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  1. I didn't watch the season but decided to tune in to the reunion to see what happened and it was same old same old. Marge is unrecognizable from previous seasons. Still kind of loudmouth. Jennifer apparently was stirring the shit, saying that Jackie's husband was a cheat. Or was that Teresa? Jackie said Gia did coke. Jennifer is still materialistic. Tre is still vapid. Melissa is still all fake. Delores ugh. So what was different this season than previous ones? I guess I saved myself about a dozen hours.
  2. But did he confess to killing her? My money is on John. I think he killed her and got Billy to help him dispose of the body. Billy is now guilt ridden and wants to confess and John is taking him fishing to get rid of him and make it look like suicide. John is the daddy.
  3. I haven't been watching lately because I hate the follow up shows. Just stopping in to say howdy
  4. Hey Pounders - I've been awol since they started doing the follow up shows because I made a decision I've given these losers more than enough time put of my life. Just stopped in to see if there has been any good snark lately and there's not much on tonight
  5. I had the feeling that mom with her sweet demeanor was behind this. Lots of anger over the divorce and the kid sided with her. So she wants to cut him out. I think maybe the whole thing could have been avoided if the parents could have had a conversation. Lots of betrayal there but dad needed to recognize that 18 year olds will do lots of things they will regret. Hopefully he will come to his senses.
  6. I dont even like to walk through my house with just a sports bra on. The park? No.
  7. Chrystal is so self involved she doesn't see her kids have issues.
  8. What was that movie with Bette Miller where she was kidnapped and locked in a basement and lost a ton of weight and got in shape. Can't remember.
  9. Now I'm getting ads for a thingie that wipes one's butt. What is happening?????
  10. This showed up in my feed for this board. What the h???
  11. So she sits on her ass while everyone works. Nice
  12. Chrystal is now playing us with that fast food order
  13. I think its supposed to be a sports bra. They have huge ones at Walmart. Why are they still living at a hotel? Thats hella expensive, even if its cheap
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