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  1. backgroundnoise

    Season 1 Discussion

    If you have access to the season, check out how nice everyone actually was to Wendy until the design for the future episode. Kara Saun is seen giving Wendy a glad-you're-safe hug in the swimsuit episode. The only person denigrating Wendy until episode 7 or 8 was Wendy herself.
  2. backgroundnoise

    Figure Skating

    Does anyone know if NBCSN is ever going to show the Free Dance?
  3. backgroundnoise

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    I agree, and I could only concentrate on the clothes by trying to ignore the "extras." I was completely icked out.
  4. backgroundnoise

    Season Five Episode Talk

    Yeah, she should have said, "You're welcome."
  5. backgroundnoise

    Season Five Episode Talk

    Why force all the bakers to make an eggnog cake? All that did was guarantee six identical cakes. I'd SO much rather watch them let loose to make their best, tastiest, prettiest cake. Anything they want as long as it's a dessert table centerpiece. I can't believe how much the judges gushed over those rather amateurish looking painted cakes. Sorry, nothing I saw looked like it belonged in a bakery window. I'm sure the bakers are much better than the show allows them to be.
  6. backgroundnoise

    Season Five Episode Talk

    I remember the early seasons of this show and being impressed by the creations. They made beautiful cake wreaths and pies. Now the show has degenerated into a half-baked (see what I did there?) series of Chopped dessert rounds. The mandatory extra flavors and combo and twist ingredients has sapped any real imagination and not allowed the bakers to showcase anything. They are reduced to just making a bland tart-type thing that they can easily throw whatever the extra ingredient is on at the last minute. Every episode is the same. Boring. Time for me to stop watching. Green apple syrup lady was totally screwed. I do admire her restraint in not saying, "Well, DUH" at the judges.
  7. backgroundnoise

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    The whole Kate Wants a Baby and Only Her Baby story line is making me despise the character. She can't get pregnant because "I can never catch a break." Sorry, Kate, but your difficulties in pregnancy are directly tied your own behavior (and I say that as someone who could lose about 70 pounds myself). "I want to turn everything, including this lovely birthday brunch you arranged for me into my own never-ending pity party. My dad died when I was young--did you know that?" "I only want a baby that looks like me. Because genes are everything and if you're not a biological Pearson, you're not worth having." And then she has the nerve to take offense that Randall takes offense at that sentiment. Toby's parents were spot on, even before the baby drama. He does tiptoe around Kate to a nauseating degree. Anybody who would even consider putting 20-year ashes next to the guest book at a wedding is not considering anyone's feelings.
  8. backgroundnoise

    S03.E08: Biscuits

    I rewatched last night and noticed that Danny's structure had a white plastic tube down the middle to hold up the top piece. I wouldn't think that would be allowed. James' final piece was much more interesting than the original sketch showed. I thought it was great. Only two episodes left, sob.
  9. backgroundnoise

    S03.E08: Biscuits

    That is definitely not what I think of when I hear the term "tea cake." I imagine something more scone like, dainty, non-chocolate and little. I think I would love those ones they made, though--the tea cake equivalent of fudge pinwheels, one of my favorite cookies. I'm not a baker, but I find watching how to make things I take for granted like crackers fascinating. Love this show, can't say that often enough.
  10. backgroundnoise

    Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (2018)

    I know it's silly to nit-pick logic in a movie like this, but I will anyway. You'd think if Sofia was Bill's aunt, she might have mentioned something to him about that girl he went out on his boat with had a baby 8 months or so after he left. And the time line doesn't add up. Donna was 22 in 1979, so she was born in 1957. But Grandma had an affair in 1959 with Fernando? With a two-year old at home? Anyway, I really liked this movie. I thought it had a much more interesting story than the first one, and better songs. The original is on Netflix and I just rewatched it, and Donna seems so stressed in that, nothing like the carefree young woman in part 2.
  11. backgroundnoise

    S03.E06: Puddings

    To me it sounded like John would be back.
  12. backgroundnoise

    S03.E06: Puddings

    That decision surprised me. I guess I'm so used to American competitive shows where if you don't finish a challenge, you're out. I'm glad they did that.
  13. backgroundnoise

    S03.E05: Pies

    Well, if, after last week, the worst thing England, er, sorry, Great Britain, thinks of us is that our pies are too sweet, I'll take it! Speaking of sweet eats, I've often wondered exactly what those meringue desserts like the Spanish wind-torte(sp?) taste like. Is all that meringue layered with creme not sweet? It sounds like eating a bag of marshmallows dipped in icing. Small voice: Which doesn't sound that bad to me on occasion, hee.
  14. backgroundnoise

    S03.E05: Pies

    "Make a non-disgusting American pie." Them's fightin' words! Hee. Interesting idea, though. I would have liked to taste them all. Not so much the meat pie for the technical challenge. Are those served cold? Double yuck. In the verbal descriptions they would say sweet potato, or squash, but the written part of the illustrations would say pumpkin. Which was it? It's crazy how much I look forward to Fridays just to watch this show.
  15. backgroundnoise

    Rehab Addict

    I just watched a new episode about a lakeside cottage in Nicole's home town in MI. It was edited so jerkily it was hard to see what was going on, and seemed rushed.