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  1. I feel like there should be a super-villain team-up next season with Rupert, Nate, Akufo, and Jamie’s dad
  2. How much you wanna bet the Aztec/Inca stuff the substitute was talking about (and that they were all ignoring) is actually gonna be important to defeating Eclipso?
  3. It’s such a typical Ryan Murphy “screw up the ending” move though. I predicted it’d be a time jump, but a “let’s go to LA” scene change is equally a bad idea. And it felt like they even forgot what they introduced at the beginning of the same episode. So we spend about ten minutes setting up Dot Marie Jones as the tough “I’m not going to stop looking into this” cop and then it doesn’t do anything else with her. We get info that the pale people can apparently at least have enough awareness to take in and respond to some information but they don’t do anything with this to let Lily Rab
  4. What’s Sheryl’s doll gonna think about Leland giving her some kind of weird blood swap with a creepy, devilish influencer in the same apartment where he has an egg-stealing doctor wrapped up in a leather cocoon? You have to love a show that has you asking questions like that
  5. If only Alexis can see her tail— and only in the mirror— it makes more sense in the show’s always walking that line between real/unreal. Because I guess it could be possible to chalk it up to some kind of delusion (though in this case the show’s getting awfully close to just going ahead and admitting things are fully supernatural).
  6. Oh, what a big surprise that it’s AOC’s tweet about trans people that got Bill particularly riled up. Bill was like “help us along, explain,” and “I’m a fairly well-informed person but I’m just learning about it” about the trans issues she (briefly) raised in a tweet that was actually about abortion rights. Ya know, Bill, you have, wait let me check my notes, oh yeah, your own tv show and, oh what was it, I think, your own staff. So, maybe if it wasn’t statistically more likely that your audience members would be struck by lightning at the very exact same time they were winning th
  7. Since only the awful, irredeemable characters are left, I assume next week is going to be a bloodbath where they all get deservingly destroyed in various ways. I hope so. Knowing AHS, I could see a big time jump. If I were writing the show I’d have Eli grow up a normie, non-vampire (maybe Harry insists they wait to turn him til he’s older) who’s ridiculously genius-level talented without the pill. And the fact that he’s so much more naturally talented than Alma and the rest of them— without cheating— drives them literally crazy until they make fatal mistakes.
  8. Wait, he talked about wokeness, cancel culture, fat people, sucked up to a conservative Republican, downplayed the woman on the panel, and yammered on and on about an issue involving a minority that he doesn’t understand at all and without any representative of that minority on the show? Ohmigod, that sounds so fresh and like nothing he’s ever done before! I mean, when has there ever been an episode like that? Why did I not set my DVR? [at this point shouldn’t HBO just save themselves some money and have him film just one episode per season and put it on endless repeat every Friday
  9. I thought it was aired out of order too, except the Veronica stuff seems to hinge on the investments she was making in the last couple of episodes which seem to take place after Jughead gets in the truck, and I am really, really, really confused about the chronology. Maybe they just need to do a Dallas and say this whole season has been a dream because that’s the only way this season makes any sense whatsoever. That being said, this was one of my favorite episodes because they finally did right by Josie, something neither Riverdale or Katy Keene has really managed before. I’d watch
  10. I like Kylie and have no problem with her winning, but wow the editing on this episode robbed the finale of any suspense whatsoever. There was soooooo much Kylie— it felt like the camera was cutting to one of her comments every ten seconds— that there was no mistaking who was going to win. C’mon, show at least make us wonder a little bit. What gets me though— and really starts to make me angry at this point— is that if a big queen can’t win this season, it just isn’t going to happen. Ever. Ru will never do it, and her bias is now firmly written in stone. If you combine the regular sho
  11. Just looking at the official guest list and… Ralph Reed? Was this episode being beamed in from the 1990s? Who’s on next week, Milli Vanilli?
  12. Gosh, how surprising that a competitive reality show has some type of dramatic competition to bring back a contestant only to end up bringing back the person who just got eliminated. I have never, ever ever seen that before. How utterly and totally unexpected. I’ve actually enjoyed this season more than most All-Stars, but the “game within a game” predictably turned out to be the same old BS shenanigans a lot of us know and hate about All-Stars. Trinity seemed depressed and like she knew she was going home even before Eureka re-entered the competition. Hmmm. I think she may have
  13. I feel like I know next-to-nothing about Carmen which is really damning about the direction this show has taken in recent seasons. The Good Wife/early Good Fight would have been all over making her a compelling character throughout the season— instead, we got lots of a pointless fantasyland where people just make their own courts and nothing vaguely realistic happens. And, really, show, you’re going to end on a dumb montage that literally juxtaposes torch carrying white supremacists with people portrayed as picky about pronouns like this is at all comparable? That’s the worst kind of s
  14. What’s weird is that Carrie Preston, who plays Elsbeth, directed an episode of Good Fight this season. So I’m hoping we haven’t seen the last of Elsbeth, since her portrayer is still keeping connections to the show.
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