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  1. I'm sorry, I haven't been keeping up. Did I miss it? When did child genius and Pulitzer Prize winner Ronan Farrow peak? I would love to see him bring up Greta Thunberg the next time he is on. How mean-spirited of Bitchy M.
  2. Ok, yeah, I didn't find the Santa on Santa line very funny. So I'm in the minority here, but just did not see the cleverness either. Sorry.
  3. I saw a big, beautiful librarian lady at the Library who had on a pretty navy print dress and bright yellow tights with bright yellow shoes! So cool and colorful! I asked her where she got her tights and she told me online ...a site called "Snagtights." They make bright fun colorful tights for all sizes 2-34! I bought 4 pair and I will let you know how they fit; I'm a 16-18 depending on style. I'm not representing them or anything. I'm not crass like Twit.
  4. The comments are also noteworthy and funny.
  5. Except when she goes to London every year to accept the Magnitsky Award. Such a hypocrite. A while back, I remember Mehgun distinctly saying that the Stormy sex scandal wd bring down the president. No mention of that anywhere now. Megaphone is wrong. ..again. What an ego to actually think that she is the "most hated critic" of anyone. Like anyone cares what she says. ..... ..except her pimp ABC for ratings.
  6. I interpreted the one partner (of any couple mostly) wanting to be in the city center to be able to walk out almost anytime and meet/interact with people vs. driving in the burbs. Just everyday greeting people and hopefully making friends and learning a new language better. Also I can see the lure of wanting to explore a new city...i.e.,. just window shop, look at architecture, walk the dog or kids and meet others with said dogs.kids in tow, catch buses more easily, check out live music or arts, and even the dodgy parts of a city. That said, I love the quiet, beautiful views in the country or hinterland. If I were a partner of the main bread winner/the one who needed to move to another country, I would definitely need to find a way to meet others in order to NOT go stir crazy or resentful of partner.
  7. I would say vinegar and oil. They do make word salads frequently. Incoherently, most of the time.
  8. Yes, the cat hair!!!! I have 2 cats ...one shorthair and onelonghair. .. and a shorthair medium size german shepherd. Vacuuming is a frequent core workout. Even worse, dare I say it. ......the catboxes. Cleaning them daily is disgusting, but necessary. Trying to hide the boxes was a big dilemma. I finally got a tall screen for the public box (they picked the spot unfortunately. The box is the basement laundry room is ok as is. I LOVE the actress who plays Marjorie and have in all her roles. I would watch a show with her as the main character. She beings intelligence, pathos, and quirkiness to her character that is wonderful. I would not want to live with her though. Tammy is the best open-hearted, open-everything character. I love her too. I so want Wendy to have a larger role in this group. I'm kind of tired of Bonnie and Kristi. I do love seeing William Fichtner though. I think his character is one of those laid back guys who don't seem to get caught up in the chaos around them. I know reallife marriages like that.
  9. It's Joy's smile, energy, and joie 'de vivre that make her fantastic!!!!!!! Those botoxed, vapid real housewives and Kardashians have proven that is not the physical looks that make people attractive or likable...it's personality mostly Thank goodness for Ana, Joy, and Sunny....all supersmart, self-made, accomplished gorgeous people. I love that they all have other hobbies, real long-time friends, and close families. So healthy.
  10. Of course Megaphone thought of a fish. She's an idiot. Because she has such a meager knowledge of etymology and just doesn't listen to others.
  11. Sunny shows her seriously awesome intelligence, legal knowledge, and professionalism every day through her amazing comments. I think she is beautiful too. So women can't have fun hairstyles AND be smart? Frankly, over the years. ...and I am 65... I have often wondered why so many smart, professional women (local and national) looked so dowdy. I think they had to/were pressured to buy into that old stereotype of "looking serious", i.e., more like a man...... wearing plain suits, conservative hairdos, no makeup, etc.... Not anymore. Look around. We won't go back. Wear and look like whatever you fucking want. Change the system from the inside. Create your own corporations, ala Reese Witherspoon. BTW, I loved RBG's style in the 70's/80's...see old pix of her. She was stylin'! Joy is my role model. She was and is ALWAYS cool looking AND witty as hell and so likable.
  12. Complete with Joker smile. Just no. Go away Twitney.
  13. Lasagna-gate. It's called a running joke....used mostly on sitcoms. They all love kvetching about it. Haha. Not. But, get ready! Soon there will be completely over- the- top, overly touted, heavily advertised with multiple teasers about the "Lasagna Showdown Show"!!!! MeAgain crossing her arms, narrowing her eyes, and pouting, while holding her breath until Joy makes her a very special lasagna all her own. Cuz it's Christmas-Hannukah-Kwanza. Meanwhile, Grinch Whoopi plots to steal the lasagna rationalizing that she deserves it since her greedy-ass genetic grifters, I mean her family, supposedly ate all the lasagna that Joy gave Whoopi for her birthday. Not fair! Hilarity ensues as Whoopi and MyfatherMehgun start a tug of war at the table with the pan of lasagna between them. Abby looks .......confused and is struggling as to who to support. Sunny sips her tea and looks at her chickens on her phone. Ana rolls her eyes and counts her lucky stars that she has a new husband, a cuter dog, a loving family, a law degree, a seat in Congress, and wasn't ever as dumb as MissyEntitled. Joy solves the Missile Crisis, or er, um, the lasagna grab by pulling out another lasagna---filled with $1000 bills---specifically for Whoopi, and Whoopi only. But wait, earlier, Whoopi claimed she doesn't eat!!!!!! ABC execs panic as a moment of silence surrounds the table!!!!! Oh, sweet relief, Whoopi graciously says, "Just this once," (with her mouth full of lasagna-- because it's such a warm holiday-esque image for the centuries.) Joy quips, "Like my first husband used to say." Everyone laughs. Except Nutmeg, who is frowning per usual because said reference smacks of something vaguely sexual. (Apparently she forgot about liking sex, as soon as she married the Svengali of the blue cards.) And scene. Finis. Oh, wait, trailer after the credits......backflash shows Whoopi's neighbor dog climbing through her open kitchen window and eating all of the first lasagna.
  14. Agreeing being boring isn't the issue. Each host has her lane and stays in it most of the time. Disagreeing can be awesomely enlightening, insightful, fun, and funny--when done with respect, intelligence, factual information and citing of sources, It's the immaturity, ignorance, total lack of professionalism, yelling, and disrespect that MM brings to the table that is a fucking drag and makes me FF through her ugly tirades. I would love for anyone to enlighten me as to why they support who/what they do.....and not focus on the other side doing the same damn thing, etc......that is what I find immensely tiresome and BORING. Tell me your heartfelt beliefs and why you believe them. Where did these ideas come from? What are the positives of your beliefs? And most of all, can you stand by your beliefs when being sincerely questioned for understanding--without getting angry or blaming or huffing or snipping or referring to blue cards? Like on Fridays with Ana.
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