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  1. Def feels like it very much is you don't need soaps anymore because reality tv. But it is okay because reality TV is soap.
  2. I really thought this might be a bit of a trainwreck but it really worked remotely.
  3. She seemed to get the question right most of the time when Brad prompted her but she has no confidence. Drove me crazy too. I knew that SOS was 3-3-3 because flashing SOS was a big plot point in at least one movie I watched as a child but I feel like used to come up in movies a lot. (I'm late GenX almost a millennial but not quite) My mom knew the same because she knows things... but neither of us knew if it started with three dots or three dashes. Fortunately only one choice was 3-3-3. I liked Hannibal Buress a lot. I would have walked. But Fiasco seemed like the most Italian sounding word to me and would have been my guess after I walked. (although I had lifelines left so...)
  4. Literally every time he runs into her and she's holding little Jack he says hi to little Jack. He acknowledges little Jack way, way, way more than Nathan. That doesn't mean he should or shouldn't be the one, but like literally he is so nice to little Jack every time they see each other and I fee like Elizabeth rarely has Jack with her when she sees Nathan.
  5. Yeah, I don't know why they haven't done a big crossover Christmas episode with Lee and Rosemary adopting from the orphanage. But Lee's age is pretty immaterial about whether they can have kids physically speaking. But my guess is they have him playing early 40s. He said he got out of town as soon as he could so about 18. And he hadn't seen his sister in about 20 years so 38... But maybe a bit older if they saw each other when he eventually turned up after their father died (after the funeral because he did't make it back for that) he could be a little older/early 40s. But she said she looked after their dad for a couple of years. Assuming she got married pretty quickly after their dad died and got pregnant immediately she could have an 18 year old... in college... and one in high school. Kavan's 49 and a decade between character and actor isn't all that unusual. How old Rosie is would be more immaterial to their physical ability to have children. Pascale Hutton is 40 so if she's playing her age range and younger she's in potential childbearing years. And when she went to Carson about it he didn't mention her age as a hindrance. But while I don't think this show needs more children, I really don't see how this show has alluded a lot to them wanting kids and being friends with people who run an orphanage without at least having the conversation about adoption.
  6. Yes, it is obvious that the show thinks we're supposed to be rooting for Nathan.. which begs the question of why they've given us no reason to root for him? The guy who orchestrated library date, however, is totally capable of asking Elizabeth out while a horse exists.... just saying. If they want me to root for Nathan they've got to give me a reason other than Red Serge. And a better show (and maybe eventually on this show) the gun shot would give Elizabeth pause. Does she really want to go down that road again? Maybe her love for Nathan is enough to overcome that would be a good story but as a widow of a mountie husband the fact that she might lose Nathan the same way should be a concern. Rosie's "You can call me Rosemary" line of the night. Somehow Fiona is going to end up running the oil company. And I guess she and Lucas will develop feelings for each other through that work? Maybe?
  7. I guarantee you that my great-grandmother was a widow with a baby who taught school in Georgia in this time period.
  8. Yeah, Nathan is only mildly attractive to me when he's wearing the Serge. An even then.... eh. I'm not all ,"OMG"over Lucas but I think he's the better looking guy. Nathan's face is too long. Different strokes. But it is so clear that is who she is picking. I say he gets shot and she declares her love... or he gets shot just as she is going to declare her love and she gets frightened of losing another Mountie and picks Lucas but her heart is really still with Nathan. And then I will hate her rather than just finding her incredibly dull.
  9. I don't think she's moving to Hope Valley. I think she's dying and and leaving her small child/children in the care of Lee and Rosemary. Which may still cause you to throw things at your TV. Certainly she is somehow going to be there to keep them from leaving on or be gifted as her last hurrah a long, long, long cruise because Rosemary must not have nice things.
  10. Fellow atheist that is a fan of the show that doesn't mind the rely on God talk because it is ubiquitous not even in the time period but also now (so much eye rolling) it is just what it is. Everybody thinks all the Halmaerkers are super conservative Christians which obviously is part of the demo but all the Hallmark people I know who watch are like me liberal and skeptical but living in a very chaotic very real world and sometimes like to settle down with something that doesn't require too much thought where everything is going to turn out fine because real life isn't always like that but the break is nice.
  11. In fairness I don't think it is so much a rip off of Downton Abbey as it (and Downton Abbey before it) is a ripoff of all the soap tropes dressed in period costume (sort of).
  12. Apparently they already had their field trip last week. Since this is the first time Carson substituted I wonder if the other half of the class got a free day? And if so, still to your point rough being a kid on that side of the classroom. If they want me to root for Nathan having him scowl because his feelings are hurt in a genuine emergency is not how they should be going about it. Obviously I don't think Lee is going to die (although I probably would watch Rosemary try to run the mill) but somehow this is going to ruin their vacation plans.
  13. Hoopla's hard though because one episode is one rental. Acorn gives you seven days as many episodes as you want. More libraries have Hoopla but if you are lucky enough to have an Acorn Library it is the better choice. My library had Acorn. And after 7 days you can just check out another 7 days. I liked the first seasons of Rake a lot. But I thought the last season was pretty far off the rails.
  14. I mean the overnight trip thing is unlikely but in 1917 women knew that sometimes you had to leave a baby who was crying to get out of the house. I guarantee Elizabeth's mom left her crying with the nanny once or twice and maybe to go to Europe with her husband. And while I agree about this being cosplay and bad cosplay at that I will say that my great-grandparents were both school teachers when they met. My great-grandather got sick and they moved to her home town where she had family in the medical profession. Unfortunately he died the day before his son was born. My great-grandmother was an widow with a newborn son in 1914. She returned to teaching and taught until her mid 60s. So she was a working mom. And probably she left him crying some days when she went off to do it... She didn't, however go away fro the weekend with handsome young men. She never remarried.
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