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  1. How many times did we hear the word "prophet" in last night's episode? Enough that we'd all be dead from alcohol poisoning if we tried a drinking game. And this self-proclaimed prophet---I have so many questions. Not that I really want answers but moreso I need to understand how people allow themselves to become so spiritually invested in such characters. He's this pious, learned prophet who is setting others on the path of spiritual enlightenment but his messy ass has a babymama (oops, fiancée according to Drew) and a new baby?? And creeping with a new disciple? And it's said disciple's "Delilah energy" that is to blame? OK. Oh, and he and LaToya were both TOTALLY lying. Ahhhhh, Bravo. Once again Marc Daly for Season MVP. This man is a savage and I love it. How many ways can he make Kenya look like the desperate fool that she is? First, we have her admitting on camera that she stays in a hotel when she visits NY. I mean, we all knew that from previous reports but someone needs to call her on that and ask, "Why in the world would you not stay with YOUR HUSBAND?" and watch the squirmy, tapdance that ensues. Then we get to see a snippet of blurred Brooklyn's party and Kenya playing coy like something jumped off between she and Marc only to have the previews show her being blocked. Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not a mean person by nature and I usually don't like seeing anyone treated badly. But Kenya is reaping everything that she's sown all for the sake of having "a pretty baby." I have zero sympathy for her. As Judge Judy tells women in her court complaining about a man gone wrong, "YOU PICKED HIM, MADAM!"
  2. I really thought there was no way that I could hate a player more than Coco V. or Danielle Collins. I guess that's why they say, "Never say never." Fucking Kenin went through every bag of cheating tricks she had today, trying to best Lauren Davis and IT DIDN'T WORK! That bitch leaves the court like clockwork whenever she drops a set and none of the commentators ever call her on that shit. After that didn't work, she calls for a medical timeout and leaves the court AGAIN. I nearly lost it when she reeled off 3 straight games to tie up the 3rd because I really thought she had Davis rattled. And instead of calling it out to be the cheating, unsportsmanlike behavior that it is, Austin just praised her for "calming down" and "getting her head back." I mean, those women players are better than me. I'd call her out in front of the Umpire and the audience if she pulled that shit on me. And I'd gladly pay whatever fine they hit me with for speaking the truth.
  3. I really need to stop underestimating these women because Sarah is straight kicking ass and I LOVE it. And I was screaming at the TV how devastating a mistake it was for Swifty to sit out on a challenge that had such heavy materials. And then Savage Crew and my girl Celi, whooped that ass! Celi cracks me up----tiniest thing out there with the most hype. And I really thought Iraida would knock Swifty out of OT. All of those ladies are really great competitors. I still think Zeus is the man to beat in the end. Zeus or Scott.
  4. I needed a M2M pick-me-up after that mess of Atlanta Housewives. I can't stand Toya but she made a great catch with Dr. Eugene. All the M2M husbands seem like really cool men and it's great to have them represent black men in such a fun, positive way. Scott admitting that Contessa is kind of a superwoman was so good to see. That woman really is accomplished and that may be intimidating to a fragile man's ego. Way to set him straight, Dr. Damon. Awwww. Michael going off to school. Sniff, sniff. Where does the time go? I LOVE Dr. Simone's family dynamic. You don't know how thrilled I am that she and Cecil got through that rocky patch. That family makes me smile like no other.
  5. Another big snooze episode. And I can't believe people were so willing to freely mingle in these Covid streets. I'm ready to make Production the MVP for this season because they're the only ones willing to make Kenya look like the pathetic, try-hard that she is. Kandi and Cynthia needed to tell her to drop the Bolo talk, not their camera confessionals. A Night in Niece? No. Just no. Ok, so I didn't imagine that quick shot of a pregnant Noel.
  6. I just watched. Why did I bother? What a waste of 60 minutes. But I did think it was interesting that the editors chose to show Aunt Lori. Which leads me to think that Kenya ruined that relationship too. Aunt Lori and her cousin Shay were staples in Kenya's storyline for the first few years but now that she's a mom and she "needs a village," they're nowhere to be found? Interesting. And did Kenya really end her "sobbing therapy session" with, "Did I tell you I was in Waiting to Exhale?" I just can't...
  7. I would've agreed with you for 75% of this episode when we had to watch her toxic, miserable ass be so obsessively fascinated with the Bolo hook-up. But then came the scene with the attorney. Y'all. This crazy heifer straight tried to pretend that Mark was sending her love songs to "get her back." Did you check how her attorney could barely contain his laughter---"Well, why'd he send me this?" The look on her face! She realized how ridiculous she looked and sounded with her "Mark wants me back" bullshit. And then the producer compounded it by asking her, "Why are you filing for custody and not divorce?" She looked so frazzled and caught. I live for these moments when it seems like the RHOA editors and producers are more than happy to let her play herself.
  8. Out of this entire episode, my heart hurt for Jen's father. That poor man looked like he was just used to cowering in the wake of her mother's mean, toxic energy. And who doesn't her mother have an issue with? Her husband, her gay son, the son with the new baby. Whew. She is....a lot. Delores/David/Frank (and Frank Jr.!) are fascinating. I like them all. They need their own show where they can be weird and funny without any Teresa distraction.
  9. So, I'm really over these off-season moves by the Birds. Apparently the Bears were willing to give us more than the Colts in this Wentz trade but Wentz "didn't want to go to the Bears." Excuse me? Why would the Eagles allow him to dictate where he ended up?? I swear, I would've made his ass ride the bench behind Hurts before I let him dictate where he was traded. I hope the Colts don't win a game next season.
  10. Heh. Kenin. Bye, bitch! 😏
  11. And then randomly threw in some Ebony from Player's Club quote: "I just came to dance, Junior." LOL. I love Porsha. Love Porsha as much as I loathe Kenya. I don't even want any of her funky crab cake sandwich but she's a triflin' bitch for not telling everyone that she was ordering out. Kandi and that BBQ was everything. She had a true appreciation for that pig. Drew shut that try-hard LaToya all the way down and I live for it. Marlo keeping her foot on Kenya's fake ass. Hilarious.
  12. I'm glad Lauren followed her instincts and told Cynthia to drop her hateful plus one. And Kandi was absolutely correct in pointing out that if Kenya was so quick to shade Porsha's activism, then she had no business being a part of the event. That's all I got. Except for this: We need to contract out hair and makeup for backyard gatherings now? 🤔
  13. Atlanta has really fallen off if the activity in this forum is any kind of indicator. Damn. Not sure how I feel about Latoya but I think Drew is cute & entertaining but, my God. What kind of asshole has she married? I would've been ok with him taking off for some space (because honestly, Drew's mom seems like ALOT) but he didn't let her know where he was for 3 days? And then he's spying through secret nanny-cams?! I'm not even sure how to process that level of derangement. Cynthia is an idiot with the wedding nonsense. I see me fast-forwarding through all of her scenes this season. And of course, scallywag Kenya continues to show her true colors by saying inappropriate shit about yet another cast-mate's husband. Toxic trick for life.
  14. Well, every time I hear the "I See You," in my mind, I feel like the next line should be, "We see each other!" And then I realize that I have OD'd on Housewives and I need some kind of rehab.
  15. Yeah, that's what I thought too but when Hubby mentioned it, I didn't feel like rewinding to check his verbiage because I didn't want to miss anything. But I thought that would've been poetic justice if a small technicality like that bit all three teams in the ass and DeAngelo and Gary could vault to 1st place.
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