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  1. I’m curious too. Bearing in mind that MAFS has misleading and terrible editing. However, it seems Bennett’s side of the aisle knew who Amelia was. But there was no reaction shown from Amelia’s side, even from her bridesmaids. Maybe they were still traumatized from their tacky dresses and contrived unicycle entrance.
  2. I really enjoyed this show and I’m stoked for a second season. I actually found it realistic that even the couples were sheltering apart(at least within my circle of acquaintances). Knowing the actors filmed from their personal homes means they obviously had to create reasons for them to be apart. I would have loved Lola’s husband to be in LA with her, so we could get a better sense of their relationship. I wish Sara would have gotten a call from Ben Benner; the actress really shone in depicting someone whose having a hard time in isolation. I’m in lockdown alone and typically a bit of a hermit, but it really rang home for me how difficult this lockdown is for people who are alone. I teared up a bit at the virtual dance party at the end. Easily my favourite episode of a really good first season. Does anyone know if the trial brother & pregnant girlfriend are dating/married/related in real life? It just seemed random that 2 guest actors would be the only characters physically in the same scene.
  3. That seems to be the general sentiment this season. I was thinking that we’ve seen solid technical and tailoring skills (Sergio, Victoria) but little to downright inconsistent creativity (Geoffrey, Marquise). I find Marquise creatively interesting, but his execution is sloppy and juvenile. Geoffrey is further along with his tailoring but it gets lost in his stress fits. Out of the auf’d group, Delvin, and maybe Chelsey showed some creativity at the beginning then faltered. I noticed that designers that are just safe till mid season don’t get the affirmation or even critique to improve. The judges tend to reward and praise the technically skilled ones at the beginning, to the detriment of the more creative designers. Just my opinion of course, but Christian calling Delvin an exceptional tailor felt incredibly mean, when he at least delivered one memorable look to the season in the parrot dress. The only other looks I remember are Marquise’ tux and Groffrey’s bronze military jumpsuit. And I just watched the last 2 episodes back to back.
  4. And Amelia will die during childbirth with Link raising the baby on his own. Then Jo (who is divorced from ghost Karev) gets together with Link so she doesn’t have to steal another baby. What we come up with here can’t be any worse than the storylines we’re being fed now.
  5. I agree. Link’s reaction is such a stupid writing choice to me. The writers spent the last 2 seasons transforming Amelia’s character from the chaotic addict to a mature and emotionally honest one. And now, in the healthiest relationship she’s been in (including Private Practice), he dumps her for reasons that would perfectly describe pre-tumour Amelia. Yes, she shouldn’t have gotten into a relationship so soon, but she also acknowledged that. Which is more self-awareness and growth than any other character has shown. Big writing fail. Whatever epiphany Link got from his patient was applicable to Amelia from a few seasons ago, not the current character.
  6. I hope it's ok to post in defence of Zach's step-mom's stink face at the wedding. According to a poster on reddit, here's the background story. There's a whole thread on her, which only makes me feel Mindy's parents were justified in refusing to be filmed for this hot mess and dealing with the internet scrutiny after. Per reddit poster: "She said on Facebook that her son died 7 months ago. She just wasn’t into feeling happy." Here's the link to the thread if we're allowed to post that. https://www.reddit.com/r/MarriedAtFirstSight/comments/eq7mks/as_a_giant_leap_of_faith_and_for_the_first_time/
  7. I've always been so uncomfortable with that clause being built into an employment contract it makes it hard for me to justify the show getting all the accolades it does. The Kate character hasn't had any storylines that don't go back to her weight and that makes it so uncomfortable to watch as everyone now seems to have opinions on Chrissy the actress as well. We can argue that she signed up for this, but I doubt that Chrissy knew this show would be such a huge hit. I don't know if it's an unpopular opinion, but I worry about the long term mental health of the actress. Toby was wearing padding at the beginning of the show, so the actor is fairly insulated from having his weight be the focal point of discussion by anyone who watches the show. When actors gain weight for roles, it doesn't generate this much crossover into their personal lives. Again, I don't know what CM has chosen or not chosen to do in terms of her weight loss, but it makes me very uncomfortable that her body and condition has in some way become public property by being on the show. I've been trying to explain what makes me uncomfortable about watching the show regularly and I hope I could articulate it clearly.
  8. I had a few thoughts on the Maria/Caesar situation and actually looked up Anastacia date where they met. It is not like your standard Ok Cupid or Match where you join, match with singles and chat. Per their website: Every action you want to take on the website costs a certain number of credits. For example, one minute of chat costs 1 credit, 1 mail costs 10 credits, while 1 minute of video chat costs 6 credits. Credits can be purchased in packages that range from 10 credits for $2.99 to 1000 credits for $399. So I can see why Maria didn't consider this a relationship. Caesar was the dumb fool paying to chat and video chat with essentially a cam girl for 3 years until he wore her down enough to take their interaction off the site. I'm willing to bet he didn't have her direct number for those 3 years, which is why she reluctantly called him her boyfriend only in the last 2 years. I think Cesar was just one of her cam regulars who could barely scrape together the credits to talk to her. I believe her that he hadn't spent up to even $10k, simply because we've seen nothing from him to show he could afford it. And prior to that, she was being paid by the site, not direct money transfers from Cesar. He probably promised her TLC fame and the funds to come to the US if she'd agree to do the show as his girlfriend. Hence his constant refrain of how he wanted to show everyone how much he cared about her and the subsequently raised eyebrows from Rebecca and Tom.He hasn't lived up to his end of the bargain and she is tired of him playing the victim card to boost whatever "acting cuh-reer" he's trying to have. I can't hate on Maria as I don't live in her world and have no idea what options are available to her. But she's just earning a living from desperate saddos who pay to talk dirty to her online. Cesar tried to raise the stakes and he can't deliver. Their entire interaction has been purely transactional and they both know it. I think her irritation came from the idea that he's trying to present a different narrative on TV. Just my thoughts. YMMV
  9. They showed Angela paying for the consultation. At the beginning of the scene, she uses her card on a credit card machine at the reception desk.
  10. Fair point. IMO, production decided they didn’t want to reward Matt by promoting his business and Iris’s virginity was a better storyline than Keith’s aspiring artistry. Only the producers choose the footage that’s aired. Maybe there’s 100 hours of Keith jamming that we’ll never see. I recall something in the media thread about Keith staying out often, but all we saw of him was a devoted sex-starved husband.
  11. I was turned off because his selection process was based on hearing a song HE couldn’t have written which seems pretty damn arrogant for a guy who hasn’t been on the scene that long. He’s not exactly a prolific songwriting genius in the same league as Lennon or Babyface or even Will.I.Am. I didn’t buy his humility and I thought he was rather condescending to his former classmate.
  12. I said since the honeymoon episode that I was more baffled about Iris’ decision to go on the show than Keith’s. I think if Keith had been matched with a mature attractive non-virgin, he’d have stuck with the marriage. Based on the conversations with his mom, he was more ready to be married. I could never reconcile hyperbolic virgin Iris to someone who would marry a stranger on TV and give it a real go. Jamie and Beth - obvious fame whores. Deonna - desperate to get out of FWB and situationships Greg - bizarrely believes in the experts and would be a great candidate for arranged marriage. Amber - desperado Matt - homeless fame whore Keith - regular fame whore who wanted to boost his music career and make his grandma happy
  13. Keith’s final comment was pretty much code for “When someone else pops her cherry, I might be ok to slide in there.”
  14. As much as Matt is bottom feeding scum, why is Amber chirping like she just got the tea 5 minutes ago. She knew as far back as the childhood home visit, so why didn’t she say shit then? It’s like this couples bbq was tacked on for Amber to redeem herself after production and her shitty self esteem destroyed her reputation.
  15. Why are these frauds gurning & clapping like they didn’t just hear these idiots choose toxicity and dysfunction?
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