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  1. Jamie popping up on a cheesy reality show at the end= chef’s kiss!
  2. Run, Belinda! Do not go into business with Tanya— there is no way that’s going to end well, when her flighty obsessions turn to something else and she forgets you. Not only is this show ridiculously well cast, but Mike White’s writing is consistently brilliant. Case in point: when Nicole and Rachel have their talk, Rachel says she mostly just echoed “The Post.” This may seem like a small thing, but it’s the kind of perfect move White does to keep that scene ambiguous. Notice he doesn’t clarify whether she means The Washington Post or The New York Post. Either way, Rachel may have rip
  3. Really surprised by this one. Scarlet? WTF? This felt more like one of those episodes where it was going to be that nobody goes home, because how do you eliminate somebody when they’re getting so personal? It’s funny, because I liked watching the three discussions, but thinking of them as competitive challenges really left a bad taste in my mouth. Tell us something deeply personal and if you don’t do a good enough job or it’s not personal enough you’re going home? Be in your drag persona but also be yourself, but if you move back and forth between yourself and your drag persona that
  4. What Diane said to Kurt about games is important. There are things they can disagree with or even have fun debating. Insurrection and terrorism though crosses that line. Which is why I’m having serious trouble if we’re meant to feel sorry for Kurt or if we’re supposed to see him as somehow noble for what he’s doing. The way it’s currently cast on the show, it’s as though it’s a betrayal by Diane that she turned in that guy, and now because of that Kurt is facing serious consequences. But it’s actually not because of that, and I hope the show truly does remember that Diane gave Kurt t
  5. Wow, the look that Liz gives Carmen when she says “I admired your father” feels like it has even more weight coming right at the same time as the Cosby news. I know the writers didn’t plan this, but, wow. Knowing what we know about everything Liz had to go through after the revelations about her dad, I suspect “I admired your father” is exactly the wrong kind of suck-up to say to her. The Liz-Carmen dynamic should prove interesting this season. On the same note, kudos to the show for establishing right off the bat that the Carmen character is not just there to be Lucca 2.0. They plunge
  6. This is the first time I’ve ever spoiled a season for myself but I got fed up when Blake popped up on this week’s episode and a lot of the rest of the episode was focused on the other contestants tattle-taling and whining endlessly about Thomas to the point where I wanted to scream. Almost nobody looked good that episode. Now, reading the spoilers here where Katie ends up with Blake and likely knew him in advance a lot of the editing starts to make sense. I was asking why in the world the producers wanted to spend so much footage making so many of the contestants look like obnoxious, pet
  7. Notes to Bachelorette producers: 1) we know you manipulate the proceedings (what reality show doesn’t). But we shouldn’t be able to constantly see your manipulations, and, wow, this season of The Bachelorette might as well be called The Producers Show featuring The Bachelorette. I mean by the point we get to “hey, guess what, we’re bringing back Blake,” I am soooooo past the point of “give us a break.” Heavy-handed producer seasons are the worst. Just stop it. 2) Reality shows start to become unwatchable when they start being “everybody gangs up on one person.” It starts to look
  8. My husband pointed out the problem about how this was handled: the showrunners could have simply quickly made the acknowledgement that Brooke was Paul Weston’s protege on the first episode or two, and let that be it, our connection back to previous seasons. But instead they kept mentioning Paul, again and again over the different episodes, and kept Brooke mentioning her upcoming session with Paul. This is setting up a promise that the show didn’t deliver, and there was no reason to do that. Because of how they did this, we really expected at least a cameo from Gabriel Byrne as Paul
  9. I’d love to see a Bachelorette walk into the room and say “every guy who came here without ever thinking about being The Bachelor put your hand up.” And then, when hands go up, she says “everybody with your hand in the air go pack your bags, you’re leaving. I said I wanted honesty.”
  10. This really hurts Lin-Manuel Miranda’s chances in the next election. He’s definitely lost the coveted voting block whose primary concern is obscure casting controversies in Hollywood musicals. Wait, what’s that you say? Miranda isn’t running for anything? Well, that’s strange, then how does Bill’s rant make any sense whatsoev… oh. Bill has become a doddering one-note repetitive idiot, and if the most exciting thing that can be said about his latest episode is that he talks about almond milk then he’s just too far gone and he’s never coming back. What are his ratings like these da
  11. I liked the episode and I always love when Billy Porter gets to sing but, c’mon, if you’ve got both Billy Porter and Norm Lewis in an episode contrive some reason— no matter how ridiculous— so that they sing a duet. It’s like Broadway Super-Hero Team Up was soooooo close!
  12. Hmmm. Bill and HBO say he got vaccinated but the way Bill has flirted with the anti-vaxxer crowd on his show I wonder if he hadn’t and that’s just them covering their butts. I’ll take them at their word I guess and say he probably has, but it would be such a Bill Maher thing to do to not get vaccinated, wait until the virus is fully under control, and then announce he never got vaccinated and lecture everyone about how healthy he is and how stupid he thinks they were for “panicking” during the pandemic— except for him, who was so, so smart. (On the other hand, I hope HBO— who clearly in
  13. It’s inevitable, and for those who think this season of the regular show was rigged, you ain’t seen anything like the way they rig All Stars. She’ll probably win. 😬
  14. My husband said during the Kandy interview that if Ru forced those laughs any harder she’d fall right off the stage. Even though it’s a relief that Symone beat Kandy, it’s still a lame season when the person everybody predicted would win the season way back on the first couple of episodes ends up being the person who wins the season. This season worked extra hard to drain out all the suspense. Pretty much every single producer-driven decision was misguided, and that includes tonight’s incredibly dull finale. The final two lip-syncing gave audiences a choice of either seeing t
  15. The way things are going Ru won’t eliminate anybody in the finale either and we’ll end up with four winners. 🙂
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