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  1. Whelp. Don’t like Rory which makes sense since I’ve never really liked her mother. I remember why I stopped watching this show for a while with all the Chloe is the bestest most special everything….even Rory sings her praises. Ok I don’t HATE Chloe this season but I just don’t like it when I’m TOLD all time that a character is the best especially with a weak actor. (See Lana Lang) I love all the other characters so much though! How did they really think Lucifer could be god when he is still so self centered? Also, Why are we spending so much time on this new girl and so little Trixie?
  2. Wait. Chloe is just asking all those questions NOW? Ugh I still don’t like her. Future miracle Angel baby? Why is there always a future baby? And yes Mira is awful for never helping her friends or calling her mom. The show is back to making me laugh out loud so I’ll forgive all the nonsensical plot stuff. My lord Tom Ellis is ruining me for other men. Damn damn good looking man.
  3. MissL


    Half way through. I agree with Doug. Izzie is far too much drama. I think I’m not supposed to agree with Doug though? I’m supposed to like Izzie? ooh update. Izzie pretends to be big person and breaks up with Casey but then proceeds to tell what Doug said to her this kind of undercutting the breakup. Pick a lane Izzie. Also. If I unnecessarily chopped through a nice wooden door with an axe my parents would kick my ass! Doors aren’t cheap and now they have to replace it. She should have been in so much trouble and no half hearted “no Casey stop.” Either! Jeez that was dumb.
  4. This episode was ok. Definitely filler and fun for the cast. Actress who plays Chloe is still the weakest link on the show which is part of the reason I stopped watching for a while when I realized the “Deckerstar” romance was going to be the focus. Oh well I’ll try to enjoy the rest of it. Lord though I can listen to Tom read a phone book. That voice…..
  5. MissL

    S01.E03: Lamentis

    I was thinking the exact same thing! At this point they have to know they are dead so what are they doing? Felt like the show just wanted some cool fights in that scene and you’d think the raining debris and chaos would be enough.
  6. I FINALLY watched the finale and did Darren Star really said she ends up with neither guy? I mean I guess technically she’s not WITH Josh but that final scene really heavily implies there might be something there. And can I say yay?!! As someone who maybe way over-identified with this show I’m so glad to see the non typical route of the younger man continuing to be invested in and see the value of the older woman especially when as much progress as there has been youth is still key and women in their 40s seen as unf#$kable. ( I also maybe a little raw as I spent yesterday TRYING to shop for ba
  7. MissL

    S01.E02: The Variant

    Exactly. I’m also very confused. If there is a sacred timeline and there are NOT multiverses then how do you end up with an ADULT LADY Loki? A blue Loki or Loki with different hair color who basically looks like our Loki I get but a full on different Loki if there isn’t an alternate universe makes no sense to me. I’m going to have to watch a YouTube video that explains this or something aren’t I?
  8. I’ll admit I’ve skipped a few seasons because I was never a fan of the Lucifer/Chloe romance and gave up when I realized that’s the direction they were going and I’ve only watched the last two episodes but I’m confused. What happens when an Angel dies? They just cease to exist? No silver city? Actually skipping a few seasons made a lot of this really confusing.
  9. So I’ve been too bored to watch the last fe episodes but based on what I’ve been reading this season the triangle is well and truly over and we are just waiting for her to end up back with Charles? Damn. I was hoping they might surprise me. I’d say there is more to the show but...really there isn’t. All the story lines are incredibly disappointing and I miss Diana.
  10. No but it has Bradley Whitford and that’s pretty awesome. I have a fondness for Firewalker myself.
  11. I do like the actress although I can’t remember why or what I’ve seen her in. I think if they wanted Sophie to be his grand love story they dropped the ball a bit. They should have included her more in the flashbacks. Had her interact with Kate and Randall in the past as well and made US really like her so we’d always be wishing those two kids could have worked it out or so we’d miss Sophie. So we’d be excited when she pops up in present day. I think they maybe thought they were trying to do that but she’s often just randomly there in the past and doesn’t have much of anything to say. Not tha
  12. I’m not saying I don’t love it..because I do...but wow the whole witch /witch hunter thing is very tropey to the point of fanfic or a romance novel. Oh look we hate each other but are secretly intrigued by each other, now we are the only survivors of a shipwreck and we happen across the well decked out place with furs and a bed and we must get naked and huddle to get warm but end up cuddling in our sleep....but damn if I don’t fall for all of it anyway. They’ve got me interested. Very curious how and when they wrap into the rest of the story eventually. And good lord Mal and Alina just K
  13. She was honest with Charles. She said she wanted to be in a committed relationship with him but didn’t want to get married. She wanted to stay and he’s the one that walked away because he didn’t get exactly what he wanted when he wanted. Why didn’t he try to understand where SHE was coming from. Talk a bit more, understand more whys she sees marriage the way she does and give HER time. He knows how rough her divorce was. He’s not even divorced yet what’s the big hurry. Ive known plenty of people not in their 20s who don’t think marriage is for them or maybe don’t want a second marriage.
  14. Ugh they are taking Josh out of the running and going full Charles aren’t they? I was just texting with a friend how we’d love to see a DIFFERENT ending for a change. Let the 45 yo woman end up unmarried and happy with a 32 year old tattoo artist instead of engaged to the age appropriate businessman for a change. (I am not projecting because I’m a 45 yo woman with a crush on a 31 year old physical therapist. I’m not. Ok I may be...but the ending they seem to be pointing towards is so BORING.) I also miss Diana. Also how does Liza meet hot older men everywhere she goes? I know it’s a
  15. The wedding night was hot until he skipped all the foreplay and went straight for the main event and yet they showed her enjoying it anyway. Did a man write that scene? I mean come ON. It was her first time it takes a bit longer to get ready if you know what I mean and I think you do.
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