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  1. Yay, Geoffrey! It was heartwarming to see how happy his fellow castmates were, swarming him (Marquise rubbing his head!) at his win. If I won the lottery, of the four I'd want him to dress me. And I'd back his business and Nancy's.
  2. I hope the advice to keep the crocheted baseball caps as Victoria’s signature isn’t indicative of what the CFDA mentorship will be like. So surprised the judges actually put her on blast with real criticism, as if whatever Moldovan koolaid they had been drinking throughout the season wore off. I was happy that they showed quick flashes of Christian’s runway show, but surprised that what they did show didn’t seem like a cohesive collection. I was confused though, when did they see Christian' show in relation to their 48 hours before their own mini show? Was NY Fashion Week still running during that time, or was it over by the time they presented to the judges? It was really sweet of Nancy to make that observation about how Sergio could say some “crazy” things, but he never said unkind things to or about the other designers. Similarly, I’m glad they showed Geoffrey stopping what he was doing, even when time was so precious, to go over and give Nancy support. They were all so supportive of one another when unpacking their boxes and getting the first views of each other’s work. Sergio also seemed less defensive about Christian’s help, although defiantly embracing “Victorian Saloon Girl” could have worked….well, maybe with another designer. Sergio is always going to go back to that bell skirt or circle silhouette. Which isn't a bad thing, as his blue dress (the least Victorian Saloon Girl) showed. And even though (or maybe because) that kombucha looked so nasty, I did want to see what kind of clothing Sergio would make out of it. I’ve got to admit, I’m rooting for Geoffrey to win – more in a bit--and for Nancy to have a phenomenal career with adaptive design and zero-waste fashion. Her “sustain-ability” top was how to promote a logo for this stage in their careers, Victoria. And when Sergio was getting his well-deserved dressing-down for essentially using social causes as accessories, I kept wanting the camera to pan to Nancy, who walks her walk. I do like Nancy’s aesthetic as shown in her personal style, and maybe it's a bit of foreshadowing that—as the judges commented -- her strength in inclusivity, zero-waste and adaptive design doesn't translate well to runway showstopping potential. Brandon already pointed out last episode is important for the win. Which brings me to Geoffrey. He’s self-admittedly avant-garde, and his work is larger than life, which –if he can integrate the judge’s comments in time – would be more in keeping with the early Bravo PR winners, moreso than the other three. He’s had two wins where celebrities wanted to wear his designs—Cyndi Lauper and Leslie Jones – and that’s where his distinct POV would shine, much like Christian’s. I’m surprised that he didn’t go back to working some latex pieces into his collection, and I respect his choice to show the pieces that would benefit from getting critiqued. I totally get his injury and choice to work on a Disney show with Zaldy setting him way behind. It also seemed like he lived in a walkup building, and if his torn meniscus was bad enough to require a stabilizer, I'd be minimizing my trips up and down those stairs too. I also felt for him--the other three were shown to have the support of loved ones, and Geoffrey mentioned that he was going through a breakup. And was speechless when Christian ragged him about not having any female friends who could try on his clothes.
  3. I'm grateful that Sergio didn't come up with a story for his dress, although it was fun speculating what this week's cause might be. Chernobyl? Genocide? Fracking? That being said, I think he was the one that gave fabric to Victoria, and the editors teased us with the phone call of death where it seemed he has a really sweet partner. Normally I'm not a fan of Leslie Jones, but tonight, her unabashed enthusiasm for Geoffrey's dress won me over. Especially since that was probably a huge factor in his well-deserved win. He really bounced back from several setbacks quite well! He was also supersweet on the runway, about how bittersweet his win was since it meant a dear friend and talented designer would be going home. I wish I had the money to have Geoffrey dress me! Geoffrey FTW!!!! Brittany--all her dresses are starting to look like fairy manga princess outfits. I did smile when she slashed off the asymmetrical hemline. I'm glad that she helped everyone out, instead of caving to her thoughts of sabotage. If those onesies were supplied by TPTB, was it allowable to cut them up and use them in an overnight challenge? The less said about Victoria, the better.
  4. I was rooting for Tyler to pull out a surprise top three, because of the "helpful"/sarcasm advice he was getting. (And also because he seemed like Tyler was genuinely helpful to others when he could be) I had absolutely no idea about Karlie's personal life, so when Tyler made his remark I had a WTF moment on several levels. TBH, the only time I care is when it's directly related to a challenge (as in last season's Nina's story about wanting to get into fashion while she was still in Colombia) and even that's a bit of a stretch (don't remember the other judges). I agree that it was a desperate attempt of Tyler's to be bitchy-cute-bonding but it only shows a total lack of situational awareness. Christian said to him pointblank that Tyler kept ignoring his advice, so it was surprising (and sad) that Tyler expected to be the Siriano Save. The editors had some fun with that, drawing out the suspense as to whether Christian would blow his save on someone who's been clearly out of sync with the judges expectations. I like Nancy, and I flove the fact that she graduated design school in her sixties and has been rocking it ever since. It was smart of her to avail herself of Carla's expertise, but I think she may have come off like she did last episode, when she was hammering away at the ornaments, unconcerned with how it was driving everyone else around her batty. I thought of the stylist's eyeroll to the camera as a response to that, and not that Carla had an attitude. (I did appreciate that the stylist's suit was perfectly tailored for her) There's a reason why I avoid Goodwill in NYC and only shop in the Goodwills in other states. Maybe the other Goodwills also have a sign that says "curated" like this one did, but the prices for clothing are actually kind of ridonk, sometimes twice as much as it is outside of NYC. Plus, anything with a recognizable label (better material) is either specially priced even higher, or already purchased by people who specifically haunt thrift shops for vintage or branded items for resale. At least they were given 45 minutes to shop. The whole thing about designing on the car ride over--aside from the motion sickness thing (which I also share) --is what led to the multiple re-constructed jacket garments. Finding blazers/men's suits is about the one thing that one can count on --or jeans. I hated the all denim outfit for this challenge. This to represent American design in Paris? (The top was cute, though) Love her eyewear, praying that's the only design sensibility she shares with Miss Sunshine. I did laugh that the representative of American design that won came from one of the most recently American designers.
  5. Eddie Murphy and Lizzo was the best Christmas present SNL could have given us this year! To all the tinga nadies--
  6. This x 1000. It's been a while since I was laughing so hard and so consistently throughout an episode. Even the cold open seemed to benefit from having all these legends in the house. I loved Maya/Kamala crashing the debate. I didn't recognize "Tulsi" at first -- Cecily's just so good as Melania, and then later on, as Judge Jeanine. I also totally agree about Colin being so much looser, and as a result, WU being that much livelier. I like the jabs that Che takes at him, and then in this WU with Gumby giving it to Che. (Poor Pokey, though!) I was howling at Mr. Robinson's neighborhood. A big shoutout to the director/camera people for that segment. Mr. Robinson's turning his face beatifically to the camera always cracks me up, especially when followed by his bellowing at the door. @OpalNightstream, your post had me doubled over. I think the rest of this week will have me singing that and the other songs. Lizzo was the perfect guest for this episode. I loved that she had dancers with a wide range of body types, and she just filled the stage with joy. Haha I even laughed at the closed captioning, which quickly changed Eddie's line to "We can win this thing!" If I can find those busted teeth party favors, I may be making some Sonic the Hedgehog cupcakes.....
  7. This is the first season I started fast forwarding through after the blinds. I don't feel like the show gives contestants time enough to develop and grow with the help of their coaches as they used to, and that used to make the show special to me (after the blinds, of course). Part of the fun was seeing reports posted here about how well songs/artists were doing on the iTunes charts, but that went away and in its place was the massive culling before I even got to know who the artists were. You know what else I miss? Early seasons, when they would have all four coaches perform together. That seemed to set the tone for interesting arrangements of familiar songs for the competition. I did like the fact that they brought back many?all? of the top twelve to perform. What did everyone think of JHud's performance of "Memories"? I'm not a Cats fan, but it sounded like she was straining. As @realdancemom said, the minute Jake Hoot was the only country singer left in the top twelve, it was a foregone conclusion who the winner would be. He was perfectly fine, although Ricky would have been the more interesting winner. I didn't think Rose had a chance, having been an instant save, and I wasn't a fan of Katie's, although I hope she, Rose, and Ricky end up being the JHuds of this season.
  8. I did enjoy seeing Elaine and Janet's reactions to receiving the Sia money -- they were bright spots in an otherwise dismal season. I did wonder how much of the last episode Sia got to see, and whether she was influenced at all by social media. Sandra's comment about Tommy always being named by visitors to the IotI as their ride or die, or some variant of that, seemed to come out of nowhere. Because the way Tommy was edited, we didn't see that social game, so to get it after the fact was....odd. Like, even the show is still trying to make sense of his win. That being said, Tommy did answer really well at FTC (how many times did he work in that he's a 4th grade teacher?) especially to the question about lines, and his slam about how he wasn't "chillin" -- (heh, I really didn't want smarmy Dean to win). About the only people not related to or depending on Tommy for a grade who were happy about his win were the people who predicted it based on how he was edited, far far away from anything to do with Dan. (Not even his moment defending Janet at that tribal, which I wonder was what he was referring to about bullying)
  9. I was thrilled, because I liked Shane with her half-brother Shay from OG L Word. That made sense to me that Shane would be so good, while Alice was kind of hopeless (goodbye Crockpot!) Love, love, LOVE Bette. That talk with the LGBTQ+ kids had me legit reaching for the tissue box. I hope that Angie is given more nuance moving forward, and we find out more about what happened with Tina. (Although I'm ok with not seeing Tina as a recurring character. ) Getting used to the new characters --already MUCH happier with how they're dealing with trans characters -- except for one glaring exception. I can't stand Findley.
  10. https://ew.com/tv/2019/12/17/survivor-inappropriate-touching-cbs-statement/?utm_content=link&utm_term=AA1E0448-2142-11EA-B24D-9FEA4744363C&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly_ew Survivor and CBS announce new oversight after inappropriate touching incidents.... finally.
  11. It also identifies Janet as the cast member who witnessed Dan touching the crew member's leg. Also--apparently the mess isn't squarely on production. CBS execs seem to have hampered production's ability to do something about Dan earlier. hen again, this is according to unidentified sources in production.
  12. That tracks with some of the posters here reporting that he took down his Twitter account after the season had started airing.
  13. I agree, but I still find him funny. He's got great comic timing. I'm thrilled whenever Bowen shows up in a skit, and the fact that he's been given so much screentime. He got to be the Heimlich half to the guest host--that's really awesome for someone who's not a full cast member! As for his seemingly playing the same character, Bowen's more like Kenan to me--reliable, perfect delivery of lines and non-verbal reactions. Kenan's also pretty much Kenan in every character he's played, and I can't imagine anyone else in the cast pulling off characters like the one he played in the Firing sketch. (And the interaction between Bowen and Kenan in that skit made me LOL, mainly because it was right there on the razor's edge of going too far) Pete Davidson was the guest cameo in the monologue. I appreciated the meta-joke with Kenan, but I hope it doesn't become an ongoing joke throughout the season. The Hallmark skit was hysterical. I might be guilty of chaining Hallmark christmas movies this time of year, and laughing (self-consciously) about all the tropes that come up, like "Prince of Caucasia" and the dry kiss in the gazebo. Aidy was pitch-perfect as the game show host. I'm pretty neutral about Scarjo, but I had to give her props for doing her best in that painful last sketch with the cute pug. Interesting that Scarjo didn't come off the way JLo did in her monologue. it was sweet that she called out Colin as the love of her life, and acknowledged that she met him on a previous stint as host of SNL. Her delivery of the line about his paycheck made me laugh. I always like it when the musical guest shows up in a skit or two.
  14. Andy Dehnart of Reality Blurred's piece in Vulture.com lays out the timeline and what we know to date, with useful links. Highlights: • The interview where Kellee was asked by a producer to speak up IF there was an issue comes in three weeks after she talks to Dan (first episode). The "If" is unconscionable, the "three weeks after the fact" for me only reinforces why Kellee answered the way she did to a question that she should never have been asked in the first place. • Castaways not directly involved (e.g., inappropriately touched by Dan) were unaware of the true extent of the situation. The scene we were shown of castaways laughing about it only helped reinforce the idea that it wasn't serious at all to the people Dan didn't touch. • The talk producers had with each castaway did not link the reason for the talk to Dan in any way, nor did it even make clear that complaints had already been made about inappropriate touching. • Probst had tried to quit Survivor after Gabon. He became more of a showrunner and --more tellingly-- a "storyteller" afterwards. The inference is that continuing conditions for high drama/conflict is more important to Peachy than risking a safe and possibly "boring" season. I was especially intrigued by this last point, so I went to the link provided for the New York Times article: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/01/business/media/survivor-defies-gravity-to-hang-on-as-cbs-ratings-stalwart.html "Years later, though, the show was drifting, Mr. Probst said; he said the low point was Gabon, which was broadcast in 2008. He said he felt burned out and was also a little self-conscious about being known as the “Survivor” guy. “My Achilles’ heel for a lot of my life was that nobody saw me as a storyteller, that they saw me as a white guy with dark hair who was just a game show host,” Mr. Probst said. “And that in terms of my own self-image was the thing that could gut me. It was like a kidney punch.” The frustration and exhaustion were enough that in 2009, Mr. Probst went to Mr. Moonves and quit, he said. Mr. Moonves told him to take a break, and Mr. Probst took a few months off, returning to the show re-energized. Some changes were made to the production team, he said, and then he focused squarely on the show’s success formula: serving the loyal audience and not worrying about doing more than that." Both pieces add that Survivor was and has consistently been one of CBS's reliable workhorses, costing much less than other shows, and with one of (if not the most) sizeable audiences. Given that, it sort of explains (for me, anyway) why they went ahead and put this season on air and edited it the way they did, with Peachy clinging to this season as proof of Survivor's cultural relevance in the #metoo and #woke era. It also explains why they seemed completely surprised at the backlash but still remained silent, forcing us to endure THs with Dan and treating him as if he were likely to end up as a Final 3 up until the last few minutes of the penultimate episode.
  15. It's been reported that they tried to cast Dan at least twice prior to this season. (He was postponed when they got Mike White, and then had to postpone again due to a broken foot or other injury) I think if anything, they were hoping his presence would be Emmy-bait. But that would give another motive on their part to keep him in the game for as long as they did. (Not an excuse, but possible reason for why they collected all this footage yet did nothing.) Your thought did make me wonder: If it weren't an industry bigwig, but an applicant from the middle of nowhere, would production have been so slow to intervene?
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