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  1. Meanwhile Rosemary welcomed Jessie and Clara home from the trip she sacrificed for them only to learn that they were doing the newlywed thing and could have had as much fun in Union City as the City of Angels. And Rosemary lends a fancy dress, and cares for a fussy baby, while somebody else gets dressed up to hob nob with a famous person and eat fancy food at a fancy restaurant inside a fancy hotel. I was hoping the Lee and Rosemary take would be that they adored Baby Jack and would do literaly anything for him but they were happy to give him back. But alas no we're headed into another round of Lee and Rosemary look longingly at children and apparently forget that they have close personal friends who run an orphanage. I'm sure they'll have a big episode for Nathan next week. They'll have to because right now he's bringing nothing to the table at all.
  2. My dad listened to John Prine all the time and that duet warmed my heart. Daniel Radcliffe is such a geek in all the right ways. And I don't know why it made me giggle when Stephen asked his son if he'd done that lego and so Stephen's son asked if it was new so Stephen asked Daniel who asked his girlfriend. The little game of telephone they had going was just so pure.
  3. I still feel like I don't really know Jessie and Clara all that well and I certainly don't care about their wedding enough for it to be an a and a b plot in an episode. Nice of Lee and Rosemary to give up their anniversary trip, but like at some peoint shouldn't Rosemary get some advantage for being married to a rich guy? No servents. No big house. No fancy vactions.
  4. Yes Eve can't sign away her rights until the 4 days post birth in Mass. In some states the father can sign before birth. Not in Mass. But in some states. But there is no contract Regina or Rome could have had to protect them in this situation. Eve had every right to decide to keep her baby and there have even been cases where the birth mom after a couple of days decides the changing the mind part was the bad decision although I don't anticipate that in this case. Predictions for next season: Eddie needs prescription drugs for the pain from the accident. Walks tightrope on having to have them and being prone to addiction. Reggie wants to try again. Rome doesn't. Everybody fawns over D for no particular reason.
  5. I'm in no way accusing this show of being realistic. But there aren't really private adoption options where they have a bunch of newborns waiting to be placed. Babies of color or babies with health issues are not as quick to place as healthy white infants but they do get placed. Private adoption agencies in this country aren't sitting on websites full of pre born infants. Unless Toby and Kate are looking to adopt internationally (but the babies didn't look of one particular race) then they are (based on their being a catalogue of children to pick from) looking through the foster care option. But again, I mean, or not. Because television.
  6. Adopting from foster care is not expensive.
  7. Not all people who get engaged get down the aisle. And not all people who get married stay that way. I think the jury is still out on this. And I say this as somebody who is rooting for Madison. I think the wife will be Sophie. Maddison will end up with doctor horse daughter.
  8. Wasn't Lucas a bit shady when he came. I now think I'm imagining that.
  9. Because Bonnie wasn't a pressence in Violet's life when she was drinking Bonnie hadn't spent years giving Violet reasons not to trust her. Yes Bonnie and Christy were both sober when we met them but Violet had years and years and years of living with her addict mom. Addict's are unpredictable. It is incredibly stressful as a child not knowing how your parent is going to react to pretty much everything. It takes a long time to fully trust that person again once they've gotten sober. There is just a visceral fear that what was okay on Monday may or may not be okay on Tuesday. Violet carries emotional baggage with Christy that she just doesn't have with Bonnie. Bonnie didn't spend a decade and a half being an inconsistent presence in Violet's life
  10. I actually kind of like that they didn't try to make Kate thin because I think most people who are massively overweight have loads of reasons that is such and most of them aren't some deep seeded trauma.
  11. During his whole, "I can't lose you" bit? I mean she's his mom. He's going to lose her. He is going to have to come to terms with that. It is part of the deal. We know he has years and years until she's physically gone but taking away time that she might be mentally in control of her life? If anybody did that to him? Not cool Randall. And I wonder if he'd be so eager to send her off "to not lose her" if she was playing boardgames on the east coast with Beth and the girls rather than in California playing with Kate and Kevin.
  12. I got the impression (although I could be wrong) that Bonnie was kept pretty far out of the kids life when she was drinking and it was only during times of sobriety that Christy had contact with her or allowed that for the kids. Yet, too much of Christy's constant chatter is about her crappy childhood with her crappy alcoholic mom to think that Christy didn't tell literally everybody she met about it even before AA. I mean she does now. Violet is literally doing everything she was taught to do by her mother only on a podcast.
  13. But Christy kept Bonnie away from the kids when Bonnie was drinking so Violet's experience with Bonnie is not the same as Chrsty's.
  14. But this isn't about her history. Leaving a kid you are responsible for with somebody the parent hasn't approved without giving the parent a heads up is absolutely not going to be considered okay by the majority of parents (especially of a first born) it wouldn't be if Marjorie was the absolute perfect parent who never had a single fault. I thought it was funny when Violet came back and she was so anti-Christy and there was a sense that Violet should be over it already, which would be fine but Christy isn't over any of the stuff with Bonnie and she's a mature adult who has been through the same struggles herself.
  15. He's a teenager he could have stopped speaking to her since then.
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