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  1. Ya'll don't even know how skeeved out I was watching that kidnapper in bed with Keisha. I'm with Nina. Dre would have to get out if I told her to leave my child's belongings alone and she took it upon herself to pack my daughter's stuff up. Was there really a pristine crowbar awaiting Ronnie to break into the back door? I was not ready to see Kev and his girlfriend get busy. Dad broke that shit up with the quickness. Go Dad. Kandi is still terrible. LaLa looks old enough to be Emmet's mom. And really Emmet? Raw dog on the kitchen counter? Sigh.
  2. Agreed. The acting has fallen way off and I think that's an indication of how much this show centered around Jason Mitchell. He may be a predatory asshole but he was the heart of this show---I loved his relationships with Kev, Emmitt & his cousin. Killing him off left a major void in key storylines and it seems like they've done a lot of scrambling to hire celebrity (LaLa, Kandi, Luke James) over substance. Brandon and Reg both being gone left some big shoes to fill.
  3. I mean, what abductor is going to allow someone to come in the house where he has an awake, alert captive in the cellar?! And how does Ronnie not hear her yelling clearly through the heating vents? And what bakery is going to have a line out the door when the employees can't be bothered to spell "Kevin" correctly? And the nasty attitude to go with the mistakes? Lena/The Writers think this is cute or funny? I can't with this writing.
  4. But I did get a good, "HA!" at the, "Maybe you'll be the next Ben Carson." "Let's hope not." exchange. Not Obama. Ben Carson. FOH. Kevin just got alllll the bass in his voice this season, huh? From his, "Call her a bitch again!" to knocking out the disrespectful customer talking shit about his sister, Kevin is bringing the heat. Now his crush? She's walking a fine line between inspiring and exhausting---I'm leaning toward exhausting. But so many other, "Huh?" moments for me this season: Kandi. Sigh. No one asked for this addition to the cast--she brings nothing. Same for Lena. Go away. I was not ready to see Ronnie eating from the garbage can. What happened to Common? Last season Ronnie was hanging at the community center, earning respect and this season, nothing of Common or that storyline. Poppa's dad offering him guidance this year. Another season and they'll be a rabbi scraping him up off the sidewalk and helping him? What random judge ordered Couples Counseling for Emmitt and Tiff? And she's a Door Dash weed mogul? Who can't afford her own place? And how are Tiff and Emmitt screwing all over his MAMA's APARTMENT?! Where was Jada? Such a disjointed, weird season.
  5. I'm so confused about the Ms. Ethel storyline. So she gets beat viciously and the next time we see her, she's lost her house and her mind? Where did this dementia riddled, Alzheimers having Ms. Ethel come from? The LaLa story is stupid beyond all description. Yeah, how long was home-boy going to have to wait for his 3 racks of ribs? I don't like Jake's brother or his boo. Jake needs to ask Douda for help with Keisha---he'll get answers. Those women in that ROC group were something else. Who knew that losing a child makes you that hateful? Kevin's crush is really cute and I LOVE how intelligently they're writing her. More Kevin and Poppa, please. Poppa needs to be at that Northside school too.
  6. I was not really feeling this episode AT ALL. Douda being Douda to Jake over some hardwood floors? A random baby shower with a twins reveal and the mother's cringey reaction, "I already have 4 kids!" WTF, was that supposed to be funny? Jada on that speed date was ridiculous. Why are they writing her so "dumb?" Who automatically assumes someone Asian is an immigrant?! Lazy, sloppy writing. I swear, if this show goes the way of Empire with the over-the-top gay agenda, I'm out. I could've done without that whole gay bar weirdness. And the long-winded story from Jake's brother about their childhood was just boring, not enlightening. I don't know how LaLa lands so many acting gigs. She is no actress. (And really, writers---we're supposed to believe she cooked Emmitt a plate of oxtail that fast?! Even in a pressure cooker, those things take a good 45 minutes.) Color me unimpressed this week.
  7. Can't wait! Watched some of the Season 1 marathon yesterday and couldn't believe how young and small the kids were. I think Jake just looks about the same, just taller but Kevin and Poppa are blowing my mind with how much they've grown. That Kevin is destined to be a heart-breaker.
  8. I was not prepared for Thomas's suicide even though I logically knew it was a probability. Dom finally losing it at the wake was so raw and emotional--I hurt for both Ray and Dom. Rosie is great in this series. Awards in store for her too. I absolutely loved Dom and Ray's reconciliation. For a hot second, I thought Ray was going to tell Dom that the Drinkwaters were his siblings. I have to believe that Dom and Dessa are at the beginning of a happy ending. Both are due for some happiness, that's for sure. Great mini-series---I think I'll invest in reading the book.
  9. Crazy Juliette Lewis warned him that he might not want to read that translation. She told no lies. Homey really thought that house made him the end-all-be-all. They just need to give Mark Ruffalo every Emmy, Golden Globe and any other award that's out there for this project. He's so heartbreakingly pitiful as Thomas and then so amazingly the complete opposite as Domenico. Really, really great acting.
  10. Awwwwww....I am loving evolved Issa and Lawrence. That damned Condoleeza better stay wherever the hell she's gone with her bougie-ass weird friends. Molly really is one miserable bitch. Seriously. Yvonne Orji must hate having to play such an unlikeable character. I think this is supposed to show just how much she was vibin' with Nathan before he disappeared. She really seems to be completely at ease around him and he gets her---they get each other. So of course his reappearance is going to be just in time for a probable job offer for Lawrence and a cliff-hanger for us. Damn it, man!
  11. After reading about Natalie saying that rats on the Edge would bite their fingers and toes every single night... yikes. No way would I send my kid out there. I agree that mental health would be a huge issue. And 16 year olds are still growing and I don't think the lack of nutrition and the physical toll is good for the body. I truly hope that they are encouraging 16 year olds to apply just to keep them in the pipeline for a future season. Too funny. I think it was during Jeff's heartfelt chat with the Edgers that I turned to my husband and said, "I'll bet you that we have a 'Survivor: 2nd Generation' season within the next couple of years." It just makes sense. These Survivor greats are so revered that CBS would be crazy not to extend the life of their popularity. Jeremy's girls, Cirie's sons (I know a lot more must have kids that would qualify, those are just the first two that come to mind) It would be ratings gold. And then at the end, Jeff mentions having 16 year-olds apply. We might have that season sooner than later. I didn't think I could adore Yul more. I was wrong.
  12. I just don't understand why fire-making should automatically equal an advantage for men. You can best believe if I ever competed in Survivor, I would be proficient in fire-making before I set foot on the beach. Season after season It seems like we see people content to allow one or two people (men) to tend the fire. Don't happily fall into a predefined gender role for 39 days and then complain when it doesn't suit you. I think it was Princelina upthread who pointed out that Sarah was more than happy to allow Tony to idol hunt in the pitch dark.
  13. It's nice to know that we all saw through her BS with the gender equality card she tried to pull. Don't get me wrong--I know gender bias is real and happens everyday. But I don't think it occurs within this game as much as folks like to allege. All of her tears and righteous emotion? That's in direct response to how she's perceived by the viewers, not her fellow contestants. If viewers find her arrogant, unlikeable and insufferable, don't use that as a reason to guilt jurors into a vote. If she really was going to be so powerful and own her game (what game?!) then she shouldn't let people run her off of Twitter.
  14. Several times but the one that always sticks with me is the season when they gave a french press and coffee as the reward and poor Dreamz and Cassandra didn't know how to use it. The rest of that triflin'-ass mean tribe just let them drink "coffee" full of grounds. Fuck them forever. Anywho, back to the question at hand-- Once Ben and Sarah were gone, I was content with any of the F3 winning. They all had valid, strong arguments for a victory--no goats this season! No way I would've given up immunity to make fire. I know I've said this in past seasons but I don't like that the fire stations get assigned to the participants. I feel like they should do a coin toss or Rock-Paper-Scissors and the winner can choose their station. I'm not saying that there would be deliberate differences in the stations by Production, but one station may have drier kindling or a different pattern breeze. Just my thought. Congrats, Tony. Pretty flawless game overall.
  15. Bye, Condola. Not professional at all and not cool. I knew I didn't care for you for a reason. Sigh. Everything is an issue with Molly. She's exhausting and Andrew should just bounce. Kelli killed it the whole episode. Her man: "We Wobblin" overseas now?!" I'm so old. I didn't know Vince Staples was a real person. I had to Google him.
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