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  1. Pallida

    S01.E01: Pilot

    After reading a few people mention small town, I'm confused and maybe I need to do a rewatch. I thought the show takes place in Helena, the capital of Montana? (Sure, it's still not that big, but I wouldn't call it a small town.)
  2. I blame you all for my purchase of Ghirardelli brownie mix yesterday. I walked by a display of it, and it's like this forum was haunting me. I'm not really complaining.
  3. I don’t know their voices at all, and maybe it’s because of previous comments about Vince Gill and Amy Grant, but the clue package for snow owls really made me think it’s them. Woman owl taking a leap of faith fits with Amy Grant’s career and the mainstream vs Christian music. And there was huge controversy with their marriage.
  4. I might just be latching on too much to “Quiet Place” in the clue package, but I’m guessing Emily Blunt for Sun.
  5. I want to know how Juju transported that hat. For me, Blair’s bbq look was ruined by the shiny boots. The boots Shea had on for the bbq might have worked with Blair’s look. (I can’t wait to hear what Raven and Rajah say about Blair’s boots.) I’m getting annoyed by lip syncs that don’t actually match up with the song. Cracker’s performance often didn’t seem to have any reference to the song’s tempo or meaning. This regularly happens on the show and I just don’t understand why tricks and flair get prioritized over doing stuff that fits the actual song. Mayhem’s blinking to the beat was more impactful than a random kick.
  6. I feel petty, but the excellent points above about the ethics of treating Steph with alien-derived treatment (whether synthesized or not) without any trials has made me hope there's some kind of negative side effect. I want Liz to be humbled by her rush-rush-rush attitude having consequences. (And I really wish the writing didn't make me want this.)
  7. I had no sympathy for Liz's lab being destroyed. She had all of her notes and research easily exposed if someone was able to breach the room. Her not dismantling the lab, for me, was the ultimate betrayal of trust for Max and all the other aliens. And yeah, Kyle may have lucked out that his career wasn't destroyed (yet), but no consideration for him either. Developing something that magically helps Steph doesn't cut it for me.
  8. I’d love to see original games from Battle of the Decades contestants.
  9. I appreciate you all refreshing my memory! I think it's highly problematic that Liz is not engaged in this conversation. I keep thinking about a more-recent human subjects violation that happened in Arizona. The Havasupai worked with researchers at ASU in hopes of addressing diabetes in their community. The tribe won a lawsuit after finding out the blood samples were used for a plethora of other DNA research topics. They rightfully pointed out that people's educations and careers were benefiting from this other work while those who gave blood were not properly informed or able to give actual consent on the process. (And they also likely didn't benefit from the diabetes research.) For me, this parallels what Liz is doing.
  10. Can you help me remember how they mentioned Tuskegee? I've been really struggling with Liz's complete disregard for bioethics. Her attack on the Department of Health and Human Services in a previous episode rang quite false to me. Trying to jump research from established design to human cells because of impatience is a slippery slope. There are protocols in place because vulnerable populations get used and abused to advance research. What she's currently doing definitely does not pass the "minimal risk" check.
  11. My DVR didn't record it even though it was showing as "new" in the guide. Before it aired, I even tried to redo my series recording in case I somehow deleted it over the past couple weeks. Only a single episode record worked. (I have Xfinity, in case that helps others.)
  12. I finally figured out that Sherry‘s makeup and face contortions feel like a ripoff of Hatchet Face from Cry Baby. And it’s been done over and over and over again this season. I don’t like the way that Gigi moves her mouth around. I think she needs a bit more time to develop an authenticity. I don’t think I’m wording this well, but she seems to have a playbook veneer.
  13. I’m glad I wasn’t alone in being confused by the English-language list. I thought it was referring to countries that would hear UN meetings in English (as opposed to the other five languages that are interpreted simultaneously). Perhaps knowing that bit about simultaneous interpretation threw off my reading comprehension. I said El Salvador because it was the only Spanish-article county to come to mind, but I thought I was wrong.
  14. I could picture Starship Troopers. I knew it was a Heinlein book. My brain went to Super Troopers and I got so stuck on "why did I think of that movie???" that I didn't make the jump.
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