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  1. Frost

    Eternals (2021)

    I don't read the comics so I really don't know how Eternals meshes with the rest of the MCU. I am confused about Earth being the celestial "egg". Why would Ego have planted Earth with his "seeds" in the 1970's if there was already a celestial incubating here? In cosmic time, the few decades between the 70's and the Tiamut hatching would be nothing. Would Ego really not know Tiamut was there?
  2. That looks like anime, not a real photo.
  3. Frost

    The Royals

    What had the biggest impact on me was that Andrew is "defending this case as a private citizen." That's as direct a cut as they could make, unless he was completely stripped of being a Prince.
  4. Frost

    The Royals

    I like the photos because they're not her usual look. The wavy, wind swept hair is very different from any hairstyle I've seen on her before. The photos look like she was having fun dressing up and doing the full on "romance" look. I contrast these with the official portraits of Diana wearing tiaras and ball gowns, which usually looked stilted to me. Of course, sadly we'll never know what Diana would have looked like at 40 so it's not really a comparison.
  5. Frost

    The Royals

    40th Birthday Photos of Kate These photos are stunning.
  6. That was a master class on corporate gobbledygook! How to say nothing at all in three paragraphs!
  7. Frost

    Figure Skating

    The flailing arms really struck me too. No control, just arms flopping around. I think some ballet foundation training might be helpful! I know the jumps are the be-all and end-all now but I still want artistry too. I did a double take when I saw Gracie Gold come up to skate. I thought, that's a name from the past! I don't follow skating regularly so I had no idea about her depression and eating disorder. I am so glad she had a great program.
  8. Frost

    Encanto (2021)

    What is this?
  9. I don't read the comics so...does the prominence of the goats mean anything? They seem an odd choice for the poster.
  10. Frost

    Encanto (2021)

    I guess Mirabel's ability to sense the magic wasn't considered a "gift" since her door shut down and she never got her own room. I liked that it wasn't until Mirabel was asked "what do you see?" and looked at her own reflection in the doorknob and said, "Me." that she was able to fully open to the magic. I took me until the 3rd watching (I'm obsessed by this movie! 😄) to realize how important that moment was. Mirabel finally accepted that she was perfect just as "me," without any magic, and independent of her family. Poor Louisa started losing her power when she was worried that she could
  11. Frost

    Encanto (2021)

    I loved Encanto and plan a rewatch today! I'm curious as to how the shapeshifting gift is supposed to help the community? Even Antonio's gift for communicating with animals would be beneficial. Creating beauty, controlling weather, healing, seeing the future, super strength, etc can all be used for "good." I've been combing my mind, trying to come up with a communal benefit for shapeshifting into other people.
  12. In prior seasons, haven't the judges moaned about the use of fondant, because no one likes to eat it? Not a peep tonight when they all either covered their entire cakes, or used fondant for the top. It looked thick too. I don't know enough about Kwanza to critique the baker's choices, except the decorating was fairly bad for all of them. I actually loved that they all just blew off the twist. It just goes to show, if the bakers conspired together, they could ignore it every time!
  13. She passed on her FOURTH try? I thought it was a 3 strikes you're out deal. Shame on you California! And Kim, I don't know if it's true that the pass rate of the Baby Bar is worse than the standard CA Bar Exam, but even if it is, that doesn't mean the Baby Bar is harder. Maybe the people that take the Baby Bar just aren't as trained or knowledgeable?
  14. Frost

    The Royals

    Charlotte looks so grown up! And positively regal. I wish I had her posture 😄
  15. I'm so happy Jody wasn't sent home! He needs to deal better with unfamiliar desserts though. Even if he hadn't heard of a Grasshopper Pie before, the tastes aren't so uncommon he couldn't work with them. I was yipping at the TV when he just threw the walnuts into his mousse. Why not make a walnut brittle or a crumble or something? I'm not sorry Marilyn left but I wish it had been Jose. I actually brightened up when Duff said Jose was boring...but then the commercial break ended and it turned into a compliment! He just seems so dour all the time.
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