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S16.E04: We're Sleeping Wear?

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13 minutes ago, backgroundnoise said:

Michael's winning look is gorgeous. 

Kenya really dodged a bullet, seeing that she didn't even do a textile, but at least she knew it was bad.   Not so Deyante. 

I liked the challenge and most of the looks were pretty good and fit the challenge.

I was surprised at how not terrible most of the looks were. Kenya was lucky. She didn't make a print of any sort, but it goes back to the old adage "don't bore Nina." Deyonte made clothes. There was no design in that outfit and it certainly wasn't fashion.

Where I'm from, people don't wear see-through pants let alone bloomers out in the world.

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Even more prestigious than the Official Pen of Project Runway is getting a Seal of approval from the Heidi Klum Intimates line. I would have expected a universal Seal of disapproval for such a brand.

"Things happen for a reason." I used to love Tim, but I think that talking Barbie that said "Math is hard" would provide more effective and erudite advice than what I saw tonight.

Aaron's runway outfit made me nostalgia for the subtlety and all-functionality of Jerrell's The Pied Piper of Castro Street look.

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Brandon looks like Allen Leech (Tom Branson on Downton Abbey) decided to go hipster.

I love Kentaro and Samantha. I really appreciate a mostly drama free season. It's one of the things I like most about Face Off.

Lots of pretty sleepwear pieces. I did like the color palate and the idea of Kenya's, except for the robe. Maybe if she had talked herself down from near panic mode she could have worked it out.

When are the going to learn that "mass produced" means beautiful but simple?

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There were a lot of nice looks this week, and I actually mostly agree with the judges. I liked Kentaro's a lot, but the textile was too specialized to mass produce, but the winning look was stunning, and flattering and would work for a lot of body types. So it was a great choice for the win.


I liked Deyonte, but it was time for him to go home. his look was just blah.

The twin look wasn't bad, but it was kind of boring. I agree with others above that the cream/blue striped look (Samantha?) deserved to be in the top. It had actual design to it and looked fairly well made.


The twin stuff continues to be annoying, but I do tune out a lot of the work room stuff so it didn't bother me as much this week .


I'm glad Kenya didn't get auf'd I like her a lot, though her look was quite a miss this week.

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I can’t believe they made them walk around New York in their pajamas & what was the point of making them sleep at the Empire State Building?

WTH was Aaron wearing on the runway? He should have been auf’ed for those shorts alone.

Ayana was definitely my favorite, & I thought Samantha’s was the best for lounging.

Probably because I don’t sleep in pajamas, but looking at all the long & full length pants & gowns, I don’t know how anybody could sleep in all that material. It just looks so uncomfortable to me. I would never be able to sleep in Michael’s gown.

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I've seen pants like Aaron's before. On Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood on Halloween and other grownup-type parties.

Loved Michael's. Yeah, the straps were a little fussy, but they'll probably simplify those a bit for mass production anyway. I would've muted the pinks and yellows on Kentaro's, but otherwise really liked it as well. And fine, Shawn's was good too, but I agree that putting Samantha in third would've been a justified cockblocking of the twins from the top.

Glad Kenya survived—I've liked what she's put out to this point—but on top of the points the judges made, the hot pink cheapened the look big time.

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Nina's face while Shawn was droning on was made of win. I'm not a huge Nina fan, but the look said it all. 

The enemy of my enemy...


I haven't finished the episode yet, but I had to come here to say I really dislike the inclusion of the models' opinions.  It's one thing when it's a "real woman" challenge, where the model is also the client.  But these are supposed professional models - their opinions mean zip. 

It also feels like more needless filler.  I know it's a pipe dream, but PR has needed to get back to a lean and mean hour-long run time for ages-- the producers should definitely watch Face Off and see how less can equal more.


I don't know how the designers were able to work or concentrate at all after shivering all night in a hard sleeping bag in the wind. (If it was real. I have my doubts.)

If they really had to do that it seemed ridiculously cruel as it was obviously windy and uncomfortable up there.  It kind of reminds me of the scene in John Waters Polyester where the nuns force everyone to go on a hayride in a thunderstorm.  I like how Heidi and Tim said they wished they could join the sleepover.  A) Yeah, right and B) who's stoppin' ya?

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1 hour ago, millennium said:

I think if I were taken to the top of the Empire State Building for inspiration to make sleepwear, I would design a long, flowing garment that hangs from the shoulder and tell the judges: "It's a muumuu." 

Lucy and Ethel as 'Women from Mars' is one of my favourite 'I Love Lucy' episdoes!

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I sort of liked Aaron's shorts for the audacity of them.   Gretchen basically wore a sheer skirt and granny panties when she won.  [Not that that excuses either of them, but it seems odd that judges have a real problem when it is on a man, but are not bothered when it's worn by a woman.]

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3 hours ago, hoodooznoodooz said:

But why was Nina wearing a feather boa?

What was that blue marabou abomination?  It kind of looked like cuffs, but I can't figure why anyone would put that color of feather cuffs on a black sweater with fire engine red trim.  I'm questioning Nina's taste level and lack of sophistication, yet again.

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I hate that this show is needlessly an 1 1/2 now because I always fall asleep with the last half hour left and then have to wait to get home from work on Friday to watch it. I wish they would cut the models talking to themselves in the mirror. Reading through everyone's comments, I see that neither twin was eliminated this week, but they're like one of those mythical creatures that only the head of Medusa would be able to get rid of, or they're like Vincent in S3, who lasted all the way to the trip to Paris. Neither have any talent from what I've seen so far and they're only sticking around for the schtick of having them on the show - annoying designers and viewers alike. 

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2 hours ago, AntManBee said:

I sort of liked Aaron's shorts for the audacity of them.   Gretchen basically wore a sheer skirt and granny panties when she won.  [Not that that excuses either of them, but it seems odd that judges have a real problem when it is on a man, but are not bothered when it's worn by a woman.]

I thought that he probably didn't know they would look that sheer on camera or in a highly lit workroom - I have a few blouses that look alright when I check myself in the mirror at home, but are a totally different story outside in bright daylight. I found it odd that the camera zoomed in on them so much.

I can't complain about this weeks episode, both the win and the auf were alright. Well done, Michael. Kentaros probably was too much work to mass produce it at a reasonably price (all that scalloping at the top) I would like to see more of Amy.  She showed good knowledge when she predicted that Aaron's fabric would be less flowy due to him printing most of it.

What are the odds on one twin being aufd in a team challenge where they are split up and unable to help each other design and sew?

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Oh my goodness, I was so worried tor Kenya.  She was just so flustered with this challenge from start to finish and her fighting back tears just about broke my heart.  Similarly with Deyonte wiping his tears and saying his Grandnma told him, "Boy, you'd better not cry!"  It's ok, Deyonte.  Go home and enjoy fatherhood.  And Kenya's model is gorgeous.

The twins helping each other is so much bullshit.  It almost seems as if they're deliberately daring the other designers to say something about the tag-teaming.

Instructor's (Amy?) garment looked like a floor length model of the cape I wear at the hair salon. 

I agree that Samantha should've been a top design.

Kentaro is love.

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9 hours ago, Mindthinkr said:

Is it me or is Amy doing well yet not getting a good edit or favorable commentary because they expect more out of her due to her background? Last week I loved her versatile outfit yet she is seemingly going without notice. 

I thought Amy's outfit this week looked like the drape they put over you when you get your hair cut.

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I thought most of them did well, and the ones on the bottom deserved to be there. That said, I wouldn't sleep in any of the outfits. Heidi is insane if she thinks that's what real humans wear to bed regularly. 

I continue to hate the twins to the point that I dvr the episode and ff through most of the work room stuff because I cannot listen to them. I am now in it for the episode where one of them gets aufed and the ensuing meltdown. 

Edited by poeticlicensed
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31 minutes ago, Nidratime said:

The Voltaggio brothers did it on Top Chef and they cut each other no quarter, going practically head-to-head.

True.  I forgot about the Voltaggio brothers. 

11 minutes ago, hoodooznoodooz said:
11 hours ago, mwell345 said:

Not even 10 minutes into the episode and already too much of the twins.

I suppose we should be grateful that they aren't triplets. 

There's probably a third one hiding behind the JC Penney Accessory Wall

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I liked Michael's but the middle strap would be uncomfortable. I don't like anything right near my neck when I sleep. The bright pink one that one of the twins created had a knot on the side of the top that would also bug me because I sleep on my side. I'm all for sexy sleepwear but it should also be comfortable. Simple straps are best for sleep, maybe a crossback. I loved Kentauro's and I loved that he sought counsel about how to fit a plus-sized model. I also liked Batani's.

I follow Deyonte on IG and some of his stuff really is gorgeous. I saw a white dress of his that I want right this minute. So I think he'll be OK. I'm glad Kenya stayed. I think she's one to watch, this outfit notwithstanding.

The twins are rapidly moving toward "mute whenever they speak" status.

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