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  1. Did anyone watch this? I don’t know if I can continue. I guess I wasn’t completely paying attention because I didn’t get the ending when Bill went into the house and the guy knew him? Or was he just delusional? I love Stephen Dorff and find him attractive and a good actor. He was great on True Detective and I was so happy that he got such a high profile gig on HBO and now a new show on a Fox but this show could be a lot better. Also the camera angles are sometimes not flattering to him or anyone on this show.
  2. The young fire fighter romance is so cliche. As soon as she said they weren’t going to hook up again.....I knew they would later have an argument that would end with another hook up. Come on writers of these shows, get more creative Also the feud with the women at 51 and the woman at 20 is just stupid. Are they in high school?
  3. And why did Abrams show up at the hospital with his luggage and Hawaiian shirt? Does he live there?
  4. Toby loves Kate but can he really be that physically attracted to her? I’m curious to know what Kara looks like. I am kind of past Rebecca and Jack also but I like Milo so I don’t mind it that much and I’m sure he is under contract with the show where they have to keep his character substantial. I found the John Legend thing a bit cheesy. I mean would he really do that? It felt like an episode of the Bachelor. And what are the odds you would meet the one celebrity you wanted to sleep with and that he would be into you also. Lol.
  5. I agree. Also it doesn’t seem they age Mandy Moore much in the 90’s. When the kids are in HS she is supposed to be in her mid late 40’s but she looks similar to when she first met Jack. Not everyone looks that old at 45 but there is usually a definite difference from your 20’s My father has dementia and had trouble drawing a clock when getting his tests. It’s been a few years and he is still pretty much himself. Little changes in temperament and memory but nothing that noticeable. In the flash forward it did show it progressed pretty quickly but then again we don’t know if she has Alzheimer’s/Dementia or maybe something else going on.
  6. It’s bad. If I didn’t find Stephen Dorff so attractive, I wouldn’t be watching.
  7. Maybe I’m in the minority but Michelle Williams comes off as self righteous and phony.
  8. Nice to find a few others who find him attractive. So many people don’t seem to know who he is.
  9. I wanted to like it. I’ve always found Stephen Dorff to be an underrated actor and also attractive. And while a little rough around the edges now, I still find him sexy. I will give it another chance because of him. True Detective seemed to be somewhat of a comeback for him....but this was so far a disappointment. I thought he was decent but the show just seemed to be a mess.
  10. I rarely tear up in movies but Adam Driver almost made me a few times. Can’t say I loved the movie though. I felt in the beginning it tried to hard with too much dialogue. Sometimes less is more. But the last maybe 45 minutes seemed to mesh better. I thought Scarlett Johansson’s character was selfish. Maybe without children it would be a different story. But she wasn’t abused and she had a decent life. You work on the marriage for the sake of your children.
  11. April is so unlikable. She is angry and arguing with Choi (or someone else) in ever episode. Or giving a displeased look. She couldn’t just explain to Choi what was going on? Talk about other options? Adoption? A dog? Decide not to have kids? Not on this show.
  12. I guess I’m in the minority because I don’t like Amelia. Her over the top sarcastic talking and facial expressions. And when she is emotional like yesterday. I don’t believe her. The dialogue and the way she delivers it is contrived.
  13. Why is Meredith so mean to Helm? How did Jo figure out Carly was diabetic because she was eating almonds? People who aren’t diabetic eat almonds all the time also. I was annoyed with the sisters talk. It’s so heavily scripted it comes off as fake. Who talks about how they don’t know their significant other by saying “I don’t know if he likes breakfast for dinner, or his favorite color”. Why not ask him? It’s just “writers trying to be clever” contrived banter. And Bailey’s freak out monologues are annoying. “I’ve got mad skills”. Ugh. On a shallow note, Meredith looked so skinny yet frumpy pacing around the waiting room. Sometimes I think she looks pretty, like when her hair is down and she is happy and smiling, but not yesterday.
  14. Every word coming out of the christian people was a stupid cliche. There was nothing realistic about it. Not saying they don´t have these views about abortion but they just don´t sound like this. And it was much too over the top, even for the most zealous pro-lifers. I know you should never say never but seriously, I´m willing to say that they would never talk like this especially not "fundamentalists". Well, maybe some nutters from a crazy cult but not anyone who goes to church every sunday and reads and believes the Bible. Those people are usually anything but dumb and silly, they would handle this type of situation a lot differently. But the makers of this show just can´t help themselves, the portrayal of christian people must be oozing with prejudices and spitefulness and I´m so sick of it. Why can´t they make the cases believable and interesting, like something that would actually happen? Every week for years it´s always something so farfetched and dumb. This show is such a politically correct joke, I have hate watched it for a few years but even that is becoming too painful for me. I agree. I’m pro choice and not religious at all. Nor do I even feel comfortable around it, but I hate the agenda of the way the media portrays religious people. They also make it seem that parents are willing to abandon or send their children away over abortion, homosexuality etc....I’m sure it happens but in extreme cases.
  15. Bailey said something about going through menopause at a young age. So I’m assuming she plays a character younger than she is. As does Meredith and I’m assuming Teddy and others as well. I wish I could like Amelia but it is so annoying how she can’t say lines without a sarcastic tone. Emphasizing certain letters and syllables. The only time she talks normal is with patients.
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