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  1. I don't remember liking Tony all that much from his season (probably because I adored Woo) but I'm finding myself highly entertained by Tony this season and I honestly wouldn't be mad if he went all the way to the end. I thought last night's episode was a little dry but he really cracked me up with his comparison of lack of fire tokens to being a broke kid in the bodega. Hilarious. And I really expected there to be some sort of frantic idol search after the merge. I'm sure these veterans thought to search the food, the water well and everything in between but I guess they just didn't show that.
  2. I really can't stand Adam and I couldn't believe how whiny and close to tears he seemed pre Tribal Council. I can't believe he won before---no wonder I don't remember him at all. Tyson's purchase of peanut butter doesn't seem so foolhardy now. He did well in that challenge. I wonder how he will hide his big jar from the merged tribe? That rain looked miserable. I wish I could care more about Wendell being bounced but I'm really indifferent. I'm glad Jeremy and Denise are safe for the moment. And finally, Yul is beautiful. That is all.
  3. That thought made me laugh out loud! JT was not the brightest player but I always enjoyed watching him. Adam, not so much. He's condescending, and I dislike the "whoa is me" kind of play he's got going on. Hold up, now! Did you forget Fabio? I guess he could be Shemp.
  4. Awwwwww....no Survivor shaming allowed here. LOL. Ben doesn't bother me at all. Truth be told, I like him way more than Adam or Sarah. I can't stand either of them.
  5. Add me to the list of viewers who are longing for a different type of challenge. Princelina, get out of my head! I was just thinking of the days of, "Which tribemate is the most annoying? Reveal..." LOVED those challenges for how they played into the social aspect of the game (and for how mean they were!). Maybe we'll get some of those post-merge. The puzzle overload is annoying but that being said, my heart was in my throat for that last second win by Denise & Jeremy. The way I screamed, "YES!" when that final piece clicked in place... Rob--You are the best that's ever played. Batting .750 for fire tokens! Sandra is a quitter. Who knew? She had kind of grown on me after her Russell Hantz Smackdown but this season reminded me of why I never really cared for her. Wendell and Michelle can't be gone from my screen soon enough. LadyChatts, you know what Michelle wants from Wendell and it ain't an apology---unless "apology" is your euphemism for dick.
  6. I love peanut butter but I don't think I could eat big scoops of it without an ice-cold glass of milk to wash it down. Boiled well-water just wouldn't suffice. But, I swear, Tyson makes me laugh. Pretending to take a whiz, sticking the advantage in his "man-panties." Never change, Tyson. Wendall is an arrogant fuck this time around isn't he? But if he continues to savagely disregard groveling Michelle, then I am all for his fuckery. He is really proving her to be the Underserving Winner that she's been labeled---she's a mess this season. And I absolutely love how Parvarti could gain no traction with Wendell or Yul. You could tell she was unnerved by how immune they were to her charms. Heh. 'Bout time. Denise. BOSS gameplay. Serves every one of them right for underestimating her. SO pleased that Jeremy is still in the game (with his advantage!) and Yul got a token.
  7. But did you see Kenya engage in that discussion? NOPE. Ken was sitting there, furiously "texting" hoping she could sink into the bus cushions and disappear. She is such a nasty piece of work. Bitch knew full well she was trying to one-up Cynthia and embarrass her about the wines and then when production called her on it, you saw the venom overtake her whole demeanor. I don't like Nene either but when I tell you I LIVE for Mrs. Leakes scalping Kenya every chance she gets. Kenya couldn't deal with Phaedra and she damn sure can't handle Nene Leakes either. And I am here for it.
  8. I was too bummed to post last night because I kept hoping that Rob would work some magic and remain in the game. Sigh. Now I can only hope that his new tribe loses every single challenge and get picked off one by one. The fact that a bunch of grown ass winners sat around in camp all day just because Rob told them to, was sending me. Another sigh. I like Nick so I was screaming at the TV, "Noooooooo! Don't tell her!" And then he did. And she flashed her 82 teeth at him and all I could think was that we are witnessing, "Erik The Sequel."
  9. I must be getting sappy in my old age because I actually didn't mind the "inspirational" EoE segment and I usually roll my eyes all through those. My heart was breaking for how depleted Ethan was and I was worried that they would pull him from the game. SO happy that he recovered and finished. I absolutely loved how Ethan, Amber and Dani all seemed to be in complete awe of Nat. She is the definition of Beastmode. Exactly what I expected---Tyson would bequeath his token to Rob or another "veteran" player on Sele. I'm not mad that it went to Nick. I need to know why everyone was so intent on saying that Nick blew the puzzle when there were two people bumbling and fumbling. I don't recall his exact record on puzzles but Rob is a whiz on them. That's what makes him such a deadly combo--his physical dominance is equally matched with smarts and social skills. But last night's comeback was on a whole 'nother level. Adam groveling was some funny shit.
  10. Eva got herself a real gem, didn't she? Mike was the best thing about the show tonight and he did that off the cuff. Now, the Amazing Grace "singer?" No comment. Marlo's nephews. So cute. I'm glad they didn't leave. I feel like Marc hates those cameras and the associated nonsense so much, it puts him in a bit of a rage trying to pretend for them. No sympathy for Kenya there. She knew the man had no desire to be filmed before she "married." (And yes, my use of air quotes is quite deliberate because I'm still unconvinced that they ever really married.) . She probably pressured ol' boy to film a few scenes so she could get a check. Well, be careful what you wish for.
  11. Regarding the Grappling Hook portion of the IC: I thought Jeremy should've done the actual throwing. Firefighters have to wrangle those hoses and lines and I felt like he would've handled that part effortlessly. But then he ran up the ladder like it was nothing, so maybe they saved him for that portion? Like you guys, I'd like to know if there were "rules" about how much of that challenge could be completed by any one individual. I swear, I used to think I could compete on Survivor but those puzzles would be the death of me.
  12. Damnit, Man. Ethan is one of my favs. I know he has a chance to get back in the game but I was SO ready for the other tribe to lose so I could see if they would ax Sandra. I don't even remember Adam so I was picking him for an early exit from episode 1. He's kind of insufferable, isn't he? Nat is really, really smart. She's playing a helluva game albeit from EOE. Rooting for her. Cops R Us gets on my last nerve, mainly because of Sara. I mean, I can't stand cops who have to remind you EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY that they're cops. Give it a rest already. NO ONE CARES. "It's like serving a search warrant...blah, blah, blah." SHUUUUUUTTTTT UUUUUPPPPP! <Insert Elaine Benes Scream> So as much as I can't stand Sara, Tony is still TV gold. First Tony and the Ladder. Last night, Tony and the Shark. Tony and the Ashes. I feel like there's a goldmine to be found in a series of children's books that could be written about Tony's escapades but I don't know how to illustrate. However if someone more artistically inclined wants to partner up with me, I'm all ears.
  13. I usually delete the shows from my DVR once I've watched but I saved this one---I need to go back to review: I fast forwarded right through Mike & Cynthia. Yawn. Kandi keeps trying to make Riley happen. Bless her heart. Kickball looked like fun. I guess I never knew the rules? What is this dodgeball/kickball hybrid? But ref was kinda cute. And now for my very favorite moments: Marc and his twin Brooklyn were adorable in the pool. Ummmmm....did Mark say "Mommy's going in (the pool) and she's not coming out?" What the entire fuck? But I cackled. When Kenya was talking about they were on a date night? AWKWARD. Homey looked like he wanted to be anywhere but there. Edited to add this because islandgal140 and I must've been typing at the same time and she put this better than I ever could've: This right here? Perfection. <chef's kiss> When Kenya came over, "What y'all talking about?" The other ladies, "You." HEEEEEEEEEEEE! They couldn't get enough of Ken getting the strong pimp hand. Porsha & Eva's "Ken" commentary is everything. Porsha: "She's the neck, he's the head---but apparently he's the whole muthafucking body." Nene ain't shit--acting all cheerful and fake. But it got the desired result--more Kenya smackdown. Marc is the MVP of the season.
  14. You all have said everything that needs to be said about Tony. He is a maniac and I am here for it. Hands down, that ladder mess was the funniest thing I've seen on Survivor (or anywhere!) in a loooong time. Tony's gonna Tony. So I know it's been said before, but Rob is such a huge asset to challenges and camp comfort that I don't think they feel comfortable getting him out while they're still trying to win tribal advantages. Short term comfort beats out 2M dollars, I guess. LOL I'm sorry, I beg to differ, Peach! Jeremy can bring the cocky all he wants after he showed up and showed out at the Reward Challenge last week! (Y'all can see I'm still kinda breathless over his Challenge Skills---I can't help it.) And I love the way he sits and soaks everything in. I definitely think he's one of the most observant players to ever play and he lays low while taking it all in. I also think he's very much like Rob where his "cockiness" gets confessed to the camera but he limits what he says within the actual game. Must be something in the water up in Boston.
  15. Wait---the little exchange with Karlie made it even more delicious: Karlie: "I thought you designed Marquis's" Victoria (eyes rolling) "Marquis garment not my style!" Leslie: "But Marquis is safe." OOP! Mic drop. Honestly, I was a little concerned for Marquis when Christian pointed out how skatery it looked but he styled his model well with the Chucks and she was deservedly safe. I adore Geoffrey. He is a neurotic ball of nerves but he seems like SUCH a sweet soul and his dress was fire. Leslie raving about it was so cute and he deserved every bit of praise. SO much this. Leslie hit the nail on the head with her critique---Delvin's was a bad church dress but at least it was wearable. Victoria's was ridiculous. I wish Delvin had gone with his original coat-dress idea. It may have been repetitive, but it probably would've been sewn well and he may have been safe. But that's probably just my wishful thinking. They seemed determined to keep Miss Moldova for the finale.
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