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  1. roctavia

    S06.E07: Nevermind

    Still catching up on this episode, but... didn't they make Clarke a nightblood via bone marrow transplant??? Not Becca's magic zero G serum??
  2. roctavia

    Naked and Afraid XL

    Okay, I fully admit I was wrong in trying to give Laura and Jeff the benefit of the doubt a few episodes back... I get wanting to sort of stay separate and not necessarily share everything you worked for... but also, there is definitely some inequality in resources. 20 hooks? 20 fricken hooks and they can't share a few? And then fine, don't share, but then to tie up lines right where the other people have them was really shitty as well. Jeff is such a dick... And then Laura, when she pulled up that eel.. she started screaming just to be an asshole. I mean, why are they rubbing it in so much? It's not surviving it's being a shithead. I was also bummed with how Russel went out... he has gone back and forth with how irritating he has been- sometimes it's a little much, but he has definitely been more likeable more of the time... so i'm sad to see him go, especially like this. Hopefully they are close to all being one team, aside from Jeff and Laura off on their own being butts... It will be good moral support for the two larger teams to come together.
  3. roctavia


    I was really looking forward to this new season... and while I enjoyed it, I feel like it didn't really go anywhere... I mean more drama from the offshore vs the shell and I suppose Michele is now on board with taking down the offshore in the next season, but I was hoping for more, I guess? Last season made it look like they had a whole sinkhole area to turn into a large living space, so having just a building wasn't what I was expecting. I did like the tests again, that was always an interesting part of the previous seasons, so I suppose it worked as way to come up with a new selection... I guess this show has never done what I expected though, which may be why I keep watching, cause it's very much a what the heck is going on sort of thing. I was glad last season gave us much more backstory on how the offshore came to be and what happened with the inland. I did hate what they did with the children born in the offshore before they came up with the plan to sterilize everyone... but it does make sense for how the Cause was formed.
  4. roctavia

    S06.E08: The Old Man and the Anomaly

    I feel like the primes are all so stupid... gee, if we kill one of the possibly quite violent will burn us all down earth people, it shouldn't be a big deal right??? And if they do find out and one of them goes on a killing spree since we killed her pseudo mom, we need to blame and plan to kill all of them in retaliation for their retaliation... Not that our crew is all that smart either... but geez... i was excited about a new planet and I know there has to be some drama, but I hate that every season is the same repeat of we attack you, oops misunderstanding, but you still need blood for blood so you attack us back over and over. I'm glad Emori is still on team earth even if their escape didn't go quite as planned. The Gabriel stuff was interesting, but i'm not too sure yet about the Deus ex anomaly that I'm sure will do something big to end the season.... I don't like the whole new Kane thing... i mean, I liked Kane's original actor, but there wasn't much left for him to do. I kind of want new Kane to be suicidal and demand they remove the chip and give the body to someone else... it would amuse me greatly for Abby to have to deal with that.
  5. roctavia

    Naked and Afraid XL

    I was talking about the fish from the boat on last weeks episode when they got back to the beach and the other group had eaten some of their bananas. I'm an ep behind... but yes, if they teamed up and then caught food and weren't willing to share at all, that's kind of a jerk move.
  6. roctavia

    Naked and Afraid XL

    Haven't seen the newest episode, so it sounds like the eel thing might change my opinion, but we are split in this house on the Jeff/Laura going it alone thing. I think it's smart, especially knowing that you can get stuck with some really crazy partners and having to share 3 fish with 10 people doesn't go very far... they worked hard for their food and shelter and should get the benefit of it. I do think they gave the girls team a bunch of bananas a few eps ago when they first met up, they showed them walking away carrying a big bunch when they went to go build their own shelter. And I don't think they would have hoarded the bananas from the new group last week, they just got their first and helped themselves. It was irritating that they just left the peels laying around. Laura and Jeff also weren't fishing for a whole group, just the 2 of them, so I can see not wanting to share when there are suddenly 3 more mouths around without any notice. But they also are annoying and hooting and all that... but is some of that producer manipulated? My husband thinks they are really selfish, and so far I think they are being smart and still sharing when they have extra, like the bananas. That shark last week was so CGI in the go to commercial/aerial shot... :P
  7. roctavia

    S06.E07: Nevermind

    I think they all took it with the thought that someday everyone on the Ark would be able to go back to earth.... the 100 that got sent were the under 18 that were in "ark jail" and didn't know they were going to earth until just before it happened... at least, I think...
  8. roctavia

    S06.E07: Nevermind

    Josephine is 200 some years old, though... and was taking college classes on earth before the bombs went off and before she left for sanctum, so the phrasing makes sense to me.. Clarke might not get all of her references though...
  9. roctavia

    S06.E06: Memento Mori

    I'm assuming the anomaly is now being controlled by Gabriel since they hinted that he disappeared into it or something... and that's going to turn into some big deal, or be a nuclear bomb that is going to destroy yet another planet.
  10. roctavia

    S17.E14: Finale

    So glad to see that Sebastian won.... I came here while watching the final judging since the edit Hester's show was getting had me really worried. I liked her opening outfit in the outrageous sort of way... but it didn't fit with the outfits that came next and those stupid cone bra looks were terrible. Hester has made very little this season that I found tolerable and while her runway wasn't terrible, did Christian again give her big advice to make her looks better?? (I didn't watch closely until the runway due to multitasking) As others have said, she put on a show, but it didn't seem like a collection. I enjoyed Garo's looks, and with some fixes to the zipper issues, i would have been fine with him being the winner. The fabrics was great... and I personally like the structure of corsets, so his take on that is always interesting. Sebastian's collection was definitely the most polished and it looked expensive. I'm very happy to see him win. His looks made sense and were something people could wear, but also they were just pretty :) I could have done with less Hester and Tessa for the season, but overall this was a vast improvement from where PR was... the judges weren't always on, but it didn't seem as rigged as some other seasons did. I'll be in for another season!
  11. roctavia

    S06.E06: Memento Mori

    Does Abby feel responsible for the death of Clarke's father? I thought was a thing before that she knew it had to be done since he broke the rules and so she doesn't feel guilty about it or something.. At least I'm hoping I remember that right so Abby does actually know that Clarke is full of shit. Plus, she needs a nightblood to make more nightbloods... unless she was just going to get equipment, I'd think the technology they have on the planet is enough to do a bone marrow extraction... So maybe she was going because she figured it out.
  12. roctavia

    S06.E04: The Face Behind the Glass

    I don't think it will matter to the primes that Clarke was made a nightblood, they won't want it to get out to the general population i'd think, but would want to know just to save themselves. I'm sure the original primes were all "made" into nightbloods before they were shipped out, so it's not like they tie it to some god thing the way the grounders had. ( I mean, that talk about it like that and some people probably believe it's divine, but the primes know the truth.)
  13. roctavia

    S17.E09: The Stitch Is Back

    Looking through the pictures, Hester's was sooo poorly done. I think she should have been the bottom if she didn't have immunity. It's ill fitting and just looks ridiculous.. which is saying a lot for an Elton John challenge! I'm okay with them not putting her in the bottom due to her immunity, since she shouldn't get the benefit of a critique or turn the bottom three into two like she did last time she had immunity... but still... that outfit was a joke and is really pathetic that she gets to stay in the competition for it. Immunity should give you a chance to really experiment and take risks, but that's not what she did. I'm good with the winning look, but agree that it could have gone to either of the top 2, they both said Elton John to me. I'm good with the aufing this week too... so I guess the judges aren't completely off the rails...
  14. roctavia

    S06.E02: Red Sun Rising

    This is the thing that bothers me so much about this show. Everyone everywhere jumps straight to attack, violence shoot first!!! Instead of just talking. This was the same problem last season- yes it was a ship full of prisoner so be wary, but both sides were dumb because they were the only people left on earth and more diversity in skills and genetics is how you get a successful new world. What the hell was dioza going to do with a bunch of violent criminals anyway? (not that they necessarily were all violent, but it seemed that way) So this season we start off in a brand new place, fresh start, yay! And the people from this new planet start off attacking, and then wonder why 3 of the 4 of them are now dead. Talk to the ship, find out what's going on, who they are, why they are here.... how did they get there after 200 years etc. Why jump to "take the bridge, lock people up" We somehow know how this ship works 200 years later when none of our original crew still exist. I mean, their other ship could still exist and be functional to a degree, but then why are they still on the planet if they have a ship? It just seems to stupid to me that everyone starts off killing people instead of just talking to them/trying to work together.
  15. roctavia


    I like raw cookie dough... but just like a few bites... the whole scoop of it just seemed like way too much for me, and then when she showed the bigger sizes (and the price!) I was definitely out... If i'm going to eat a big scoop of calories, it's going to be ice cream... or baked cookies and milk... The desk thing looked more like a shelf, and not wide enough to really be useful, especially for that price! FFwd most of the dip holder thing... it seemed like a joke product. The private space thing does serve a good purpose, but just goes to show why the open concept office thing is not great for productivity and why cube farms just make people unhappy. I know individual offices cost more money and space... but at the price of those units, you could almost put in some offices... or just make ceiling height mobile cube walls.