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  1. MissL

    The Mentalist

    I just started watching too and I’m on season 6 now. I think he gets away with all of that cuz he’s Simon Baker. 😉 He grew on me. Also I just think of him as a modern US version of Sherlock Holmes and I just roll with it. It’s a CBS procedural they never make sense, and boy do these murders get complicated sometimes.
  2. I started clapping and laughing the minute I realized Timothy Olyphant was coming. That’s almost all I needed but the rest was awesome too. “Gonna erase the earrrrrth.”
  3. And Scully the medical doctor checks for head trauma by repeatedly running her hands through his hair. Nice job Scully. I also love Rain King but I feel like I shouldn’t because man it’s almost poorly written fan fiction come to life. David And Gillian are a treasure. Mulder’s glee reaction shot when Scully first gets mistaken for his wife (because he knows she’ll hate it.) Scully's disbelief when she finds out Mulder’s giving out love advice. It’s all amazing.
  4. I forking love this show. Just rewatched this ep. At first I was a tiny bit frustrated because I wanted to see the story move forward but I trust the writers and I’m sure there is something in this episode that will be important later. And second time through I just enjoyed and let my heart soak up the cheesy goodness. Thoughts: Absolutely love the kid that played young Chidi. Perfect mannerisms. I now have a new way to exit a party “I must away and tend to my ravens.” I don’t know why but I got teary eyed when Janet our “not a robot or a girl” kissed Chidi on the cheek when he passed her the note. It was just so sweet and when have we seen her show affection like that beyond Jason? Im glad they’ve committed to an ending but man I’m going to miss this show.
  5. I find myself wishing especially during the reboot that they’d just let him stay dead. Just shows CCs escalating lack of creativity as the seasons progressed (in my opinion).
  6. No they made her wear cargo pants once when they were torturing her with the short soul mate and tiny house. And she ripped the best person sash off of Eleanor and set the party on fire too I believe during that ep.
  7. Random notice...I love that the judges love of Timothy Olyphant continues with her pulling season 2 of Justified out of her purse. That man doesn’t get enough notice for the snack that he is. (And Justified is amazing.)
  8. I’m still partial to “maybe if it rains sleeping bags you’ll get lucky.” Follow that with Mulders slightly shocked face and it’s also a gem. plus I’ve always loved the way Scully says “I fell in a HOLE.”
  9. MissL

    The Mentalist

    That link doesn’t seem to work could you retry?
  10. I mentioned this in the thread for that episode but I swear starlight had a blue tinge to her mouth for a few scenes after that. Especially when she was sitting on the bench talking to Hughie. Could be all in my head though cuz that would be a weird detail that not many people would see. I gasped out loud when Homelander lazered Elizabeth Shue’s eyeballs. I was not expecting that. I figured he would kill her but not that way. Was expecting a head squish or something. Guys she’s totally dead. I figured the kid was alive but I was about 50/50 on whether the wife would be as well. So curious where this goes and how Butcher gets out with his life. Yes he blew up a baby but I think he’d maybe figured Homelander was gonna kill the kid next and they were both goners might as well make it quick.
  11. I just watched this and wanted to know if anyone else caught that star girl had a bit of a blue tinge to her mouth when she was sitting on the bench talking to Hughie? Were we supposed to notice that and was it from the aqua man because.....that was kinda....detailed. Maybe I imagined it or the actress ate some candy before the scene?
  12. MissL

    S01.E04: Rose390

    I do like the creep factor in this show but there is just so much going on that doesn’t make sense. So I have to assume Eric DIDN'T do the VR glasses in the beginning of the ep because they never drew that connection so why was that the opening teaser? And now Kristen and her family not only are being terrorized by what I still assume is a real demon George because of the work she is doing with the church (unless we really saw the last of him with that movie thing) they just randomly happen to use an evil virtual Ouija board which has probably infected their house now? I’d except it more if they show that somehow grandma was influenced by Michael Emerson to buy those things. And are Aasif and his sister still being terrorized by whatever demon thingy was after them? Dangling threads. I don’t think they had to hit the audience over the head at the parents house with the mom actually saying WITHIN EARSHOT of the police “I had to take action.” And then David saying out loud “they killed him.” Yeah. Got it. Thanks. I still kinda like this show though cuz it can scare me and that doesn’t happen often.
  13. I’m kinda sorta doing a rewatch. Every once in a while I’ll pop in an episode because I need some Raylan and Boyd and then I’ll keep going in order so right now I’m on season 2 and Raylan just handed Loretta that cell phone and....I just want to climb him like a tree. Winona still drives me nuts. She’s pretty and I’d see why she couldn’t stay away from Raylan because duh but...she left him for Gary I assume while they were still married and she left Gary while they were still married and went straight to Raylan. Figure your shirt out first girl! And the whole money stealing thing later and almost getting Raylan into trouble and endangering his job when he tried so hard to walk away from the shit Arlo was involved in his whole life. Ugh. Dammit Winona. I assume they did it to make her interesting. Anyway. Season 2 is awesome. Introduced the Bennett’s and Loretta and somehow Boyd becomes attractive to me. 🙂
  14. I’d prefer more Lucifer and Amen and much less Lucifer and Chloe. That is all. Actually Lucifer and anyone but Chloe is entertaining. I really truly don’t see the appeal of Chloe.
  15. Ok. So I watched the whole thing over the last few weeks but I’ve been afraid to come to this forum because the one thread format always spoils the show for me. So I’ve forgotten most of what I wanted to say. I wasn’t a David fan (saw more chemistry between Phillip and Darcy but whatever) but that was still a rough way to go. I don’t understand how Jeff and Carly completely lost custody of their kid. I can’t officially remember what Carly did that was so bad and Jeff was a cop and admittedly the drunk driving was BAD but my friend is a foster mother and her kids mother has done MUCH worse and they are still trying to rehab her and reunite them. It takes ALOT to permanently separate a kid. I didn’t buy it. Just saw it as the show wanting them to be kid free. I am so very curious of where they thought they were going with this story.
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