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  1. She's a recovering alcoholic with PTSD. She's got other things going on than pretending to look happy to please other people. I haven't warmed up to the character and never liked the characer she played on House. So I doubt I will. However, it isn't because she looks miserable. Her character's whole world is falling apart. She is miserable.
  2. Me, I cook a lot. I have one. I've used it once or twice. Both times I thought, "If i get better at this it will be amazing" and neither time did I bother with the work to get better at it. I just don't eat that much pasta and when I do it is because i need something easy and quick and mess free.
  3. Apparently 20,000 followers is a micro-influencer and they can make bank. "It depends on the influencer, and their follower numbers. A micro-influencer, which is someone that has 10,000 to 50,000 followers, is actually pretty valuable. They used to only pick up a couple hundred bucks, but today, they get a minimum of a few thousands dollars a post." https://www.vox.com/the-goods/2018/11/28/18116875/influencer-marketing-social-media-engagement-instagram-youtube
  4. Like I totally want to hate him, but his bakes have looked really good.
  5. I don't hate chocolate and orange but I was much more interested in the chocolate and raspberry combo, as well. Anston's combination was the one that if I were to try something I would go for this. I'm saying Phd student Sunny with her amazing baking and pottery? She's everything! Seriously, my fave so far. I really like Dennis. I'd like to share a cup of tea with him. But he's really so clearly at the bottom of the barrell. I thought the first week that he should have gone home over Zee because I thought Zee had more potential to grow than he did. But when Anette's flavors were so muddled I was sure it would be her. Always make it taste nice. I can't tell if most of the bakes have been really nice or if these judges are just incredibly nice and supportive. I was surprised when Don (? so many D names!) rolls were such a massive, massive hunk of roll that they didn't slice right down the middle to make sure they were baked through. Paul Hollywood would have. But in general I love the Aussie eps and I like this crew. I'm totally in for the rest of the season. And YES about them posting all the recipes!
  6. That one seems to me like it would more play into her own body image issues so, yeah, potentially more hurtful to her than Bug. But maybe not as her mom would have called her that for so long that it might not even register... like Turkey Breath. šŸ™‚
  7. I don't know. He called me lots of things. B. Little B. Frog Nose and Little B. Frog Nose. Turkey Breath. There are many, many, many other things. My dad was a little strange. But seriously, he loved me. he was always wildly and uproariously supportive of me. And the only time one of his absurd nicknames bothered me he stopped using it when I explained. It wasn't Turkey Breath... or Frog Nose.
  8. Yes, and runny honey is regular honey vs set honey which is something that I guess we have here? But runny honey is what I think of when you say the word honey. Also the milk was warmed to "blood temperature" which I assumed and google agreed was body temperature but I'd never heard that phrase and we had a lot of fun with that one. My nephew and his partner are visiting and when they got in the car when I picked them up from the airport before we got to the freeway he said, "have you seen the most recent bakeoff because Henry made this...." And I said, "Yes, I have the recipe, I'm so going to make it." And he said, "Send it to me!" So as half our party wasn't feeling 100% today we made these together. I think the maple glaze which is delicious pushed it over the edge for me of being too sweet but I don't like things very sweet and they are seriously, seriously, seriously ridiculously delicious. 100 percent will make again. Less certain I will ever again make a regular cinnamon roll when I could make these instead. The dough is pretty fluffy and light. My family is part Finnish and I grew up eating "Pulla" which is a cardamom coffee bread and sometimes for a treat I make korvapuusti which seems very similar to the kardamomabuller. This dough used here is less dense than what I'm used to but I think that is a feature of this particular recipe more than the breads being inherently different. The shape is unique though and the directions and for shaping it are a little like something out of a techical recipe but they turned out nice enough looking, I think. WIth the next batch I think I could get much more consistant with how they looked. There is something off with the dimensions in the recipe, though. They tell you once you've folded the dough over to roll it out to 20 x 18 cm and then to cut it into 12 sections each 2.5 cm wide. I assumed the 12 rolls 1 inch wide (2.5 cm) was the important measurement and made the dough what I needed to make that work. But that "huh?" moment on the math and the shaping were the only difficult bit and we got through them. And the results, I will say again, were absurdly delicious.
  9. Yes, looking hommade is not a good thing on this show. Like rustic. Fine for my home bakes but not bake off standards. I will totally be making Henry'sā€™ Chocolate Kardemummabullar! Maybe tomorrow.
  10. My dad called me "Turkey Breath" among many, many other things. And once he accidentally did it on the phone at work (he was usually careful about not being embarrassing in public) and a woman in his office thought it was so funny she would apparently tell him, "Turkey Breath" is on the phone when I called. All things considered I'd take Bug. It is likely short for ladybug or doodlebug or something adorable.
  11. I didn't know this was back. I'm pretty sure season 4 of the aussie bake off was one of my all time favorites. Top 2 easily.
  12. Oh, yeah, you are so right. That is so much more plausible than long lost extra brother. I can't believe I missed it. And she'll pick Gary in the triangle and then he'll start to reject one of the organs and...
  13. At the end of the episode Randall shows up where he was supposed to be going when the last monday visitor comes in and everybody has left except Jae-Won. Randall explains about the firing and then asks Jae-Won to tell him about the proposal and Jae-Won starts talking about what is clearly a marriage proposal. And he says the name Hannah so presumably she is female.
  14. But it was Toby's decision to tiptoe around Kate. Kate didn't make that choice. And when Toby finally leveled with her after she caught him lying to her she was fine with it. Yes, she asked for an explanation with what was going on with him, he'd been lying to her. And honestly I think it is hurtful for her struggles when he's pretending that the weight is just flying off because he's stressed when instead he's working INCREDIBLY hard to get it off. When he finally came clean she dealt with it. But I think it was the tiptoeing around her and lying more than the weightloss. My dad was a big guy and incredibly claustrophobic. Whenever we we went to a restaurant he'd just flat out say the number of people in hi party and "table rather than a booth." But I have to say I have been in plenty of restaurants where I have been seated at a booth without being asked if I had a preference. Which aide? Jae-Won? I hope not for his soon to be fiance's sake. See also men who get nearly canonized for being active in their children's lives. It is their JOB! It isn't heroism.
  15. The worst part is I totally looked it up and then got distracted and forgot to change the spelling. Thank you!
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