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  1. I got here late. Who are those two guys?
  2. That woman is barely 400 pounds. Harrumph!
  3. I hope he did! The closed captioning said "bowel". But I hope to hell it was bile.
  4. Bowel in his esophagus? No no no no no no no
  5. Oh, and when Ludo first came on the screen and said "We were up at Oxford together, I was in (whichever) college and you were in, um, which one was it?" and Morse walks right into it by saying "Lonsdale". I was all "Oh dude, you were not at Oxford, you don't know Morse, you're a bad guy." My husband will provide corroborating testimony. 😀
  6. I agree with everyone about how overjoyed I am that this show is back. But I want to throw in some applause for the writers (and wardrobe department) for hitting so many correct notes about 1970. The Second Wave of the women's movement was rolling, and so many men were so awful about it. And the research on the paranormal -- I grew up near Stanford University and in 1972 or 73 (can't remember) I met Uri Geller at a private party. I was only 12 or13, and friends with one of Russell Targ's children. Paranormal stuff was everywhere -- it was huge. And I SWEAR I had that blouse that the more
  7. Teretha. She got tired of Derek not taking care of her, so she moved to long-term care. And Derek and his bad kidneys can just get along however.
  8. It'll definitely put some people out of work, but they're not closing, they're just teaching online again.
  9. No one cares about Teretha. Get back to the toothless druggie.
  10. But if she gets a job, she can't be thar for LANDON who needs his MAMA.
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