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  1. Laurie4H

    S04.E12: Ghosts

    The actress is younger than Ellen Barkin but she is in her 40’s so not young by Hollywood standards. And The Smurf’s didn’t premier until 1981. It was a French before that so the timeline is off on how she got that name.
  2. Laurie4H

    S04.E12: Ghosts

    I still think they can do flashbacks ala This is Us style. Maybe to when Julia was still alive? CGI can make Ellen Barkin look younger. Maybe far fetched but possible.
  3. Laurie4H

    S04.E12: Ghosts

    Pope said to J that when Smurf is gone so is he (J) so I wonder why he didn’t let Smurf kill Pope and then kill her. I can’t tell if J is a complete sociopath. He does show some signs of remorse in his expressions but other times seems stone cold. Pope on the other hand has definite emotions.
  4. Laurie4H

    S04.E12: Ghosts

    Wow. That was intense. I’m assuming Ellen Barkin will still be on the show in flashbacks?
  5. Laurie4H

    S01.E01: The Reunion

    It’s funny how opinions can be so different. Many found Tori funny. I think she was obnoxious. And why so much fillers in her face? I mean she wasn’t ever a beauty but can’t anyone try to age naturally? She isn’t that old. I mean a little Botox here and there helps but Jason looks better than her and he was in a severe race car accident years ago that I think required plastic surgery. Not long ago there was an interview with Jennie where she didn’t look so good. Now she looks better. Sometime I wonder if they use special lighting.
  6. Laurie4H

    S01.E01: The Reunion

    The whole thing with her stealing the dress was just ridiculous and that ruined it for me. Also the predictability. Ian taking about his perfect marriage you knew wasn’t. But the accidentally FaceTiming him while having sex and they all saw it. So stupid. And the typical lesbian stuff that has to be in every tv show. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if I didn’t always feel so forced. And normally you just don’t ask a stranger their sexual preference. Oh and the cliche after sex scene when they both fall back on the bed. Please get creative.
  7. Laurie4H

    S01.E01: The Reunion

    I had high hopes but this is not good. Everything is predictable and Tori is insufferable.
  8. Laurie4H

    S04.E11: Julia

    I figured Smurf was a complete sociopath that didn’t have any feelings but she seemed truly distraught over his death. Although maybe it was more of the fear of having a baby (2 babies but she doesn’t know that yet) on her own. I didn’t realize the actress that plays young Smurf is Vincent D’Onofrio’s daughter.
  9. Laurie4H

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

    I enjoyed it. The pacing was off. Like they could have cut some scenes and show more of the Italian movies and his wife etc. But I love the genre and the Manson story. If you don’t know anything about the Manson murders a lot of the movie won’t make sense. Especially the ending. If you don’t know who Sharon Tate is or her friends are and what happens to them you wouldn’t understand there purpose of those scenes in movie.
  10. Laurie4H

    S04.E09: SHTF

    Was Pope in Angela’s room throwing stuff out? So Smurf was puking, bleeding, and passed out now she seems fine. I would think with metastasized cancer she would be in some pain.
  11. Laurie4H

    S04.E08: Ambo

    Did Mia want J to kill her by telling him she killed Baz or did she think he wouldn’t do it. He seemed to be freaking out at the end so he has some remorse. Yet he did kill the lady (can’t remember the character) with the shark bait and that didn’t seem to affect him.
  12. Laurie4H

    S04.E08: Ambo

    Wow that was crazy. This show is great even as unrealistic as it can be like Deran stealing a ambulance in the middle of the day. There would probably be cameras somewhere.
  13. Laurie4H

    S04.E07: Know Thy Enemy

    It’s interesting that Smurf who is pure evil has sons who actually all portray a sense of humanism and emotion to a point. Smurf will probably end up having a Greys Anatomy miracle surgery that will cure her. Do we know if it’s renewed yet? I don’t know anyone who watches and when I mention it to people they have never heard of it.....but obviously it must be getting some viewers since it’s in its 4th season.
  14. Laurie4H

    Yesterday (2019)

    I thought it was cute. Enjoyable for a matinee. I thought it was funny how Ed Sheeran’s ring tone was his own song.
  15. Laurie4H

    Lifetime Original Movies

    Some of these movies are so bad I can’t even finish them. Like Anniversary Nightmare that was on last night. Could have been and interesting premise even with the bad acting if maybe the husband had a different life or maybe she was crazy and did kill him but instead we get her escaping from jail and flying back to Hawaii (how could she get on a plane as an escape convict?) and the guy who kidnapped her husband was some guy she locked up 10 years ago when she was a prosecutor and he just happens to know she is in Hawaii and shows up at the crime scene? I forwarded through the last 15 minutes.