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  1. I’m loving New!Sam a little too much. Original!Sam can kick rocks. Stay safe everyone.
  2. Judith is a Walsh and therefore not a lasting visage of Rick. RJ is. And tonight we saw both wearing Rick’s hat. I believe that is so disrespectful towards RJ. Why does Judith get both Rick’s Colt and Sheriff’s hat and a mini Katana? RJ gets nothing of Rick’s? Fuck you show!
  3. Even though Gypsy didn't get much screen time, I will miss her. She didn't deserve to go out like that. Even on the verge of death she was smart to vibe Echo to our earth cause she knew Cisco would figure everything out.
  4. I understand that Carol's PTSD is greater this time around because she lost so many children since Sophia. But I couldn't believe Sam was listed among the children she lost. She didn't even like Sam! When Alpha said that Henry asked for Carol before they be-headed him that made me see red. So disrespectful! That bitch needs to die for that comment alone!
  5. How many backstories of Alpha will we be subjected to? Cause I. Dont. Care. What a waste of my fucking time.
  6. Somebody call Child Protective Services, STAT! That creeper scared me today. Poor Douglas.
  7. Mariah or Bailey for the win. I have already watched their dance 3 times already. That routine made me happy.
  8. I know I'm late to the game but why did Liam follow Hope to her house? He has spent more time with Beth than Hope has, so shouldn't he allow some bonding time between mother and child? He fucked Steffy so I thought he was with her. And why did Hope feel the need to clarify to Liam that she did not sleep with Thomas on their honeymoon? Now Hope and Liam are kissing as if they are a couple. What did I miss? Thomas is the worst father ever because it looked like he was about to call his own son a brat. Dude has mental issues.
  9. Hope and Thomas are starring in a new sitcom, you guys. It's titled: "101 ways to avoid kissing and having sex with your husband." And it is a complete comedy. I can't wait to see what excuses she comes up with during their little 'honeymoon'.
  10. I agree. He needs to share his workout regiment with his sons, Wyatt in particular. Those tights/jeans Wyatt was wearing a few days ago were not flattering at all.
  11. Too bad Aaron is not bi-sexual. He and Michonne would make a beautiful couple.
  12. I am a week behind on the show but apparently Caroline is dead. What excuse did the show give for the absence of Thorne, Brooke and Rick? Why even bother killing her off when we haven't seen her in forever?
  13. Death would suit him better.
  14. Highway Men are a joke. Where did they get their costumes from, West World? Love Connie the most from her group (followed closely by Magna). And as my luck goes, Connie's probably next to die. 🙂
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