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  1. And here I was thinking throughout the episode how nicely they've built the relationship, like they get to kiss sometimes, and just have good chemistry together, without jumping right to a marriage proposal... and the I love you was well done and felt earned to me.... But WTF now!!?? Not often do we get cliffhangers for these movies. Will be interesting to see how we got to where I assume the next movie will start. This mystery was good, though I feel like the 101s are always a little better of a mystery. Sure, they can all be a bit predictable since we spend the movie guessing that eve
  2. I don't dislike Mary or Joh, I just don't know what else they can add to their story that we haven't already seen... prequels are hard because you already know how the story ends, especially when it comes to Mary and John... some of the other hunters that we don't know as well might be more interesting, and would have to be cast with younger actors anyway, so Rufus and Bobby could happen... We also have Jack as the new god, which means he could rebuild/bring back anybody... or put some of our favorite dead characters somewhere besides heaven and let them do stuff... Crowley and Gabriel stu
  3. I'm all for more spinoffs of the supernatural world, but I just don't get this plan... I feel like we already know enough about Mary and John and their relationship.... and didn't John not start hunting until after Mary died, since he didn't know about it? That's kind of a big thing to retcon, since they already turned it into Mary's family being the hunters.... I watch Supernatural for Supernatural stuff.... so is Mary going to be sneaking off to hunt?? I dunno.... I just think there are better spinoff options in this world....
  4. I enjoyed this episode, though as someone who doesn't eat seafood, the food itself was hard for me to imagine.... but it seems like all 3 chefs did good work and I was a little stressed over who would go home, so I'm glad they didn't send anyone. Overall I like Kwame, but his one comment about Shota's lack of two ways (I think that was the comment) did have me sort of confused, since he just seemed really harsh with that one comment... it struck me as off for how the discussions usually go... But I had forgot about it by the end of the episode until seeing others mention it here. I
  5. Something like 75% of all people in the world are lactose intolerant.... We just like our cheese and other dairy despite the consequences... :P
  6. A good portion of adults in general have some degree of lactose intolerance.... different lactose containing foods can be more or less problematic for different people as well. Someone bothered by milk may not have a problem with cheese, some lactose intolerant people can handle yogurt, some can't handle the smallest amounts of dairy. The challenges were probably also lined up long before the season started, so they had no way of knowing which chefs would still be left during the cheese challenge. It's also not like this is the first time they've had a challenge based around cheese or oth
  7. I felt so bad for Dave in that one, since he made good food for the cast, but completely didn't understand the directions... So not like he ran out of time, but misheard the directive for the challenge. I really liked Dave in the 1st season.
  8. roctavia


    I don't know if I'd say they are bad people... they do bad things... but also have drug addictions that turn good people into not so great people, work a stressful job that is basically lying all the time... I mean, I guess it takes some ambiguous morals to do that kind of job... but were they that way before, or did the job and the addictions push them that way? Not that it is an excuse for Robin's actions.... but her addiction problems/mental health issues certainly help her along this destructive route. I don't think she's trying to be purposefully malicious... but she's so screwed up,
  9. Thank you. I tried to figure it out from the thread, but not watching it makes it still a little confusing :) But that's all I need to know.
  10. Is there still someone coming back from LCK again? I don't pay enough attention to how that works, since I hate it. That is another reason that I am fine with Jamie going home this week... it sounds like her dish wasn't good, but also I dislike the whole concept of LCK, even though they have to compete to make it back, it just bothers me. Same thing with the Tim Gunn save thing they added to Project Runway making something he "Had" to do each season, not just a very special circumstance. Even though we've had winners that have come from LCK, it still has a little asterisk for me, not b
  11. But in a restaurant your chef won’t be just about to add the sauce to your dish when someone says times up, you can’t add the sauce anymore. They would also be plating the dish without worrying about a countdown clock and can take some extra time to make sure everything is on the plate. I would have been perfectly fine if Dawn had gone home, the cheese was an actual part of this challenge, her missing items in the other challenges weren’t necessary parts of the dish to meet the strict requirements of the challenge (aside from the tofu one, which she was disqualified for in
  12. roctavia


    Watched the first season earlier this week, just in time to catch season 2 :) Its a really fun/ entertaining show, I enjoyed both seasons. The more background on people’s families was nice…. It makes sense why they are the way they are. Robyn really spiraled this season, hopefully season 3 will lead to her getting some help. It’s fun to see all the crazy scandals and how far they have to go to cover it up. I wish we had a few more episodes this season, but am glad to see they got picked up for a third.
  13. Danny Michael Davis is perfect when he is used in just the right amount... we've seen a lot more of him this season, but aside from the drugs episode, it has been fleeting enough that he hasn't overstayed his welcome. Him and the candle was hilarious and also seems like the kind of thing a kooky boss like him would do.
  14. Really enjoyed this episode, as others have said, it tied things up really nicely just in case we don't get more, but also opened some doors for another interesting season. I wouldn't expect max to fully have the powers, but that this is some other type of glitch or whatever when Zoey's power goes haywire... or Zoey was able to open herself up to him, which turned it into him hearing her heart song.. or they have no idea and will run with something when they get another season :P It was a neat way to end the episode and give Jane a chance to sing. I do like how they handled the break u
  15. It was still entertaining, but agree with the predictable patterns and illogical police work stuff. I am kind of annoyed that they walked back the kiss from the last episode, not that I want to watch people sucking face or anything, but these movies are so unrealistic in the relationship aspect of things, just let people date and kiss once and awhile, not just at the very end of the movie or at the very end after like 4 movies or something :P I don't expect them to imply that all of the people are like sleeping together or anything, but a little affection is nice, and I was glad they move
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