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  1. I had read Toobin's book, which is source material for the series, so I knew what was gonna happen, but heck if that wasn't horrific. One thing, when she called her mom, mom seemed quite aware that she was having an affair with Clinton. Wtf? I would have been up my kids behind with disapproval daily and I sure wouldn't be paying for a condo at the Watergate. I realize that 22 or 24 is am adult but clearly she was still depending on her parents. That gives them some power.
  2. I remember doing all kinds of stupid diets back then. I did a diet where I could only eat canned tuna every day.
  3. The series ended up with me disliking both of them. They lied to each other, they lied to other people, they lie to themselves. There is nothing I like about them. Mira for proclaiming she doesn't want a relationship while apparently having one, Jonathan for now being the cheater. It pissed me off that he chose the day of the ceremony to basically tell his mom that her marriage sucked. How nice of him! And like a cherry on the proverbial sundae, they defile the Airbnb they are staying in by drinking the hosts liquor, eating their food and break into what is obviously a teenagers bedroom and do
  4. I watched about 5 minutes of the woman who said her boyfriend stalked her and had to turn it off because the couple was just so dumb. I mean seriously she kicks him out and he brings her a taco and she let's him back in? How dumb are you?
  5. I think that 1) she felt like he owed it to her and I suspect he had promised many times to get her a job and 2) she was a bit of an entitled princess. I mean you get white house intern jobs because of family connections and wealth, so mum and dad pulled strings. Im sure they pulled lots of strings and gave whatever she wanted. She was 22 and living at the freaking Watergate! Everyone i know who moved to DC as a 22 year old lives in a broom closet with roommates paying outrageous rent.
  6. I am amused by the fact that Linda thinks that all you need is a bit of salacious gossip and voila you are an author. I keep vascillating about her motivation for doing what she did. Rage, anger at being a civil service drone who was put in Siberia after being at the pinnacle. Or did she really empathize with Monica and wanted to help her or did she just want to get the Clinton's. She is being portrayed as a very unhappy vengeful person. I wonder if since we are getting the story from Monica who admits she harbors great resentment against Linda, if it might be an over the top representation. B
  7. I guess I am the only one who likes the intros. I find it fascinating how they instantly slide into character. Has anyone watched the original? I started it but I was tired and couldn't deal with subtitles. But I will definitely watch it so I can compare
  8. If Linda had been a true friend and consistently told her to get away from Bill or tried to get her to see a therapist to try and take her focus off Bill, there may have been a better outcome for Monica. I can see why Monica had a thing for Bill but I will never understand why he kept stringing her along. Of of fear she would talk? Or was he getting something out of the relationship? I dont think they were doing the nasty at the end so what gives? I'm having a hard time with the actress who plays Monica. Monica was way more attractive and not nearly as zoftig. Was Paula Jones
  9. Lack of impulse control coupled with entitlement will land you in a heap of trouble. But before this, Clinton managed to get others to cover for him or got the girls to disappear and deny. What he didn't count on was the determination of the Washington elites to not look the other way. I remember the Monica jokes. I have always thought she was beautiful and Bill certainly had a type, he liked em voluptuous. I want to know how George Conway feels about how he is being portrayed. I feel like Paula Jones is being played for laughs, but there's nothing funny about what happened to
  10. Parents of the cat stealing girl were definitely pieces of work. So afraid their daughter would go out and have SEX that they took away her car and tried to get her arrested. It spoke volumes that other siblings were on their sisters side and the holier than thou parents had no one.
  11. Because that's what whoever created and staged this thinks 2 income job parents kitchens look like
  12. I'm 3 episodes in and I'm still ambivalent. I don't know if I care or don't care about these people or if I'm bored or interested. Mira is coming off like a total POS. Not sure if that's intentional or not. And as much as I try to like Jon i can totally understand why Mira left him. I find him frustrating in that college professor but let's talk about your feelings way. I confess I just retired from academia and have met 100 Jons. But he pales in comparison to Mira who is the female version of a giant tool.
  13. As much as l loathe Dr Shill and am normally appalled at how he handles people with obvious mental disorders, i was surprised at the care he showed to Catfish granny Post Malone. Its clear there was something wrong mentally with her and at least he got her to see a neurologist. I was glad they didn't parade Post Malone out on stage or have him call because that would have had no point. She would simply change her fixation. Although I confess I have no idea who he is.
  14. I didn't watch the season but decided to tune in to the reunion to see what happened and it was same old same old. Marge is unrecognizable from previous seasons. Still kind of loudmouth. Jennifer apparently was stirring the shit, saying that Jackie's husband was a cheat. Or was that Teresa? Jackie said Gia did coke. Jennifer is still materialistic. Tre is still vapid. Melissa is still all fake. Delores ugh. So what was different this season than previous ones? I guess I saved myself about a dozen hours.
  15. But did he confess to killing her? My money is on John. I think he killed her and got Billy to help him dispose of the body. Billy is now guilt ridden and wants to confess and John is taking him fishing to get rid of him and make it look like suicide. John is the daddy.
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