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  1. I'm reading some of the reactions on Twitter about the Warren-bashing. One person asked Charlie Pierce, in response to his tweet, whether Pierce was the one who referred to our Dynamic Duo as "Squint and the Meat Puppet". I can honestly say I don't remember hearing those names before. I shouldn't be laughing . . . but I am.
  2. I was reading an article about popular baby names for 2020. #3 caught my eye: Top Girl Names 2020 Our top girl names for 2020 feature several choices that feel familiar, yet contain some element that’s new. The Top 10 girl names, in order of popularity, are: 3. Mika – Journalist Mika Brzezinski undoubtedly had some influence on the popularization of her name, pronounced mee-ka, but it’s also a new Michael feminization, taking over from the now-flagging Mikayla and cousins. Just think of all those little girls who will be born Knowing Their Value!
  3. After reading Landsnark's summation of today's show, all I can think of is J&M singing "Workin' in the Coal Mine," especially this part: Five o'clock in the mornin' I'm already up and gone Lord, I'm so tired How long can this go on? I think that last line belongs to the viewers, though.
  4. Really strong ending to the first season. I have a question. Is the boy who is featured in the opening credits supposed to be Kendall? I realize all the kids are shown, but one young actor in particular is featured. I assume it's Kendall, and that shot of Logan walking away as soon as the picture is taken seems to sum up their relationship so well. Jeremy Strong is perfect in the role of Kendall. He has Resting Sad Face. The scene between him and Brian Cox at the end was perfection.
  5. I've been watching Season 1 for the last few weeks, and I've been enjoying the show even as I cringe through some of the scenes. This episode was just crazy. What I like about Succession is that the acting is superb. It's to his great credit that Matthew MacFayden, who was SO memorable as the cool, detached Mr. Darcy, complete embraces the doofus that is Tom. It's a wonderful performance. The only other one of the main characters that I've seen before is Kieran Culkin. I saw him at the MCC theater in NYC in 2004. He was paired with Brian Dennehy in a very creepy playlet about a child abduction. (I had to look at my Playbill to be sure it was Kieran Culkin. I only remembered that it was one of the Culkins.) He's great as Roman. They're all great. But this episode. Man. I'm looking forward to Shiv's wedding. I think.
  6. Thank you for an excellent laugh. I didn't see this, but I can just picture it. I have visions of those head tilts dogs do when they're befuddled. I watched a few minutes this morning. Someone (it might have been Joe) said that Trump was the odd-on favorite to win in 2020. Now, I was half-asleep, but I think that's what I heard. Did Joe (or whoever said it) back that claim up with any data?
  7. From the episode thread: 2 HOURS AGO, XAXAT SAID: Boy, that plaid shirt Mika is wearing in that fourth tweet is something. OK, now I'm going to be singing "I'm a lumberjack, and I'm OK. I sleep all night and I work all day" for the rest of the night. Except, of course, we'd have to work those lyrics. "Work all day"? Not so much.
  8. And when the host is prepared. And doesn't bloviate. Or clean out her purse.
  9. What's the opposite of "From your lips . . ."?
  10. Snarking from the shallow end of the pool . . . what was up with Mika's hair wings this morning? Her hair was done up in some sort of flipped ends that resembled wings. She should have borrowed Mike Schmidt's upturned-collar black jacket (the one that causes me to refer to him as The Count) to go along with her look. And I can't hear "women voting in the rain" without thinking of Willie Nelson's "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain."
  11. Did Joe or Mika (or anyone) discuss the video that was shown at a recent pro-Trump event at one of Trump's resorts? https://www.politico.com/news/2019/10/13/violence-against-journalists-trump-event-046541 Politico described it as follows: The footage seems to have been converted for political use from a 2014 movie, “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” The parallel scene in that movie depicts a massacre inside a church in Kentucky triggered by an evil tycoon portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson. In the version shown at the Trump event, Trump's face is superimposed on the shooter and the people he kills include members of the media and various politicians. One of the media people is Mika.
  12. I tuned in at 6:00 this morning. I was half asleep, and so my perceptions might be off, but I heard an awful lot of laughing and giggling. I heard Joe make fun of Donnie's contrasting white collar, and I waited for someone to make a "white collar crime" joke, although I'm not sure that happened because I fell back to sleep. While I get that a certain amount of banter is natural on these shows, I think it's really odd at this moment in time. Too many unfunny things are happening.
  13. Ha! I guess I'm in the minority on this one, then.
  14. I haven't seen anyone mention the Geico commercial with Antonio, the not-dog. It's a very silly commercial, but the actor who describes Antonio as his "special friend" cracks me up. His voice alone is golden.
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