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  1. I'm sure Josh misses the traveling, but hosting a talk show does seem like a really good fit for him! He can fan boy without being fawning, which can be a tight rope to walk. I wish he had talked to Michael Emerson about Person of Interest, the one role where he wasn't a bad guy.
  2. What's interesting is if the marriage had been recognized at the time, especially if Sophia had still died in childbirth, I could see the baby being whisked away by the Brockenhurst's and the Trenchard's would have been pretty much been shut out of his life completely. So the whole convoluted parentage thing probably worked out best for Anne and James in the end, in that they actually get to have a relationship with their grandson and his family. I feel so badly for Stephen's poor wife. She really is in a hopeless position. All she can hope is that his creditor's won't accept half payment, now that they know he's now out of the loop of the inheritance.
  3. The remake has driven a lot of people to the original video on You Tube. I just love quirky stuff like this. I admire people who can not only say "Hey! Wouldn't it be fun to remake You Can Call Me Al" but then actually have the guts and drive to pull it off.
  4. Karen Allen looks fantastic! She falls into the 'whatever happened to...' category for me. Why didn't her career take off?
  5. I hope they have a really tight plan to shoot the remaining episodes fast and effectively. When their 'safe to shoot' window opens up, there's no telling how long it will stay open.
  6. It really does look like Destiel! I had to zoom in to see it's actually Diestel. I was afraid we'd slipped into an alternate universe for a minute...
  7. I don't know if we ever knew where Susan's father made his fortune. Was it new money, like the Trenchards? Or did he inherit it, like a good aristocrat? 😀 Now I'm interested in doing some research, but I think the rich American heiresses, since they were so far outside of upper British society, were somehow more acceptable than marrying a daughter of a newly rich Englishman. The Americans still faced a lot of snobbery but they were still treated better by society dames than a wife raised up from the merchant classes probably would have been. The 10,000 had very strict and intricate rules. Unless you were brought up in them, you were probably doomed to failure trying to navigate them later in life.
  8. I know it seems utterly ridiculous, but Sophia's "shame" would have been cast over the entire Trenchard family. Ironically, James' very social aspirations would spectacularly backfire because the Trenchards were already teetering on the edge of high society and this would push them out completely. And since they have considered themselves "too good" for the merchant class, they probably wouldn't be welcomed back to that fold. socially, either. Oliver and Susan would be screwed. The entire family could very well find themselves socially shunned by both the upper and merchant classes. Again, utterly ridiculous. And utterly ruthless. Mean Girls, writ large! I don't recall this being explored in the book either, except that her father is very wealthy and doesn't have a son so Susan is his heir. I find characters like her much more sympathetic in screen versions than on the page. The sadness and emptiness of her life are communicated better through facial expressions and emotions in the eyes than to read about it on the page. One of my favorite scenes of the entire run!
  9. Maybe "job" wasn't the right word, but James still works with those developers who got him into the club. Without their social standing, his money would not have been enough for that. What I was wondering was if the Brockenhurst's proclaim Charles their grandson and it comes out that Sophia Trenchard gave birth to him out of wedlock, then the social shunning could extend to declining James Trenchard any opportunity to continue to invest in projects like the Isle of Dogs, or any other future developments. If that happened, has James Trenchard been prudent enough with his money for his family to survive at Glanville? All sheer speculation of course. I was just musing on whether James would be free with his spending in order to live up to his social aspirations. Or would his regard for his own hard work keep at least his financial feet on firm ground. It was more of a character question.
  10. Belgravia really needed 7 or 8 episodes instead of 6. The pace of the first episodes was good, but they've lost a lot of detail in the last couple, trying to get it all in before the end. The tension in the book around the visit from Miss Sophia's former maid and the letters really built and didn't feel as much like a melodrama as it did by dealing with it all within one episode. And there's a lot more going on with Susan than is being explored in the series as well. Oh well, I'm still really enjoying seeing Belgravia brought to life. I'm going to miss it when it's done! John is really in a pickle, isn't he? He was too indiscrete with his army contact. The man knows way too many particulars, including the fact that it involves a relation to John who died at Waterloo. Plus, he was very pleased with himself for his successful sleuthing. He's probably told all kinds of people already and gotten the speculation ball rolling. I was glad to see James Trenchard finally agreeing to do the right thing, in allowing the Countess to recognize Charles Pope without mentioning Sophia, even though it would mean giving up access to his grandson. It was heartbreaking to see how much it would hurt Anne to lose that connection, but at least James didn't fight her on it. It's odd to put myself in the mindset that it was "the right thing" to do, but in those days, if Sophia and Edmund truly had not been legally married, 100% of the shame would have been on her and her family. And it might have meant more than social ruin for the Trenchards. If James lost his job, did they have enough accumulated wealth to retire to Glanville and live with no income? No one of any consequence would have hired him or welcomed his investment after the scandal.
  11. I got Dean! 😍 I didn't even try to rig it. I chose a Burger and not Pie! It seemed like there were certain answers that would guarantee a Dean, Sam, or Castiel selection but I figured I would answer them honestly the first time just to see what happened...and then I could rig it to get who I wanted in subsequent rounds...you know, if I was still a 13 year old girl who did that sort of thing...🙃
  12. OMG! I'm so glad I didn't know about the Chat! I didn't have to waste my brain power on wondering "what on earth is wrong with these people?" and "don't they have anything better to do?"
  13. That was a really interesting interview with Jewel. Jensen's face got very intense when Danneel mentioned that he personally spoke to someone on the set of One Tree Hill who was behaving inappropriately towards her and other female cast members. I wonder who that was? I cringed a little with the live Q&A, especially with the girl with gigantic Jared posters on her wall, but their questions were treated respectfully and thoughtfully.
  14. Adorable video! Archie is very good at turning the pages. 😀
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