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  1. Liv referring to Bruce Willis made me both laugh and wince at the same time.
  2. The previews make it at least *appear* that Liv will losen up a bit. She really wooden tonight, at least until the line dancing. I'm guessing the cancer is the Rob Lowe exit strategy. No half-competant showrunner is going to cast RL without one of those. I'll give them a pass on team chemistry for now, since the team is just being built. The Orginal recipe was pretty uneven their first season too but got much better as they found their groove.
  3. Not bad. Series premieres are always a little rough but this one did alright. I'll watch the next ep tomorrow
  4. My charitable thought is that no one did things for Jill as she grew up. She did for others, as did the other older girls. They did things for parents, for buddy groups and for "helpless" older brothers. Something tiny, like topping off her tank, is probably a huge thing for her.
  5. I don't like the attitude but I understand where it's coming from. Georgie has been butting heads with Senior since he quit football to work at the garage last year. Junior clearly has work ethic and is a talented salesman, with an eye for opportunities. Like the snow globes or the candy at school. And until now Senior has either ignored or grumbled about it. Even if he can't vocalize it, I'd bet in Junior's head he feels too little too late. And that before you get in to the fact we hardly see Mary interact with her eldest outside the dinner table. If I'm Georgie I'm probably thinking that I can't win anyway, might as well just do what I want. Mom will still put her attention on Sheldon and Missy (in that order) while Dad and Meemaw will snap/snark at anything I say. So why not pay Billy to mow the lawn?
  6. I think Poppy was having a moment of realizing she *wasn't* going to more children. And in the abstract at least she might have always been thinking *someday*. Do you really think Douglas is going to start again? I don't.
  7. When this show ends, I not only need to get more details on Missy's life but I need to check back in with the Pasadena gang. All of them. We can't just be left with a voiceover reference to Shamy progeny. I hope someone at BBT had the foresight to contact Kaley et al for some epilogue scenes.
  8. Loved the shout-out to his wife being in labor! My heart broke for Paige. Whoever wrote those lines has experienced divorce for sure. Missy continues to delight. Georgie is difficult but honestly, I don't blame him. Neither his parents or Meemaw seemed to anything but order him around or make snide cracks about him. He's working, he's going to school, he's getting his household responsibilities done. If an adult can hire a lawn service, why can't Georgie pay Billy to cut the grass?
  9. I think diversity is great! I'm just pleasantly surprised that we saw it come up so casually on a sitcom. The world is going in the right direction.
  10. Wow. I was not expecting the Miggy thing *at all*.
  11. Nice! The neighbor, Mrs. Sparks, is played by one of Reba's costars from her sitcom.
  12. He's muslim, just not very strict/observant. He drinks, doesn't pray five times a day, his wife and daughter don't veil, etc
  13. I'm guessing whatever personal issues prompted his break turned out to be much bigger to deal with. And if that's the case maybe he's guarding his privacy and his coworkers are cooperating by not posting stuff online.
  14. I understand if Justin has decided he's done but there's no way his contract would have run out mid-season. If he's leaving now, something has to have happened either in his personal life or on set. Based on his statement I'm leaning towards personal issues that he wants to stay private.
  15. I hate to say it but maybe there's a health issue, either for Justin or a family member. That might explain a polite statement and abrupt departure.
  16. I just keep thinking that if his departure was planned, then ABC would have been promoting the heck out of it. An original cast member leaving is big deal.
  17. Something has to have gone down here. This can't have been planned.
  18. I could have sworn that Cameron Diaz has previously discussed not wanting kids and being perfectly happy as-is.
  19. I really enjoyed how neither Finn or Poe had any issues with Rey's powers and overall strength. At the beginning Poe is ticked that their 'strongest fighter' isn't in the field. Finn says they're going with Rey because she's their friend, not because she needs protecting. Even when she's trying to pull a ship from the sky neither of them is intimidated. Her power is simply part of her and something to be respected. I really liked that.
  20. Not sure if this is the place for this or not but I couldn't resist.
  21. From Rise of Skywalker: Red Five is in the air!
  22. Honestly I chalked the lack of constant hype/actors promoting the movie up to an exhausted Disney PR department. They've had a hell of a year with one major movie after theme park development after another. Maybe they figured a Star Wars movie could promote itself a bit. I hope the new actors aren't too burned out. I'd really like to get more of Rey, Finn and Poe. This movie left me wondering 'what comes next', which to me means it did it's job.
  23. I actually liked it. Not as much as Force Awakens but far more than Last Jedi. Adored the Poe/Rey/Finn dynamic and find myself wanting to know what adventures they have next. And I feel like I've been able to bid a sad farewell to tge original trio. If the movie can accomplish those two things then I think it was a success. I would like to see further movies, maybe in the hands of a trusted Kevin Feige lieutenant. The Marvel side of the Disney house has a lock on turning out great movie after great movies within a cinematic universe. Let's see what they can do with SW as we move away from Skywalkers.
  24. And even if they got through to Paris, Kate and Peter would have come home to CPS and child endangerment/abandonment charges for sure.
  25. This all seems like simple, obvious stuff to us but to Jill I think it's really new. She sure didn't learn these things at the TTH.
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