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  1. I am also taking a breather from the boards to focus on straightening out my issues. Seeing onc again Thursday. Saddened to hear that Bunnykin is having complications. Will keep you all in thoughts and prayers during my absence.
  2. He’s only allowed to offend so many per day.
  3. Let’s not forget the creepy handsex. It looked like two Things from the Addams Family got a hold of MDMA.
  4. Not to mention that these ebil, librul, majority non religious countries take better care of their people better than the uber religious Muricans who want to strip people of their rights, social safety nets, and health care... Scandinavian countries enjoy some of the highest per capita incomes in the world, have high environmental and safety standards and still make profits, while USA claims regulations cost too much.
  5. They could have gotten prenatal care at Planned Parenthood, oh quelle horreur
  6. And get through his ministrations to her grubby bare feet...
  7. As long as I can have Sew and Portia and whoever else wants to take this on on our creative team.
  8. Thanks all for the kind words, warm wishes, and encouragement. Very excited to hear about weddings and courtships. It’s kept me very amused. Had my chemo trreatment today Doxil w/ Avastin and extra hydration. Had hydration/Zometa on Monday, echocardiogram on Wednesday, puked several times after that. Called nurse, who told me I was one high volume puke away from having to go to ER. Every 4 hours I took anti nausea gel. The high calcium made me feel like 2 giant Charley horses. After today I actually feel more like myself than I had in weeks. Cancer makes your calcium go up. In ovar
  9. Probably he’s got his foot fondling face on!
  10. All, sorry to keep you all waiting. I’ve felt terrible for days. The PET showed it to be dormant in my abdomen, but my liver is lit up. I’m starting chemo on Friday. Doxil this time. It’s supposed to be easier on me. Avastin on its own isn’t working for me. More later. Thamk you all for your caring and concern.
  11. Most LGBT folks know being welcomed to a conservative church means shaming kids into joining Exodus. It’s a despicable ambush.
  12. I went to high school with a David. His daughter is Davina. I can do that one better....I knew a Don whose kids were Don Jr., Donna and Dawn. Talk about a narcissist! Suddenly, I have a rather strange feeling of dejá vu…
  13. And, your new headship @Celia Rubenstein can hand Dillweed his scrawny ass!
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