or just go with the flow. It's just so maddening. They say one thing and get mad when the other doesn't violate anything they discussed. I did like Brandon truly enjoying all this. You don't see a lot of people on these types shows appreciate the situation they are in very often.
  4. I hope so too. I didn't get the best first impressions of Christina but she is trying. Henry is constantly uncomfortable. I don't understand why they chose him period. He was never going to make good tv and very hard to open up.
  5. I can't imagine why I would care about someone talking about what they did sexually with their groom on their honeymoon. Good for them! I must say that I have no strong opinions on anyone here or anything going on. Yes, Henry is boring as hell but that's all I see. Him with the swimming stuff wasn't contradictory. He was worried about how deep the water was. He can swim but probably has only swam in pools where you can see the bottom. He's unsure about swimming in deeper water. Nothing reads that he doesn't like his wife. He's constantly uncomfortable. It doesn't has to mean anything towards her. I also don't judge him for talking about another marriage. Obviously, they are asked about these things. They are on a show. They will be asked about the other people on the show. He also saw how shity Olivia's husband is. He has a right to be worried just as a regular human being. They 100 percent did not. Shawniece and Jephte always seem on the verge of blowing up though. Deonna and Greg made it through. But, Greg always seems like a go with the flow dude. Like, I didn't get a dud, so just roll with it.
  6. Will do. Oh, I must say that I hate seeing people complain about jobs they didn't have to take and we're given to them just because they are on a reality show. Shut up and work.
  7. I always laugh whenever someone says that so and so had sex too fast on these shows. These people are getting married sight unseen. Why delay sex but not actually getting to know someone? Cathy has unresolved issues she needs to work out and Josh needs to grow up. These two things would be true regardless of when they had sex. It's crazy how many couples they've had this season and I don't believe that any of them will make it.
  8. Racj82


    I don't know people keep making JJ's involvement with Lost bigger than it was. He got the show produced for tv and didn't have much of any involvement after the pilot. He didn't abandon it. JJ didn't really abandon any show. Showrunners who do multiple projects can't run the day to day on all of them. Shonda Rhimes, Joss Whedon, Ryan Murphy. Their first shows were their babies but after that they start to become people who oversee shows but don't run the day to day. Someone like Bryan Fuller abandons shows. He just leaves. Not even for something else most of the time.
  9. Men are born with emotional intelligence. Many men. The issue here is that the majority of these men don't actually give a fuck about their wives so they have no reason to be emotionally present. Steve, Josh and Johnny are checked out but are trying to seem like they are giving effort. It's not just on them though. All six of these people should have out leave last week. Let this shit go! Oh and the biggest joke to me is that Mishel kept going on and on about betrayal and I just wanted her to shut up. But, Steve truly did betray her this week. Steve had one job and couldn't help himself. Why would anyone want to talk about that in mixed company? With people that for her are strangers? Even if they weren't strangers? Steve needs to find a young woman he can be a sugar daddy for and call it a day. He doesn't want a real and mature relationship.
  10. I don't post because no one else does but I still enjoy it. The people are kind of funny, not as douchey as you might expect and it's a pretty breezy hour. The stripper clothes is a lot though.
  11. Not even in the episode and she still can't catch a break. I realize that don't really have any interest in following a lot of these couples long term. It says a lot when you have all these couples and I'm fast forwarding through most of them. Especially Austin/Jessica and Jamie/Beth. The former will always be pleasant but boring and I don't like animals. The latter has just been treating covid like a vacation. Moving and traveling almost every week. This isn't really quarantine for them and they are boring.
  12. I never understood this whole Bobby thing in the first place. People are complex beings. They don't act the same way every time you see them. Sometimes he was joking around, sometimes he was more serious through this whole thing. Such is life. Nothing you are saying is offensive but they are black people. I see black people on screen. I don't care about race. I always see it. I think anyone who has a problem with a phrase like I don't see race is because that doesn't feel real to them. But, the black lives matter movement has been such a big part of this year. I'm glad they touched on it. It's hitting a lot of people in different ways.
  13. I don't really care about the sex talk. Because it wasn't really about that. Those two never show any forms of affection or closeness on screen so the experts are trying to gauge where they are. They don't really talk about anything. There are also ways you can talk about intimacy without actually talking to them about sex but they wouldn't even touch of the subject. Are they affectionate? Are they operating more as roommates than lovers or a couple? I don't know. The experts don't know either. And as always, if you want to keep your relationship, don't form the relationship on a TV show. There will be cameras. There will be questions.
  14. Shout out to the one bridesmaid last year that so many people were judging (are you gonna bring the fire?). She was a lightweight compared to some of these people.
  15. As long as MTV keeps paying them they will feel no need to stop. Can't blame them.
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