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  1. Mare is a redhead. So I guess that could lend credence to the theory of Kevin being the father. I agree the math doesn't seem to work for that theory though.
  2. I don’t think they are really supposed to be in a “rural” area like a lot of the comments are saying (and like some parts of the show are making it seem). “Small town” type of community, yes. But they are supposed to be in Delaware County, much of which is just Philly suburbs. DelCo ranges from bordering Philly on the eastern end to being more spread out and having farms to the west – with a variety of towns, some similar to the one in the show, in between. But they are not remote or out in the boondocks where it’d be surprising to have a college nearby.
  3. Re: Brittany's deported ex - Didn't she say it was "kind of a relief" when he got deported a mere 3 months after they were married? Ha, so from marrying him to being relieved he's deported in just 3 months...and then forgetting she was married to him at all. Ok.
  4. I found this episode a bit boring. I actually am tired of the constant plot lines where Claire has to drop everything to "heal" some random person they come across. We get it...she's a doctor. And the whole "this person is repugnant but Claire still has to provide care!" thing has been done multiple times throughout the series already. I find the penicillin plot line kind of goofy, but at least it's different. I wish they'd focus on the Regulators stuff more. It's more interesting and compelling, actually involves characters I know and care about, and moves the story forward.
  5. The YouTube girl was such a snooze, I could barely pay attention to her segments. Am I remembering correctly that she is around 30 years old? If so, yikes. She came across very juvenile, and so did her oh-so-wacky purple haired internet girlfriend. I have no interest in their story or their "relationship." One especially lame part I remember was when she showed the snapchat from the Australian (don't remember either one's name) that was just like "Drinking a lot of coffee!" or something generic, as if that was supposed to be an example of their witty repartee.
  6. Perhaps, but they don't need to know how to make clothes out of garbage bags, traffic cones, Twizzlers, or the other weird crap in unconventional materials challenges either. I think adding the element of them having to dye their own fabric made the challenge a little different, and at least fabric dying is relevant to fashion (versus when Lifetime would try to shoehorn in random sponsors as "inspiration" for every challenge).
  7. She was, I thought? I think she arrived with the parents and was sitting across from Jasmin at the table, but didn't say much. She must have been so boring she blended right in with the decor, ha!
  8. I've noticed it with Wine Michael too. He is often wearing that same blue button down shirt that is way too small and has the buttons straining. I think I've noticed Angela wearing the same thing (a light blue shirt with billowy sleeves comes to mind?) in talking heads across multiple episodes too. I wonder if they film all that before knowing how the episodes will be split up, or if they do it later to fill in the particular episodes? Or a combo of both.
  9. I like how Happy had an easy-to-find Manila folder about the various murders he'd been hired to commit, complete with photos and notes (which didn't even look to be in code!). Then he said the other guy would know more because he "keeps meticulous records" or something. What?? Like he's got a careful filing system for hits, organized by year and client? Is it in a cabinet labeled "Murders"?
  10. A fair portion of my work involves suing directors and officers for breach of fiduciary duty. This is glaringly (like, neon-flashing-light level) disloyal conduct. The Chairman (who is a director, yes) secretly starts a competing company, and the "in competition" isn't just hypothetical - the new company already swiped one big deal out from under Millennial and got caught trying to woo another client to leave Millennial. And the Chairman discloses none of what he's up to, is fully aware of and participating in the client-stealing, and is apparently using his inside knowledge of Millennial's
  11. Was the thing about Bonnie having experience with abuse previously in her life ever an actual thing the show told us in a concrete way? I don't remember that. I do remember that a lot of people here hypothesized that was the case from the way she was looking at Perry and Celeste in the last episode of least season. But I don't recall that being confirmed in the show, so I don't see the inconsistency about her background in that regard. (I haven't read the book though, so only going off what I remember from last season.)
  12. Yes that Joshua Tree episode was bizarre. I thought it must have been a rerun since I didn't see anyone commenting on it here. That property they bought was just.....what?? They kept talking about "fixing up the house" but there was no house! It seemed like it was just a rundown warehouse/industrial building with haphazard partitions in it, and then a bunch of outbuildings. And at the end they were focusing their renovation efforts on the silly looking towers? What? Based on the 3 properties they looked at, I thought they would have been better off just buying a plot of land and bui
  13. Yes!! Reading the comments here last week I thought I must have been the one lone person who thought that about the scene at the funeral home.
  14. I got the impression he had never even lived on his own before. I think at one point he said he'd always been living with his parents? Even though he's a manager of some health clinic people travel from far and wide to come to? Huh? I agree the whole story made no sense.
  15. Biddell's should have won. They seem determined to never give him critiques...seems like he is always just safe. And I'll always root for Dmitry, but I hated his... As for the two in the bottom - Django's dramatics in the workroom were getting annoying and there was no real point in him continuing on the show, but I think this week Sean's was much worse. That thing was a cheap looking wreck. And the pointless fringe, ugh. Stop already Sean. At least last week the fringe actually was the skirt (though I remain confused why that outfit won), this week he just tied on random cords to
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