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  1. hey everyone! Haven't posted in a long time. Anyhow, I came across this and had to share with my JJ family. note to moderator, if this is in the wrong thread, please move it.
  2. I liked the version of it they did about 10 years ago. That version was more in line with the books.. The books are from Gerry's point of view, which make them delightful and his family is portrayed as eccentric. This appears to be the morose, realistic version of things.
  3. That alone should have caused the Loser Alarm to activate. Car case.....I think they were merging into the center lane at the same time. Also this happened in the DC suburbs of Virginia. There's something wrong with this place because drivers are really, really, awful here.
  4. Arrrrgggghhhhh! School just started and I have car pool duty this week. I'm missing the new episodes.......*sob*.............
  5. Unfortunate typo. Been too busy for tv recently :(
  6. About the wedding video.......Initially, I thought the song was "Love Roller Coaster" by the Ohio Players, and after listening to the actual song on the vid, "Love Roller Coaster " would have been the better choice. I guess the producers needed filler and decided to show the entire vid. In doing so, it scared our cat, made the kids suddenly want to go help Grandma in the other room, and prompt Mr. Milz to exclaim "What the Hell's this crap?"
  7. Picking up cat poo and flinging it over a fence what a way to spend a weekend....*shakes head no*......
  8. Wow, this show got picked up by some PBS stations!
  9. OMIGOD! You're Harvey Levin!!!!
  10. That makes more sense. but it's still not enough food if you figure 1 pound of turkey per person. Either everyone took way more than their share or they didn't have enough food. Re: All you can eat mentality.....for some reason it really bothers me that people pile their plates then eat one or two bites of it. In Japan, they charge you extra if you leave food, which cuts down on waste.
  11. Disclaimer: For really huge family gatherings, we get together and hire someone to supply BBQ. And all attendees are asked to bring a food or beverage. This system works well, unless everyone decides to bring coleslaw or potato salad, or only a few people bring food or everyone chows down like they haven't eaten in 4 years. Also it takes food organization, meaning, you don't put everything out at one time and yell "Come and get it!". The food has to be brought out in phases. I got the feeling this is what the plaintiff wanted to happen, and why they spent a total of $16/person and why they ordered 2 turkeys for 150 people. I bet they expected more family members to bring food to supplement the catered food. Because she did say that the catered food plus the food they brought was not enough food for everyone at the party to have whatever.
  12. *sigh* If only Walmart had Kleen P in stock that day.........
  13. It means she isn't in a nursing home, needing 24/7 skilled nursing care and addled out of her mind. Taking inflation into account, $300 in 2016 is equivalent of about $100 in the late 80s when I was a teen. Ummmm.....I don't think my parents spent more than $50 for my Xmas gifts.
  14. Did anyone see the bug-eyed terror quake the cowboy junkie did when JJ took the paper and walked off the set with it?
  15. And there was that time when Greg worked at the firm after school and was tasked with delivering some blue prints in one of those big tubes. While Greg bought a comic book at a news stand, the lid came undone and the prints slipped into the gutter. And we last see them being intentionally stomped upon by a bunch of different people, as if intentionally stomping on paper is mandatory for all pedestrians.
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