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  1. Amazing feat. So happy for Emma. And she's such a poised, confident young woman. She doesn't seem fazed at all. So adorable.
  2. I can't believe I ever liked this woman but I actually used to cheer for her, especially against Navratilova. Now, I can't stand her fake ass with her ugly floral dresses each more garish than the last. Actually, throw the whole commentating crew away. Alexandra Stevenson's corny, airhead ass makes me want to slit my wrists.
  3. SuburbanHangSuite

    The NBA

    Yeah. This right here. Simmons is an entitled asshole who'd rather be famous for who he's dating rather than being a game-changing player. He's content with thinking that defense is enough. It's not. Markelle Fultz was another headcase and I'm honestly not sorry that he's gone either. But I'd love to hear what Jimmy Butler thinks about this latest turn of events. We have Jimmy and Philly is in the Finals. (And why did I just see a Fultz Sixers jersey on the Clearance rack in Burlington just the other day? Who wants that shit even for a mere 5.99? LOL) Oh, NOW he wants to
  4. Kev, your broken heart won't let you know this yet but Jake has done you a favor. That girl is exhausting. During that scene, all I could think was that Reg would never stand for someone trying to punk him in his own home. Trig is a joke.
  5. I don't know, y'all. I think I am just about done with The Chi. This is the second week in a row where I feel like the plot is all over the place and just plain stupid. I see this going the way of Empire. So Tracy goes from focused, grieving community-activist mom to a Douda Freak down with 3-somes? Really, Lena? I hate that they had Keisha carry a rapist's baby and now have her looking like she's having second thoughts about the adoption. Emmitt comes clean but doesn't bother to explain that his indiscretion occurred BEFORE he and Tiff were married??? Oh, and I'm sick
  6. I'm not sure how to feel about this first episode. One minute, there's 2 feet of snow outside but then we see Jada slip on a flimsy leather jacket over a sundress to go out with her masseuse? Huh? And don't get me started on that first wack hairstyle of hers. That horn of braids was crazy looking. I still can't stand Lala's character. She's a messy bitch and I feel like it's just a matter of time before she tells Tiff about her tryst with Emmitt. She enjoyed dropping that bomb on Emmitt's dad just a little too much. But I swear, he is the best part of the Chi for me now. Buying
  7. I use thinly sliced sauteed London Broil in my Campbell's Cream of Mushroom stroganoff and I swear, it doesn't get any better than that. Happiness is a plate of stroganoff. I'm pretty sure I could've won the Quickfire with it. Exactly. She knew full well that the oil was not hot enough so she should've been sent packing even without needing a Judge's Table. That raw chicken ON EVERY PLATE was unforgivable.
  8. Oh my. I was SO uncomfortable watching Drew trying to force that reunion with her son and his father. That did NOT need to be televised. But I do hope Old Daddy is sincere and wants to know his son. They are the spitting image of each other. Kenya is the gift that just keeps giving with this Marc humiliation that she seems so eager to share with us. So Marc climbs in your bed and you act like you're so put out? Bitch please, you were probably grinning from ear to ear AND I'm still not sure that he even touched you. You know he's been using Brooklyn as a shield from way back in this
  9. I was pulling for Sarah but as soon as I saw all of the Final tasks, I knew she didn't stand a chance. Not that she STILL didn't kick ass. But all of those tasks required really physical exertion and that's just not right. I actually thought that Zeus might pull it out but not having good jackhammer technique really cost him in the end. Adorable kids, Zeus!
  10. How many times did we hear the word "prophet" in last night's episode? Enough that we'd all be dead from alcohol poisoning if we tried a drinking game. And this self-proclaimed prophet---I have so many questions. Not that I really want answers but moreso I need to understand how people allow themselves to become so spiritually invested in such characters. He's this pious, learned prophet who is setting others on the path of spiritual enlightenment but his messy ass has a babymama (oops, fiancée according to Drew) and a new baby?? And creeping with a new disciple? And it's said disciple's
  11. I really thought there was no way that I could hate a player more than Coco V. or Danielle Collins. I guess that's why they say, "Never say never." Fucking Kenin went through every bag of cheating tricks she had today, trying to best Lauren Davis and IT DIDN'T WORK! That bitch leaves the court like clockwork whenever she drops a set and none of the commentators ever call her on that shit. After that didn't work, she calls for a medical timeout and leaves the court AGAIN. I nearly lost it when she reeled off 3 straight games to tie up the 3rd because I really thought she had Da
  12. I really need to stop underestimating these women because Sarah is straight kicking ass and I LOVE it. And I was screaming at the TV how devastating a mistake it was for Swifty to sit out on a challenge that had such heavy materials. And then Savage Crew and my girl Celi, whooped that ass! Celi cracks me up----tiniest thing out there with the most hype. And I really thought Iraida would knock Swifty out of OT. All of those ladies are really great competitors. I still think Zeus is the man to beat in the end. Zeus or Scott.
  13. I needed a M2M pick-me-up after that mess of Atlanta Housewives. I can't stand Toya but she made a great catch with Dr. Eugene. All the M2M husbands seem like really cool men and it's great to have them represent black men in such a fun, positive way. Scott admitting that Contessa is kind of a superwoman was so good to see. That woman really is accomplished and that may be intimidating to a fragile man's ego. Way to set him straight, Dr. Damon. Awwww. Michael going off to school. Sniff, sniff. Where does the time go? I LOVE Dr. Simone's family dynamic. You don't know how thrille
  14. Another big snooze episode. And I can't believe people were so willing to freely mingle in these Covid streets. I'm ready to make Production the MVP for this season because they're the only ones willing to make Kenya look like the pathetic, try-hard that she is. Kandi and Cynthia needed to tell her to drop the Bolo talk, not their camera confessionals. A Night in Niece? No. Just no. Ok, so I didn't imagine that quick shot of a pregnant Noel.
  15. I just watched. Why did I bother? What a waste of 60 minutes. But I did think it was interesting that the editors chose to show Aunt Lori. Which leads me to think that Kenya ruined that relationship too. Aunt Lori and her cousin Shay were staples in Kenya's storyline for the first few years but now that she's a mom and she "needs a village," they're nowhere to be found? Interesting. And did Kenya really end her "sobbing therapy session" with, "Did I tell you I was in Waiting to Exhale?" I just can't...
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