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  1. At my college that was 'true' as well and my parents were very invested in having me have the college experience. I lived in the traditional dorms, non traditional dorms, and in on campus apartments et al and really mostly enjoyed it but among people I went to high school with it was a thing getting out of the living in the dorms requirement. When Joss was talking about choosing to live at home via the dorms my very first thought was, 'Oh, please, Carly would have had her out of that requirement and into a luxe apartment the day her acceptance arrived." I was gobsmacked at th
  2. Marlon is growing on me. As is Neville. Weridly it was the episode he was hospitalized for his allergies that really turned me around. I mean his body has betrayed him and he's ill and he's still trying to get his job done and since then he's really trying new things. Like him.
  3. 3/5 one *. I'm sure I've gotten an asterisk before but it has been a bit.
  4. 1/5 because I have completely blocked out Brett Kavanaugh. I have not, however, blocked out Otis Redding and his dock of the bay sitting. I'm a fantastic cook. I'll do T41 proud while other T41 regulars are all off being knowledgeable.
  5. lots of kids with blonde hair as a kid grow darker later. Lots of dark haired parents have recessive blonde genes. I probably would have cast kids with darker hair but I have no issue with Charlie being a blonde whose hair will darken or Charlie being a kid who got the recessives.
  6. For not wanting his mom to uproot his life and take him to France without even speaking to him about it? For thinking that the guy who was planning to run off with his mom and literally break his family owed him some sort of discussion? I thought Danny was pretty chill this episode, honestly. And ditch everybody else? He's their friend. He's not their dad. He doesn't owe them anything. Relationships change. People move. Gary saying no, I'm going after building a family rather than trying to fill that gap with my friend group is probably progress for Gary. What is not p
  7. WHy? Just Why? WHY!?!??!? I don't want to watch this crap with Gary. I don't want to sort of hate Gary if he gets away with it. Just WHY!?!??! Feel free to go Delilah all your friends are totes cool with raising other peoples children. I'm sure somebody will check in on Sophie and raise Danny. Bye.
  8. Sorry, sorry, sorry, I set a reminder for this weekend. :). 3/5 the first three days were gold and then..... I knew Richelieu in theory but I kept coming up with other R names. But 3/5 is ahead of my curve so I'll take it!
  9. Did they just decide maggie would never work in a romantic pairing so married her off to whomever? Because this couple has been in love pretty much since we met Winston and they've had no conflict and no real story, no anything. I don't care about their beautiful wedding because I literally don't know anything about them. There is a story to be told about hey the world was on fire so we got married too quickly and now we need to get to know each other but they've been living together for nearly a year with the time jump. Hey, lets break up the only relationship that anybody cares
  10. He's a teenage boy. Eddie absolutely can be alone with Theo for a few hours. There is no reason to think that he can't. But Katherine is in a place where she doesn't trust him even a little bit so she isn't trusting Eddie alone with Theo. She is just so hurt and angry she's reacting out of emotion rather than logic. And to that end there is absolutely no way that Gary could leave Theo alone with Eddie because if Katherine found out and she would have found out now Gary is a person who has broken Katherine's trust and he can no longer advocate for Eddie and Eddie looses
  11. My dad did, twice. Once my mom got an amazing job in another state and when that job ended and she wanted to be closer to her adult children (from her first marriage) and brand new grandchildren he moved again. He, in fact, didn't take an amazing job he was offered because he assumed my mom wouldn't move to accommodate his job and when she found out about it she was really angry he didn't give her a chance. It was such an amazing opportunity for him and he'd already moved once for her. Katherine right now is all sorts of raw. If she'd decided to bail on her date and check on Theo and
  12. lots of laughs in this one, particularly amused by Tim Turner not being able to drink the wine with he nun on the bottle because nuns!
  13. 2/5 with Nighthawks and Botany Bay but I can't believe I missed Poland. I was totally in the right region. Thanks for the nudge. I totally was the opposite and so slammed this weekend I forgot it was one!
  14. i think if Maddison were so desperate to trap Kevin to do a fake paternity thing, I think she would have gone through with the wedding.
  15. Eh, it is one moment. That doesn't indicate he's been depressed the whole time and his depression may be about saying goodbye to his former mother in law and helping his children get through saying goodbye to their grandmother... or maybe when Kate and the kids turn up at the ultracabin kate confesses that she and.....music teacher have split and they get their flirt on leaving it hopeful for a reconcilliation in future. I think we're going to find that Kevin and Sophie give it one more shot but in the end when he finally has a chance to have everything be right with Sophie he is thinki
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