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  1. That seems pretty random. What's the connection between Jensen, Jarod, and Bill Murray?
  2. I want to see a floor plan of the completed house. Mike's den looks enormous, even though it never seemed that big on the show. I don't remember all those seating areas. I know one of them is supposedly "behind the camera," but did they build it just because there was space? If I thought much about it at all, I imagined Mike's drafting table was against the far wall of the den - which didn't exist because it was a set. The mish mash of different brick and stone and rock in that house is bugging me more with every episode! Wall colors and ugly décor are easy to change, but whoever buys that house is stuck with all that unmatched hardscaping. I was a loyal viewer of The Brady Bunch but Cindy's doll Kitty never made an impression on me. I was a Mrs Beasley girl all the way!
  3. Stormi looks cute...her mother's talons are scary and her lips are rather grotesquely overinflated however. I don't think I've ever heard Kylie's voice before and was pleasantly surprised. She doesn't use a cutesy high whispery voice or have a vocal fry.
  4. Why would big plastic grapes ever be in style? Seriously. Why?!?!? My grandmother had a clump of them in a bowl on her coffee table in the 60s. Even as a kid all I could think about was how dusty they were. The rubbery plastic material they were made from attracted and held onto dust like nobody's business. On the other hand, I too coveted that horse statue. I wonder what it is actually made from?
  5. I'm impressed with all the effort they are going through to recreate the exact interior, but I'm not gonna lie...the interior is BUTT UGLY! And I grew up in that period with the shag carpeting and colored appliances and formica kitchens. All the different types of stone work: brick and stack stone and whatever you call that stuff on the wall by the entry door! Stick to one, for goodness sake! And that couch! The fabric was hideous!
  6. There's a photo of a female Kardashian with her lips pursed on the People magazine website and between the plastic surgery and photoshop, I can't even tell who it is anymore. I don't care enough to read the caption so I guess I'll never know...although apparently I care enough to come here and write a comment *snerk*
  7. I have to say, however begrudgingly, that SKIMS is actually a pretty good name for her shapewear! She should have started with that.
  8. Those bodysuits are absolutely hideous. Plus they both look like sex dolls...no soul and very little animation.
  9. Torso? I was too distracted by the gigantic carbuncle attached to her hip/leg/backside. Also, she looks kind of flat chested in this photo. Did she have some implants removed?
  10. Frost

    S03.E08: Chapter 27

    This is my problem with the series. The lack of atonement. For David, for Lenny, for Amy, for the countless others he tortured and murdered over time. Farouk felt bad about what he did? And his early self promises to walk the straight and narrow and that's it? I'm not usually an eye for an eye person but Farouk caused an immense amount of pain and suffering to a LOT of people and a bit of inner contemplation just doesn't seem to be enough consequence. Regardless of the time do-over, those people did live through the pain and suffering the first time, even if their new selves won't. So, while I'm glad Farouk experienced sudden enlightenment, I kind of wanted David to finish his Old Testament retribution. 😀
  11. I don't care what holy mess Khloe makes of her face and body. As long as she leaves sweet, adorable True alone - both physically and emotionally! True is a gorgeous little girl and I could seriously cry to think what kinds of body dysmorphia lie in her future.
  12. I love how instead of just shaving off the beard, he shaves into separate styles as he goes! Very creative! And yes, I very much want to know what's behind the green box.
  13. Kylie is now putting out a line of "Stormi" kids clothing. Can't possibly not capitalize on an asset, not if you're a Kardashian! How much money do these people need, anyway?
  14. I know it's not even an apples and oranges comparison....it's more like organic apples and some kind of GMO lab raised organism....but I can't help wonder at the fact that Prince George and North West are both 6 years old. And George might be a future King of England, but he seems to be a little boy, running around, playing with his sister, splashing in a stream, and getting exciting about helicopters. Versus poor North, making duck lips and wearing a nose ring and make up, posing for formal photographs with her narcissistic mother unit. Nature vs Nurture indeed.
  15. All I can think of is how uncomfortable it must be to have that hanging off you. How much does that much injected stuff weigh? Is it stiff and hard? Or rubbery? What would it feel like to sit on? It's just so, so weird to do that do your body.
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