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  1. bybrandy

    S05.E12: Chapter Ninety-Three

    I never really cared one way or another about Jane's love life but I'm sort of sad to not see more Petra and Jane going on the prowl together because Petra and Jane make me happy. I wonder what Xo's thing will be.
  2. bybrandy

    S05.E07: Filleted to Rest

    Liv's mom. I hoped we'd get an update there but I didn't really think we would. Lot of missing main cast this week but I was pleased to have a minute of Liv's mom. I'm less interested in her potentially evil bio dad because it isn't like I felt like she was lamenting him not being in her life all this time... but there you go.
  3. bybrandy

    A Place To Call Home

    Good choice as it is unlikely to ever air on PBS. Good price, too.
  4. I followed the case at the time so nothing was really was learned in the documentary but I thought it was well done and I think it is important for people to see that kind of grooming behavior works and how concerns get downplayed. If one person listens to a child in their life about abusive behavior who might not have listened before? Worth it.
  5. bybrandy

    S05.E11: Chapter Ninety-Two

    THIS!!!!! I can totally see Alba and Jorge getting carried away on the couch if they were alone in the house but there is no way on earth Alba puts on the chain and gets busy on the couch. No way, no how. And it is fine Alba can feel how she wants but I think the more interesting story for her is how her feelings on her position in a relationship have evolved in the years since she lost her first husband. She was alone for a long time and people change.
  6. bybrandy

    When Calls The Heart

    I actually agree with this but they didn't need to put a date on the show that was during the war.
  7. bybrandy

    When Calls The Heart

    Not a table for 1. I'm totally at that table. I was fine with Elizabeth an Jack while they were a couple but they weren't the draw of the show for me and I don't partiularly miss Jack now that he is gone.
  8. bybrandy

    S05.E11: Chapter Ninety-Two

    Jane's requests weren't out of bounds, I didn't think. But if Jorge thought they were then Jorge should have said that they were. Especially when Jane went to appologize. Pretending like he was fine with Jane's requests, complaining to Alba about it and then not explaining his issues with said requests when he made requests of his own was to me out of line. If he has issues with Jane he needs to take them up with Jane especially when Jane hadn't to that point taken up her issues with him to Alba. Also he's a grown ass man he can take his plate to the sink. My nephew who is not diagnosed ADHD did have HUGE stores of energy that needed to be released for him to be effective in the classroom and literally when he started feeling that way he was told to run around the building and come back to focus. So I didn't think running to school was crazy pants, It is the fastest, easiest, to burn off steam. But when it wasn't working for Mateo it was time to try some other kind of energy release. I also was glad that Raf was wanting to scale back their intensity and maybe one day they will have the medication talk again... but this plot line didn't bother me including Jane's crazy all in approach felt very, very real to me in watching people react to such diagnosis. The initial overreaction panic lets throw everything at this problem is a very real reaction in people like Jane so it felt like a step they were going to have to go through. I hate the River plot because I don't buy that River would fall for Rogelio when he's nearly killed her half a dozen times. But not being a shipper I haven't minded this season much and I'm glad or the Jane Petra scenes which I always enjoy.
  9. bybrandy

    Line Of Duty

    I'd bang him. Worried he's developing a drug dependency though. Biggest ah moment for me is that Ryan kid joining up at the end of season 5. I'd like to think he being mentored by a straight copper means he won't be bent, but just the idea of Steve bumping into him.
  10. bybrandy

    When Calls The Heart

    I agree this would have been much better but they'd have to send off all the other men as well... and really this show isn't that good... but it really is so, so, so WEIRD to have them show the date and not at least mention the war.
  11. bybrandy

    When Calls The Heart

    It has been more than a year. She's fine. Even by the time period. Anybody that has done significant genealogy will know that remarriage within a year or two was perfectly common in that era and every other era. It has been over a year since Jack died. She's not having a relationship with either of these men and while she's not shunning them she's not exactly going out of her way to be noticed by them either. She and Jack were't really together for all that long, really. In a very short order she will have been apart from him longer than she was with him. She's already been a widow far, far longer than she was married.
  12. bybrandy

    When Calls The Heart

    I also picture Rosemary with a daughter, but I suspect adoption and or a surprise pregnancy is in Rosemary's future. I'm a little surprised they haven't discussed adoption even if the decision was that it wasn't the right time for now. It just feels like the kind of discussion that they will have at some point.
  13. bybrandy

    When Calls The Heart

    All those girls stayed with Lee and Rosemary during the episode where the orphange sisters were introduced. I think Lee and Rosemary bonded with the orphange people when they were hosing all those girls. But,yeah, it is a way to have Lee and Rosemary force the adoption question, I assume.
  14. I'm going to miss this show. My mom was 6 years older than my dad and was divorced with 4 children. Needless to say my grandparents were not okay with this. They loathed her. They gave him such a hard time about her she baked him a cake shaped like a baby''s bottle for their first birthday together. Then they went to visit and my mom was smart and funny and active and her kids were smart and funny and polite and they decided she wasn't quite so bad A few months later I oopsed my way into the world and my grandparents decided she was grand. Having 4 other kids at home and working two jobs full time my mother was willing to send me for weekends away to them when I was just a baby and pretty much the only thing my grandmother ever wanted her whole life was a grandchild. So... It worked out... more or less. Worked out for me, anyway. My dad passed away 20 years ago last month. My mom's decided in her retirement that she's going to become a chocoltier because she tried to convince all the rest of us to go that way and all of her adult grandchildren and she finally decided last year that if you want something done right you might as well do it yourself.
  15. bybrandy

    S08.E08: Episode 8

    I mean that goes against the actual words he said but...