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  1. Of course Jan pulled the alarm after killing Tim so probably did it from TIm's floor. So they wouldn't have had to look at a lot of apartments. And did we see if Jan closed TIm's door behind her?
  2. I'm cool with Lilian not wanting Bruce to have fathered some kid out there whether or not it might be turn up at the dining room table.
  3. I don't think the only murders crew has been keeping to that tight a schedule. Unlike most true crime podcasts they are broadcasting as they go along so it is harder to predicut when they'll have enough for a new episode but also I think the fans were upset because it had been so long since the last episode in Fan Fiction. I just assumed he used three names like Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary Louise Parker, Jamie Lee Curtis etc... But apparently it is hyphenated which is a bit odd since nobody seems to call him Charles-Hayden. In the south we have a lot of double barrel first names but
  4. My niece is Sofia an is often called Sof. I suggest you not hang out with her. It drives me crazy when people spell her name with a ph, but she doesn't mind. And I'm Brandy but my dad called me all sorts of things including B which at least some of my siblings do to this day.
  5. My dad read all the time and I read some age appropriate books but by the time I was in middle school/high school my dad gave me all of the books he liked and he read all the time and he read fast so there were a lot of books. And lots of them had some sexy bits the way spy novels/crime novels/court novels did at the time but one of them was a Mario Puzo book The Last Don that ha a mutual masturbation scene that was so graphic I was like, "My dad just read this. He knows I'm 12 right?" And somehow aside from having gotten it from my father everybody on my debate team read Richard Nort
  6. 3/5 with the Mattstrisk but not the asterisk. I thought of lots of publishing names but not Harper. When the answer was revealed I was like,"Oh!" and listed off the magazines but not before. And my father was absolutely obsessed with the poem If but he never read me Just So Stories. I blame him for my not knowing them. I mean my mom is the one who read to me so I could totally blame her, but I associate Kipling with my dad.
  7. THIS. I am not here for Coach and Lillian not even a little bit. Nope. Lillian's story worked hard for me especially the skirt bit because at first it was a call back to the double standard the daughter has felt in previous episode and I felt both for Lillian that if the girl needed her skirt hemmed she could do it herself, and I felt like hey if mom has all this time to dote on her brothers she has time to hem the skirt. I saw both sides. But then after the day at work she's had and she hasn't been home five minutes and everybody is demanding of her time and she's had her whole day p
  8. I say this as somebody who is an athiest who is not Amelia opposed to marriage but isn't particularly invested in marriage as a goal either, Link feels like he needs the commitment and stability a marriage, in his mind, would provide. And while that isn't an issue for me it gets to be an issue for him. And his feeling likehe needs to be married isn't terribly less valid than Amelia's feeling like she needs to not be married, I don't think they are done, done but I do think they are both going to evolve what they need while Amelia is away perusing something with the new doc.
  9. Anton Checkhov Russian playwright (and doctor but that isn't important here) is famous for (aside from the plays) saying many times in many was something to the effect of if you introduce a gun in the first act it better go off by the third act. He believed that everything in fiction had to have a purpose. Since they made such a big deal of showing the pills a couple of episodes ago I've been waiting for them to go off like Checkhov's gun. Now sometimes this doesn't work. A friend and I were both watching a movie independently once and they kept focusing on the main character's gl
  10. Rome and Gary totally knew Katherine's divorce party was going to make Eddie upset. That's why the did the whole Bruins man night party thing in the first place to keep Eddie from ever finding out about Katherine's divorce party. It wasn't a terribly well thought out plan but that was the plan. I don't know the laws in Mass but everywhere I've lived you can go into a bar at 18 but not be served until 21. So an 18 year old listening to a band or declaring themselves designated driver would be fine.
  11. Was she interviewed or did we learn all that during the memorial for Tim Kono in the lobby? Stunt doubles need to be close in stature they can and usually are a little off especially in height and the more low budget the more the difference. And for actual doubling work Brazos was 20 years ago so both could have been physically different a bit. But it was genuinely a funny bit and from a distance how much do you go this person is 6 feet and this guy probably aspires to 6 feet and claims it.. and was probably a smidge closer to that 20 years ago.
  12. Legit, if it said, "I'll be watching you" it would point back to Sting.
  13. It is Oscar's father that set him up the appointment with the lawyer upstate who was going to try to get his record expunged in light of learning that Theo killed Zoe.
  14. I don't, by the by, think he threw the game. I think he had a bad day. He couldn't win if everybody got FJ right and FJ was easy so he tossed out on a hope and a prayer that FJ was too easy and picked something else as a hail Mary.
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