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  1. wovenloaf

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Yes that Joshua Tree episode was bizarre. I thought it must have been a rerun since I didn't see anyone commenting on it here. That property they bought was just.....what?? They kept talking about "fixing up the house" but there was no house! It seemed like it was just a rundown warehouse/industrial building with haphazard partitions in it, and then a bunch of outbuildings. And at the end they were focusing their renovation efforts on the silly looking towers? What? Based on the 3 properties they looked at, I thought they would have been better off just buying a plot of land and building what they wanted
  2. wovenloaf

    S02.E13: Sorry, Not Sorry

    Yes!! Reading the comments here last week I thought I must have been the one lone person who thought that about the scene at the funeral home.
  3. wovenloaf

    House Hunters International

    I got the impression he had never even lived on his own before. I think at one point he said he'd always been living with his parents? Even though he's a manager of some health clinic people travel from far and wide to come to? Huh? I agree the whole story made no sense.
  4. wovenloaf

    S07.E07: Pure Imagination

    Biddell's should have won. They seem determined to never give him critiques...seems like he is always just safe. And I'll always root for Dmitry, but I hated his... As for the two in the bottom - Django's dramatics in the workroom were getting annoying and there was no real point in him continuing on the show, but I think this week Sean's was much worse. That thing was a cheap looking wreck. And the pointless fringe, ugh. Stop already Sean. At least last week the fringe actually was the skirt (though I remain confused why that outfit won), this week he just tied on random cords to the bottom of his skirt.
  5. wovenloaf

    S07.E05: On the Prowl

    I thought Sean's was awful. I agreed with whatever designer described it as slutty pajamas. And with the shiny, cheap-looking fabric and the buns on the model's head, I thought she looked like she belonged in a space-themed Spice Girls music video or something. But as horrible as it was, I still thought Julie's weird patches randomly sewn to the side of the dress deserved to go... at least Sean seemed like he had an idea, however horribly it was executed. Julie's...the monkey has fuzzy cheeks so here are some fuzzy thigh patches awkwardly tacked on to a basic black dress? Huh? Her personality was lovely though, so she will be missed. I agree with the sadness expressed above about Dmitry's once-beautiful face ='( Bad nose job, too many fillers, combo of both...I don't know, but whatever has happened it's a great loss to humanity.
  6. wovenloaf

    S03.E04: The Hour and the Day

    I think what happened was the one guy saw him out the window talking to the little girl, then went to round up his buddies. A little later, after rounding up the buddies, they were all headed to Woodard's house. At the time, Woodard was walking back to his house and, when he saw the posse coming, sprinted across the field to make it back to the house before they did. I got the impression the posse knew that's where he was going (which is why they just went there, instead of trying to chase him through the field).
  7. I loved those headlines, they cracked me and Mr Wovenloaf up!! I was also hoping we'd get a hint at it in the show.... like a subtle one that you might miss if you didn't have fond memories of the Gawker coverage.
  8. wovenloaf

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    That was terrible. They didn't look in bad shape, at least from the tv. And that laminate they put down was drab colored and cheap looking (not all laminate is, but the one they picked was). She had been commenting earlier in the episode about how could anybody possibly prefer carpet over hardwoods. So then she gets hardwoods but immediately covers them up with bad laminate?! Ugh. I think in that second house (the newer one), she was trying to play up the dramatics on purpose or something. Because she was doing the classic House Hunters act about the house being near-uninhabitable unless the entire kitchen is torn out. But she wasn't nearly as haughty about the other houses.
  9. wovenloaf

    House Hunters International

    The Vietnam guy..... Why did he keep complaining about people being able to see into the windows that had curtains on them? At one point he said "unless there are curtains" while standing in the room looking directly at the curtains on the side of the window.
  10. wovenloaf

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I grew up in Richmond and refer to ranch houses as "ranchers." So don't know if it's exclusive to Richmond or not, but it sounds normal to me. Probably a Southern thing.
  11. wovenloaf

    S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    There wasn't a scene of him actually in the bathtub. That wasn't a still from an actual scene, just a photo somebody took on set I think. His clothes were ripped up for the scenes when Madison was trying to kill him I think. The "new Antichrist" was supposed to be the baby born at the end. The episode ended with him having killed the babysitter the same way Michael had when he was a tot.
  12. wovenloaf

    House Hunters International

    They could have gotten a working holiday visa, which would let them have temporary jobs while they are there.
  13. wovenloaf

    House Hunters International

    I liked the Sitges episode. The two guys (Gil and Kim, I think their names were?) seemed so nice. And were nice to each other. They disagreed about stuff without being snotty or dramatic about it, like so many house hunters we see are. Their demands were reasonable, and they reached a good compromise. Plus they just seemed like pleasant, interesting people.
  14. wovenloaf

    Mayans MC

    I agree with you. I'm finding this show pretty flat, not sure I'll keep watching either. It reminds me of the later seasons of SOA where they just kept piling on extra plots all over the place (side drama with the Chinese, a random shootout that has little connection to the rest of the plot, the Juice saga that seemed to never end, etc.). But at least with SOA we knew the characters by then and were somewhat invested. With this show, I feel they have jumped right to piling on plot lines, at the expense of character development. And also every show is an hour and a half... I thought SOA went noticeably downhill once most the episodes were extra long and Sutter stopped having to edit himself for the one hour timeslot.
  15. wovenloaf

    Mayans MC

    Yeah I really expected that to be more of a problem... Miguel looked slightly taken aback by the question, but then just moved on. Why would the random (as far as Miguel knows) Mayans prospect even know his wife's name, much less think he's entitled to ask about her? I thought it was odd nothing came of that.