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  1. This was a disturbing episode for me because I don't like people being forced to like sports but I do like the inclusion of LGBTQ kids liking sports... so... Eh. He comes into their house. Condescends to them about their hobby and tells Becky after spending almost no time with them that they were toxic. He needed to go. I usually like Ben, but Ben tanking her meeting with the bank wasn't funny to me, not even a little bit. Depressed Ben is not a Ben I have any interest in.
  2. I thnink celeb hallpass is different from key parties because if you decide to have an open relationship and agree on the rules and set something up with likeminded people in the community that is a very real thing that could happen to anybody and requires you to be proactive in getting your needs met. A celeb hall pass, however, is I'll be faithful to you but if Kevin Pearson from the nanny bumps into me and also we both want to hook up, it is fine. But 99 percent of the time this isn't going to happen. It is a game. You don't live where Kevin Pearson lives. You don't know him. He is ulikely to notice you if you bump into him in public. He is unilkely to be lookign to hook up with randos on any given day in any given coffee shop. He has to meet you. Like you. Decide he's attracted to you all while not setting off your creep meter and so that you still want a hall pass with him. It is a wildly unlikely scenario as opposed to, "hey, hon, lets invite those people that we met that time over and..." My sister met her hall pass once. She thought he was a narcassistic arse because he was in an elevator and when people got in he started pretending to read a magazine and the magazine had the girl he was dating on the cover. She literally cannot see this celeb now 20-30 years later without telling this story and how much she hates him. I do suspect he is a narcissistic arse but I think not wanting to draw attention to yourself by reading a magazine in an elevator is fine and I tihnk the magaizne you happen to have being one with your girlfriend on the cover is not likely for normal humans but is going to happen when you happen to be dating a hollywood it girl. I mean she was on the cover of EVERYTHING at the time.
  3. Lots of different types in the world, lots of different types in the world that aren't an immediate part of island live. Middle aged white man is not the only fish out of water option.
  4. Oh look another white male DI come to solve all the cases. I would have liked them to switch that up a bit and don't know if I'll keep going.
  5. I usually like long hair on guys. I didn't think Jude's cut suited his face.
  6. When you are young and your hair color is that color it is hard to realize that when you get older even though that was your natural color that you start needing a lighter color to compliment your other changes. It is a common issue for people who are new to dyeing. Where really if you have been grey for a long time it is better to start out blonde and dye darker until it is right rather than going dark all at once.
  7. I don't know why it amuses me but the part where they had to give Beto/Bailey the same nickname while keeping no other names the same/similar? It amuses me. I appreciate the fact that they are dealing with the fact that being able to talk to the parents when things are going wrong is inherently different from the original show and how that contact can be for better or worse. I don't know anything about stealing a social security number but when ice raids the restaurant and looks at um... homeless kid's... papers they won't run his social security number through a database and see that he should be 0 years old?
  8. I use water from the fridge, but also I keep my glasses in the kitchen so I'd have to go into the kitchen to get my glass of water. Between watching Toby and Kate's marriage dissolve and knowing that we have Rebecca's decline to look forward to I don't know what upbeat this show has to offer right now. I certainly don't mind drama in my drama but I need some light moments to counter the dark ones and I suppose Kevin's story was supposed to be that but it was so creepy. It is a good thing I don't look like Sophia Bush because if some guy took me off to see a private concert at the Hollywood Bowl 12 minutes after meeting him, I'd be weirded out even if he looked like Justin Hartley.
  9. I also went Falstaff and then realized it was a history but didn't make a correction in time to get to Iago. Sigh. I was rooting for Ken in general but James last night and Brad to have a good showing just because I wanted more nights of this!
  10. I liked Claudia but then I was closer in age to Claudia than Julia. Rafa's got a better name than poor Owen. I think there is a clear difference in them being able to reach out to the parents but I don't mind it much. Clearly having the parents around is giving them some support the original kids didn't have but is also causing some problems the others didn't have as well. Claud couldn't run off to see the 'rents. Dad couldn't erroneously tell Charlie somebody was cheating him.
  11. I've had two purebred Hemmalayans both pet quality born to show cats. One was just a little off. One absolutely looked great but only liked me. I mean truly had temperament issue with everybody and I went to visit the kittens not knowing anything about this, friends of my dad, I think it was a playoff basketball game or something and 6 year old me was like, "Oh, I'll go and play with kittens." She was the first one I encountered and I picked her up and she snuggled with me for our whole visit. Two days later the owner asked my dad at work if I could have the cat because it liked me and it didn't like anybody. Free to me. Gorgeous cat. Had her for 16 years.
  12. Late to this party but my brother's school built literally right before he got there in 1982 had a pool in a suburb of Houston. My school in North Carolina got a pool in like 8th or 9th (1991 or 1992) grade. Swimming was a PE requirement at least some of the years.
  13. Yeah, I like Tammy. I didn't love her at first when I felt like she was getting so much airtime being so new but now the occasional Tammy centric episode is okay by me. Plus Kathleen Turner.
  14. I got garnet and was a little bit surprised that Mr. Sports betting guy thought Diamond might be a school color. I got the first FJ tonight but the second one not even a little bit. I'm rooting for Ken but I'd really like to see this go some extra games so I'm also rooting for James and Brad.
  15. We didn't watch the initial launch in class. We were in recess when the teacher came out screaming, "the challenger exploded, the challenger exploded." And then she brought us all in to watch the coverage for the rest of the day. I doubt that is how it would be handled today, though. What I was struck with watching this though is how much less my generations "big thing" than the shows 10/20 years from now of kids remembering where they were for 9-11, or the school shootings.
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