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  1. I wish I could heart this 1000x. I swear, I sprained my eyeballs with the amount of rolling I put then through during the Loved One Visit. Krishnma's was just the worst. Not only did she have completely dry eyes thru all her dramatic "sobbing," the others just watched that debacle wuth stone-faced indifference. Cracked me up. Usually, the observers are basket cases for everyone. Karishma? Not so much. OK, I didn't even pick up on that but what did bother me is the fact that I don't think any adjustments were made for height differences on that challenge. Maybe it didn't make a difference in the end since two of the shorter people were the last ones standing but I felt like holding that ball with bent arms would give an advantage over those who had to outstretch their arms further. Just my two cents. And I'm still pissed that Lauren and her theatrics outlasted Elaine. I cannot STAND her and her fucking tears so close to the surface when something doesn't go her way.
  2. THIS. So Mr. HangSuite is only a casual viewer of Survivor and he would always get annoyed if he happened to be watching and saw someone black being voted out because he would swear it was racially motivated. And I would have to explain to him that, "No. That person is a threat. Or an asshole." (Sometimes both) And in this case, I think Missy and Aaron lacked the social skills to mask their "Threat" label with likeability that might've kept them in the game. I think it's always especially impressive when a known threat is savvy enough to develop ties and bonds with the others that somehow lessen the target on their back and shift the votes to other less popular options. Boston Rob wrote the book on that strategy.
  3. Oh, shit! I didn't even realize that there were two other minorities voted to the Jury immediately before this Aaron/ Missy vote. And I'm pulling for Lauren to go next? I'd better watch out---Missy might have my Black Card revoked.
  4. These TCs were incredibly satisfying for so many reasons: - Aaron's sullen countenance at having to join the jury. - Missy & Elizabeth's shock at seeing him sitting there. - Dumbass Elizabeth talking too much by admitting that Missy and Karishma had squashed their beef (Ummm...wasn't that supposed to be a secret from Tommy and Elaine?!) - But the cherry on my sundae had to be when Missy made a big deal about 2 blacks holding simultaneous Immunity. I turned to my son and said, "If she's not careful, she'll be talking about those same 2 blacks holding consecutive Jury Seats." And then it happened. And I couldn't stop laughing. Can we make it a Triple Play next week and get Lauren's useless ass next? (Not because she's black, because she grates. And because it'll piss off Missy even more.) Boston Rob: "Aaron's going home." LOVE.
  5. Is there anything funnier than watching the most useless, clueless people get further and further in the game all due to their enormous ineptitude? And their cockiness always increases exponentially as the 39 days wears on. How do Goats not realize they're Goats?? They should have a whole season: "Survivor: Isle of the GOATS.". Karishma and Phillip would be locks for casting. (Hey, Probst. If you're reading here and even think about this as a future season theme, you'd better run me my money!) Sigh. 13 hrs later and I still can't believe she sat on 2 idols. What arrogance. Maybe my least favorite castaway? Lauren. UGH. I can't remember a more insufferable camera-aware overacter. She can go next. And I hope she cries while leaving. Are you sure 20 will be enough? 😏
  6. LOL. So I don't know your brother but Aaron reminds me of Neil from Young & the Restless. R.I.P, Kristoff.
  7. Lauren can go at any time. She's more than a little extra and she really pissed me off by saying that Elaine wasn't smart enough to strategize. When her tears started? I cackled. Me three, ladies. I could happily watch B-Rob be on every season of Survivor, Amazing Race and whatever random show CBS decides to stick him. I'm a sucker for an Alpha male and Whew! Is he Alpha. But I'll bet his girls have him wrapped around all their fingers.
  8. Bryce Harper? That. Was. AWESOME!!! Nice sweep, Phils.
  9. I'm only seeing them during Wimbledon but Mass Mutual has two of my current fav ads-- The Daughter opening an email confirming her acceptance to college. I love the group celebration. And Dad and Daughter at her wedding switching from the traditional dance to the BEST jam ever. They give my Southwest Dancing Wedding Girl a run for her money!
  10. Really Hercog? A medical timeout after losing (choking!) in that 2nd set? If she had any crowd support, I'm thinking it waned after that move. And I don't know if she gave any post-match interviews but it will be totally classless if she tries to blame the loss on an injury.
  11. Right? She was very vague about the reasons they split and she just seems so lost now. Someone who is not looking lost? This young girl Gauff! She looks pretty fearless right now and Venus has her hands full. Serena said exactly what I was thinking---Cori reminds me of Venus too! Especially those long legs.
  12. Naomi Osaka needs to reevaluate her split with Sascha as her coach. She's been a mess ever since their parting.
  13. I guess I thought Reg was off the hook since he explained that he took such drastic measures because Jake's mom was the OD'ing crackhead. I let my guard down. Should've known that Douda wasn't that forgiving. And God help me, I'm still crushing on Otis. Not Douda. Otis.
  14. Right? I wasn't expecting that. I had a love/hate thing going with Reg.
  15. LOL, no I guess I just didn't complete my thought since I'm so over this season. I understand that no one wants to sit beside him at F3 but I don't understand why they've been so laser-focused on targeting Rick and only Rick and LETTING HIM KNOW. I tried to quote another post upthread and my editor didn't grab it but someone made a very good point that the others should at least pretend that they're open to him. Clearly, Rick is playing the hell out of his, "Me Against the World" storyline and if I were playing this game, I would want to diffuse some of his momentum and motivation. Dude is thriving off of being the target.
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