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  1. I'm an introvert by nature, and so being forced to stay in the house, read, do puzzles, watch TV, etc.? Not that bad. But I also know that I'm lucky because I'm retired and don't have to make the decision about going to work. And, on another bright note, as I told Mr. JB, not going out to eat saves money! On the down side, I'm in Florida. Seriously, I am worried, more for my children and grandchild than for myself. I hope everyone will check in with status updates.
  2. No!! Buddy is what we all need now.
  3. Not when Symone Sanders and Jill Biden are flanking you!
  4. Weighing in a bit late on this, but it has to be Florida. We always turn out for Early Bird Specials.
  5. I agree, but I was a bit surprised to see what she was wearing for the runway. She usually looks so put together, but the pants (in particular) seemed way too casual and didn't really flatter her all that much. I agree with those who dislike the team aspect of the show. I'm not sure how I feel about the fabric closet. I always enjoy the excursions to Mood (on PR), especially when Swatch is included.
  6. Did Claire McCaskill say anything about Trump's Kansas boo-boo? On Twitter last night, she replied (to Trump): "It's Missouri, you stone cold idiot." Hmmm . . . is that where Mika came up with the phrase?
  7. OK, I've heard the expression "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph." And I've heard of the group Peter, Paul, and Mary. But I've never heard of, as Brittany said, "Jesus, Peter, Mary, and Joseph."
  8. I noticed today how awkward it was when Andrea Mitchell was signaling that she wanted to say something but no one called on her. I'm not sure whether Willie (or the behind-the-scenes person directing the traffic) didn't see her, but the next thing we knew, Joe was pontificating about something. Not a huge deal, but it is distracting. On a more positive note, I did love the Hyundai commercial (although I wish Joe would learn how to pronounce the name of that brand), even though I'd seen it multiple times on Twitter. (Twittah?) And I've never seen the SNL/Casey Affleck/Dunkin' commercial. Very funny. These days, I need more funny.
  9. "Fox & Friends" is going to broadcast its show tomorrow morning from a diner in Jupiter (the town, not the planet, although sometimes it's difficult to tell). Will the Twins also be in Jupiter tomorrow? I can't help wondering if the F&F people are trolling J&M (invading their turf, so to speak). And, no, I won't be watching F&F, even though I'm expecting an in-depth interview with a Florida Man or two.
  10. I couldn't find a picture of Beeker and Janice together, but the picture that teddysmom posted reminded me of them. Janice is even wearing a (non-Unitarian) scarf!
  11. The discussion of Kanye West and Joel Osteen? I did NOT have that on my MJ bingo card.
  12. OK, now I have an image in my head of Gaga and Joe cozying up while singing "Shallow". Help me.
  13. I think it's safe to say we would all love a first-hand report. I'm going to guess that the giveaways will be copies of Mika's book. MJ is getting dragged on Twitter for its all-Republican panel.
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