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  1. SuburbanHangSuite

    Favorite Commercials

    I'm only seeing them during Wimbledon but Mass Mutual has two of my current fav ads-- The Daughter opening an email confirming her acceptance to college. I love the group celebration. And Dad and Daughter at her wedding switching from the traditional dance to the BEST jam ever. They give my Southwest Dancing Wedding Girl a run for her money!
  2. SuburbanHangSuite

    Tennis Thread

    Really Hercog? A medical timeout after losing (choking!) in that 2nd set? If she had any crowd support, I'm thinking it waned after that move. And I don't know if she gave any post-match interviews but it will be totally classless if she tries to blame the loss on an injury.
  3. SuburbanHangSuite

    Tennis Thread

    Right? She was very vague about the reasons they split and she just seems so lost now. Someone who is not looking lost? This young girl Gauff! She looks pretty fearless right now and Venus has her hands full. Serena said exactly what I was thinking---Cori reminds me of Venus too! Especially those long legs.
  4. SuburbanHangSuite

    Tennis Thread

    Naomi Osaka needs to reevaluate her split with Sascha as her coach. She's been a mess ever since their parting.
  5. SuburbanHangSuite

    The Chi

    I guess I thought Reg was off the hook since he explained that he took such drastic measures because Jake's mom was the OD'ing crackhead. I let my guard down. Should've known that Douda wasn't that forgiving. And God help me, I'm still crushing on Otis. Not Douda. Otis.
  6. SuburbanHangSuite

    The Chi

    Right? I wasn't expecting that. I had a love/hate thing going with Reg.
  7. SuburbanHangSuite

    S38.E13 Idol or Bust

    LOL, no I guess I just didn't complete my thought since I'm so over this season. I understand that no one wants to sit beside him at F3 but I don't understand why they've been so laser-focused on targeting Rick and only Rick and LETTING HIM KNOW. I tried to quote another post upthread and my editor didn't grab it but someone made a very good point that the others should at least pretend that they're open to him. Clearly, Rick is playing the hell out of his, "Me Against the World" storyline and if I were playing this game, I would want to diffuse some of his momentum and motivation. Dude is thriving off of being the target.
  8. SuburbanHangSuite

    S38.E13 Idol or Bust

    I've been saying this for the past few weeks. I couldn't fathom awarding anyone else the title. What have any of these others done to Outwit or Outplay?? It looks like it's not so much of an unpopular opinion anymore. I love this! I cannot get over how everyone has spent all their energy plotting on Devens and it hasn't occurred to any of them (except Julie, YAWN) that they might be better off aligned with him. Staggering, stubborn, stupidity to their own detriment.
  9. SuburbanHangSuite

    The Chi

    ^^^ I thought boyfriend was Chadwick Boseman for a sec.
  10. SuburbanHangSuite

    The Chi

    Awwwwww....Ronnie had me feeling for him this week. Being so awkwardly self-conscious at the community center but then being proud of himself for fixing the air conditioner. And I've never been a big fan of Common but he really plays the hell outta that Brother Rafiq. Hustling Emmitt is too cute. And taking his mom to dinner? Sweet! Mom having to school him about being a gentleman. But damn, Jada--did you really get all gorgeous for that fool who's collecting Sister Wives? Brandon & Kevin is such a great dynamic. My heart aches for Kevin. Alex Hibbert is such a strong, young actor. And I can't get over that he and Keisha aren't really brother and sister IRL---that's some great casting right there. And why am I crushing on the drug-dealer, criminal business mogul???
  11. SuburbanHangSuite

    The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    This x 1000. I'm right back into my secondhand embarrassment with this chick because she's so GIDDY about this Juan shit and she doesn't realize how it looks. Or maybe she knows and just doesn't care? Either way, supreme cringe. And I wouldn't be admitting to my house flipping ventures over running the timetable so drastically. It's not as easy as HGTV makes it look, is it Robyn? Gizelle 's girls? SO cute! But how did they get so big so quickly?! This first episode was lacking but I'm glad these ladies are back.
  12. SuburbanHangSuite

    S17.E08: Blame It on Rio

    My two cents: The celebrity judge reminded me of a young Ashley Judd. Who irons Lycra?!! The colors that all three teams used? Fugly. SO fugly. So fugly that they made me feel stabby. Brandon Maxwell's description of Renee's pants would make Michael Kors proud. I need to go back and rewind just to savor it. So, I'm feeling just like the season when they gave the win to the witch with the banana-hands fabric in the finale. I can't even be bothered to go look up her name. I just remember that I hated her and it was obvious they planned to make her a winner from Day One. Do better, Project Runway.
  13. SuburbanHangSuite

    S38.E12 Awkward

    My people! Lauren is a total non-factor in every respect of this game. Her over-the-top reunion with her dad just made me dislike her all the more. IDC But the reunion had the opposite effect on me with Gavin. He really was too sweet when he could barely speak. But even with him, I was never close to tears which usually happens at least once or twice with me on the Family Visit episode. (Cirie and her son remains one of my very fav moments in Survivor history.) So that just reminds me of how much a dud this season is to me. I'm so "Meh" about everything. Go Rick, I guess. I love how he's hustling, making moves and playing to the Jury. He cracked me up when he realized that he wasn't winning the Reward Challenge and just kind of stopped to chat with his wife instead. And I do think he was intentionally soaking her. Loved his stealth Idol Tree Climb in the middle of the night.
  14. SuburbanHangSuite

    As Seen On TV: Does ANY of this crap work?

    I've used them several times, mostly positive. When I was looking for a company that could enclose my front porch, I had several different contractors contact me within 24 hours of my project inquiry. But there was a HUGE range of costs! (The highest around 20k to the most reasonable, around 5k.) Ultimately, we went with the low end contractor and so glad we did. But I wrote a negative review for a garage door contractor with whom I had a terrible experience and they removed my review after the guy disputed my claim. So knowing that, just be aware that their contractor ratings could be artificially inflated.
  15. SuburbanHangSuite

    The Wendy Williams Show

    OK, who is this random woman doing extra Hot Topics with her nipples protruding through her top?! No one backstage saw this before she took the stage??? Her boobs were ginormous--what kind of bra was she wearing (or not wearing?) So many questions...