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    When Calls The Heart

    I"m a huge fan of adoption and fostering and its portrayal on TV. I do not like this kid Cody but I am all for Lee and Rosemary adopting a child or a horde of children. The actor who plays Cody is not very good. He should be in classes honing his craft if this is something he wants to do. Is it harsh to say a little kid actor is not a very good actor? Sure. But he isn't. He's young. It doesn't have to be a long term issue. I liked the kid whose Dad was played by Niall Matter. I like the girl with the teddy bear. I liked all the kids from the orphanage last season. It is this kid I don't like. In part it is because he is given so much airtime. But in part, big part, it is because he makes great big meals out of the scenery in every scene that he's in and having him lose an adoptive parent and get a second adoptive parent is just inviting more airtime and drama for a character whose drama I'm not even a little bit interested in. Tune in next week when Cody wants a cookie. Tune in next week when Cody can't be arsed to go to school because baseball is more fun. Tune in next week when Cody loses some kid's thing and can't be arsed to find it. These are the Cody stories we currently get. If he has another life trauma. Nope. Not here from it. He's welcome to join the stable of Halmark actors and have a Christmas movie or twelve. He's welcome to go back to being a kid who also takes acting classes to improve his craft. he's welcome to have some therapy to deal with the fact that strangers on the internet think his character is the most annoying on the show. I'm fine with all of that. I'm not fine with him sucking up even more airtime from this show. /hating on a little kid which does, in fairness, make me feel a little uncomfortalbe..... but... I mean take some classes kid.
  2. bybrandy

    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

    OMG, I was trying to place her the whole episode but kept picturing her with Lisa Bonet and knowing she wasn't a Cosby kid. I can't believe I didn't think of A Different World. LOVED WHITLEY!!! Legit, I was like um... are these cousins also in America? Because you aren't popping over to Italy all the time. You barely leave the hospital. Except I understood April's meltdown (both of them) and I legitimately cared about nobody noticing or caring. With this April's ex has noticed Jo's problem and has reached out... so, you know, not like the April situation at all. And again I understood where April's meldown was coming from. Even when I was angry with her I got it. As oppoed to this. Look, people feel how they feel. And this might be a legitimate reaction. This might be the straw that broke the camel's back with Jo. But this is a woman who has survived a whole heck of a lot to completely break down over this thing that seems small to me. And I can see how it wouldn't be, I guess, but she's not explaining to ANYBODY she's not even really giving hints so I'm just like, "Take a shower and get over it already." Which isn't a good response to depression but.... nevertheless... I genuinely don't care about any relationship currently on this show. I was so, "eh, whatever." When Jackson asked Maggie to move in. Why make Zola finding out about DeLuca a thing if she has literally no reaction to it? I don't know but Zola's reaction was the only thing interesting about the start of this episode and by the end... um... nothing. Yup, don't care. I cared when HAOG was an arse to glasses but only because it was such a low blow. I'm not invested in HAOG at all.
  3. bybrandy

    When Calls The Heart

    Celebrity men walk all the time. Celebrity women? Celebrity women who commit tax fraud no worse than their male counterparts? They get made examples of. This could go either way. I also thought the Coulters would adopt one or more of those girls in the Chrismas episode but I really hope they don't get saddled with Cody. If they're adopting I want girls and mostly I don't want Cody. 🙂
  4. bybrandy

    When Calls The Heart

    I have no recollection of that but I could just not remember it.
  5. bybrandy

    S01.E17 Sanctuary

    I was 8 (according to Wikipedia) and remember watching LA Law with the 'rents. I completely agree about just piling on and piling on. Did they not have formula anywhere in the hospital? Because I know the other floors had no power but shouldn't somebody have been able to run down to the baby floor and grab some? Are all those babies brought up from the NICU drinking pumped milk?
  6. This part is easy. When you get your DNA results you get lists and lists and lists of relatives. My closest relatives are my mother's first cousins so clearly my mother is my mother as people I know to be her first cousins are listed as my second cousins. The next list is somebody who had a name I'd seen before but would have never placed and is a second cousin of my father on his mother's side. Therefore I am related to my father and my father is related to his mother. Other relatives are clearly related to my mother's maternal great-great-grandmother and henceforth my mother's mother and her mother and her mother? All the people I think they are. But if there are no matches on the known fathers side then... It took a long, long, long time for somebody to test who was part of my father's father's line and while I knew for a fact that my father was my father and that his mother was his mother I was a little more concerned that his father wasn't his father. I'm convinced there is a break somewhere in my father's male line but at least I know my grandfather is my grandfather finally! Other ways to test this theory is to have known relatives of the supposed father tested (like they did to prove that he was the son of the Haygood man). If his supposed father had other children and they didn't match well then somebody wouldn't be the father's child and you'd go check other matches. With men it is even easier as your YDNA goes in tact from one male relative to the next. If his father had sons or his fathers brothers had sons they could check the Y-DNA and if the Y-DNA wasn't a match.
  7. bybrandy

    S03.E18: Her

    Well, it did happen in the last moments of the season. I'm sure the girls will have feelings about it when the next season opens.
  8. I mean the two minutes of seedlings stuff we got tat the very end was nice but Ty Burrell's story was the one we'd seen before. And if Gates is supposed to tell the story he uncovered somewhere, it wasn't here.
  9. bybrandy

    Kate: Chrissy Metz

    It is absolutely this.
  10. bybrandy

    S03.E18: Her

    If only there was a magical place where you could type "how far is it from someplace to someplace else" and get an answer. /sarcasm.
  11. bybrandy

    Buddy vs. Duff

    Rooting for Duff and honestly thought Buddy's cake looked a little like a magic show inside a bordello. But it had cake. So.. I have no beef with Buddy's win in that round.
  12. bybrandy

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    Seriously, I have been saying all sorts of things are my favorite color for the last week and a half because of this. It is legit driving the people I live with nuts. Sorry fam. "It is my second favorite color next to plaid" will never not be funny to me, though.
  13. bybrandy

    S17.E04: Survive in Style

    It is totally possible to get the marshmallow toasty brown and gooey on the inside without buring them. It is a skill. I am in the minority here but as I heard the challenge it was to make survival look fashionable I went for Rene for the win because she was the only one who tried to go for survival. I spent the whole time yelling, "How is that survival?!?!?!?" I would have kept Afa and axed Kovid because I've hated every one of his looks even that one that was on top last week. But I thought the yellow pants weren't terrible. Afa to me while way, way, way too cold had the only other garment that had survival aspects as you could fish or trap with that netting. The desginer who wove most of a vest clearly wasn't going home because she wove most of a vest but I'd have put her in the bottom three over Afa because her model was probably no warmer and her model was being kept modest by underwear not made for the challenge. It's nice you can weave part of a vest but when there is nothing else....
  14. bybrandy

    S03.E18: Her

    I'm pretty sure we flipped a few more weeks/couple of months in the future in those last scenes with Kate bringing the baby home. A baby born at 28 weeks with no major complications might go home a couple of weeks before their original due date but they'd still be spending at least a 8-10 weeks in the hospital. Breathing on his own is a great first step, it is HUGE, but it isn't even close to the only step he's got to reach. But you also don't decide to move to Philly on a Saturday and pack up on Sunday. They have to put their house on the market. They've got to either find a place in Philly or at least a temporary solution in Philly. They'd probably let the girls finish out the school year (or at the very least the semester).
  15. bybrandy

    S03.E18: Her

    A big upheval for the kids? Yes. A big upheval was coming one way or another. The divorce would likely have them selling the house and moving anyway. This way the family stays together. My mom move when I was in 5th grade and that actually was fine. Then I switched schools in 6th and socially it was a disaster for me. But the things that made it a disaster would have been there if we'd stayed where I'd lived as a kid. Middle school is CRAP. I was socially awkward and fully developed an introvert. It was going to be a rough time. Our move meant it was a rough time where my mom wasn't home only on the weekends to help me through it. Sure Deja and Tess and Annie may have rough time coming up. Kids go through periods where they have a rough time. But they could have equally gotten into a rough time in New Jersey. I had a friend whose dad sold his company the summer before her senior year of high school, and from a business decision it was absolutely the right thing to do. And part of doing it was a decision that his wife and daughter would stay where they were so she didn't have to change schools her senior year. Senior year started and the mean girl clique she'd always been a part of decided this was the year they were going to exclude her (they always excluded some girl from the clique each year) so here she is breaking up her family so she can have one last great year with kids she went to school with since literally pre-kindergarten and they all turn on her. I know this because she told me about all the guilt she felt while sobbing in the ladies room one day. And if she'd known it would turn out that way she just would have spent her senior year at a new school. But now it was midway through the year and switching made even less sense. Being a kid is COMPLICATED and it becomes more complicated as you grow up. But moving may turn out to be the thing that saves them and they'll never know. If Jack doesn't die Randall goes to Howard and he never meets Beth. No Tess. No Annie. And maybe Deja hits the foster parents lottery again... but probably not. If Kevin doesn't blow out his knee he goes to college on a football scholarship and he's not the Manny and his life? Probably still fine. He's Kevin. He's lucky. White. Attractive. Charming. He'll be fine. But he'll be a different shade of fine.
  16. bybrandy

    S03.E18: Her

    Do you work with kids in fostercare whose care givers are given a monthly stipend? While it isn't a word I'd expect every teenager to know I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't common in the fostercare community where the per child stipend is a thing. I, however, don't work with kids in fostercare so it may not be something that they interact with at all. The stipend goes to the foster parents and not to the kids. But I know some people who foster and we've had discussion about what their stipend does and doesn't cover etc.
  17. bybrandy

    S03.E18: Her

    I honestly think she panicked so much when she heard the alarm that she forgot about the foot thing. Rebecca being more seasoned remembered about the foot thing and went right for it. However, I think Kate was in a place where she was ready to panic because Rebecca had her so on edge with all of her nitpiking and because Kate didn't get to ask the question she needed to process everything because question time was eaten up by Rebecca. I don't think Rebecca in any way was trying to hurt Kate or make her feel like a terrible, incompetent parent. But I do think Rebecca's constant interruption of Kate is keeping Kate from settling down and figuring out the mom thing on her own, which obviously needs to happen because every mom is different. I don't think there are any bad guys here.
  18. bybrandy

    S08.E01: Episode 1

    My grandmother had undiagnosed twins in the 40s. She was certain she was having twins because she was HUGE and because she swore there were too many feet. And she told the doctor and he told her, no, no it wasn't twins. And she told the doctor again and he said no, no, no it wasn't twins. And of course it was twins. My grandmother went so quickly that my grandfather hadn't been ushered out of the room, yet. So he said right along with the doctor in the delivery, "It's a girl! It's twins!" The doctor treating my grandmother at the time was nearing the end of his career and had never once delivered twins. He'd deliver another set the following year and one the year after that. He teased that my grandmother started a trend.
  19. bybrandy

    S03.E18: Her

    Or Jack is gender non-binary. I mean I totally think he's with Kate or his adopted siblings or another family member. I'm just tossing that one out there.
  20. bybrandy

    The Village

    I have in specific situations. However, as a rule I don't. And I wouldn't go out of my way. I was at a store last week and the cashier basically chased a poor man down because he wasn't reacting to the cashiers "thank you for your service." I was like he heard you, he didn't care. The cashier must've said it 5 times (no exaggeration.)
  21. bybrandy

    S03.E18: Her

    I actually thought it might not be a bad time for Tess. She could just start at the new school as out if that's what she chooses. These new people can take her or leave her. Losing a long time friend over her sexual orientation (although I don't think most kids Tess's age care much about peoples orientation or gender identity) is different from never becoming friends with somebody because of your sexual orientation.
  22. bybrandy

    S03.E18: Her

    But Randalll didn't order a shake. He ordered whatever Deja was getting herself with an iced tea. That was my whole point. He should be getting the shake for the fry dipping.
  23. bybrandy

    S03.E18: Her

    Right... not a chocolate shake... unless you think she's getting him a burger, shake, fries and an iced tea.
  24. bybrandy

    S03.E18: Her

    Even Beth's boss thought Beth was just teaching bored housewives to twirl better. She could do that anywhere. And maybe with her own place she could do more than that.
  25. bybrandy

    S03.E18: Her

    She was near Randall when his kids were young, and has now gone to Kate for her baby. Kevin has babies in the future so maybe she went there to help with them when her health went awry. Lots of people do hospice at home for their loved ones and Kevin can afford any kind of nursing care that Rebecca is going to need.