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  1. Awww, I’ve actually been enjoying this season very much. I was curious to see how Trace’s departure would affect the show, and I think it’s allowed for more interesting storylines to open up. Schoolteacher Jay is sweet, and was there when Abby really needed someone to be sweet. But Jay, she’s just not that into you! With Eccentric Billionaire she has someone who appreciates the side of her that excels at what she does, and the family that is everything to her. IOW, he gets her the way that Trace never could and Jay never can. I really liked the episode when Billionaire was laid up on
  2. I've warmed up to Crystal 3.0 too, although most of the time I think her clothing and makeup aren't flattering. The actress probably does the best job out of all the Crystals to work off of whoever else is in the scene, so you can believe that they're really connecting and forming a bond. It's very Alan Dale-like, which is why I will miss Anders as a character. A big shoutout to the casting for Alexis and Dominique. They are enjoyable to watch onscreen, especially together, and the divalicious makeup, hair, styling is on point. That's what's missing for Crystal. Alexis, Dominique and of c
  3. ITA. Although a large part of telling relationship stories is showing where fundamental differences are resolved (as in the bogus Donovan wanting to throw the tennis match in order to win over an important client vs. Abby making it clear she's doing so because she loves him but feels its not honest) or not (as in Stephanie and handyman class differences). While Sam's always been shown as a closeminded skeptic where "magic"'s concerned, it's now playing out that their marriage is working, largely in part because Cassie's largely suppressed that fundamental aspect where he's concerned, but
  4. Good point. I used to really like Donovan as a character, not sure what's been happening to him--he seems to only act as a mayor when it serves a (pointless) plot point. Even Martha, love her or hate her, is all mayor, all-the-time. Speaking of Martha, I think the relationship moments they show between her and Tom are really sweet. They have more chemistry than Sam and Cassie, and a lot of that might have to do with how Sam has two modes: smug or dour. At least when Nick was around, we could see a vulnerable side. Now writing-wise we're asked to believe that he's a "rock star" surgeon, ch
  5. It was a good week for Danny Trejo. Thursday night on Top Chef, and less than 24 hours later, there he is on Dynasty! That was a lot of fun. Agree about getting Crystal number 4!
  6. There was a secret scene that showed Kim consoling Sarah, and the two of them bonding as a result. I thought of that when Kim dropped the fire token into Sarah's container.
  7. Not a fan of Adam, but I was surprised he still tried and whined his way through the coconut challenge.
  8. Yay, Geoffrey! It was heartwarming to see how happy his fellow castmates were, swarming him (Marquise rubbing his head!) at his win. If I won the lottery, of the four I'd want him to dress me. And I'd back his business and Nancy's.
  9. I hope the advice to keep the crocheted baseball caps as Victoria’s signature isn’t indicative of what the CFDA mentorship will be like. So surprised the judges actually put her on blast with real criticism, as if whatever Moldovan koolaid they had been drinking throughout the season wore off. I was happy that they showed quick flashes of Christian’s runway show, but surprised that what they did show didn’t seem like a cohesive collection. I was confused though, when did they see Christian' show in relation to their 48 hours before their own mini show? Was NY Fashion Week still running du
  10. I'm grateful that Sergio didn't come up with a story for his dress, although it was fun speculating what this week's cause might be. Chernobyl? Genocide? Fracking? That being said, I think he was the one that gave fabric to Victoria, and the editors teased us with the phone call of death where it seemed he has a really sweet partner. Normally I'm not a fan of Leslie Jones, but tonight, her unabashed enthusiasm for Geoffrey's dress won me over. Especially since that was probably a huge factor in his well-deserved win. He really bounced back from several setbacks quite well! He was also sup
  11. I was rooting for Tyler to pull out a surprise top three, because of the "helpful"/sarcasm advice he was getting. (And also because he seemed like Tyler was genuinely helpful to others when he could be) I had absolutely no idea about Karlie's personal life, so when Tyler made his remark I had a WTF moment on several levels. TBH, the only time I care is when it's directly related to a challenge (as in last season's Nina's story about wanting to get into fashion while she was still in Colombia) and even that's a bit of a stretch (don't remember the other judges). I agree that it was a despe
  12. Eddie Murphy and Lizzo was the best Christmas present SNL could have given us this year! To all the tinga nadies--
  13. This x 1000. It's been a while since I was laughing so hard and so consistently throughout an episode. Even the cold open seemed to benefit from having all these legends in the house. I loved Maya/Kamala crashing the debate. I didn't recognize "Tulsi" at first -- Cecily's just so good as Melania, and then later on, as Judge Jeanine. I also totally agree about Colin being so much looser, and as a result, WU being that much livelier. I like the jabs that Che takes at him, and then in this WU with Gumby giving it to Che. (Poor Pokey, though!) I was howling at Mr. Robinson's neighborhood
  14. This is the first season I started fast forwarding through after the blinds. I don't feel like the show gives contestants time enough to develop and grow with the help of their coaches as they used to, and that used to make the show special to me (after the blinds, of course). Part of the fun was seeing reports posted here about how well songs/artists were doing on the iTunes charts, but that went away and in its place was the massive culling before I even got to know who the artists were. You know what else I miss? Early seasons, when they would have all four coaches perform together. That se
  15. I did enjoy seeing Elaine and Janet's reactions to receiving the Sia money -- they were bright spots in an otherwise dismal season. I did wonder how much of the last episode Sia got to see, and whether she was influenced at all by social media. Sandra's comment about Tommy always being named by visitors to the IotI as their ride or die, or some variant of that, seemed to come out of nowhere. Because the way Tommy was edited, we didn't see that social game, so to get it after the fact was....odd. Like, even the show is still trying to make sense of his win. That being said, Tommy
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