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  1. I sometimes wonder if people do realize that tv isn't real. I don't general ask the why questions most to do because I just see it as tv. Why didn't she do more? We know why, so I don't ask.
  2. Because this is a tv show and they want the dramatic moment of her not being able to defend her mother and to set the seeds for a great confrontation to bring the season home. That's why.
  3. I had no doubt since even in a show like this, an animal dying the same way any human would be considered a bridge too far and have people quitting which always makes me laugh. But,very all have our things. Black Noire is such a weird "hero". Batman with almost zero humanity buts he's also a super. A Batman that can't die is terrifying. I've seen a lot of complaining about season. I don't share these complaints. But, I think for some, not having a unifying mission like taking out all of seven, separated characters and the way it's being put out are the ground root if people's problems. But, to me it's just The Boys. I'm having a good time.
  4. Offended is one thing. I do not feel safe. I must leave this place without a discussion are two different things and that's what people are reacting to. Miles had shown himself to be a down to earth guy that is easy to talk to. Use your words. He was obviously joking. But, if that joke offends you, voice that. Talk it out. It's the over the top of it that people are reacting too.
  5. Yes, there is always an uneasy peace between characters on this show just waiting to boil over the other way. There is a part of them that wants to just discard all the bullshit but there is another part that just doesn't want to let certain things go. It's just a matter of what wins over in the end. As much as I don't want Miguel hurt, everyone involved needed a wake up call. This rivalry has been going on too long and it's destroying their families and the ones they love as a result. With Kreese as the actual enemy, they can divert their anger elsewhere. But, I hope in the process, all involved work through their own bullshit.
  6. When I say Robbie is Johnny's son, I'm pointing out that some people are a reflection of their parents whether they were raised by them or not. And Robbie very much had his hothead tendencies like Johnny did when he was young. Most of the characters have had these moments to be fair. I'm just saying that, in the writing, I think is deliberate symmetry being shown from season one and season two. And anyway, Robbie was in the moment. He's a teenager. Everyone makes bad choices like that. We are all one bad day from doing something really stupid. One choice you make in the moment could change you forever. Even with the best people. That's why I reject ooc generally. Bad decisions are in everyone. We don't always do the right thing. That's always in your character. Most people don't give into those impulses.
  7. I'm struggling to see how or why anything there was scripted. I don't think anything was scripted. I feel like this gets thrown too much at reality shows. I can totally see them manipulating the scene through editing making everyone look more annoyed than they actually were. I think that's more prevalent than people on these shows being told what say. Olivia looks dour all the time anyway. Not shocking to see her friends looking the same way and Brett is constantly showing his ass. Business as usual.
  8. Why do people walk around on the floor barefoot? More importantly, if you don't wash your floors on a regular basis, why the fuck are you walking around barefoot on your nasty ass floor? Everytime I see these two I think to myself that they don't smell good at all.
  9. I don't understand why people sometimes don't understand a character doing something that isn't normally in their nature. It's why I think the term out of character is dumb in reality. No one operates the same way and make all the right decisions all the time. No actions in that fight are out of character or don't make sense because all of them are in a crazy ass battle with all the heightened emotions and energy to react. Robbie is also Johnny's son. It shows that a little bit of Johnny's bad tendencies are still in him. It's also an inverse of season 1. Miguel wouldn't show mercy to Robbie and in season 2, he does and pays for it. Neither is the bad guy in the same way Johnny and Daniel aren't the bad guy. Just people making the right and wrong decisions while trying to do the right thing. I truly don't give a damn about where the teachers were or whatever during the fight. As I always say, I really want someone to make a show where every episode has their characters do exactly what real life would dictate based on what people mock. Everyone communicate every single though or feeling they have. Adults or police there to break up every altercation immediately. The show will be one of the most uninteresting things you've ever seen with no conflict and lasts like five minutes.
  10. Perhaps? Angela is going to be Angela whether they got married or not. "Whole" is just an expression.
  11. I'm confused by the whole thelma and louise thing. In that, I don't know why it's generated such mockery. The only point of calling them thelma and louise was that they are each other's ride or die till the end. Which is the point of the movie. Not how it ended but that they had each other's back and they could only truly trust each other.
  12. "I think they did. Cody walks into the room, says "Hmm, there's a letter here", opens it and immediately starts sobbing before he even unfolds it completely. No way he'd have time to read and process it that fast. I think production DID tell him, then asked him to leave the DR, come back in and pretend to read the letter. I'd have preferred to just have the screen go black with a message saying "Cody is informed by the producers that his grandfather passed away," then show the reactions and whatnot." Man, I feel like there isn't anything on reality tv now that some won't feel are fabricated. Cody already knew his grandfather was ill. He didn't need to read much to know what the point of the letter was. Honestly, he probably knew once he realized it was a note from home and not something game related.
  13. Butcher didn't have sex with an ex. That's just his wife. They never actually broke up. They weren't really related imo. We saw what doppelganger looked liked on season one. Everytime he morphed out of the person he was pretending to be, it was the guy we saw here. I can't agree with the bashing of this episode but I will say it was overstuffed. Streaming shows seem to have an issue with leaving scenes on the cutting room floor. 68 minutes this week? Unnecessary. It creates a feeling of drag. Especially with a dialogue heavy episode. I was watching the episodes of Lucifer last week and at a certain point I was damn, how has this episode not ended yet. It had nothing to do with me thinking the episode was bad. They just could of trimmed some fat. Going from the network 41 to 42 minute drama standard to 55 plus is still a lot.
  14. Spinning Wheels? Yawn? I don't get it. Every character has something going this season instead of a chunk of characters just being background characters. The characters are evolving and encountering new conflicts. It's not spinning it's wheels at all. This episode needed to be a slow down. There was so much that happened in episode three. They have to deal with the fallout now. This episode was really character based. Especially on the side of the boys where we learned more about them or got to see them in their natural state with Hughie. Homelander outing Maeve is one of the shittiest things he's done yet. It's so personal. He's always trying to fuck with who he can't control. He was trying to throw his weight around with everyone. That shot of the man with his face smashed made me recoil and watch horror stuff all the time. Seeing how far reaching Stormfront's character reaches back just hurts. Sadly it reminded of how watchmen, which melded history with heroes and race in such an interesting way. And of course she wants homelander to be her shining beacon of is right. What the master race should look like. I do admire the show for making a woman in this type of show so scummy. I feel like others show might not do it through fear of judgment over the image of a strong woman being so nasty. I don't know what think of Butcher and his wife but I'm always distracted when she's onscreen. Her and Meghan Markle look so alike.
  15. I just can't relate to the BETRAYAL IF IT ALL with some of these people. I would trust no one in that house and just take gameplay as gameplay. The way I would feel safe is if I won when needed and protected myself.
  16. The history Karen herself has described have led people to believe that a more thuggish type of guy is what she wants. She's also vague on what's she thinks masculine besides non emotional. And Miles has done things that should soften her more in a masculine way but it doesn't read that way at all. And it's not always about race. I'm not judging her as a black woman. I'm judging her as woman who seems to have a broken dial in terms of choosing her mate. And her preferences don't seem to be working for her so maybe she could at least try to be open to something different. There is a middle ground in terms of what masculine or assertive could mean but the verdict is out on whether that would matter to Karen in regards to Miles. Also, I would label every guys humor this season more on the lame side but if the mate is feeling them like with Amelia and Amani they love it because they are digging them. With Olivia and Karen, they don't because overall they aren't digging their mate.
  17. The Miles/Karen thing Karen wants an out she got it. He didn't cross a line. He was joking. She can never really banter. Just roll with it. With the questions Miles was asking, you don't have to give a vulgar answer. His questions weren't out of line. You can say you like sexy music. Romance first. Feeling comfortable with my partner. Whatever. Also, just point out that these things will come in time. The writing the sex thing. She could have had a sly comeback like it ain't never gonna happen if you write it up there. Or something to jokingly have fun with it because that's all he was doing.
  18. Im sure someone already has a t shirt saying this. For different reasons though.
  19. Man, people ruin all the fun of reality shows with labeling everything as fake. Let me have my righteous indignation! If they didn't fake it, they are two of dumbest people on earth. If they did it changes nothing about how stupid production is. Filming people constantly doing the wrong thing covid-19 wise just isn't good tv. It's also only going to piss people off not entertain them.
  20. I never got it but millions of people do what you do. People and animals! I can't relate.
  21. This show is in a standstill right now. They needed something to switch up the dynamic. The couples on this show are all variants of annoying right now. I just want to see the hang have fun.
  22. Fuck whatever is going on that house. Numero uno on the agenda should be getting past winners up out of there. It's insane to me that people would let past winners get anywhere in the game.
  23. I was hoping no one made this a race thing. Da Vonne and Bayleigh have been rubbing people the wrong way for a while now with attitude being thrown, looking like they don't trust people in their alliance etc. They are very outward with these things. They don't do things on the sneak tip. That includes outing each other as their one and only. Yes, other people have said or done the same things she has. But, they weren't all so blatant about it. Them being each other's number 1 also guarantees that if one goes up, the other goes up.
  24. Damn. Hasn't 2020 already been dark enough?
  25. As I was giving my thoughts. Yeah, I suspect we will see more and more of this as time goes on. Spreading out viewing engagement. I don't mind it though. All the binging these days are killing the long term discussions a lot of used to have because people binge and dispose so quickly or not quick enough.
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