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  1. bybrandy


    Why is Matt still sleeping in a hospital bed? Is it because he's not ready to accept downstairs as his bedroom? Because they've got plenty of money for Matt to buy a nice bed that will fit his needs that is likely far more comfortable than a hospital bed.
  2. That Pantheon means all gods? Totally could have told you. That the Pantheon existed? Totally forgt at the point that the final Jeopardy question was asked. I mean they said Pantheon and I went DUH! But like literally when I went through my list of famous structures in Rome? The Pantheon failed to make the list. Friday was not a spectacular day for me either. Not only did I miss FJ when I finally looked it up, I knew it wasn't Byron, though 🙂, I think I only got one TS. I'm going to blame crushing sadness for the only one TS. But seriously, I would have missed FJ anyway.
  3. bybrandy


    I like Matt but I like Josh Charles. And I think with a multi-year mission the how does that work with the family at home is a potentially interesting story. I just wish they'd told it better. As for moms of young kids (or dads) being selected I'm not sure they would be less able to do their job than any one of a number of deployed service people make those same choices on a daily basis. That said, i had no interest, NONE on watching Matt and Cassie's mom or Emma and Ram. NONE. Chemistry vacuums. Vacuums! I live about 10 miles from mission control in Houston and used to live closer and I just keep going, "but that's not what this looks like." I mean I know that is true about every television show ever but this time it is in my backyard so it bugs in particular me.
  4. 1/5 Rough week in so many ways. But, hey, it is a long season! *knock wood*
  5. I got Daniel Boone. I got all the books including The Sun Also Rises and the Discovery of Witches which I was a bit suprised nobody got because I feel like I keep seeing that book everywhere. I've never read it nor seen the show but the book pops up like a bad penny in my life, so I assumed it did in the wider world, as well. I also got Litmus and Code Talkers. Mom of Brandy got Red River and Hogans. I think she got Portland, too but she didn't do a happy dance so that is just a guess based on smug look.... but I only noted the happy dance answers.
  6. I know that's the "reasons" they were alluding to. I'm just saying the second female wasn't part of the top 12. She was just slotted in to make it look like she was part of the top 12 so they didn't have to address why they were not showing one of the top 12.
  7. in fairness i think they showed her as the 12th finisher so not to have to explain why there wasn't another finisher. Drew ran this season they just aren't aknowledging it so they took his name out and put in a name of somebody who would still be there the next female finisher but it was done and dusted before the alligations came out so the next male finisher couldn't be added into the shows.
  8. Add me to the Quincy Jones guessers and being all, "huh" about Barry vs Berry Gordy. They soud the same to me. But I'm in the group that says Mary and marry the same but not merry. I don't know. I knew Mary Higgins Clark by sight. I was obsessed when I was like 11 and read Loves Music, Loves to Dance and she did a reading some place local right around my 12th birthday. My big brother took me. My brother finding a reading by an author I was obsessed with and taking me is really all I remember about the night...that and I can totally recognize Mary Higginns Clark on sight. I don't know about her imaginary cousin Merry Higgens Clarke though. I also got Mrs. Maisel, 78, and civil rights.
  9. But Flex Lebreck was 11. She qualified on the basis of being female and the best finisher so shouldn't the next male be put in place there at number 12? Especially if that male was Nick? I mean i would be all for not doing it that way if only females who made the top 12 advanced but since females are advancing based on their performance against only the other females.... Yeah, I just want Nick to advance.
  10. Oh yeah of the TS I also got Lake Placid and tau... although I got to tau on the roundabout... the...no, that's not right... Tau. I did realize Theta wasn't right before the constestant missed it but if I'd bee there maybe not in time to stop myself from blurting out Theta before I got there.
  11. I've never managed to catch this close enough to the beginning of the season to feel like I could join in but I'm in!
  12. Anybody else shocked that nobody got 1848? I missed FJ. So many decent buildings in Rome, but it did seem more obvious once the answer was given, I was also expecting the contestant who went to London for such a short trip to have made a shorter trip. That is a short trip, mind, but I was expecting them to be on the plane the following morning.
  13. Nathan announced that he was promised to somebody and wearing a promise ring and was thinking about settling down.
  14. Was renewed in May of 2019 and still hasn't aired. Do we know if it was filmed. Feels like they should be low on programing in the post Covid world and they might want to get around airing it if it was filmed.
  15. Def feels like it very much is you don't need soaps anymore because reality tv. But it is okay because reality TV is soap.
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