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  1. bobbyjoe

    S02.E01: Acting Up

    Well, then we know who will be the best dressed!
  2. bobbyjoe

    The Great Food Truck Race

    Amen. Food Network acts like there aren’t (usually pretty easily obtained) alternatives and substitutions so nobody has to violate their beliefs. It’s kind of repulsive, because Food Network could do it, but seemingly go out of their way not to, just for drama. It’s like if there’s a kosher chef on Chopped you can often pretty easily predict that one of the ingredients that episode will be ham or bacon. That kind of thing is inexcusable, because it’s not like FN doesn’t know the profile of their contestants in advance or just comes up with these challenges ten seconds before airtime. And these days there are lots of options (like soy-based substitutes) that could be made available, so why aren’t they for competitors who need those alternatives? It’s not 1972. When it’s production’s fault for giving a team a defective truck, that team should have immediate immunity for that challenge. That might give the producers proper incentive to, you know, make sure their equipment is in adequate shape before filming starts.
  3. bobbyjoe

    S11.E13: Reunited

    The best part of the whole reunion episode? Alaska's ads for “Vagina.”
  4. bobbyjoe

    The Good Fight

    Can we please, please, please in the first scene of next season have Diane step out of the shower like Bobby Ewing on Dallas and it turns out this current season was all just a really bad dream?
  5. bobbyjoe

    S11.E12: Queens Everywhere

    On this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Totally Scripted Non-Competition, Brooke Lynn faces off against Vanjie because, oooo, that’s such an unpredictable move. It feels, like, so non-manufactured, y’all. There are literally episodes of The Brady Bunch whose storylines have more surprising outcomes than RuPaul’s last couple of fully producer-driven seasons. Between this and the last All-Stars, which was so overly processed it could have been lunch meat, Ru has just thrown out any pretense, and it’s really pissing me off. This isn’t fun anymore. Silky was shit once again tonight and we’re expected to pretend like it’s shinola— she couldn’t lip sync with the words again and all she had to do was bust out of a bathroom stall and fall down (badly) while everybody else had to do full routines. And then we had to pretend like there was any reason whatsoever that Brooke Lynn was on the bottom—- “lack of passion,” yeah, sure, judges and producers. You’re being so clever that we just don’t see what’s right in front of our faces. Ummmm huh. Say, Ru and the show’s crew, when you’re ready to do an actual show again rather than pointless BS, how about letting us know?
  6. bobbyjoe

    The Good Fight

    The scenario I pray for is that Blum falls down an elevator shaft or something next week and leaves Maia a ton of money and his firm. Maia starting a competitive firm is a storyline I could get behind, as long as we move away from the way-too-far-over-the-top idiocy that is Blum. The show has lost it this season as to how good TGW and TGF have been in he past about the subtleties and complication of politics. What the heck has happned? Diane’s imagined conversation with the guy on the screen felt like it could have been scripted by a first year C-level Freshman comp student. And the whole “Book Club” thing has just ended up being mustache-twirling villainry. “We know where you live, etc.”— really, show? I even don’t know what real-world political reality the “Book Club” thing is supposed to be commenting on; hasn’t the criticism of the left been more about pretty much the exact opposite, being too slow to act on anything, rather than being some too-quick-to-action violent underground rigging elections*, etc.? Not to get into the politics other than to note I’m not exactly seeing much relevancy to anything real here, which is pretty much my criticism of much of the rest of this season as well. *It finally hit me this week what the “Book Club” storyline and much of the rest of this season was reminding me of— Dietland— an absolute hot mess of a show starring Juliana Margulies, the Good Wife herself. It had many of the same elements of this season: an underground violent leftist organization of women that the heroine first supports and then grows troubled by; cartoonish fantasy sequences (that like TGF this season were sometimes literally cartoons); an increasingly poor mix of realism and over-the-top clownish stupidity. Dietland also, like TGF this season, had a terrific cast who were absolutely wasted in badly written and poorly executed material. It was 100% NOT a show that should be emulated in any shape, form, or fashion but the more I think about it, the more this season of TGF feels like they watched Dietland and said “you know what, let’s do that.”
  7. bobbyjoe

    S17.E09: The Stitch Is Back

    Thank you. Tessa starts yammering on about how it’s nice to finally be around some straight men and then goes on and on about how good the models smell, etc. All I could think was if a male contestant on a show where a number of the contestants were lesbians had said “I’m so glad to finally be around straight women” and then starting harping on the female model’s smell and physical appearance he would have been rightly raked over the coals. I’m not sure how what Tessa did was any less creepy and inappropriate.
  8. bobbyjoe

    S11.E11: Bring Back My Queens!

    Ru: Who should go home? Every single contestant: Silky or Yvie. Ru: [knowing there’s no way Silky could beat Yvie in a lip sync] Silky and... Nina! [lip-sync takes place: Silky is by anyone’s standards an absolute disaster] Ru: Silky, you stay. Nina is the victim of double-rigging. What we saw was pure cheating on Ru’s part— she tried to rig it so Silky faced less competition and when that didn’t work she blatantly pretended the audience didn’t see what we just saw.* * And if you think Silky’s lip sync looked bad to us remember that when the producers want a pre-arranged outcome they edit the hell out of those sequences, so Silky’s lip sync must have been literally the worst lip sync ever in the history of Drag Race.
  9. bobbyjoe

    The Good Fight

    This felt like an episode of the usual show, not the clown show we've been getting way too much of this season. Best news: no Blum this episode. If he never reappeared and they never explained it or mentioned him again, I'd be fine with that. Good to see some of our recurring secondary characters popping up: unlike Blum, Alan Alda's character is a great "opponent" character; I wish they could get him to be a regular, since he's a much more interesting character who feels real and fits more with the vibe of the show. And I loved the reveal that it was Michael Urie's character genuinely trying to help Diane-- I should have guessed it, but they played that out nicely. Plus, we get to hear John Cameron Mitchell sing. The show should look at the difference between how Mitchell's character is used vs. how Michael Sheen's Blum is used: if Mitchell appeared virtually every episode, the schtick would get tedious, but used sparingly, a time or two a season, he can make a funny villain played by a good performer in a way that seems fun rather than "ohmigod, please, enough." Had Blum popped up only for an episode or two, he could just have been another quirky character in TGF's rogues gallery played by a charming actor and it could have been fun.
  10. bobbyjoe

    S17.E08: Blame It on Rio

    1) contestants sniping at each other 2) inappropriately inserting product placement into challenges (making a big deal about hair so they can push product in the salon segment even though they were supposed to be designing for Morina who’s not exactly known for wild hairstyles) 3) ridiculously overhyping one contestant who’s perceived by the producers to be good tv Oh, Project Runway Bravo, you were doing so good for a lot of the first half of the season. It’s heartbreaking to see you slipping back into the same old, same old that ruined PR on Lifetime. Please stop, ‘kay?
  11. bobbyjoe

    The Good Fight

    Every character on the show these days is being written as if they’d suddenly swallowed a bottle of idiot pills. That confrontation scene with the judge makes no sense whatsoever unless you accept that Adrian and Diane have both turned utterly stupid. In the past, the show would likely have had Adrian get Marissa to do some digging and Marissa would have found some way to force the judge into a corner the judge couldn’t have gotten out of. But Adrian and Diane just showing up in a diner with no evidence and expecting that to somehow work makes them look like they’re just two fools who fell off a turnip truck. On a better note, can we talk about what an amazing actress (and really everything else) Audra is? Cause in an episode that was otherwise annoying the crap out of me, and in a storyline that was making me roll my eyes like crazy because of how badly designed it was, when Audra did the speech about voting in Georgia, etc., I got genuine goosebumps; she really sold it. Hey show, you know that scene where Blum starts ranting and raving and everyone around the computer just ignores him until he disappears into the background? Yeah, show please take that scene’s advice, forever. My fantasy storyline, upon hearing Diane mention in passing the Sweeney divorce: Colin Sweeney is meeting with Diane about something, trying to get them to help him. Diane mentions in passing how much trouble Blum is causing everyone at the firm. Next day, the news reports that Blum suffered a mysterious fatal accident. Colin Sweeny comes in for another meeting. Diane is somewhat horrified that Sweeny did something, but as is usually the case, he just smiles and we never know for sure. Then, anyway, Blum is never ever, ever mentioned, ever again.
  12. bobbyjoe

    The Good Fight

    This week’s episode is exactly where the show shouldn’t go in pretty much every single way. Blum is a tedious cartoon, and the Melania story, no matter if she’s a put-on or not is just dumb, dumb, dumb. I hated Marissa suddenly talking to the camera, etc., etc., etc. Show, we have to have an intervention. None of this is what you’re good at, and nobody started watching you for this kind of silly garbage. Come back to your good characters and closer-to-realism storylines please. The humor and over-the-top stuff should be there every once in awhile to season the meal, it shouldn’t be all we’re given to eat.
  13. bobbyjoe

    S11.E07: From Farm to Runway

    I’m so ready for Snatch Game next week, because the challenges the last two episodes have bored the bejesus out of me. The queens are actually pretty interesting this season, even if they fight a lot, but c’mon, show, pick up the pace with the kinds of challenges we’re getting, cause lately they feel like snoozefests. Tonight’s felt like they were simply thinking “oh, umm, let’s, I dunno, maybe just do a Project Runway unconventional materials challenge, yeah, that’ll kill an episode;” and then they thought “wait, that’s not enough to fill ninety minutes, so throw in a line dance that doesn’t particularly feel at all consequential.” Thank god for Alyssa, but even her segment was basically just watching the queens do their usual walks out of costume which isn’t exactly riveting television. Alyssa’s humor is pretty much the only thing that kept my finger off the fast forward button. I wonder if the reason Untucked has played up soooooo much screaming and yelling his season is that the producers sense that the regular part of the show isn’t living up to as high an entertainment value as it usually is, and should be. Put a little more thought— and fun, for god’s sake— into the challenges, please, producers.
  14. bobbyjoe

    S04.E16: I Have a Date Tonight

    If the choice is between NuGreg and "nobody at all, she chooses herself," I'm going with "nobody at all". It's not that I don't like the actor who's playing Greg now, it's just that I agree with everyone who's saying that this season hasn't really made a good argument for why she should end up with Greg (and in fact has spent much of the time showing scenes that strongly suggest they definitely shouldn't end up together). If she ends up with Greg it's going to feel like that was the showrunners plan from season one but they haven't adjusted at the end to actually deal with what's happened the last few seasons. Weirdly, my fantasy scenario for the three date episode would have been that during the dates Rebecca meets somebody else (maybe she coincidentally keeps running into this same person in funny ways the night of each of the dates) and she realizes that the reason she can't decide between the other three is that while she loves each of them in her own way they also each lack something for her. The new person she's met could be someone who genuinely seems to the audience more fully in line with her, and the show could end with her starting to date this guy, optimistically, but leaving it open if even this will be the right person for her.
  15. bobbyjoe

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    See, this is why I’m relieved the show is back on Bravo and back with Magical Elves. I was really surprised when Nadine was eliminated tonight and I was really surprised when on the first episode of the new season Cavanagh went home. Why, I realized? Because the Lifetime/Bunim-Murray version of PR had me so conditioned to a dynamic where the meaner contestants, the trouble-makers and the “villains” always got to stay, no matter how bad their designs were, because the Lifetime version producers felt they were good drama. Pretty much the whole lazy formula over there got to be contestants saying mean things about each other, over and over and over and over and over and over again. (How refreshing also tonight there were several times when we saw contestants saying nice, encouraging things to each other... I thought “what is this show I’m watching?”) I can’t help but think that Nadine might even have been put in the top three tonight on the Lifetime PR. And everybody would be wondering “what the heck were the judges thinking” when what they were thinking was “keep the baddies, they’re easy drama.” So I’m sooooooo glad with episodes like tonight’s that we’re back to Bravo, where playing the villain doesn’t automatically save you, and where the focus of who wins and loses is more back to actual performance and fashion.