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  1. Most newborn outfits now have little fold over cuffs anyway... which is the age you really need them since the little babies scratch their faces all the time... plus the cuffs can't fall off/get lost etc.
  2. Right?? I want more!! Which is probably the point... but still... And I know it's a cliche ending, but I really wish there was a fast forward to see even more where everyone ends up.... not that we can't guess most of it- David and Patrick will be happy in their house and running their shop, hanging out with Stevie who will do amazing setting up the new hotels.... Johnny and Moira will be great in CA... I guess Alexis is the one without a ton of closure, though she at least has a promising Publicist career ahead of her.... I was hoping for some magical reconciliation with Ted... or like a 5 years later they came back together in a way that finally worked or something 😛
  3. I think part of it is the assumption that happy people/ happy relationships are boring.... which is why they kill off love interests or bring in the love triangle etc... I get we need to have stuff happen that drives the story and conflict/drama... and relationship drama like this it the easy way to do it instead of more personal/subtle conflict.
  4. The ice cream thing was because the ex didn't know what her favorite flavor was and tried to order her strawberry when they met up "for a quick bite". So I guess that was their way to show us that Jake is better than doctor ex. This one was fine, it wasn't quite as obvious from the start who the killer was, so that was good. This series also makes a little more sense than some why Ruby is involved with solving crimes since she's an investigative reporter whatever... Its better than some of the random jobs the female leads usually have, yet constantly stumble on to murders. I don't mind the pairing, but I think they are going to slowly with this particular couple and that's part of why they have so little chemistry... their dialogue, especially early in the movie was really weird and stilted, like not the way normal people talk to each other... especially not people who may be headed down the path to a relationship. I liked that they showed Jake being interested- like he had to sit down when she invited him to the reunion as his date and he got her a corsage... but it was so weird to have Ruby even considering wanting to get back together with her ex, they broke up for a reason...
  5. Sound of Silence is always beautiful song, but that duet was awesome... I did also really enjoy the Fight Song performance, and bringing in more about Howie and his daughter seemed to fit with the story well. Ugh the simon stuff... it did have me tearing up at the end with their song, but mostly because it was very well done and I enjoyed the choreography... plus ending a relationship like that is always sad, even if it's the right thing... However, I wish they had never gone this direction with Zoey's love interests in the first place. But at least it's moving forward in some way. Max's new job is an interesting twist, but much less meaningful to have him take the job when he's being kind of an ass, though really, it'd be easier for them to date if Zoey wasn't his boss... so there's that for down the road I guess (though with the preview for next time, maybe he won't be gone long) and as one of the leads of the show (at least I assume he's supposed to be) there will have to be ways to keep him involved... I was excited to see Ava... I didn't recognize her at first, but her voice is very recognizable from Altered Carbon... so that's a fun new connection!
  6. I get why duvets are a thing, but if people are finding them such a hassle, there are other options... Yes we can't change the patterns or anything fancy like that, but we have a comforter we use for our bed that is just that, a comforter. It doesn't come apart, it probably all could go in the washing machine... But we are people who like a top sheet, and we usually have another fleece/fuzzy like blanket we use with the comforter on top for the winter when it's colder... so we aren't sweating or anything onto the comforter meaning it doesn't need washing frequently... I would be much more worried about how a zipper that big would hold up, especially through regular washing cycles etc.
  7. Thank you!! I spent half the movie trying to figure out why he was so familiar!!!
  8. I liked this episodes, though I don't love what they are doing with the love triangle. I hope that kiss was more of a, whoops, that should never happen again and we will keep our distance sort of thing, because I definitely think her attraction to Simon is just that- attraction/lust and a lingering crush. And I will never be happy with a cheater storyline.... not to mention if Simon is willing to leave his fiance/ or cheat on her with zoey, what's to stop him from doing the same thing to Zoey down the road when someone else comes a long. I don't mind Max, though as others have said, he does sometimes waffle into "nice guy" territory, which is frustrating.. but I don't think that is the intent. It's a weird situation so it seems like they are trying to get across the shifting emotions/feelings for both him and Zoey and that he doesn't always react well, but still cares about her and her family etc. I don't know what I want to happen with her father. I was thinking they would drag out his condition a little longer, especially because the family scenes are some of the best parts of the show. I agree that a miracle cure would be no good, but I was surprised when the doctor said weeks...
  9. It’s more that it will be easier to renew assuming they still have all the sets/ cast and crew already established vs trying to set up a whole new pilot during all of this... nothing is filming now, but starting from scratch with a brand new show will be a lot harder.
  10. Actually, with corona virus shutting everything down, we may see a lot more shows picked up for a 2nd season since the pilot season is basically not going to exist this year... so we may have more of a chance at getting a 2nd season, which would be great!
  11. Overall, I did like the new Mystery 101, but in general I enjoy this cast.... and I'm glad they finally kissed!! I just hope they don't rush to like a proposal in the next one... just let people be together and solve crimes! I agree that this one was kind of easy to call from the start, but is kind of a flaw to all of these mystery series. They only introduce so many new characters, and we all know it has to be one of them. They did the crooked cop last time (right, that was a mystery 101?) so Mac was a definite red herring... and the spouses... they are always suspects and look really guilty but it's never them. The freeing an innocent man was a nice new way to get this case going, so I did like that... and there was definitely some mystery to connecting all the first 2 murders. I'm just glad to have a new mystery this week and next... since who knows when we'll get more!
  12. Some interesting dishes this week... overall the judges table stuff made sense and I would have been fine with any of the bottom three going.... But the main thing I wanted to say is I HATE last chance kitchen!!!!! I mean, at least it makes them do stuff to win their way back, but I still think it's unfair to bring someone back near the end of the competitions without having gone through everything the rest of the competitors did.
  13. Max doesn't bother me as much, since I think he's just sort of oblivious and takes people at face value- like being an idiot about Autumn, she said everything was cool, it was a good breakup! But he's too boneheaded to realize it was a big deal, since a break up is a big deal for most people. I also get why he was so upset when he did start to believe zoey about the powers and that she set him up with someone else to get his attention off of her... so their conversation was okay to me when they talked it out. It can hurt to be rejected, but he at least listened to Zoey about her not knowing how she felt and worried about ruining their friendship. This could go well or it could go very bad depending on how the writers want to play it, i hope it's more of a we're friends and it eventually does become something more and not, I'll keep pining away and putting in nice coins until the zoey machine pays out. It can be a subtle thing to write. I took Simon's conversation in the elevate more of just curiosity and not jealousy. Like zoey was there for him and he wants her to be happy the way he is happy with his fiance. I wish they hadn't put the "should i stay or should I go" song a couple of weeks ago, because having this as a drawn out love triangle is lame. Simon can go be happy with his fiance and still have zoey as a friend, just not as close of a friend, and that lets zoey figure out what she wants, if she wants a man at all right now. So I really hope Max and Simon don't "fight" over zoey... i hate love triangles!!! And the Joan/Leif thing is wack and i don't want it on my screen!! Stop! Yuck! No!!
  14. I think it’s the editing, but all of the drama surrounding Aiden is bugging me, like it seems like everyone is piling on to talk trash about her from the beginning, which then makes me glad she stayed (though I would have liked to see more of Rock!) even if she may not have deserved to stay. I don’t get why she didn’t come up with a skirt or something to go with the corset... the black and white was nice, but needed more. Loved Leslie as a judge, I want her on all my shows!
  15. I actually paid attention to this episode, so that's a good thing... I think I had gotten a little burned out on top chef and skipped some episodes/ didn't actually pay attention to them in the past couple of seasons. I definitely remember the older contestants better than the ones from the latest seasons, but I also recognize more than I thought, I think it was mostly last season that I gave up an episode or two in.... But I did have fun with this episode. I was bummed that Leanne struggled so much and I don't remember disliking Marlarky on his season (but it was a long time ago) so I was okay with Joe going last night. Isn't flatbread sort of like making pasta on a grill? :P Flatbread can be really good grilled, but I can see why it didn't go over so well with the sogginess. I dislike seafood immensely, so these episodes are a little tougher for me to have any opinion on what the food should be like, but it sounds like there was a lot of creativitiy in some of the teams. Overall, i'm excited for more episodes... we'll see if it lasts :P I do want some more creative challenges, and honestly I kind of miss the weird stuff like make a dish out of ingredients from a vending machine etc. That snickers on the end of a Cheeto amuse buche will never be forgotten.
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