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  1. I can't decide if I want this to be someone we know/have heard of/related to an old case we saw... or if it would be better if they tie it back to a past case, but maybe not one that we know anything about? Then they have more freedom to make it interesting and less chance for plot holes... plus I don't remember enough for some of the call backs :P It's fun seeing Grissom back and following the evidence... I almost forgot about the bug stuff, but right back into it with the blowflies and the spiders.... Looking forward to more episodes.
  2. I assume as others have said that Vampires as a lore don't exist in this world, hence nobody saying, Gee, I think this is a vampire! but also, that means this vampire doesn't have to follow any rules that we normally associate with vampires... They didn't have to be invited inside homes to get the other islanders out to kill them either.... so definitely there are some missing bits of lore... As far as the Pruitt's change of heart, I think it's related to Bev taking things farther than he wanted. It seemed to me that he wanted to share this with people, but wanted them to be willing. Thing
  3. So when Parker was transported in Harry's box of stuff (Loved the they're like portable vents!) she popped out of the box with a stethoscope on... perhaps a nod to ER since it was Harry's stuff? It's fun looking for all of these little easter eggs :P
  4. I'm hoping since Hardison "sent" him, that he's going to get some explanation/ info to know that Mr. Blanche is okay.
  5. I also wouldn't be surprised if Pruitt pushed him to take communion, like even if he said he shouldn't, that Pruitt would be all- nah, it's fine, we're all in this together and you should drink of his blood something or other.... despite not "earning" the privilege of taking communion. though it is weird that they didn't show us that- or maybe the didn't show us on purpose so we could all be surprised when he came back to life and would have this conversation. I assume in this world vampires as a lore don't exist...?? maybe that's why no one is like, dude, it's a vampire!
  6. Just found this show- so I binged all five seasons in the past few weeks… Eliot was the one who paged Kirk Picard to let Harrison know he was ready at door 3 or whatever when the radios stopped working at the airport… so it had to be a little on the nose :)
  7. I'm always excited for new mystery movies, but the last two like "brand new" ones just didn't keep my attention as much as the others. Maybe because it's all new characters? But I feel like the first Mystery 101 or the first Martha's Vineyard Mystery had me interested from the start.... so not sure what the change is with this one and that hotel one. I do think I like thise one better than the reporters at the hotel (sorry! Can't think of what it was called!) Though the partner at the auto shop was suspicious from the start, maybe because they tried too hard to make him not suspicious?
  8. The movies are definitely better than the books…. And don’t have so much of the triangle stuff… I mean it exists but her decision was pretty clear from the beginning and I can’t imagine they are going backwards on the engagement despite still having Norman in the story… I’m assuming the book husband isn’t ever showing up because it would be dumb.
  9. Agree with a lot of thoughts on the new Murder She Baked... I was very excited for it, and while I still enjoyed it, it was disappointing in some ways. They definitely set up a lot of red herrings and then just had no resolution to them... Like they set up that Ronnie was on the run from her husband, but I assumed he was abusive and that's why she was being so secretive... The earring ladie's husband never even showed up, and how was she a homewrecker if she was dating the gym guy? I mean, it sounds like he did things for her or wanted to date her? But that's on married guy and not her, ev
  10. And here I was thinking throughout the episode how nicely they've built the relationship, like they get to kiss sometimes, and just have good chemistry together, without jumping right to a marriage proposal... and the I love you was well done and felt earned to me.... But WTF now!!?? Not often do we get cliffhangers for these movies. Will be interesting to see how we got to where I assume the next movie will start. This mystery was good, though I feel like the 101s are always a little better of a mystery. Sure, they can all be a bit predictable since we spend the movie guessing that eve
  11. I don't dislike Mary or Joh, I just don't know what else they can add to their story that we haven't already seen... prequels are hard because you already know how the story ends, especially when it comes to Mary and John... some of the other hunters that we don't know as well might be more interesting, and would have to be cast with younger actors anyway, so Rufus and Bobby could happen... We also have Jack as the new god, which means he could rebuild/bring back anybody... or put some of our favorite dead characters somewhere besides heaven and let them do stuff... Crowley and Gabriel stu
  12. I'm all for more spinoffs of the supernatural world, but I just don't get this plan... I feel like we already know enough about Mary and John and their relationship.... and didn't John not start hunting until after Mary died, since he didn't know about it? That's kind of a big thing to retcon, since they already turned it into Mary's family being the hunters.... I watch Supernatural for Supernatural stuff.... so is Mary going to be sneaking off to hunt?? I dunno.... I just think there are better spinoff options in this world....
  13. I enjoyed this episode, though as someone who doesn't eat seafood, the food itself was hard for me to imagine.... but it seems like all 3 chefs did good work and I was a little stressed over who would go home, so I'm glad they didn't send anyone. Overall I like Kwame, but his one comment about Shota's lack of two ways (I think that was the comment) did have me sort of confused, since he just seemed really harsh with that one comment... it struck me as off for how the discussions usually go... But I had forgot about it by the end of the episode until seeing others mention it here. I
  14. Something like 75% of all people in the world are lactose intolerant.... We just like our cheese and other dairy despite the consequences... :P
  15. A good portion of adults in general have some degree of lactose intolerance.... different lactose containing foods can be more or less problematic for different people as well. Someone bothered by milk may not have a problem with cheese, some lactose intolerant people can handle yogurt, some can't handle the smallest amounts of dairy. The challenges were probably also lined up long before the season started, so they had no way of knowing which chefs would still be left during the cheese challenge. It's also not like this is the first time they've had a challenge based around cheese or oth
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