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  1. I just watched a more recent episode where they put down a flagstone patio in the front and put up two large Victorian aviaries. The cat was having a grand old time! They're going to have to find a winter home for those birds though. I'm not even sure they'd last though a bad thunderstorm!
  2. Yippee Kaiyay! I'm absolutely ecstatic about the new season. They come up with the best ideas for each season. Each one utterly different. I wonder if they deliberately came up with an idea that allowed them to shoot a lot of scenes outdoors due to COVID or if they were already planning on a wagon trail theme. Or maybe the entire thing was shot on a soundstage like Bonanza!
  3. Is the photo on the right Khloe? Really? I'm truly asking because the two people don't look anything alike. If that's Khloe, how many years ago was that photo taken? Whoever it is, I'm still grossed out by bikinis that are so small that women must have every hair on their bodies ripped out in order to wear them.
  4. Apparently she can't stop herself. People magazine has an article about a dispute she's in with the city of Detroit over a house she thought she had bought several years ago and apparently has been renovating, but the person she paid didn't actually own the property. I had some sympathy for her until her public statement that she wanted to get the situation resolved because her child wants to save the little red house. BARF.
  5. OTOH True is seriously adorable and her smile would cheer up both Scrooge and the Grinch! I cannot pray hard enough that True escapes the warped self-image of her mother's family.
  6. I guess one of Kylie's make up artists was in a major car accident and needs surgery. Kylie donated $5000 to his Go Fund Me page and then posted the link for her fans to contribute! There were some testy responses about the amount of money Kylie spends on designer handbags for Stormi! 😁
  7. What I found frustrating about the interview was all the references about the bad things being said and done by "they." I couldn't tell if "they" were the media, some kind of palace staff person, or a family member. The context seem to jump around too much for me to keep track of who "they" were for a particular incident.
  8. It's going to take me awhile to digest this whole thing, but I'm having trouble. Harry and Meghan's initial statement specially said they were seeking financial independence as part of their stepping away plan. In this interview Harry said they had to do the Netflix stuff because his family cut him off financially. First of off, you're a grown ass man Harry with a wife, a son and another child on the way. You shouldn't be supported by your dad. Secondly, you're a millionaire multiple times over because of your mother, so cry me a river about having to pay your own way in the world. Hearing that blatant self-serving story about being cut off makes me wonder what spinning was happening in this interview. It's not that I doubt it whole sale, I just can't buy the whole package. And I really didn't like the tale about Archie's skin tone without saying who it was. All that does is open everyone up for being accused of being the racist. Either say who "they" are or don't tell the story. I am shocked about pulling security from the intelligence stand point, but not from the financial stand point. I hope their private security still gets briefings from British intelligence about threats.
  9. I have a feeling that Queen Elizabeth will follow Phillip fairly quickly when he passes. No matter how healthy she is, that emotional bond is so strong it's going to be like half of herself is missing. 😢
  10. It annoys me when just because someone doesn't defend someone else on Twitter for heaven's sake, that means they aren't being supportive. I don't know the story behind the bullying charge, I have no idea how the back of the house staff at Buck House are managed. All of the hullabaloo seems completely concocted by the media as far as I can see. Bullying charges that result in multiple people quitting should be investigated. That doesn't mean they are true. It certainly doesn't mean big public statements should be issued, unless the people who felt they were bullied were putting out their own statements saying they complained to HR and were ignored. Meghan could be the nicest person in the world. Employees have the right to file complaints and have their complaints be fairly investigated. It's the public aspect of it that I don't understand.
  11. I'm sure this whole bullying story is spitefully timed hogwash, but I have read people entering an ultra-rich sphere have a hard time adjusting to having servants. There's a difficult adjustment period where they either come across too strict and rigid in an attempt to maintain their standing in the "master-servant" hierarchy or they try to be "just friends". Whereas people that grow up in that environment can balance the respect due an employee with giving directions to an employee. I know I would have a hard time being surrounded by a bunch of people 24 hours a day to whom I was supposed to give orders - and I've been a manager for years! In my life, there's such a hard line between personal and professional with employees that I can't imagine asking someone if my laundry was done yet or walking into my bedroom and seeing someone in there changing my sheets!
  12. Plus the tailoring does not look good in those photos. Diana's outfit was impeccably tailored. Kristen's looks bulky and loose fitting.
  13. Her story is given short shrift in the movie. In the book, it's clear that she's spent years trying to placate her husband, who has deep self-esteem issues because of her family's wealth. He gets snubbed by her relatives as a social climber. He ends up taking his anger and humiliation out on Astrid and their son. By the time of the movie, Astrid is getting tired of having to hide the fact that she's wealthy so as not to emasculate her husband (in his mind). The theme is a warning of what could happen with Rachel and Nick due to Rachel entering into the family from completely outside their social sphere as well.
  14. I have no idea what their pre-nup says, but I'm sure Kim is still looking to Kayne to financially support their three children so it's still in her best interests to promote Yeezy. We may still see her in Kanye's magnificent styling!
  15. I am happy because this storyline allows me to quote one of my all time favorite pieces of dialogue, from the movie Max Dugan Returns. Grandson's mysterious grandfather, Max, has just resurfaced and they are getting acquainted. Max (Jason Robards at his rascally, deep voiced best) asks his grandson (wide eyed Matthew Broderick) what he plans to major in in college. Grandson asks for Max's advice: "Philosophy." "You can make money with philosophy?" "If you have the right one."
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