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  1. It was definitely more interesting than the sanctum crap, so I'll give it that. With the blood treatment being an injection that takes over in an hour, it must not be a true/lasting genetic mutation as far as reproduction. Having it be sporadic that some of the reproductive germ cells would randomly carry the mutation but not all of them makes sense for why there were less and less in the population. They also must have found some other survivors eventually, in other bunkers or what have you, that were either able to withstand the radiation or the radiation decreased again to not be as fatal to certain people. So Bill doesn't actually care about his daughter, he just cares about what she remembers/becca's memory of the special code to enlightenment. Think we'll learn what that is by the end of the series? I assume Bill figured out how to go back to the bunker or sent a disciple on a suicide mission to destroy the stone? Or at least move it out of the bunker. No way was that stone in there the whole time Wonkru was... Are the 100 going to end up back on Earth? I wonder what the time difference has been between earth time and Bardo...
  2. She was amazing in True Blood as well...
  3. Ugh... Can we dump all the Sanctum stuff (especial Sheidhada) and just hang out with Anomalykru all season?? That's far more interesting and not just a retread of what we've seen before.... does the anomaly lead to some other place/time that still has humans? Sound like there is a big bad in there also that sent Hope to kill Octavia...
  4. Nested Bean is another weighted sleep sack that's been around for awhile... so another not so original concept.
  5. I think the sharks were absolutely right in that the safety ladder would be better as a under window mounted thing instead of needing the window company to change their window designs/molds, especially with all of the variation in window sizes etc. plus, a lot of builders have just one window company they use, so even if they found a company to take the idea, they might still have a limited clientele. Windows are already really expensive, at least in my area, while I want my family to be safe I don’t know is we would spend extra money at that point in the build process.
  6. I might have liked Sherry some at the beginning, but I think, like Britta you can't hide some of that cruelty... plus after doing the same old lady schtick over and over, I would definitely be over her by now.... I know queens have signature looks and some of it is over the top make up... but I also don't dig Sherry's makeup...
  7. That’s what I figured out eventually, and the clear issue with her story- she rushed it a bit so the audience missed some of the story and then couldn’t follow why it was funny, even though it really is a funny story. I never really thought about it before Jaida’s story, but I would think needing to pee once you’ve been tucked and in a fancy outfit is probably not a quick fix! Pointing that out to the audience at the beginning of the story would have helped us follow the story.
  8. I think Jaida's story was just hard to follow- I don't know if it was nerves having her talk too fast or what, but I didn't understand what she was talking about until almost the end.... or what was going on with the man in the bathroom... But if she had explained more that she was asked to judge a pagent in drag, and you know, when you're in drag you want to make sure you use the bathroom before you get tucked.... but today, things didn't go as planned or whatever (at least that's what I think she was trying to demonstrate the person in the bathroom helping her with??) It could have been a funny anecdote, i just found it hard to follow... and then she sort of gave up by the time the hotdog/onion punchline came around.
  9. This show is just fun and heartwarming, and nice to see some people step out of their comfort zones, but also be so excited to do so! It’s also not just ‘ har har, I’m so funny in a dress’ but more meaningful and that’s really cool. This episode was a lot of fun, I knew Dustin from Schitts Creek and Alex from Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, so even better when I know who the contestants are. The roast was really good, and though I assume they all got a lot of help with the jokes, I’m okay with that in this sort of setting. It was fun to watch 🙂 Dustin’s runway makeup bugged me though being so white in the middle of his face/ under the eyes. I get highlighting and contouring, but is like he got smacked square in the face with some powder. They did a similar look on the winning guy from the first episode too... they still looked good, but it was distracting to me. I like that they all won this week, they all nailed the lip sync in different ways.
  10. Im surprised she was allowed to go over, I figured they had a guy with a sign giving them the 1 minute/ times up warnings... Sherry didn’t even make it to the fish before her 5 minutes were up. it was nice to see the queens could go in whatever direction they wanted with this, though clearly some stumbled to find the right path. I’m sad to see Heidi go, but she was definitely the bottom this week.
  11. We didn't ever use a separate potty seat to train our kids- we got a step and the kid insert for the big toilet.... Not that it's going to work for everybody, but the whole carrying around a dish of pee/poop didn't appeal so we avoided it completely. If you think your kid is going to be the carry around their pee kind, you could skip the separate potty seat and problem is solved. The crochet guy was hilarious, but i figure on shark tank more for the publicity, but it bothers me less in his case, because it didn't seem like some shrewd business move, just a guy wanting to share the crochet. Skin to skin is great, but I don't know if a special shirt is all that necessary... take your shirt off! It's fine!! Didn't care about the tie guys... but I don't watch this show all that closely anymore 😛 What's the product, do I care? No, okay fast forward...
  12. Kevin seemed really short tempered this week, maybe it was just more focus on him and it's clearly a high stress role, but he just seemed to be barking orders during the challenge and even sounded angry during a lot of the judging. I do think it was the right decision for him to go home, this was his vision and his decision to do way too many dishes for one course. I do think the dish thing at the store was an honest mistake, I get being a little irritated, but they really seemed to up the drama over something pretty insignificant "Hey, that was actually our place setting we just set up with the guy, you might want to look for something else" Or did they both end up using the same dishes? I was distracted by the food and not looking at the plates for Kann. Gregory's team seemed to have a better flow with their food for the prep and service. I expected Malarky would have no issues with front of the house. I am surprised there was such an obvious fail for the 2nd restaurant, usually it's a little closer that you aren't sure which team will be the winner... Gregory's food looked and sounded more appealing to me.
  13. I like this idea... I think it should be more even of a playing field that either they are all making whole outfits or none of them are.... If Heidi had to spend time sewing and nobody else did because they already had ready to go looks, that's not really a fair challenge.... Especially when she was focused on making her superfan feel happy and loved and wanting to give her a good experience. I think the dress still had a disco ish vibe- at least some 70s style... would some more glitter have made it even better? Sure, but you've got to make it work with what you've got. I'm glad they didn't send anyone home for this episode. I don't get Crystal Method and her whole bert/ernie/clown deal... but that's just me.
  14. I feel like the restaurant war in the very first season was so interesting- that we saw having a great front of the house person was a key element, etc. Which has made restaurant wars such a big deal. It's an interesting way to see how they can work together as a team, and is something different from them just making dishes... but I feel like over the years as they have tried to make it more interesting or more challenging/something different, it's become a little ridiculous. I did like seeing the different restaurant pitches tonight, it was a new challenge (for me, i think i missed most of last season due to boredom 😛 ) and let each contestant do their own thing instead of some crazy challenge.
  15. I thought it wasn't just wiping her memory, but also giving her more control/focus- she said she thought she was always so controlled because that's just who she was, but now she knows that's not the case and she can be more free..... Which that could be a pretty serious manipulation, unless they were able to wipe her memory of her fire hands but also leave behind the need to be under control.... I'm glad the got Harry and Macy together already, not because I've been dying for the pairing (I would have been happy for Galvin to hang around, or even rich guy to not be the big bad) but they have just been dragging it out sooooo long I was sick of it.
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