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  1. I haven't even finished the judging, but these guys are ridiculous.. in one breath they are saying that Delvin was amazing and really needs to focus on his "lane" stay in that lane!! And then two seconds later they were complaining that Victoria has this narrow place where she shines as a designer and is just missing the mark the last two weeks by basically "staying in her lane" and doing what she's comfortable with. Which is it judges??? HMMM??? I mean, I didn't hate Victoria's but she didn't use enough of the print and she does the same shape all the time... so I wasn't like rooting for her... but you can't tell another contested that they are great and should keep making tailored suits just with amazing fabrics no matter the challenge. I liked Brittanies except for that dumb mis-matched skirt. Why is this a thing???? It literally looks like two skirts, cut in half and sewn back together. Wouldn't it have looked just as nice if they were the same length? Or even angled short to long but on an angle instead of a complete straight change in the lengths? Ugh.. i just think it's a dumb trend... like the poopy pants a few years back. Dayoungs looked like a bathrobe to me.. or reminded me of like graduation sashes/ a graduation gown. Nancy's just had so much bulk to it, but her print was fun, and her dildo pocket.... I can't believe Brandon was so scandalized by the word dildo and flood my basement! I'm sad to see Marquis go, since he really tries to do cool things... but his shirt was terrible...
  2. There were definitely some weird reaction shots in this movie where she's talking or says something and they cut to him just like nodding and smiling but in a weird way that doesn't seem to fit with the conversation and then they just cut away... I don't know if it was a choice of his or if someone else would have been better... but it definitely was distracting from the overall mystery/relationship.
  3. The allergen recommendations changed like 10 years ago, at least with what doctors are learning in their training. Waiting to introduce allergenic foods has increased the amount of allergies. There are some studies looking at exposure in utero as well and I wouldn't be surprised if a woman eating peanuts while breast feeding would be helpful to reduce allergies.. It's not going to work 100 percent, but if it decreases our rate of allergy overall, that would be great for so many families!
  4. I was afraid he was going to pull out a ring, since it’s hallmark and I feel like they never move a relationship at a normal pace... slow as molasses and then bam marriage, or like the regular movies where they are in love in like 4 seconds. The daughter and baseball was a much better direction 🙂
  5. Mystery 101 marathon today.... I do really like these movies :) I also like that although she's nosy and gets herself into some trouble at times, she actually does have some crime knowledge instead of just happening to stumble across murder. I also like the chemistry between the leads, though I do wish Hallmark would push things along a little more... not that I need them to even be dating officially or anything, but I am kind of a fan of the "we kissed and couldn't help it, now where does that leave us" sort of tension... And with these being mysteries, they could actually do that and then drag it out more...
  6. I think we all have our series/ actors that don’t do it for us when they work for others in a big way. One of the big things I like about the Gourmet Detective is that it’s one of the only mysteries where the female lead is the detective, and I like that dynamic...
  7. The father was the foundation guy, not Goose like they originally thought... he was telling the truth when he said he hadn’t seen the mom and didn’t go to the reunion. His kids believed Ray and fought with him, but it was really the foundation people. She killed him to protect the foundation I guess?
  8. I agree with the other comments so far, it wasn't bad... though definitely had some of the first movie awkwardness that I expect when they start a new run of mysteries. I like the cast for the most part. They definitely developed Jeff a lot more than Zee at this point, but he's the one with the tragic backstory... The mystery had some twists, although they are almost getting to convoluted at times (though not as bad as that Mystery 101 with the pharmacy robbery, siblings were actually after the husband for a construction fire not at all straight forward crime one) But I guess it's trying to keep us from guessing the killer immediately. The biggest thing that bothered me is that I just don't think that's how law enforcement works... bring in random dude to run your investigation? Question witnesses with the ME who has no legal jurisdiction etc... even a scene of like "deputizing" him or something might have helped... but I suppose there are only so many ways to make these movies work without always having to have someone be a cop. Looking forward to the next one in the series, and really excited for the gourmet detective next week :)
  9. I enjoyed the new mystery, though I wouldn't say it's the best they've done :P I like that it was a more convoluted mystery and the twist of what really happened, it was surprising and not just the same old murder mystery. I don't know if I like the new crime reporter guy, I was waiting for him to be a bad guy invovled with all of the murder nonsense, so I'm glad he wasn't and is just a new character. Sometimes it's too obvious when they try to introduce the murderer in a different capacity earlier in the movie and then "surprise! you thought they were a new friend, but they are the murderer!" I agree with others that the romance could move along a little faster... and honestly, I know it's hallmark, but I wouldn't even mind a "in the moment, we kissed!" and then they back pedaled in the next movie to keep some tension going or something... Since these are a series, they could do that and it would add another level of sexual tension and stuff... I think they did do that some with the Murder She Baked... and it definitely kept me more interested in the characters... I'm curious to see how things go next week in the new series. While i'm glad one of them is a detective or detective adjacent, and we will be getting a Gourmet Detective next which does have a female detective... I'd kind of like more of that set up instead of detective man and plucky lady with a weird job that keeps putting her in murderous situations.
  10. So I do love Christian telling them to take their models to hair and make up with sponsors that actually sound like decent quality hair and make up... Every time he says it each episode, it just makes me so happy to be back on bravo... Though... the judging still leaves a little to be desired... I get that tyler needed to go, but I didn't think his outfit was as horrendous as they made it out to be. It was well made, though dated, and didn't quite fit the brief, but I don't get how the whole denim outfit fit the challenge either. The pants were cool and the top was interesting, but not for a fancy fashion event... I was okay with the winner, it was probably the most polished out of the looks. I do think there were better safe garments to put in the top and the bottom than they chose, but I guess the overall end result was still acceptable. I know they were re-purposing other garments, but what was with all of the two face half this half that outfits? The one with the big white sleeves could have been okay, but then it was like two different skirts sewn together that didn't match up in anyway and looked ridiculous.... make an asymmetrical hem all you want, but maybe connect them with an angle or something in the middle so they look like they go together!
  11. Excited for the new mystery soon!!! The crossword mysteries aren't my favorite, but it will do after so long without a new mystery movie!!
  12. I don't think the robots are good or bad, they just are... and they are try to get back their stolen ship/ alien pilot. We would probably do the same thing if some other species took our tech and one of our pilots and were holding them hostage... you assume the species that would so something like that are bad and be on the offensive. Or they don't have much concept of life and therefore destroying humans/their ship doesn't mean anything to them. Robot and then scarecrow were changed by their interactions with humans, which led them to fight with their own species in order to protect Will or other humans, but I don't think they are all that different robot to robot without that interaction with Will. I would like to keep learning more about where Robot comes from/what they are really trying to do... so I would love another season just to get to some more of that mystery.
  13. Ugh... I didn't need more Dr. Smith if we get another season, but not seeing her body, I knew there was no way she was dead. I assume we will find people alive on the Fortuna, maybe some timeywimey things so they haven't been stranded for 20 years, that would give them more resources etc. Will the robots keep coming now that their missing engine is gone? I thought that was the only thing they were after... Though are they some sort of hive mind that they all now know about Will? Or want Will to study him or something? I still don't get the trap SAR set in the first episodes to get Will, or was that just to bring the engine closer?
  14. Still liking this show a lot... but like most people, could do without smith... or I would at least like some of her schemes to fail, not for her to get away with every single thing... But I enjoy the dynamic with the family, I'm okay with the wacky perilous situations they keep finding themselves in...
  15. George is the other girl who works at the diner and was having the affair with Tiffany Hudson's husband (the murdered lady from the first episode) I get needing to make some changes from the books, but some stuff I feel like they changed just to change it, even though it doesn't matter. Why can't Ned just be called Ned? Why cant George and Bess be cousins?? I think what I dislike the most is that they've changed Nancy's whole back story with her dad and mom, making Carson a probably badish guy.. making her mom's death so recent.... In the books she died when Nancy was quite young, so she had a great relationship with her dad... I would have liked to see that aspect. It's just sort of, we want to make a teen ghost drama.... lets call it Nancy Drew even though it will be very tangentially related to Nancy Drew.
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