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  1. I’m not saying I don’t love it..because I do...but wow the whole witch /witch hunter thing is very tropey to the point of fanfic or a romance novel. Oh look we hate each other but are secretly intrigued by each other, now we are the only survivors of a shipwreck and we happen across the well decked out place with furs and a bed and we must get naked and huddle to get warm but end up cuddling in our sleep....but damn if I don’t fall for all of it anyway. They’ve got me interested. Very curious how and when they wrap into the rest of the story eventually. And good lord Mal and Alina just K
  2. She was honest with Charles. She said she wanted to be in a committed relationship with him but didn’t want to get married. She wanted to stay and he’s the one that walked away because he didn’t get exactly what he wanted when he wanted. Why didn’t he try to understand where SHE was coming from. Talk a bit more, understand more whys she sees marriage the way she does and give HER time. He knows how rough her divorce was. He’s not even divorced yet what’s the big hurry. Ive known plenty of people not in their 20s who don’t think marriage is for them or maybe don’t want a second marriage.
  3. Ugh they are taking Josh out of the running and going full Charles aren’t they? I was just texting with a friend how we’d love to see a DIFFERENT ending for a change. Let the 45 yo woman end up unmarried and happy with a 32 year old tattoo artist instead of engaged to the age appropriate businessman for a change. (I am not projecting because I’m a 45 yo woman with a crush on a 31 year old physical therapist. I’m not. Ok I may be...but the ending they seem to be pointing towards is so BORING.) I also miss Diana. Also how does Liza meet hot older men everywhere she goes? I know it’s a
  4. The wedding night was hot until he skipped all the foreplay and went straight for the main event and yet they showed her enjoying it anyway. Did a man write that scene? I mean come ON. It was her first time it takes a bit longer to get ready if you know what I mean and I think you do.
  5. Right?! For goodness sake it’s my grandpa’s name and every time they say it I pause...and it’s the name of a winery in Napa! Loved my grandpa Bill. Just had to say it cuz he was the absolute best. 😊
  6. I agree with all of this. I also loved Thrawn as a teenager. Those books are what I was hoping the sequels would be like but oh well that ship has passed and....sunk. I’m not used to a thread that pulls so heavily from material beyond the episode while barely discussing the episode so this has been very hard to follow. I loved the visuals of Ahsoka disappearing into the fog and fully using the force. It was pretty amazing and she looked great so I’d be up for more of her. Love me some Katee/Starbuck so I was hoping to love Bo-Katan but she hasn’t grown on me yet. Can’t believe I’m g
  7. Yes and something I’ve noticed in the “previously On” and the ads they’ve been playing to death is they KEEP showing Kevin telling Randall his worst day was the day they brought him home and NEVER show Randall telling Kevin that His father died ashamed of him. Thus making Randall look like the victim when they both said some heinous shit And Randall is the one who fought dirty first. Plus Kevin actually had a look on his face after he said it like he knew it was wrong And went too far but I don’t recall the same from Randall. I think Randall fatigue is really fueling a lot of this Discus
  8. Yeah I noticed that but decided I’d need to let that go. It’s also jarring that Randall goes to sit by her on the bed and they Both talk about how “safe” they are and I’m thinking... she just ate INSIDE a restaurant and walked around a grocery store without a mask.... she’s not safe now. Giving them a pass though.
  9. So Randall’s answer to his family never talking about what it felt like for him is to shut them out completely and not talk about it? Is he punishing them? That’s growth? And they totally made up for “limited commercial Interruptions” in that first hour in the second hour huh?
  10. I enjoyed it enough to be sad there won’t be a second season. Was anyone Else bothered by how much BACK and forth there was with locations? Like stay still people and quit splitting up! One minute they are at the hospital and then they are back at Daimon’s place and as soon as someone leaves they call them and are like “where are you we need you BACK here.” So frustrating. Some of the actions of the characters made me yell at the tv. Questions on final episode below look away if you haven’t watched yet: And when Yen And Ana go after Daimon and Gabriella why do they split u
  11. MissL

    The West Wing

    It was so good to see everyone! I loved it and probably the first time ever I LIKED the commercials as much as the show. 🙂 Only sharing some critique because that’s what we do here: I rewatched the original episode this morning and I don’t think the conversations in the special felt as smooth or natural Or spontaneous as the show but I think because it was obviously more of a stage play. It was still wonderful to see them and I wasn’t expecting so many of the other characters to appear and that was an awesome surprise. Rob Lowe looks amazing and doesn’t seem to age and yet it
  12. You’re KIDDING. I spent a good amount of time just staring at her during one segment because her blush/bronzer wasn’t blended at ALL and it looked horrible. I was just popping in here to see if I was the only one who found her annoying. I wanted to watch for New Orleans but this show is awful and she just really thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips when she just isn’t. The houses aren’t that great. The staging segments are boring and they don’t show enough New Orleans uniqueness, it could be set anywhere.
  13. I think they did a disservice to Lori by having Hope show up ok. It means she decided her son was a killer And did what she did to him based on circumstantial evidence, a short story, and a 5 year old getting angry enough to want to hit a kid over the head with a bowling ball. Made her less sympathetic than she was in the book. I really didn’t enjoy this. I even skipped a few episodes straight to the last two and I don’t feel like I missed anything. Chris was pretty though. And Michelle did an amazing job.
  14. I’m watching now and I have read the book and wondered how they could make 8 episodes out Of a fairly short story. The answer is very very slowly.....man this show is slow. My love for Chris and Michelle and wanting to see how they handle the end is keeping me around. Sooooo slow.
  15. MissL

    S01:E23: Sacrifice

    Oh! Those cut lines would have made Laurel seem so much better! As it was I was thinking why the hell are these people risking their lives for PAPERWORK?! I thought she looked ridiculous hanging back and then running through a burning Crumbling building with a stack of files and I got mad all over again that Tommy died for that stupidity. Got in the mood for some season 1 arrow recently....
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