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  1. Is there any chance she'll get some kind of special accommodations for taking the baby bar? Pleading excessive rubber necking by the other test takers or something? So she'll have her own room or some other advantage? Or won't California put up with that kind of nonsense? I hate to be so cynical but I'm imaging shenanigans of some sort if she announces that she passed. I just flat out don't believe she's capable.
  2. I love that Khloe and Kourtney posted supposedly cryptic messages about each other and Kim posted photos of her kid's playroom and there's zippo activity here. Except for me posting about the zip activity 😉 Dare I dream their kudzu like infiltration of social media might have met its Round Up?
  3. I've been in IT for a manufacturing company for over 30 years and believe it or not, when I started one of the department forms was called a RAPE sheet. I can't remember what the tortured acronym was to come up with those initials, but somebody definitely worked at it. That was in 1989. The form wasn't phased out for a couple more years. ☹️ Even as a professional with an MBA getting something like that addressed back in 1989 was incredibly difficult so I can absolutely relate to Sam's frustrations. Even today, it's much much easier to count the number of meetings where I'm NOT the only woman present. I still think Sam was taking her frustrations out on the wrong person. Mary was trying to be hospitable and Sam calling her out as a bad example of womanhood who was making Sam's life more difficult as a result was rude. But very thought provoking for a sit-com so kudos to the writers! I love this show!
  4. Go Mary! "For your information, Sheldon does not look down on women! He looks down on everybody!" I understand Sam's frustration (I'm a woman in IT who works for a manufacturing company), but putting down Mary for being friendly and welcoming is not striking a blow for female equality. I loved Georgie jumping into protective older brother mode. After all, who knows more about what that boy might be thinking about his little sister? 😂 And June and Connie are made of awesome. This was just one fabulous episode all around.
  5. It's just unbelievable that Northwest flight 2501 has never been found when debris was found so soon after the crash. Did the Korean War so pull focus that the Coast Guard just gave up? Even after watching the episode I still don't get it. I mean, it's Lake Michigan, not an ocean. It's a big body of water, but it's still a defined area. The fact that bodies were buried without the families even being notified? Unfathomable. I'm really glad Josh chose this for a show because I've never even heard of this crash...and that's just wrong.
  6. I think that was a Sussex Spaniel. The dachshund was in a the Hound group. All I could think at the time was, I hope nobody gets mad at that dog behind the scenes!
  7. Hole maintenance could end up being incredibly lucrative. If the holes are shallow enough that snakes dropped in them can reach up bite the, um, users of the hole, they're going to fill up pretty quickly (UGH!). Poor Chauncley finally does something right, that his father could actually be proud of him for, and ends up taking the rap for the treaty falling apart instead. Oh well. Personal growth versus paternal approbation!
  8. Just imagine how much hair spray those poor poodles have inhaled over the years!
  9. If I ruled the dog show world, I would outlaw combs and brushes and bows in the ring. Treats are fine (who's a good dog!). But I get so irritated when the handlers keep whipping out the combs in the middle of judging! I would also outlaw ear cropping, tail docking, and stupid haircuts. The dogs should look like they look. No adding anything, no taking away anything. Standard poodles are beautiful dogs but that continental clip looks utterly ridiculous and claiming that it's actually practical because it keeps the dogs joints warm is stupid. Like the incredibly top-heavy clip wouldn't drag the dog's head underwater! Let the human interference stuff go and let's celebrate the actual dogs. I was so glad to see a Golden win the Sporting group. He was absolutely gorgeous!
  10. They both look so artificial, although Blac Chyna has ramped it up several degrees.
  11. I can't get over how much more I enjoy the FS1 coverage. Not only do I get to see all the dogs, not the pre-selected ones who are going to do well, but the commentary doesn't make me grind my teeth.
  12. I scrolled through the 200 photos of Catherine's fashions on the previous page and was reminded once again of how much I HATE the dress she wore to Pippa's wedding. The color, the cut, the fit...absolutely everything about it. It's like she deliberately selected the most unappealing dress so as not to overshadow the bride. If that was the plan, it worked! I would be very glad to never see that dress again.
  13. Poor Kim! She fell into a shredder! And had nothing else to wear so she had to appear in public in the dress. I'm so sad...
  14. There's a lot of layers to it. I saw it a couple of weeks ago and I'm still thinking about things that happened, and why they might have happened.
  15. I think a lot of Oscar pools just got blown up.
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