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  1. MissL

    Burn Notice

    Wow. I think I have a super unpopular opinion but I never saw chemistry between Michael and Fiona. Don't get me wrong I LOVED the show and came to appreciate her as part of the team but the romance felt forced. I'd say it's Gabriel's acting but I did enjoy her friendship with Sam so? Don't know. All I know is I shipped Jeffrey Donavan hard with Vera Formiga on Touching Evil so I've felt the chemistry with him before just not with these two. Fiona can really annoy the hell out of me in an episode. Gonna go hide now. It's just I started rewatching some season 1 because I missed the show and Jeffrey's voice. I love his voice. I wanted to come see what people had to say. (and rewatch is reminding me I've always wanted to really Try breaking a lock with compressed air and a hammer).
  2. MissL

    S04.E13: The Seam

    So this morning I'm making coffee and randomly Q saying "Falcor..." pops in my head and I smile and then get sad. I also didn't love Q when this story began but somehow grew to love him. I'm gonna miss his genuine heart. Oh my gosh yes!!! Julia being there would have been better although it would have ripped my heart out ten times more. I just don't like Alice. Like at all. They are really going to have to work a miracle for me to be interested in her next year. But it's doable I guess because a couple of Seasons ago I didn't much like Julia. I'd say I'm not sure if I want to watch next year but I'm here for Margo and Elliot as long as there is minimal Josh. I STILL don't understand that romance. Actually I'm not liking any of the romances. Let's stick to friends. Aww Q. I can't believe this is still bothering me the next morning.
  3. MissL

    S04.E13: The Seam

    I have a headache from crying and I won't know what else to say. I kinda wish I hadn't read the speculation this Would happen as it might have shocked me more..but it still had me sobbing. At first I thought...well Penny died and he's still around but it all seemed so final and if they bring another Q it won't be OUR Q who experienced all the things and made sure everyone knew the words to under pressure and made a sorta joke about an exploding cat...and now I'm crying again. Im not handling this well.
  4. MissL

    The X-Files

    Absolutely and completely on board with that!
  5. MissL

    The X-Files

    La la la (fingers in ears) I can't hear you! William was the product of those two ridiculousy hot for FBI agents finally getting it on in season 7 on every available surface. Yep.
  6. MissL

    S04.E07: The Side Effect

    When did they say it was two?! I totally don't remember that!
  7. MissL

    The OA

    I wondered about Steve recognizing Hap too when he'd never seen him, and I saw some reviewer who mentions..like it was a fact...that it was HOMER that jumped into Steves body but I do think it was Steve. They showed Steve collapsing after doing the movements plus he WANTED to jump so it makes sense. and him running after the ambulance paralleled how the first season ended. I'm hoping it's not a plot hole. they may explain it that OA described him in such detail that all of the crew would recognize him because they visualized him so accurately from her details. Kind of like Buck realized it was Rachel in the mirror. Or OA seemed to be a better artist than I think we knew she was so maybe she drew him once. I hope they explain it as it would feel sloppy if they don't because I really think it's Steve.
  8. MissL

    The Practice

    I just watched this episode. The woman didn't want a late term abortion. She wanted to have a natural childbirth but her doctor, her husband and Rebecca were trying to convince her to have a C section. The umbilical cord was being crushed and would eventually kill the baby and there was a high probability he would die before she could deliver or if he survived delivery he'd be brain dead. The woman was relying on her faith in God but they never clarified what religion she was part of that it was ok to see a doctor on the regular but not have a c section. Anyway, the husband was using the law firm to try to force her into a c section but they lost. The doctor said he wanted to do an ultrasound to check on the baby but had her under a draped sheet and numbed her and all of a sudden was pulling a baby out of her. Rebecca wanted the csection but was rightly horrified that her friend was cut open in front of her without her knowledge or permission and considered it assault. I do think Rebecca could be self righteous but in this situation... I mean I thought the lady was nuts for refusing a c section and even I was horrified.
  9. MissL

    The OA

    I finished so I finally feel safe to come in this thread (hate the one thread thing I've already accidentally been spoiled on another Netflix show because I just didn't think about it). So. That was trippy. There were some scenes that they gave too much time to breathe and I wanted to move on already...and others where I thought I needed more time to figure things out. I binged in 2 days so I guess I really love it but..I don't understand why. A friend of mine asked me to explain the premise and I just stared at her for a full minute before I even knew where to start. Ill wait a bit before adding much more.
  10. MissL

    The Originals

    What's sad is there isn't much to left to say. Plec stuck a stake in this literally. Still so very disappointed with the finale and won't go near another Plec show if you pay me. Based on what I hear of Legacies I'm not her target demo anyway. But I had favorited the comic con preview trailer of season 4 or 5 where Joseph Morgan basically gives a reading of "The Poison Tree" and I watched it today randomly so I came to see if there was any activity in the thread. That video was really really well done in my opinion.
  11. MissL


    And fart helium! Don't forget that! I'd count Pilot as a muppet? just because I'm not sure what else to call him and he isn't an actor under makeup. I'm telling you those two "muppets" have more personality than half the people on "the expanse" in my opinion. I watched 6 episodes of that show just hoping it would grow on me because the concept seemed cool and as I am here commenting on Farscape this type of show is obviously my jam...but I'll be damned if I could remember anyone's names after 6 episodes or feel connected to them at all. But with this show I'm so connected to a pair of "muppets" that I distinctly remember crying for Pilot and being proud anytime Rygel showed he cared for his crew/family. And in a Human Reaction I was actually horrified at what happened to him. And ive been skimming through this thread. My friend who saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with me had no idea why I suddenly clapped and whispered "Chrichton!" In the middle of the theatre. I was so happy to see him! And then to find out James Gunn put him in because he is a super fan of Farscape was a cherry on top. Love it when our show gets some love.
  12. MissL

    S4.E10 All That Hard Glossy Armor

    Yeah I saw that and just figured lucky guess! (Or someone smart who was paying more attention than me.) It's all good.
  13. MissL


    Hey! I just found out about Amazon prime yesterday. I'm so happy! I had started a rewatch with my original DVDs (those old big boxes they used to come in) and the picture was not great and my DVDs started stuttering in my blu ray player so having it on streaming is exciting! So far picture quality is so much better. I completely forgot how many lines I loved from this show until I started my rewatch. I used to have sound clips on my desktop back in the day. "One mippippippi..two mippippippi..." I love this show! I also wrote a letter for "I am Farscape." And I don't remember being so mad at network executives before. I'd say "or since" but I was also a fan of Firefly and I'd like to get my hands on whoever didn't reign in Chris Carter with the XF reboot. But that's off topic. I just watched through the looking glass and a bugs life tonight. The episodes still hold up. Can't believe how much sympathy I have for a large animatronic muppet (pilot) and a pregnant ship. She's scared and we didn't want you all to leave us. Aww.Just not something you can explain easily to people who have never seen this show. I love this thread. Nobody I know watched this show.
  14. MissL

    S4.E10 All That Hard Glossy Armor

    Really huge spoiler! Wow! I'm surprised.
  15. MissL

    S04.E09: The Serpent

    There was ALOT going on in this episode. what Penny23 what?!! What is it?!! Who did Penny40 see? I'm still wanting that. Q didn't actually get to EAT the quesadilla. A little misleading in that summary show. Still not feeling Josh and Margo. And really didn't care about Alice learning to accept herself. Besides the binder I thought that part was a waste of time. Except for that creepy grin mousy Alice had. What was that about? OMG I actually clapped and said "yay! Out loud in my living room by myself when I saw that next week is the musical episode. This show makes me a total geek.