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  1. People magazine has a new poll for Sexiest Man alive and both Jared and Jensen are up for Sexiest TV Actor. https://people.com/celebrity/sma-poll-2021/
  2. Frost

    The Royals

    I didn't realize Harry's eyes were so small. They look to be a vivid blue, but they are also very small for his face.
  3. I really loved the first 2 seasons. This Oregon trail scenario had such potential but the writers seem to have run out of ideas. The sex orgy stuff was just lazy. What was the point? Ooh! Look! Bare butts! The only thing I liked was the Miami Trail. How lucky these survivors had enough money for the fare in a luxury stagecoach!
  4. Did someone tell Kylie that lace monstrosity was attractive? On anybody? Maybe stick thin Kendall could pull it off, but Kylie just looks lumpy.
  5. Kim is being incredibly reckless here. She has 250 million followers. How many will sink a portion of their life savings into this brand new, just off the shelf crypto currency?
  6. Frost

    The Royals

    I will be horrified if this is in the movie. Anne Boleyn was not only beheaded (as in, actively killed by the Crown, as opposed to being in a car accident!), she was an active Queen to King Henry VIII. She was a highly educated political operator of the first order, who was unfortunately able to provide a son to her husband. I truly can't see any parallel between Diana and Anne, besides marriage to a Royal.
  7. I don't follow the music press, so I have no idea how it's being received, but the Washington Post music critic absolutely loathed "Donda," This is how he ends the review:
  8. Did she have a butt implant??? Photos of her in that green dress with the deep V make her hips look super wide. Way more than the dress's hip pockets would add.
  9. When are we going to get a "barf" emojii?
  10. I think it's 3 strikes and you're out so hopefully this is the end of Kimmie pretending to be a lawyer. If she wants to use her celebrity to highlight a cause, such as wrongly incarcerated people, then God Speed. It seems like an odd cause for her to champion, but if it raises the profile of someone wrongly convicted, more power to her. It's her arrogance of thinking she could just sit at home with people prepping her and giving her customized versions of the exam for practice and then pass the test with flying colors that ticks me off.
  11. How does Jared reconcile this ret-con with tweeting about being "gutted" about the news?
  12. It was an interesting episode, but I was disappointed they didn't go back to the Reno theory from the prior episode. Josh seemed to support the theory that Cooper didn't actually jump until the plane was descending into Reno, and therefore was able to land in a large open area, miles away from where the authorities would search for him. If that was discredited later, it would have been nice to say why in this follow-up.
  13. Frost


    I hope Simone Biles feels able to make her own decision about competing in the individual all-around and the individual event finals. I can just imagine some people having a fit if she dropped out of competing for the US team, but still went out for individual medals. She needs to be able to control her own decisions. I can't imagine anything worse than attempting her incredibly difficult routines if she's having focus problems. That would be so dangerous.
  14. Frost

    Media for La Brea

    The trailers for this look fun, but my stupid cable company doesn't get NBC so I won't be able to watch it.
  15. Thanks everyone for the explanations! I hope if Cavendish is in contention at the end, that the other rider's don't slow down to give him the win - even one of his teammates. Beating Merckx's record is meaningless if Cavendish doesn't have to earn it. I heard a commentator saying Wout van Aert would be the "villain" if he sprinted past Cavendish at the end.
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