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  1. I think Airris checked out at the reception when Jasmine talked about her dogs & dog breeding business. Not everyone is an animal lover, let alone multiple dogs. I think one of his family members also alluded to the fact that he wasn’t a dog person. Add that to her not being his physical type & her yellow teeth on their wedding day. I think Jasmine is lovely & attractive, but I couldn’t marry & live with someone with that many dogs. Airris is a boring, over confident poor communicator. But I checked out of his marriage the same time he did.
  2. Myrla did say she’d had a dog before, but she wasn’t a fan of big dogs. They also showed the pool party at her house, with a yard. At no point did I see her carrying Portia Fendi in a purse or say that she planned to. People may not like Myrla, but nothing indicated she’d be an abusive or neglectful dog mom who warrants supervised visitation, geez.
  3. Gil pointed out on camera that Myrla would have to reduce her spending to allow them to save. By the same token, he didn't offer to increase his savings. In fact, when they did their savings reveal to each other, Myrla said on camera that it'll take longer for them to get anything once she saw HIS savings. Why is the only narrative that their goals hinge on Myrla's savings being doubled? She's already saving significantly as a single woman and allowing herself a few luxuries. Why is Gil not responsible for contributing to their financial future? If he had been matched with a partner in his income bracket, Gil would be no closer to affording the life he wants. The man admitted on camera that he has no savings in the US and most viewers have already concluded his Colombian savings are for his mother to draw on. So what was Gil's plan to buy a house and have his 11 children? This is a man who doesn't want to continue paying for a dog sitter because he has a wife now. So Myrla's standard of living diminishes by staying with Gil, and yet he hasn't offered a single contribution to what this life would be. I cannot co-sign this narrative.
  4. I wanted to chime in to defend Myrla. I am fairly certain that the matchmaking episodes explained Myrla’s background where she also lost her dad to a murder. If I recall correctly, her step-sister killed her dad. I saw a woman who was very pained by Gil’s story and I can respect her not airing her family’s story out of respect to her surviving mother, and sister. I remember being disgusted that the “experts” thought such a traumatic past was a good reason to match those too. Moving on to other posts on the thread, I’m baffled by the degree of anti-Myrla sentiment. Not only is Gil constantly negging and talking down to her, he’s a mid-30’s man who has no real savings, plan to earn more, but wants a house and multiple kids. Which his significantly higher earning wife is supposed to scrimp, sacrifice & save for. In the convo with Dr Pepper, no one asked Gil what he was bringing to their future as a couple. But we’re supposed to think he’s the prize because he’s conventionally attractive and insults his wife with a smile on his face. No thanks. Myrla, both in the show and Unfiltered has politely mentioned the earnings and financial goal disparity without putting Gil down or insulting his lack of earnings. As noble as it might be to support his family in Colombia, he’s still expecting an American wife to bear his multiple children and cut back her solely maintained lifestyle to subsidize his future. Again, no thanks. This is not directed at anyone in particular, just wanted to offer a different perspective.
  5. There’s so much judgement for Myrla’s beauty routines and attitude, Gil’s inability to handle his tequila has been completely overlooked. Myrla is annoying sure, but Gil’s drunkenness (diplomatically noted by the other grooms), and his comments about sex make him a poor catch as well. He’s good looking but he’s also pinging my ‘dar. MMV
  6. I hadn't caught up with those two in years, but I had a good idea they'd bad some challenges. In all their scenes, I had the distinct feeling what they're fighting about is not really what we're being shown. I can't really explain it because Shawniece kept talking about making time for them, but I got the impression there was a specific guarantee she wanted from Jephte and they both know what it is. But he still can't give it to her and seemed genuinely sad that he can't. MMV
  7. So is this show finally ending? I know Meredith came back to life, but all the cameos make me think EP is done and I can't imagine Shonda letting Jesse leave unless this is the final season. Can it be all over please?
  8. The entire episode, I thought the sheriff union lawyer was being portrayed by Kim Richards of Real Housewives infamy. Come to find out it was Anne Heche and I’m wondering what the hell happened to her. Beyond that, I’m glad Lola admitted that she overstepped and I hope the show has realistic consequences for her actions. I’m finding it difficult to care about the sheriff storyline and even Rick Fox at his least attractive couldn’t get me into the restorative justice angle for Luke. I absolutely love Sherri and I’m glad the actress is getting these moments to shine.
  9. I'm loving this season so far. I even like that we got some resolution with Sara's 2 second mention of things fizzling out with Ben Benner. It was such a throwaway line, but most shows can't be bothered to acknowledge minor characters once they leave. On a shallow note, I'm enjoying Lola's maternity fashions. And her neck mounted face shield makes me want one. I'm not too surprised that Luke was the one who ended things, but I hope they explore his reasons in more detail.
  10. I'm disappointed too. There was so much they could have shown - the couples discussing the lockdown with a relative stranger, job insecurities, financial stress. Hell, even discussions on whether they should quarantine together. I haven't seen any mention of this but I find it appalling that the show delayed decision day by 6 weeks. I've been witness to escalating domestic abuse during lockdown and some real mental health struggles in friends & neighbors. I can't imagine throwing in failing stranger-marriage, reality TV contract penalties etc in the mix, and then shifting the end date. I'd have at least liked to see a conversation between the cast and experts/production about the additional days. For context, imagine your employer had you in a different location at the beginning of lockdown and didn't give you the option of returning home without severe financial penalty. And you had to share accomodations with coworkers. I don't buy that decision day couldn't have been filmed virtually. The same production company was churning out couples cam successfully. They just happened to be fortunate that there were no volatile pairings on this season. I still maintain Brett's a douche for emptying the pantry, but absolutely right in leaving.
  11. I was fuming on her behalf too. It's pretty shitty of him to have cleared out their pantry during a lockdown when grocery shopping was challenging. Total dick move.
  12. The earlier seasons was a Michael completely in lust with his trophy younger wife and willing to indulge her becoming a reality star. But then his private life (which doesn't bear well under public scrutiny) kept being spotlighted by the show. And his trophy wife started carving an identity for herself. I feel bad for baby Dean because Michael very clearly does not want to revisit the child rearing at this point in his life. Even in the brief snippets of Michael we've seen this season, I feel he's completely over his marriage. I believe Ashley genuinely wanted a baby for herself, not just to anchor the marriage or ensure financial security. But now she's trapped as Michael's private life is now a series of scandals and she doesn't have much without him plus her PPD I think the other ladies are acutely aware of how bad things are in Ashley's home, hence the weird overprotectiveness. This is just my speculation, but all the ladies show disdain/hostility to Michael they they don't show Juan or the others.
  13. I’m curious too. Bearing in mind that MAFS has misleading and terrible editing. However, it seems Bennett’s side of the aisle knew who Amelia was. But there was no reaction shown from Amelia’s side, even from her bridesmaids. Maybe they were still traumatized from their tacky dresses and contrived unicycle entrance.
  14. I really enjoyed this show and I’m stoked for a second season. I actually found it realistic that even the couples were sheltering apart(at least within my circle of acquaintances). Knowing the actors filmed from their personal homes means they obviously had to create reasons for them to be apart. I would have loved Lola’s husband to be in LA with her, so we could get a better sense of their relationship. I wish Sara would have gotten a call from Ben Benner; the actress really shone in depicting someone whose having a hard time in isolation. I’m in lockdown alone and typically a bit of a hermit, but it really rang home for me how difficult this lockdown is for people who are alone. I teared up a bit at the virtual dance party at the end. Easily my favourite episode of a really good first season. Does anyone know if the trial brother & pregnant girlfriend are dating/married/related in real life? It just seemed random that 2 guest actors would be the only characters physically in the same scene.
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