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  1. Well, Julianne Hough came put as Bi in a Self Magazine article where she was nude...tastefully in most pics....even so she is married to a hunky hockey player. My point is maybe they used each other. Of course, he is more famous. I like Julianne and think she and her brother are incredible dance sets. Idk about Ryan. I like him and more so for putting up with Kellme. But I wonder about his future plans for a family, in which case, a younger woman may be more fertile. I know not always. My 2 cents! Lol, as if there is any relevance to 2 cents anymore. Honestly, I
  2. Boise Boys are the best!!!!! Love them, love their designs, love their families. Vocal fry on wife doing California house is painful.
  3. Megaphone's getting a ton of questions??? Sure she is. 1.From the same pool as the "friends" she refers to.i.e., makes up, to add to her point, trying to deflect that she and hubbie are the only ones who think that way. 2. Right, so middle 30's conservative women are asking for makeup tips from Nutmeg? I so want to insert a joke about masks here , but I will refrain. 3. It's fucking 4th of July and this is all Miss Patriotic Home Decorator and daughter of the greatest patriot who ever lived (in her mind)has to say? 4. Happy 4th Of July everyone. Keep on figh
  4. Thank you. I obviously don't pay close attention. John Garland from Garland,Texas, right? I love Richard too... the bearded real estate agent in England, right? But then I'm an Anglophile, so it's all good. On DABL, the show Escape to the Country. Shows amazingly beautiful landscapes, but runs kind of slow. The house seekers are very modest and reticent to speak up much... very British I guess. I notice the low ceilings in the homes most of all. Today's house styles have made high ceilings, open concept , white kitchens, the standard unfortunately. I would live in Great Bri
  5. I liked seeing Richard again and learning about Adrian. Richard seemed very honest about his ecinomic status, weight, and being gay... he even surprised himself which was kind of funny. His personality may gather him some fans as well. Love Dozer. I want him to be successful and find love again. And singing lessons.
  6. I see saggy boobs. No bra, not a good idea outside the house, or st least where people are, much less in pics. Double jaw line in pic with buddy. Not in photoshop face pic.
  7. Idk for sure, either, but I bet you that Megaphone will demand a statue to be placed prominently in her shot on camera for the rest of her life. Low self esteem. Low values. Low intelligence.
  8. Nutmeg loves Jon Stewart.. at least she said she always watched the Daily Show . He's too nice tto be mean to anyone, but hopefully he'll go over her head with his intelligence and straightforward answers, ala Seth Meyer. Jon is awesome.
  9. I don't. Except for Sunny, they're poorly prepared and waste time intro-ing guests with obvious bio info, as well as cutting guests short. I love Joy and Ana, too, but they're not given enough time because of the big baby Nutmeg and Whoopi's word salads. I get more info from Seth Meyer each night as well as wit.
  10. I saw a similar report from Pete Williams also. I wonder if that's CYA from Nascar. In any event, the presence and historical symbolism of the noose is still shocking. Mehgun takes up too much time in all categories...with obfuscation, droning on her word salads, and stupidly describing to guests their own bio or info they ALREADY KNOW. The latter is so moronic and a waste of guest's time. But then it's all about Me-again, isn't it? So tired of her. I found her "concern" for Abby so fake considering she was a bitch to her several times to her face. AGAIN,
  11. STFU, Mehgun! Stop fucking talking and let others have their say. Shut up shut up shut up! Who cares if you can't hear!!!!!!?????? You're not the only one there!!! God in Heaven, mute her Whoopi.!!!!!!! I cannot anymore.
  12. Yep. That's Megaphone. Hypocritical to the max. Or is it revising her personal history to fit her complaint du jour? Twisting the truth because she thinks no one remembers, or can check video, about what she said earlier? Because she's so fucking dumb. I'm also thinking that no one really paid her much attention growing up so it never mattered what she said or did. No one listened anyway. I really believe that Nutmeg is one of those folks who will say anything to fit their current narrative, conveniently forgetting previous pronouncements, due to ethical attent
  13. Boy that candid picture of Twit in the article above was awesome! It showed her wide face, double chin, and beginning jowls. No photoshop tweaks to make our Twit look good. Nothing like the phony touched up photos that Twit likes to post to try to convince us of her phony fabulous life.
  14. 1000x more people... especially her cohosts.
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