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  1. sarkygal

    S05.E14: Without All Remedy

    Terri explicitly stated that Andre had already gotten a 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinion before they started a treatment plan. Cookie can miss me with her last minute grandstanding. As for the Lyon family resources and access to top medical care, Andre is a Lyon. I’m sure he wasn’t seeing a regular folks oncologist anyway. He would naturally use his family name to get top medical care on his own. Terri reached out to Luscious to get the emotional support Andre needed for treatment.
  2. sarkygal

    Tracie & Clint: Bless Yer Hearts

    Clint specifically denies "smoking crack". There remains a plethora of drugs that can be imbibed in various methods. I'm not buying that this guy isn't on any of them.
  3. sarkygal

    Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    From what I know of my family and friends' experiences, flying long haul with an infant is really exhausting without another adult there to help. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that it wasn't due to having TV cameras in tow.
  4. sarkygal

    S04.E10: Suspicious Minds

    Forgive the shallow. What in the hell is going on with Chyler’s hair? I couldn’t tell if it was a horrible cheap wig or just a cheap rinse. I’d like to say i was invested in the plot this episode but I was too distracted by the bad hair.
  5. sarkygal

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    This season is too heavy and dark. I almost can’t snark because their real lives are legitimately fucked up and it’s all playing out so horrifically and publicly. Almost. Kalani is still a tool. Over to Love after lockup where they’re the snarkable victims of their own bad choices.
  6. Now that we know they were never married and it was all faked for the show, I'm inclined to think that Jay never entered the US on a K1 Visa and was instead sponsored by his mother. As stupid as these people are, they really wouldn't (I hope not) commit immigration fraud on camera for the sake of being on reality TV. And the show/production company certainly wouldn't be complicit in such a thing. Of course we won't get any answers from the tell-nothing, so we're left to speculate.
  7. Oh Brittany. We were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you! https://soapdirt.com/love-after-lockup-brittany-marcelino-married-baby-on-the-way/
  8. If he’s already thrown her against a wall early in the relationship back when she was pregnant the first time, why did she keep applying for his visa? I haven’t seen any indication she came up with the application funds without her parents, so why did they co-sign? And why was the physical altercation not mentioned on the show?
  9. sarkygal

    S06.E11: Where Truth Lies

    Why is annulment the only option? The K1 visa is only for 90 days which means each couple has to put in a green card application once they’re married. What happens if Ashley refuses to put in a green card application for Jay? I’m Canadian, not American, but it seems the sponsoring US spouse can just discontinue the legal paperwork instead of acting like it’s beyond their control.
  10. Holy red flags on this dude! At first I thought he was one some Captain save-a-ho trip, but he just reads like a psycho looking for a broken woman to dominate. I predict he'll be one of the ones where we end up feeling sorry for the felon.
  11. sarkygal

    S01.E07: MAFS: Happily Ever After?

    I don't mind Ashley. She's neurotic and a bit selfish, but she's got a good match in Anthony and they seem to tick along well together. I don't think they belong on this show with the other 2 couples as they've had more time to solidify their relationship and plan their future. I want to hug Shawniece and tell her to get away from the immature fuckboy that is Jephte. I really hope she didn't get pregnant to trap him as she's in for years of misery if she stays in the marriage. Danielle is like a lot of smug married women I know. She's got a guy who puts her on a pedestal and caters to her every whim while she makes the minimum effort to appreciate him. Sadly, some men want that. I actually think she's punching above her weight. Bobby's decent looking, financially stable and has a supportive family while she looks like a skinny bald rodent. A Bobby/Shawniece pairing would have been interesting and good for the 2 parties involved, IMO. But unfortunately they're both shackled to horrible partners who are "settling" for them.
  12. sarkygal

    MAFS Honeymoon Island: Spinoff Discussion Spot

    Hahaha, I was thinking almost the same thing. And then he walks off camera to his “management” team and says “Was that enough to rebrand me as less a player? We can promote my new album with the broken hearted single dad looking for a good girl wife angle.” Not that I think Jada is in this to find a husband either. She’s probably a paid actress to help improve his image.
  13. sarkygal

    S03.E09: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

    I could be wrong, but I always read it as her not wanting to be in their house at the height of the Deja storyline. I vaguely recall Kevin lashing out in his druggie phase and throwing that in Randall or Beth’s face as well.
  14. sarkygal

    MAFS Honeymoon Island: Spinoff Discussion Spot

    I actually expected him to say his fear was never being attracted to his partner right after Jada said she was afraid of being humiliated in a relationship. The producers and “experts” are assholes enough to think that would be good drama. I’m positive none of these couples stand a chance. I’m also completely baffled by what the touchy feely dude sees in Brandin.
  15. sarkygal

    S03.E09: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

    To me, it seems like Beth (rightly so) recognizes how much she and Randall are not in tune with what’s happening with their daughters, particularly at a point when she’s acknowledged that she’s not at her best. MMV, but I didn’t read it as a direct response to Tess questioning her sexuality. It was more of a red flag to her partner that they’re not the Randall & Beth parenting dream team they thought they were. Hence, calling family. There was still no fallout from Kevin’s accident as far as WHY their daughter wanted to run away. We’ve seen Beth & Randall show significant cracks in their home life as the cost of Randall’s quest for living up to his mythical fathers. Quite frankly, I’m surprised it took Beth this long. It’s probably the most natural & realistic reaction any of these characters have shown since the show started, IMO.