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  1. April is so unlikable. She is angry and arguing with Choi (or someone else) in ever episode. Or giving a displeased look. She couldn’t just explain to Choi what was going on? Talk about other options? Adoption? A dog? Decide not to have kids? Not on this show.
  2. I guess I’m in the minority because I don’t like Amelia. Her over the top sarcastic talking and facial expressions. And when she is emotional like yesterday. I don’t believe her. The dialogue and the way she delivers it is contrived.
  3. Why is Meredith so mean to Helm? How did Jo figure out Carly was diabetic because she was eating almonds? People who aren’t diabetic eat almonds all the time also. I was annoyed with the sisters talk. It’s so heavily scripted it comes off as fake. Who talks about how they don’t know their significant other by saying “I don’t know if he likes breakfast for dinner, or his favorite color”. Why not ask him? It’s just “writers trying to be clever” contrived banter. And Bailey’s freak out monologues are annoying. “I’ve got mad skills”. Ugh. On a shallow note, Meredith looked so skinny yet frumpy pacing around the waiting room. Sometimes I think she looks pretty, like when her hair is down and she is happy and smiling, but not yesterday.
  4. Every word coming out of the christian people was a stupid cliche. There was nothing realistic about it. Not saying they don´t have these views about abortion but they just don´t sound like this. And it was much too over the top, even for the most zealous pro-lifers. I know you should never say never but seriously, I´m willing to say that they would never talk like this especially not "fundamentalists". Well, maybe some nutters from a crazy cult but not anyone who goes to church every sunday and reads and believes the Bible. Those people are usually anything but dumb and silly, they would handle this type of situation a lot differently. But the makers of this show just can´t help themselves, the portrayal of christian people must be oozing with prejudices and spitefulness and I´m so sick of it. Why can´t they make the cases believable and interesting, like something that would actually happen? Every week for years it´s always something so farfetched and dumb. This show is such a politically correct joke, I have hate watched it for a few years but even that is becoming too painful for me. I agree. I’m pro choice and not religious at all. Nor do I even feel comfortable around it, but I hate the agenda of the way the media portrays religious people. They also make it seem that parents are willing to abandon or send their children away over abortion, homosexuality etc....I’m sure it happens but in extreme cases.
  5. Bailey said something about going through menopause at a young age. So I’m assuming she plays a character younger than she is. As does Meredith and I’m assuming Teddy and others as well. I wish I could like Amelia but it is so annoying how she can’t say lines without a sarcastic tone. Emphasizing certain letters and syllables. The only time she talks normal is with patients.
  6. Ugh to when Halstead finds the crazy guy destroying the specimens and tells him wait there while he starts to call someone. Straight out of a Lifetime movie like “I know what you did and your not going to get away with it!” Turn your back to call something or walk out and get hit in the head with a lamp or someone along those lines. So cliche and stupid.
  7. Is Meredith gorgeous? I mean I think she has a pretty smile and sometimes looks better than other time but I don’t think she is a beauty and doesn’t have much of a figure. That’s just my opinion. Yes and she does seem a lot older but I think she plays a character much younger then she is.
  8. I stress eat and exercise. Probably why I’m about 40 lbs overweight as opposed to 100 lbs overweight (exercise counter acts the eating a bit) Having a baby at Kate’s weight and age you would think it would have caused some kind of kidney problems and diabetes. I can’t remember if they mentioned her fate in the time jump season finale? I can’t imagine the character or the actress living much past her 50’s at her weight. Maybe Toby’s weight loss will motivate her. If she continues to stress eat at least start walking 30 minutes a day.
  9. It was disturbing. But I wish they explained a little more in the end also. I liked that the woman said to her that not all Mormons are like her parents and the people who abused her. I don’t like the stereo type that all Christians hate the LGBTQ community because in most cases it isn’t true.
  10. Can Patricia Arquette ever give a speech without something political?
  11. Maybe just me but the speech of not wearing underwear and having to wash the seat was not funny.
  12. Yes I always say this. And especially single moms who live in these large houses. And another minor detail, they never park their car in the garage. Always on the driveway and walk in the front door. I also hate when the evil person talks to themselves while plotting. “Let’s see what you are hiding”. “Oh so little miss perfect isn’t so innocent”. As go on social media and search for something.
  13. Another thing I hate is when they hit the bad person once barely knocking him or her unconscious then drop the weapon and go to untie the victim and hug while the bad person gets back up and either attacks or disappears. Wouldn’t you make sure that person was incapacitated before you helped the victim and tried to escape?
  14. I hate how a character will confront the the bad person “I know what you did and you won’t get away with it!” And then just turn around to walk out or call someone and then get bashed over the head. It’s so cliche and ridiculous.
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