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  1. Laurie4H

    Outer Banks

    Everyone was telling me how good this show was but I couldn’t get past the 4th episode. John B and Sara’s trip and shopping, dialogue was cringeworthy and so contrived. He confesses his love got her in the rain. Can it be more cliche? And why do they call him John B? So contrived as well.
  2. If you notice, Stephanie’s hair was about 3 inches longer when she arrived at the restaurant from when she left the hotel room to meet Erika. Doesn’t that somewhat prove this is staged? I mean I don’t think she put extensions in or her hair grew on the way to meet Erika.
  3. Ok but she walked out to door to go meet her and her hair was longer when she got to the restaurant.
  4. If Stephanie’s hair is 3 inches longer from the supposed same day or day before, then we know this show is staged?
  5. From texting Erica to meeting her in 30 minutes, Stephanie’s hair grew about 3 inches. Anyone else notice that?
  6. I really enjoyed it. I never mind swearing and I use plenty when I’m angry. But it’s almost too many f bombs. Was it mentioned that Judy was bisexual in the first season? I can’t remember.
  7. If Lana is real than Williams is also. Has anyone been catfished on this show?
  8. How is Stephanie hair so much longer the next day? Did she get extensions before she went to meet Stephanie or right after the party the night before? Anyone else notice that? You think the show would be more careful with their editing.
  9. Stephanie has no tears when talking to her friend. Previews for next weeks episode her hair is much longer. It makes me think this show is fake. Or she got hair extensions.
  10. Right and she is 45. I’m 45 and many of my friends who are in their late 30’s to 50’s look much better than her. Some haven’t even changed that much looks wise. I’ll bet if she just aged naturally she would just have a few more wrinkles and look her age (depending on genetics, time spent in the sun, and if she was ever a smoker). But all her Botox makes her look 10 years older than she is. Is David for real? Sometimes I wonder if some of these people are actors. If Stephanie is for real I hope she doesn’t get sick overseas. I can’t imagine anything worse then getting sick so far away from home. Away from your family and friends and your own home and bed.
  11. Have there been any catfishes in this show? I haven’t watch all of them but even Caesar’s woman was real. How old do you think Darcy her sister look? I think the botox ages them about 10 years.
  12. Natalie claiming that the patient was nuts was a bit much. How could she be sure at that point that what the mother was even telling her was true? How far was the patient with April and her brother from the hospital? Couldn’t they have walked or jogged him to it instead of being on a treadmill?
  13. Heh. Me too. And the school isn't concerned about an ex-student hanging around the parking lot every day? And how old is Roman, when he has a 17 year old sister? Well 25 is old to a high schooler lol. And I was saying the same thing about his 17 year old sister. The actor is 44 but I’m guessing he plays younger. Just like the actor that plays Sylvie’s birth mom is in her 50’s playing 46.
  14. Does Geoffrey remind anyone else of Paul (of Pole and Karine fame)? A bit of it is the accent, another bit might be the blue eyes, but there's an underlying lack of being in touch with reality that seems evident to me. Yes I said the same thing. Something about his mouth also reminds me of him.
  15. Both Lisa and Yolanda seems more like late 50’s/early 60’s? I would think Yolanda’s man is a catfish but many times we think that and it turns out it isn’t. Geoffrey says he hates talking about his past yet he is telling it to millions of people.
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