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  1. Damnit, man! Shavi was my favorite and now he's gone with no Christian save. I knew he was going to be in trouble when he started talking about using muslin for his liner. Sigh. Nothing good ever happens when muslin hits the runway. And I just wanted to hug him when he was clearly embarrassed by the final product. But he seems to be such a sweet soul with an easy humor and I hope they bring him back for a future season. Right?! Me too. I don't get it. A varsity jacket with a mustard colored jersey dress underneath?? Between this winning and Victoria being in the top again, my frustration with this season is growing.
  2. Seriously. Best I can figure is that Producers see how disliked she is on blogs and twitter and they keep her in the mix for hate-watching. And when she was doing her "imitation" on the bus? I thought she was doing Eva, not Porsha. Eva can put some food AWAY. Did you see the size of that seafood tower she ordered?! Tanya--she is more than a little extra but I feel like she's genuinely nice so I can't help but like her. Y'all can call Porsha dumb if you want but she's clever when it counts. You see her pivot away from the rumors when that Producer asked her about dog-gone? How am I going to pick a side in Nene v. Kenya? I can't stand either.
  3. I didn't remember double-sided tape being against the rules but I'm thinking maybe they relaxed that rule when they started "taking closer looks" at the garments. I don't think they've done it yet this season, but when they had the models step off the runway and the judges examined everything up close, it was impossible for designers to hide glaring flaws. If Tyler doesn't go somewhere with that tired-ass tshirt...
  4. I love him too! Can we see more of his two-way conversation with himself? And did he say something about having a "Gordon Gartrell" moment?! BWAHAHAHAHAHA. LOVE!!! I never could have imagined it when Christian was a contestant because I didn't care for him AT ALL on his season. But I have done a complete 180 on him. He's smart, thoughtful, tough when warranted but really, really funny. Tim Gunn jumped the shark for me years ago. Please, if there is a Project Runway God listening: Can we have a self-taught designer win the whole thing this season? Sergio and his pattern-making superiority complex can go scratch.
  5. I straight squealed like an 11 year old girl when I saw Yul. I don't know if my heart can take Yul, Jeremy, Ethan and Boston Rob in one season. February can't get here soon enough.
  6. 1000x this. I haven't been able to stomach her for weeks now. So I was savoring her little tantrum about having to make fire. Noura draaaagggging out the suspense and savoring her moment in power was deliciously mean. He was a tool but I found myself pulling for Dean at the very end up against those other 2. Oh well. And Noura having that weird, giddy crush on Dean seemingly out of nowhere? SO much cringe.
  7. You didn't miss a thing. If there's a cornier dude out there than Jason Derulo, I'd be shocked. And I have no idea why Wendy was asking him about a special girl. Wendy, please. This lame is the epitome of, "How you dooin'?"
  8. I just remembered perhaps my fav moment of such a bizarre episode. BRob and Sandra having to keep straight faces whilst listening to Dean wax on about his "Legacy Advantage." Sandra explaining, "He made a fake of the fake.." I hollered. Rob musing, "You never want to put votes on yourself even if you did have a real Advantage WHICH YOU DON'T, Brotha!" Pure comedy gold.
  9. My son is convinced that all of the slips in that Island of the Idols bag read "Dean." Random draw his ass. I'm not sure if they all read Dean but I definitely wouldn't put it past them to only have names in there who hadn't been before. Maybe just Dean & Tommy...everyone else had been, right? Sigh. Freaking Dean getting that puzzle. Why, Survivor Gods?! And thanks, Tommy. Now I can't do anything except watch how many times Dean runs his hand thru his hair. I love Elaine--I'm so sorry she's gone. And as much as I love her, I can't stand Lauren. She is insufferably extra. I'm mortified for Dan's family. Can you imagine?
  10. Thank you, Lemons. I'm tried to tread lightly because I don't want to read disrespectful but this is what I was trying to say. I don't get the notion of adhering to this "modesty" tenet by insisting on full coverage but then making clothing and makeup choices that are very much "Look at me!" That quirk of mine aside, I'm glad Asma is gone because she struck me as a little mean and very blamey during judging. But her self-made garment on the post elimination chat with Christian was super cute.
  11. I just finished watching. I wasn't expecting a double elimination but I agree with the decision. I am thoroughly confused as to why Asma acted like the material they chose was assigned to them and they had no say in it? She chose those fugly colors in cotton and then tried to play victim. So glad I don't have to deal with her "modest" aesthetic for any more episodes--which brings me to questions about this "modesty..." So, I simply cannot reconcile this idea of claiming to live a modest lifestyle while at the same time rocking 6" lashes, henna tattoos and designing clothes that are so audacious that "modest" would be the last descriptor come to mind. (Actually, audacious may be too kind a word but it was the first that came to mind with the colors and accessories.) Those boots that Asma gave her model looked straight outta Elton John's closet and I don't think anyone has ever accused Elton of being modest. I'm glad she's gone. I actually thought Dr. Couture's team should've been in the top and I don't get all the swooning over the winning team's garments. The jumpsuit was cute but I thought the bronze military one was miles better and I didn't like the length of the Sergio dress--i wanted it to be a tad shorter. But I do like the Austin TX woman who won. Going from driving an Uber to being the first challenge winner on PR has got to be surreal. Glad PR is back!
  12. I wish I could heart this 1000x. I swear, I sprained my eyeballs with the amount of rolling I put then through during the Loved One Visit. Krishnma's was just the worst. Not only did she have completely dry eyes thru all her dramatic "sobbing," the others just watched that debacle wuth stone-faced indifference. Cracked me up. Usually, the observers are basket cases for everyone. Karishma? Not so much. OK, I didn't even pick up on that but what did bother me is the fact that I don't think any adjustments were made for height differences on that challenge. Maybe it didn't make a difference in the end since two of the shorter people were the last ones standing but I felt like holding that ball with bent arms would give an advantage over those who had to outstretch their arms further. Just my two cents. And I'm still pissed that Lauren and her theatrics outlasted Elaine. I cannot STAND her and her fucking tears so close to the surface when something doesn't go her way.
  13. THIS. So Mr. HangSuite is only a casual viewer of Survivor and he would always get annoyed if he happened to be watching and saw someone black being voted out because he would swear it was racially motivated. And I would have to explain to him that, "No. That person is a threat. Or an asshole." (Sometimes both) And in this case, I think Missy and Aaron lacked the social skills to mask their "Threat" label with likeability that might've kept them in the game. I think it's always especially impressive when a known threat is savvy enough to develop ties and bonds with the others that somehow lessen the target on their back and shift the votes to other less popular options. Boston Rob wrote the book on that strategy.
  14. Oh, shit! I didn't even realize that there were two other minorities voted to the Jury immediately before this Aaron/ Missy vote. And I'm pulling for Lauren to go next? I'd better watch out---Missy might have my Black Card revoked.
  15. These TCs were incredibly satisfying for so many reasons: - Aaron's sullen countenance at having to join the jury. - Missy & Elizabeth's shock at seeing him sitting there. - Dumbass Elizabeth talking too much by admitting that Missy and Karishma had squashed their beef (Ummm...wasn't that supposed to be a secret from Tommy and Elaine?!) - But the cherry on my sundae had to be when Missy made a big deal about 2 blacks holding simultaneous Immunity. I turned to my son and said, "If she's not careful, she'll be talking about those same 2 blacks holding consecutive Jury Seats." And then it happened. And I couldn't stop laughing. Can we make it a Triple Play next week and get Lauren's useless ass next? (Not because she's black, because she grates. And because it'll piss off Missy even more.) Boston Rob: "Aaron's going home." LOVE.
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