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  1. https://amp.tmz.com/2021/07/27/stephen-dorff-feels-bad-scarlett-johansson-black-widow-marvel-comment/ And is it weird that I find him extremely attractive? Maybe its his voice and overall uber coolness.
  2. Didn’t it show Julia’s grave last week and it said born 1977? I’m assuming the flashbacks are around 1985 at this point? I never thought of Pope as evil. Crazy yes due to his mental illness and Smurf controlling him. He has shown to have remorse and be tormented. He also has shown compassion, for example with his niece. You can’t help but feel sorry for him at some point. Interesting character.
  3. And she is gorgeous also. Which also might have something to do with it. I don’t mind the flashbacks since they are homage to the 70’s and 80’s but I hope more is explained to what goes down in present day. Maybe show Pope and Julia as teens also?
  4. I liked it. And watched also because of Mike White. I loved Enlightened. He also wrote a few episodes of the great show Freaks and Geeks. Also wrote and was in a great yet disturbing movie called Chuck and Buck. If you haven’t heard of it please check it out.
  5. The thing is, Stephen Dorff is a good actor. He was great in True Detective. He just hasn’t made some of the best choices. He was a great looking guy. Still is to a degree. Most people over a certain age know who he is but don’t realize he has done some good things sporadically or only remember him from Blade. That being said. I think this might be a publicity stunt.
  6. Laurie4H

    Embattled (2020)

    I’m guessing nobody watched this. Highly recommended. Great acting by everyone.
  7. Yes it’s nice when actors get a chance to show their range. Or finally get a legit acting job. Like Stephen Dorff in True Detective. HBO should keep up the good casting. This show is very well done.
  8. I feel like they have to add that interaction just to keep it PC. Generally speaking, you can’t have a show these days without a gay character, a bad cop, illegal immigrants, and/or racists. Add in the bad priest to criticize religion (I’m not remotely religious but it always feels heavy handed). I wouldn’t care about any of this if it didn’t feel like an agenda. That being said, I do like this show. I am hoping it isn’t the young cop or Guy Pearce.
  9. Laurie4H

    Embattled (2020)

    A recent movie I found on Amazon Prime with Stephen Dorff. It’s was very good. Anyone familiar with it?
  10. Could that be any more heavy handed? I get what they are trying to do but bring it down a notch.
  11. Rachel is answering how she is instructed to by the producers. She showed up on ATFR because it’s in her contract. I think what they did to her was terrible.
  12. The franchise probably knew about the picture and used it to talk about race. I don’t feel there is anything natural about this show anymore.
  13. Because it’s probably scripted. I feel asleep the last 10 minutes so I just watched the rest now. It was ridiculous in my opinion. Matt was just reciting the same thing over and over again “put in the work”. “The work you need to do”. She didn’t shed one tear over their “breakup” just fake sniffles. The whole thing was embarrassing in my opinion. She wore a dress, she didn’t commit a hate crime. They all need to get over themselves and their self righteousness.
  14. But if your not thinking or knowing about the reason behind it I don’t think it’s racist. Would my friend be considered racist now for dressing like Scarlet Ohare 25 years ago?
  15. Is Rachael really considered racist because she dressed in an Antebellum costume? My friend dressed up as Scarlett O’Hara in the 90’s in HS. Would that be considered racist then? Would it now?
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