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  1. Does anyone think that perhaps Sabrina’s parents purposefully baptized her and signed her name in the book of the beast because they foresaw Sabrina being forced to sign the book and this was a way to protect her?
  2. snowblossom2

    S10.E01: 10s Across the Board

    Thank you! I thought it was just me but the brows didn’t look similar at all, neither did the makeup. I am so confused on this point
  3. snowblossom2

    S15.E07: Olympic Dreams

    Claudette set the team up for failure by doing a complicated dish that she needed a lot of help with, on a speed challenge. The other teams’ speed dishes were fewer ingredients and much simpler, and thus much more appropriate for a speed challenge
  4. snowblossom2

    S06.E06: See You Next Tuesday

    But maybe Stassi was referring to long term, more serious relationships BC it seemed to me that his relationship with Laura Leigh and with Carmen, both weren’t serious
  5. snowblossom2

    Mindhunter Season 1 Discussion

    I agree 100% about Debbie but that’s why I can’t love this series even though I liked it. She existed to only serve a need to develop Holden and IMO really didn’t have her own story or arc (they could set that up while not taking away the focus of the show). I actually hated that we didn’t see their reconciliation talk because I wondered why they got back together because they didn’t seem to like each other very much.
  6. snowblossom2

    S08.E01: Stronger Than Ever

    Nope. Bio queens have a long history in that community
  7. I never understood when people talk about Kandi and Kim’s friendship in season 3 or whenever. When I watched that and subsequent seasons, it was clear to me that while Kandi was sincere, Kim was using Kandi to produce Don’t be Tardy and Ring Don’t Mean a Thing, and outside of that, Kim had no real interest in developing a real friendship with Kandi
  8. Just because Tamra may have a good relationship with her two other children with Simon, doesn’t mean that Sydney is at fault. Sydney’s the oldest right? Often children in the same family can have very different relationships with their parents. I see Sydney trying to assert heathy boundaries, and Tamra ignoring them
  9. snowblossom2

    S10.E02: Say Yes to Distress

    Or, people bought tickets to go, and then are buying token gifts since being there is a gift itself
  10. snowblossom2

    S10.E01: 50 Shades of Cynthia

    Give credit where credits due. Her role on Glee was/is a big deal
  11. snowblossom2

    S04.E05: Staging the Murder

    I would hope so, but sometimes people get tunnel vision about what’s going on.
  12. snowblossom2

    S04.E05: Staging the Murder

    I wonder why they don’t expand their pool of suspects? Those two aren’t the only people in her orbit. Why couldn’t it be a regular customer? Her drugs and most of her money was gone, so that makes the most sense to me
  13. snowblossom2

    S12.E12: Farm-To-Table Manners

    There's a big difference in migrating when you're 13, and your main formative years where in another country, and migrating when you are 1 and 2 and your formative years are in the country to which you migrated. Also, does anyone else think that Peggy is deliberately being confusing in describing her health so somehow Vicki can try and spin the cancer gate as the cast's fault because look! They're questioning someone with legit cancer?
  14. To be fair, Lu is not the only one who hides things. B is queen of not letting her real life be on tv (not talking about the stalking situation and court orders, but the season she lamented being single when she was actually dating (iirc) an accused rapist etc)
  15. I read that she did get alimony or child support (can't remember which) But still, no matter how courtesy of a title it is, or that it changed, it was still a title.