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  1. bybrandy

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    I don't think there is a wrong answer here. Different scenarios. Different people. I think Bonnie's issues with her mom make her more apt to be present because people with unresolved issues can often be... although, obviously not always. My mom had 2 massive medial issues in consecutive years and one time we did the round the clock thing including my sisters taking turns coming out so I wasn't alone dealing with it. To eh, everything is good. No worries. And I don't think we were wrong in either case. I don't think it is helping Bonnie's mother at all but I think it is something Bonnie needed because she needed to be at the hospital if a chance for closure came about.
  2. bybrandy

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    While I tend to agree that Jane isn't at all treated like a character making minimum wage, and I don't know why they haven't just admitted she has a trustfrund from the parents that she doesn't want to rely on but does more than she'd like... but parent teacher conferences/teacher work days/et al were absolutely days we had off at school, but the parent at the conference had like a 15 minute convo with the teacher. It wasn't something that took all day and sometimes if your parents had been in contact with the teacher recently they'd skip you. Wet suits are designed to fit like a glove. I got mine super, super cheap(admittedly years ago) because the wet suit had been special ordered by a customer who didn't like it. It couldn't be returned so the shop put it on deep, deep clearance. Turns out the person who made the original order? My sister. My sister is 3 inches and very slender where I was very curvy. I mean I don't disagree that Jane's lifestyle doesn't fit what we know about Jane's background, the conference thing and the wet suit thing are pretty easy hand waves.
  3. bybrandy

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    Nanny is nuts. Claiming 160,000 for "relaxation" services rendered outs her as somebody who will sleep with the dads for cash. Something tells me she's not getting hired anywhere else like ever. Okay, she'll probably get hired by Renata after she axes Gordon, but still... this was absurd. Although Renata's fucking post reveal rant was fucking brilliant.
  4. bybrandy

    S05.E15: Chapter Ninety-Six

    Fair enough... still, I'm saying unless his table came from the studio he probably should have bought one with a leaf and 6 chairs. :).
  5. bybrandy

    S05.E15: Chapter Ninety-Six

    Thank you! I can't believe I didn't get there. I was even picturing sitcom with kids so I think I would have gotten there eventually but her segments were so short I missed it!
  6. bybrandy

    S05.E15: Chapter Ninety-Six

    Seriously, I don't care about Magda. I don't care about Rose and crazy person. My dials go down for them... as opposed to Rojelio who I will always enjoy. Who played PJ? I know I know her but I can't place her. Jane we need to buy two more chairs so the girls don't have to sit on other furniture... um... why does raf have only three chairs? I mean I totally think you shoulld always have 6-8 chairs but... But a guy who bought his table when he already had three children didn't anticipate he'd ever need an extra chair or two for anybody?
  7. bybrandy

    S02.E04: She Knows

    I think Maddie feels that she is unworthy of Ed and sabotages it. I think she's waiting for him to leave and does things to push that. I'm not defending such self destructive behavior, but I don't think the problem is that she doesn't love him. I think she loves him deeply and doesn't trust it. I think Celeste is just taking Ambien but I don't think I'd take it a second time after what happened the first time. And still, the person who was at fault in this, is the bartender. Who doesn't hide in the bedroom when he hears major awkward going down? Not cool bartender, not cool at all. If I was Jane I wouldn't let my kids in the car with Celeste lest she be having one of her Ambien episodes, but I also would be very, very, very wary that Mary Louise was coming after Ziggy next. Is it because of the ostentatious of the house and car? I thought in bankruptcy you got to keep a house and a car.
  8. bybrandy

    S05.E14: Chapter Ninety-Five

    There is a very good LPN program at the local community college and I have a good friend who got in sort of like Xo here. She just happened to have decided on this career change, applied right in the right moment. From "I have this idea" to "OMG, I got accepted" was 10 days. That isn't usual and she now talks about how crazy lucky she was when people tell her their application stories but XO could be on that same lucky trajectory and I assume she's going for an LVN and not something more, yet. Although LVN positions are getting more rare as people are wanting RNs or higher and all the LVNs I know are scrambling to get their BSN in the two years they have been given by their employers to receive this degree or find another job. I like seeing XO excited about something. I'm not sure about Petra bringing Raf back in at the Mirbella after she worked so hard to get control (and really, I still don't get how her assistant didn't take some/most of those shares for herself) but... Jorge still seems out of place to me at family events. I just don't feel like I needed that for Alba but if Alba had to be remarried to have a complete arch (and I don't think she did) I wish it was somebody I liked or who had a personality.
  9. bybrandy

    S05.E08: Death of a Car Salesman

    Was Liv not a name her mother called her? He was around a bit when Evan was conceived.
  10. bybrandy

    S05.E13: Chapter Ninety-Four

    There was a hint in that direction. I, by the way, thought Krishna would keep the shares and totally lord them over Petra for a bit, you know, for foreplay.
  11. bybrandy

    S05.E13: Chapter Ninety-Four

    I think that too but I think they should have aknoweledged the fact that Alba's wedding was quicker than Jane's. Alba saying, "It worked out for Jorge and me but it doesn't feel like what you've always talked about..."
  12. bybrandy

    S05.E08: Death of a Car Salesman

    My feeling was they decided to hide her because if Ravi found her he might talk to her and realize what Blaine is planning. And get the other kids before Blaine's people can and stopping a huge payout for Blaine. The stuff with Liv's bio dad just seems so out of left field I don't mind him being the creator or evil or conflicted, whatever, but I just feel like Liv is very involved in this crazy without there being any real buildup on this. I also feel like if they are trying to sell me on lifelong curiosity about her dad that she needs to talk to Major who knew her before her Zombiehood...or Payton... Does Zombdad know that he has a human kid out there too? Liv said he had Evan's eyes so I presume he's also Evan's dad.
  13. bybrandy

    S05.E12: Chapter Ninety-Three

    I never really cared one way or another about Jane's love life but I'm sort of sad to not see more Petra and Jane going on the prowl together because Petra and Jane make me happy. I wonder what Xo's thing will be.
  14. bybrandy

    S05.E07: Filleted to Rest

    Liv's mom. I hoped we'd get an update there but I didn't really think we would. Lot of missing main cast this week but I was pleased to have a minute of Liv's mom. I'm less interested in her potentially evil bio dad because it isn't like I felt like she was lamenting him not being in her life all this time... but there you go.
  15. bybrandy

    A Place To Call Home

    Good choice as it is unlikely to ever air on PBS. Good price, too.