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  1. I would feel bad, too, if my husband didn’t want to see me. Has nothing to do with Brooklyn. Kenya is still hoping.
  2. I don’t see where it was bad. She didn’t know about the license thing until after. Did I forget something?
  3. Porsha actually sounds articulate and knowledgeable on these activism issues. Wow, what a change.
  4. I may have to watch all over with you guys! Plus I need a refresher on my own finances!
  5. Question: Did we ever find out if Dro’s wife really let him date Molly?
  6. Molly is forever sour! No reason at all to be that stiff with Andrew. Geez, he’s trying to like you, Molly! She’s a hard one to stay in like with, and then had the audacity to call Issa’s life “messy.” Delusional and hypocritical much? Ok, I have never really liked Tiffany. She knew and didn’t give Issa a heads up about Condola dating Lawrence? Who does that? What friend does that? You can’t convince me she didn’t know either. Kelli can be my friend any day. Loved the sex scenes. I’m nasty, and I’m quarantined without a boo. Soooo, it was fun and entertaining. I actually got a tingle watching Condola and Lawrence cowgirl. I liked TSA dude putting in work for big dudes. He did his thing. LOL! Glad the show is back!
  7. I ran here so fast to see what y’all are gonna say about today! I’ll wait
  8. I really, really liked it! It was fun, slick, sexy looking, and lots of heart and action. The “twist” was fine, too!! I cried twice.
  9. You’re being hateful. Take it somewhere else.
  10. As always, what a perfect commentary. Glad to know we are watching the same show.
  11. It was good. I could not imagine being in a home watching Riley be doted on. Even if it is Kandi’s money. The resentment could be real. I’m not that strong.
  12. She’s so damn rude. I don’t think her life coach is working. She’s a nasty piece of work.
  13. Did I miss something? Why is Toya putting them in to debt again? It was painful watching Eugene working out of the city and being exhausted from picking up extra shifts.
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