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  1. They've had plenty of extended episodes past an hour before. But, yes this is the first season where it's the norm. Unfiltered I used to watch which made it longer for me as well.
  2. This is why I kind of hate low drama couples on this show. They lay in on one narrative and squeeze every bit of juice out of because there is nothing else. See not being in a relationship for 10 years, being a virgin, she doesn't want to sleep with me even though we just met. Explore other things. Stop analyzing this one problem to death. What could be a small or workable problem is becoming a huge one just because someone being neurotic. I do too. But, I tape it. If I was watching live I would be ready to jump off a building before hour 2 kicks in.
  3. The show has been two hours for a while now. They've been stretching. It's new model. I blame 90 day fiance. None of these shows need more than a hour. But, they get to charge more for ads this way. And now we have their sneaky way into getting people to watch reruns with couples couch as well.
  4. Jesus, the man slept on the couch of someone from the opposite gender. Why does anyone care? If your relationship is that covered in untrustworthy that this is the ultimate betrayal than your relationship is trash. Of course, he could be lying but as it has been said, why bother saying anything? It's all too damn stupid. Nothing here was worth the time it got. I can't even be bothered to give anymore thought to it. Onto the next show.
  5. If you are on a show like this where everything is sped up and amplified, the process of getting to the altar us easier because you are skipping so many steps. If that's all you care about, than this would be easier. If you are trying to do something out if your element because the things you do or look for are not working for you, this is another way to do that. Strip away all the superficial things you keep looking for and just work on connection first. There are millions of "attractive people" in the world who struggle to marry or date just like everyone else. How much easier it is to date is insignificant. If you can't keep a person in your life than your screwed anyway. A lot of these shows can attract people besides the famewhores because dating is just hard and it gets harder every day. So, a lot of people who just want to find love already or just want to get married or just have kids would find something like this appealing. Potentially get everything they want in a handful of weeks time. It's almost never that easy and I think doing something like this is crazy but not everyone thinks the same.
  6. I'm going to disagree with a few things going on. With Brandon being brought in, I can't fault the show for that. People lead with their representative all the time. The image they want to portray. There is no telling how long it would have took to see this toolish side of himself. They should for sure have a longer vetting process but that can only show so much. Zach and whether he's attracted to Mindy or not says nothing about his prior dating history. In his prior dating history I'm going go out on a limb and say that he's been able to see who he's dating and actually pick his own dates. He shouldn't have a agreed to this show if his version of attractive was so stringent but it's still human. Only thing that bothers me about him is that he won't walk away. There is no upward mobility here. Never being in love in itself like Derek says nothing about his actual ability to love or understand love. He just hasn't found it. It's human. Not everyone dates around all the time or falls in love with everyone they date. Michael not having married couples in his family means nothing either. You have television, movies, books, friends that are married. There are always so many ways to learn. A lot things about marriage and relationships are common sense anyway. We have to communicate in order to know what each other is feeling? Respect your spouse? Listen and be held accountable for your own actions? Work together? What? How could I ever figure these things out? All of my immediate visions of marriage have ended in divorce. My parents. Best friends. I'm 37. I've never been in a real relationship. Never been in love. Never married. I'm not weird. I'm not a shut in. I'm not afraid of commitment. I tried for years to out myself out there but I just never found love. A lot of rejections or potential that wasn't met. So, I just started to concentrate or work and myself. But, with all of those supposed red flags I would never do the dumb shit many people do on this show. I watched the things my dad did that broke up my parents marriage. I watched my mom fight and suffer. But, that's not a negative for me in the present. I learned from that. I would never cheat on my wife. Neglect her like my dad did. I watch and listen to those around me. I've learned so much just from listening. Everyone Im close to will tell you that would run to me for relationship advice in a meant while knowing my background. Even people I'm not that close to have which confuses me. A lot of this stuff is just common sense. Doing the right thing is harder for more people than one realizes sometimes.
  7. We don't what was actually said which is the issue. Everyone would be on Meka's side if we actually saw what went down like she said. But we have a he said/she said situation. So, people have to draw their own conclusions. We can also only go but what we see and Meka comes off as really hard to deal with. That we can see. And they had one bad interaction. She's not being abused. With Mindy and Taylor, I by no means condone what is going on with them but they can walk. I don't know where this info keeps coming from but they are not forced to finish out the show. People have left before the weeks are up plenty of times. Sure you may not get paid or paid in full but they can walk. Why they are staying is beyond me. If they have bigger problems that are keeping them here mentally, they should have never been cleared with this show to begin with.
  8. When is this notion that women are more forgiving than men when it comes to looks going to die? All these types of shows I watch. I see it all the time. The women are far more likely to run from someone they are not attracted too. I see it in the real world all the time. A lot of people are superficial. What percentage of what gender is more likely to reject someone based on looks is insignificant. No one on here is drop dead gorgeous anyway. Not ugly at all but no room here for most of them to be shallow. And yet several of them would/will be because ones looks does not stop them from being shallow.
  9. Why do people keep saying this like this about people on dating shows? Just because you are attractive doesn't mean you can just get anyone you want. Sure you can get a lot of dates and attention but if you have your own issues or other things that people don't want to deal with you are screwed just like anybody else. Gigi can get guys. She also pushes them away, for example. Yes, with these shows, you always have the enjoyment of being on TV. Getting some type of fame. But, I think there is always something appealing to people about trying to fast forward through steps. Most people hate dating but want what is potentially at the end of it. Shows like this give them a shot at what they want without as much hassle. And, in general, not everyone is superficial or find different types of people or personalities attractive.
  10. He didn't call her his roommate. He's saying that's how it feels. Like Katie also said, they are very surface. They don't have real talks. They haven't worked past the whole getting to know you phase.
  11. I honestly think the fact that her family by and large crapped on this whole ordeal is pushing her to stay in. I don't think she wants to be proven wrong. And yeah, I don't even think pity sex is an option with these two.
  12. I will stick up for couples couch since I never see anyone else doing it. 1. Jephte is fucking hilarious. He just really is. I also love what him and Shawniece bring to this because they had all the issues and more but made it out the other side. So, they are more insightful in many ways. 2. Bobby is supper catty and I love it. He's just not about the bs but also noticing small things like Mike wearing that red shirt a lot. 3. They pick up on the same things we do but in some ways they verbalize better. I love little things like from scene one with Derek and Katie, they felt phony to them. Like they really weren't vibing and that seems to have played out. Bobby and Danielle are the only ones with shit audio for me. My tv is loud but they sound muffled. Actually just getting to see someone's face as they react to Brandon coming in with flowers makes it worth it.
  13. Yeah, that's not really a thing. That also involves lazy college people. How that equates to a grown ass adult I do not know.
  14. Pastor Cal looks like he is going through it trying to process Zach's nonsense. Obviously, everyone involved should just call it a day with these two. Love can grow but it shouldn't be this hard and awkward.
  15. Makes sense because nothing about that movie Jennifer Lopez's performance deserved a nomination. If there is anything making me feel like I'm crazy pills it's that pretty good movie being brought up as a legit snub or contender.
  16. It's interesting. I'm watching couple couch now. I know some of us were talking about how suspicious the ending of this episode is. Rewatching the discussion before they get to the boat, it's like they are shooting around Brandon. I totally feel like what happened did happen before the boat trip. Furthermore, not to clear Brandon of any wrong doing because he shouldn't talk to people that way but I don't even feel like that audio was from the day. The audio sounded like it was pulled from somewhere else. The camera is on other people when he is yelling. Brandon already had his issue with Taylor and he doesn't seem to like production at all. They could have taken the audio from that other day. They also like to frankenbite clips and talking heads together all the time. Not saying Brandon did nothing wrong at any point or he didn't say those words but I feel like the way it's being presented is suspect.
  17. I think anyone signing up for this show above all else needs to be open. We all have a preferences, goals, personal nitpicks, etc. If you are going to be on this show, you need to be open. To be able bend a bit. You need to be able to at least be capable of dating different types of men or women. Be able to go with the flow. A lot of things you do as a single person just does not work as a married person people keep jumping into this show with a single person mentality. Like, I'm not attracted to Mindy. I'm just not. But, if I was matched with Mindy, I would be able to move beyond that and actually get to know her. She's not a swamp beast. Just not my type. But, I can work with that. I don't need every woman I date to bend to all my preferences. This could be a much better show if they could get more genuine people, stop seeking out types and do more vetting for God sakes. A interview and home visit is not enough. You could still have something interesting. Like, it went on too long but I loved the convo between Brandon and Taylor about social media. It was a grown ass adult conversation. You could understand both sides. It made you think about the topic. Generated discussion. The opposite of that is oh my God we both love cheese. That's the bland, no drama here show I do not want.
  18. Just found out something interesting. It's not a spoiler for the show but it is a behind the scenes thing.
  19. One poster said that men just don't wear or don't want wear weddings. My stance was that this is not a gender thing. Some people just don't like wearing rings period. For a hosts of reasons. That's all I'm saying.
  20. To be clear on the men wearing it not wearing rings thing. I'm not saying some men don't wear their rings for whatever reason. It's just this being another "men do this" thing. I'm sure it's a individual thing just like most subjects. For a host of different reasons.
  21. A good point was made on the afterbuzz aftershow. Part of the problem is that Meka running down that list is like getting scolded before you've done anything. Like take it easy. Y'all just got in a decent place and here we are with the laundry list. It's just a lot. You don't have to be young to have a long list but a lot of people as they get older realize the reality of dating but also that you have to give a little. There is no perfect date. Especially, on this show.
  22. Understood. I get it. I kind of take Zach saying can you help me as in can you just let me figure this out. Like don't pressure me. Work with me. But, at the end of the day he needs to figure his own crap out. There isn't much she can do. They just need to focus on getting to know each other. Getting more comfortable with one another. See what happens. The immediate attraction just isn't there. Time to move on from that.
  23. I didn't say Brandon was on the low and wasn't talking about black men in general. I have noticed it being said by some men on TV. Very rarely is it straight men. Just talking about what I see. Not making grand statements. The first time ever even noticed a guy using the term Female it was Marlon from the real world who is proudly bisexual. These sensitive ass females is what he actually said. In general, I think it's a term that COULD be use as a way to demean women but it's something I don't know why it's offensive in itself.
  24. Now this is a thing men do to? I've never heard of guys not wanting to wear wedding rings in my life. Unless they are cheating which goes without saying. Maybe some people just don't like wearing jewelry or worry about losing or work at jobs where they could easily lose it. These are things I've heard men and women voice as reasons against rings. It's also tradition. People seem to love bucking tradition these days. Moreso younger people.
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