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  1. Over the course of 61 episodes, we saw the most wicked, life-changing, sick, bangin', epic journey of all time. -Justin went from the editors highlighting his TMNT-speak to the editors highlighting his bromance and trying very minimally to sell a redemption arc after his stern Jock talking-to. -Kishwar went from being really likable and making a lot of curries to being really likable and making a lot of curries. -Pete went from the opening chapter of Christian Puglisi's cookbook to a chapter about 2/3 through the book. Although there is a lot to criticize about this season,
  2. I've always liked Peter Gilmore on this show and I'm worried that might end after tomorrow, depending on the result and how justified it seems. Anyway, this was a surprisingly enjoyable (and not outrageously long) first half of the finale. If there's one thing I've learned this season, it's that I could probably identify a dish made by Christian Puglisi (or someone trying to copy him). On a semi-related note, I may try to copy Kishwar's second dish, but in the meantime I have to finish a bangin' deconstructed spanakopita composed of feta ice cream, spinach granita, and a phyllo cru
  3. "This place, it elevates you, and it's because there is exceptional people in the room." Thanks, Elise, but I'm sorry your grammar wasn't elevated as much as your ability to fail at making herb ice cream was. I'm not a woman, but if I was and someone referred to me as "the Mrs." on television I would immediately ban them from my life. "Brie cheese" as opposed to Brie Larson? Or is there another Brie that isn't a cheese but could have been made into an ice cream? I don't know how to speak English anymore. It's them or it's me, or both. It was nice to see Kishwar do well, b
  4. The funny thing is I would be fine trying the first two of those ice creams, but I feel like the sriracha one would be way too garlicky. I tried a shot of sriracha vodka several years ago and I wouldn't have minded it except for the garlic. (That being said, I have tried roasted garlic ice cream with dark chocolate chips and that was fine.) I'm sure many of us have seen this, but in case anyone hasn't, here's a photo of what may be the "fine dining" savory ice cream dish that launched a thousand questionable quenelles, Heston's pommery grain mustard ice cream served with beet gazpacho. Th
  5. I eagerly await the day when the term "a Jock and a hard place" can be reused as the title about a memoir featuring the lurid details of Pete and Justin's rad bromance. I'd be interested in trying the food at Society or Vue de Monde if I ever went to Australia. Today's dessert was a nice change of pace from the mix of monotonous and disgusting-sounding desserts the contestants have been making all season. However, the combination of Justin becoming the heroic narrator savior and the continuous focus on the rad bromance is making it hard for me to be anything but underwhelmed.
  6. Fun Finale Week Facts! Justin used to DJ at Christian youth dances using the moniker DJ Toasted Nuts. After Sabina was disappointed by the macadamias and wanted something "zingy," the producers considered giving her horseradish, brined green olives, or mackerel to use in an ice cream, but decided it would make the show slightly too redundant. For once, Pete finally stole his recipe from a different cookbook. This one came from How Stoners Can Recreate French Pastries Using Produce Dumpster Dived from Behind the Organic Market. Justin won't ever have a Michelin starred rest
  7. "Pete, did you ever think--when you entered this competition 250 days ago--that you'd be cooking food like this?" "Actually, yes. I've been cooking recipes from the same cookbook since the auditions. Otherwise, I would have made potato ice cream today." (Speaking of which, I actually had potato ice cream back in the '00s when all the "fine dining" chefs were ripping off Heston, and I would have rated it a five out of ten.) I'm curious (no pun intended) if there is anyone out (no pun intended) there writing Masterchef AU fan fiction about Justin and Pete. "It was a sick and bangi
  8. So it turns out there are no more eliminations until Sunday, apparently. I don't even know at this point. Dessert flanilla sick bro flavor bomb hero wicked. I'm done punishing myself with this show. Thanks for the insightful and funny commentary here. I'll be back for the final episode, assuming I don't die of passive infliction of insults to the intelligence in the meantime.
  9. Aaron: I'm definitely not done. Me: Just like Depinder's rice. Did any of you sick bros realize what a bodacious and dudalicious challenge it is to make curry ice cream? On an elimination episode? An ice cream so unique that it has never been made on Masterchef Australia just like no one has ever made a granita, a crumb, or any other flavor of ice cream? Wow, Pete really took a risk there. I'll watch on Tuesday but I think that might be the end for me until the final episode. I can only take so many insults to my intelligence. At this point, I'm only rooting for Kishwar.
  10. If the goal of this episode was to get me to dislike Tommy significantly more than I already did, great success! If the goal was to produce an enjoyable hour of television, great failure!
  11. Yes, I really like the way you articulated this. I just feel bad knowing that he was pressured into stereotyping himself as a joyful but semiliterate buffoon, and I've made comments saying that's his fault, but in hindsight I can't support that. Regarding the team challenge episode, I have three comments: 1. Scott is the most obnoxious and patronizing narrator I can ever remember on this show. I can't imagine dealing with him in a real life--especially in a business setting--if he talks to people like they're three years old. 2. I wouldn't be sad if Tommy goes home tomorrow.
  12. I've been snarky about the way Brent's been edited but also about the way he's presented himself, and I apologize for the latter. Specifically, I said it was his fault for playing into the caricature the show was creating for him, and that was unfair of me. That being said, I would like to see Justin, Aaron, Scott, and Minoli eliminated within the next week. I'm still having a hard time guessing who will make it to the finale. If I had to bet, I would bet on Pete and Justin for reasons that would be wildly uninteresting to explain.
  13. "I'm making a Vietnamese sandwich traditionally served on French bread, but instead I'm serving it on French pastry. I'm so impressed with myself." I liked Jock's blazer. I think Jock Blazer would be a good nom de porn. I skipped yesterday's episode, and I think that I'm going to skip all the non-elimination episodes in the near future. The list of people I want to be eliminated is growing by the day, but I think Aaron may reach the top of it if he doesn't go on Sunday. On a positive note, I finally had dinner in a restaurant tonight. It did not involve any ice creams or gr
  14. Reynold's next two dessert restaurants are going to be called The Ethereal Onion and The Flaccid Carrot. On an unrelated note, I (ironically) forgot to mention something about the Alla episode, which is that during the cook the judges were talking about how Minoli's dish was either going to be a total disaster or amazing. I feel like a sap because I forgot that comment by the time the episode proved it was wrong, but at least I remembered it later. This is my brain on drugs--and the drugs are called Ethereal Flaccidity. Moving on to the bigger picture, I'm finding it very hard (i.e.
  15. "I'm going to treat beetroot just like lamb." Yes, I'm sure that will work just as well as when past contestants treated scallops like broccoli and foie gras like watercress. Also, when it's episode 37 and someone serves burnt beets with flatbread and a slightly modified tabouleh, it's time to start eliminating multiple people per episode. The judges' "we don't understand Minoli's explanation of her concept" seems somewhat hypocritical, since I don't understand the judges' explanation of anything 75 percent of the time. Her dish looked like something that would get someone kicked off
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