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  1. That would make more sense. But either way I am glad to see that Sam is being allowed to dress himself. And at the same time his clothing is weather appropriate. Those are big steps for a Duggar. Even though it seems completely normal to the rest of us.
  2. I could swear that child has a dress on under that sweater. Did Jill actually allow one of her sons to wear something traditionally female? Cause for her that is a massive leap.
  3. I don't think it's Mark. Hes been gone for 8 seasons now. And it would be more meaningful for Callie to see him, not Meredith.
  4. Believe it or not one of the things I liked most was seeing Missy using the computer. I thought for sure that thing had become Sheldon's within moments of coming home but I guess George and Mary still are making it a family item. Good for them!
  5. We've seen Ellis in flashbacks and image spots so many times that having her show up isn't really a thing. George on the other hand…
  6. OK, let's start the pot. $20 says our mysterious guest star in two weeks is Cristina.
  7. Couldn't happen to a better person. But it would be a shame if he doesn't have to face charges in LA as well.
  8. Oh yeah, Miguel's kids have been seen. I think it was last season. Or maybe the one before. They were super rude to Rebecca.
  9. I think it's a huge leap forward for Randall that he's not flipping out about the video. Or the fact that it went viral.
  10. Has the show confirmed the covid exists in their universe? Quite frankly it would make so much more sense if it did. I don't mind losing the escapism factor. And it would make this seem so much less choppy.
  11. For me, including the pandemic makes the story lines flow much more easily. It's understandable people are remaining apart and why certain storylines had to be reworked.
  12. anna0852

    Station 19

    Pruitt didn't tell Andy that her mom committed suicide. Andy had assumed that after realising letters were hidden and that her father danced around the subject. As she was growing up, he always told her that her mother had gotten sick. Andy's brain didn't jump to suicide until after she found the letters when she was moving in with Robert.
  13. Plenty of girls start their periods at 11. It's not an uncommon age at all. And the fact that she plays sports won't have any impact on it. We're not talking about Olympic gymnast level training here.
  14. I'll give Greg German this, he does very well with the stuff they give him. Even if the script quality is... questionable
  15. I watched the credits. That was an honest-to-God guest spot, not just splicing in old footage
  16. anna0852

    Station 19

    Well that wasn't too bad. I always enjoy Vic when she's being sassy. And the covid stuff was kind of schmaltzy but you know what are you gonna do? That was not quite what I was expecting with Andy's mom but that was a pretty brave place to go with it. I thought for sure her dad was the one who made the mom leave, rather than the mom doing it herself. I am glad Robert and Andy aren't completely over. And that he is taking the time to get sober. And that he's apparently facing consequences because that needed to happen.
  17. Someone needs to go outside, turn around three times and spit...
  18. This is why I want Covid to exist on the show. It would make the social distancing so much less awkward. And there is no way Callen would give up fieldwork to take Hetty's job.
  19. I have to say, I think Randall and Beth really overreacted to the video. And to be honest in their shoes I would have been far more upset at the teacher. And I'd be pretty proud of my daughter for refusing to take it. Admittedly telling Your teacher "s**** y**" wasn't great but I don't think it was worth the 6 week punishment either.
  20. I was really hoping that the cold open would just be Alec coming out in his street clothes and saying that he was never so glad to lose a job in his life.
  21. Leonard Cooper!!!!!! And an Amy narration cameo!! This episode just made my year about 1000% better
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