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  1. Those things on her chest look so hard and unyielding. Like bowling balls with a human skin coating.
  2. Does she physically have to be there? Or does a video conference count? I'm still boggled that in the vast number of law firms in LA she couldn't find one that would work with her. I'm sure there are LA based firms that work with helping unjustly incarcerated prisoners.
  3. Frost

    S12.E19: The Inspiration Deprivation

    Not even a mention of Anu. There could of been a line dropped in when Howard and Raj were talking about the scooter. Just to make sure the audience remembers her! Especially if that is the end-line for Raj's story. Loved Sheldon crooning Soft Kitty to Amy. Is this the first time Sheldon has sung it to someone other than Penny? And that was under duress! I love Regina King's HR Manager, but shaming Amy as blowing her chance to be a role model for a world wide cohort of girls that will now have no one to look up to was a low blow. I would think Cal Tech would be strongly defending the work of their scientists, not standing by silently while others basically co-opt their work. Especially when a Nobel is in the mix. I know, I know. Sit com! Not real life! I was glad Amy got to stand up for herself at the end of the episode. I want both her and Sheldon to be able to defend their work and earn the Nobel, not have some comedy hi-jinks that result in them getting it over the other guys.
  4. Frost

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

    I got a lump in my throat with "The Saga Comes to an End" rather than "The Saga Continues". I've grown up with Star Wars and it's hard to accept the Skywalker era is ending. 😭
  5. Frost


    Did Khloe photoshop a different headshot for that 'birth' photo? I have never seen a mother with her just born baby where there's not a hair out of place or a single drop of sweat or any other sign that something actually happened.
  6. Somehow this just seems inextricably linked with the parents payoff to get their kids into elite colleges scandal. My mind immediately jumped to how will Kim manipulate the system to 'pass' the bar? 😁 Maybe I'm a cynic.
  7. She couldn't find a law firm in LA that would work with her? Why the need to fly up to SF to begin with?
  8. Frost


    When 'brows' are way above the actual brow bone they're drawn on, correct? Nobody actually has hair that grows up there do they? I wouldn't want to discourage Kylie from not caking on makeup and photoshopping herself to unrecognizability, but the picture on the right looks like it comes from a Shrek movie.
  9. Frost


    I find that video very disturbing. Staring into a mirror and telling yourself how great you are is supposed to build self esteem? Or a narcissistic personality disorder?
  10. Frost

    S12.E18: The Laureate Accumulation

    That would piss me off. The show has been very clear that the other two guys don't know what the hell they're talking about and just stumbled into the whole thing. Sheldon and Amy collaborated on super asymmetry and should get the Nobel together. Especially since it all began during their wedding episode which is one of my favorites during the entire run of the series.
  11. Frost


    Can Khloe watch herself on Jimmy Kimmel and then look at one of her photoshopped to death posted photographs and see the disconnect? Enquiring minds want to know! It's truly sad that she can't accept the way she looks, even with all the plastic surgery. It's never going to be enough. God help her in 10 to 20 years. She'll have to go into cryogenic freeze!
  12. I'd forgotten about that! Plus, wasn't it a good college? I think Professor Sturgis teaches at an invented university though. I did a quick search and didn't see a Texas Tech in Houston.
  13. Frost

    S12.E18: The Laureate Accumulation

    I liked Sheldon's approach to exposing the idiotic but social media savvy scientists during the reception, but I couldn't believe he or Amy didn't immediately have a 'defend' response when the guy just said he agreed without any kind of follow up. Don't they remember their Counterfactuals game? The book storyline was adorable but I can definitely see why Howard would be reluctant to have it out in the world. It would be pretty humiliating unless he was able to spin it as exaggeration for the sake of the book. Which would be difficult because it probably wasn't exaggerated at all! This is a great send off for Stuart the artist/comic book store owner as well. Good job by the writer's to come up with an organic way for Stuart to end up successful by the finale.
  14. Frost

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    This has got to be one of the stupidest things I've ever read. I just bought great tickets for the Friday night showing. The damn movie will be shown on thousands of screens all over the country. Someone could fly to another city if they were that desperate to get good seats for far cheaper than $10,000. Unless the seats are right next to Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, etc, forget it!
  15. Frost


    Kourtney's got some natural athleticism. I think she's much more attractive when she doesn't wear a ton of makeup and have her hair tied tightly back.