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  1. It's been hard for me all season to imagine what Melissa's food tastes like, as it often looked bland to me and used ingredients I'd never heard of. But it must have been amazing based on the comments. She also took chances and presented things she hadn't tried before. That took guts, and she fully deserved the win, IMO.
  2. Is practicing timing considered cheating? Or analyzing the best time to call? Seems like mental card counting, another gray area to me, but apparently considered cheating. Love the cast, it's a great show. Can't wait for tonight's episode.
  3. Right after watching, I started looking for braised cabbage recipes. That is definitely on my list of things to try. I really wonder what Brian's cheese foam tasted like. It did not look appetizing, but I often think that about his food. Have foams become classics? The dish did not look that appetizing even after they mixed the foam with the pasta. I am curious about what makes a dish soulless, though. Too plain or weird looking?
  4. I read somewhere that they never film instead actual planes, so scenes like them flying are always staged. Something to do with security.
  5. The appetizers were supposed to be eaten with two fingers (the guest judge even held up two fingers to show us). Somehow everyone but Stephanie interpreted this as "make something you need to put in a bowl and eat with a fork." Sigh. Even the judges forgot that part. Really dumb mistake on Stephanie's part in the EC. Sorry to see Gregory go, but I do think he was the right choice.
  6. I don't think Malarkey's serving was producer manipulation. I just think the waiter(s) assigned to deliver to that side of the judges' table screwed up. However, LCK? I would have bet my next paycheck before anyone cooked, that 1) Kevin would ultimately win whoever he cooked against, and 2) the order of judging would go, "Kevin wins. Kevin loses. Kevin wins.", again regardless of who he cooked against and what they made. Top Chef is probably the only competition show, besides The Great British Baking Show, where I normally think it's above producer manipulation (sob stories not withstanding), but for some reason I just don't buy that LCK. Like some others, I've also cooled on Kevin this season. I think it's the whiff of entitlement I get from him. I will miss Malarkey's snide facial expressions, I must admit. During the QF, I was right there with him in being rather disgusted with Kevin's blatant ignoring the rules and the judges blatantly ignoring it too. Kevin should have squashed his own meatballs and served it that way.
  7. I was chuckling at all the, "I cook with bold flavors! Lots of flavor! This is the opposite." They made they food sound bland before anyone began. Frankly, that meal did not appeal to me visually or how I imagine it would taste. But then, I tend to think that about most of Brian V.'s stuff. Guess I'm a food-hick.
  8. I liked it too, but it really makes it almost impossible to eliminate anyone but the losing chef. Unless someone else refuses to do what he/she is asked, they can't be blamed for menu choices, etc.
  9. I think Victoria was really hampered by her color palette. The first look with the pleated pants was really nice, the pants anyway. They had some really interesting details. But they got completely washed out by the blah color of the whole outfit. I hate beige paired with another pastel too. I honestly cant' remember anything else from her collection other than the last dress (great!) and the long pink coat, which was just a nice, long pink coat. I guess the right person won? I'm with the above poster who said I'm neither angry nor happy so I really don't care enough. The tick (thanks!) coat made me laugh too, and I guess something that gets a reaction should be rewarded. Both Sergio and Nancy made some beautiful gowns, but they did look dated to me.
  10. I believe if Victoria had designed what Nancy did, not only would the judges have gushed over it, she would have won. But since it was Nancy's, the praise for Nancy's exquisite dye technique and lovely outfit was begrudging at best. Ageism is rearing its ugly head this season, IMO. Sergio's was.. okay, I guess. The bodice was not particularly interesting or flattering and the skirt was well made, BUT the judges made him runner up in a TIE-DYE challenge right after all saying, "You can't even tell it's tie-dye!" WTF? I'm so glad Geoffrey won. I can see Leslie Jones in that dress. Britney bugs the crap out of me. She's somehow managed to create this aura that she's a great designer with nothing to back it up but her attitude and her roto-dismissal of Nancy. I was sorry to see Christian buying into it with his save (eye roll). Even Sergio's in-your-face conceit is easier to bear for me.
  11. I've usually found editorial is the same as avant garde: something to talk about, but nothing anyone would actually wear.
  12. Totally. I was yelling "Why are ALL of you wasting time on this? Let her leave!"
  13. Sergio really made an ass of himself by saying, even after he knew his team was in the bottom, that he had made the most sophisticated outfit on the runway--with Geoffrey's gorgeous jumpsuit on display six feet away. I thought Brittany wanted Nancy to remove the whole jacket thing, but it happened so quickly with Nancy's immediate "Nope" I could be wrong. Even with the poufy jacket, I like Nancy's better than Brittany's. The only outfits I really liked at all were Geoffrey's and Victoria's, since I've liked Victoria's the last two times she made it, too. 🙂
  14. I'm in Sergio's supposed age group and I've hated everything he's designed. Designing for older women doesn't mean dowdy, but that what I think of his stuff. Last night was dowdy punk. Only Sergio could do that I guess. Based solely on design, I think Sergio would have gone. But as soon as Nina said she couldn't remember a thing Melanie designed, I knew she was toast.
  15. She revealed it herself first, though. As soon as she said on camera that she hoped she wouldn't have to say it on the runway, I knew she'd be saying it on the runway. I did like her explanation of taking her body back as hers, but I'm not sure it came across on the garment. What is wrong with the judges in not awarding it the clear winner again (IMO), Sebastian? WTF? I loved his look, although I think it could have been even more beautiful with darker tones added. I can't also believe the praise for Hester's. That was completely unimaginative. YMMV.
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