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  1. Ok, MM "writes" a long article about her miscarriage for the NYT. But she says on Twitter that she doesn't want anyone to feel sorry for her. Sooooo, what did she want or hope to accomplish by the article? Women have been dealing with miscarriages for centuries, mostly privately, with their community of other women. Her tone in the article is defiant and hard against a paper tiger of her own imagination. Idk what MM seeks, other than notoriety for herself. I think she's also desperately trying to eke out a public image for herself. She wasn't in the military like her brothers and ancestors, she wasn't her dad, she isn't her mom, or her adopted sister. She never did anything noteworthy. She needs to go away and deal with herself first. Save me a seat on the handcart to hell with y'all.
  2. Plus the pain and weariness of varying 200+ extra lbs around every day. And the self-blame and/or denial. Seeing the pics and facing reality. I hear those 600 pounders talking about the pain they are in every minute just existing, much less moving any way. ... sitting in a car, walking barely, bathing, etc. Sad way to live. Twit's a role model for AVOIDING junk food.
  3. Thirteen yeats ago, My minister's newborn died with several hours of birth despite heroic life saving procedures. She had a perfect pregnancy at approx. age 32 and deiivered a boy. Her other child was 11 years old. Her husband and she held the baby, wires and all, until he died in their arms. That is heartbreaking. She began talking about her grief, poignantly and beautifully, in her sermons about 6 years later. Incredible strength and faith helped her and helps us with her story. After her baby died-- the next year--to the day-- she gave birth to a healthy son. Her story is NYT worthy.
  4. She photo shopped her top lip into this picture.
  5. Many pregnancies end in miscarriage within the first 3 months, and doctors will advise women not to announce or make big plans....just in case. Carrie Underwood came out this past year with her fertity problems..specifically 2 or more miscarriages, with less drama and more heart. My mom had several-- 3 at least or more-- miscarriages as did my aunt. My mom was, a heavy smoker, but not my aunt. I had to have ectopic... tubal...surgery at 8 weeks, to save my life. I was sad, but pragmatic as well. Not NYT sad (sic). There's no stigma, just sadness or relief, depending on the situation. MM is sickening to use this issue to add to her victimhood.
  6. I had uterine fibroids and they eradicated them with sonar treatments over several weeks....similar procedure i think to getting rid of kidney stones nowadays. It was totally painless. The procedure is like how they do the ultrasound in utero fetus pics to show parents to be. Uterine fibroids are extremely common. My mom had them too. Twit has really blown her opportunities for $ beyond TLC. Her self-centered, immature personality screwed her chances of any role model status chances. I Fricking love that there are many more plus size women coming up who are strong, talented, unapologetic, and NO EXCUSES, put-spoken, and beautiful. Twit is an also-ran, forgettable, z-list reality hack.
  7. Drinkin' hard liquor and shootin' guns ? Sure, sounds like MM' s faux style. I doubt anyone else would go near her, or anyone with more brain cells than her, which is almost everyone, except her hubbie, IMHO. Such a phoney baloney. So immature to try to seem tough, when she keeps coming off as a loud, drunk girl at a frat party. A stupid, loud drunk. Yeah, who's going to put a gun in her hands? I bet the staff at her family's compound load her firearms with blanks. To protect themselves. Such a moron.
  8. Tosia

    "The View": Week of 7/8/2019

    Im a big, big reader of real print books, but some celebrity voices add so much. As do books written by international authors. ..Like Water for Chocolate is a feast for the ears. Or a symphony. Trevor Noah's autobiography is incredibly awesome!!! I purposely got the audio book because his voice and diction are beautiful, plus he does the dialects and languages of different African areas wonderfully . His story( featuring his strong mother a lot) is simply the best ever. Also Tom Hanks reading his own book on typewriters is great fun. Like everything Tom does. David Spade is hilarious reading his autobio. And he does good imitations of others from SNL. Super snarky and so, so funny (and frank abt his absentee dad, snl, frat bullying, struggling to make it, and drug use). Oh, back to thread.... STFU MM. Joy is awesome.
  9. Tosia

    The View in the Media

    Or REALLY insightful, important queries about why he didn't wear a tie to the debate. MM isn't worthy of one iota of any of the candidates' attention.she's an entitled idiot.
  10. MM is Entitled Nepotism Barbie (with swiveling neck and snarling lip). Accessories include automatic weapon and vodka bottle (empty), and blue cards. Ultra edition includes pull string fry voice/valley girl vocal of: My father, my father, my father, etc. She's too stupid to be even a "pundint" Barbie. SNL used to do a Drunk-Girl skit, I think with Chris Farley, that I'm reminded of when MM goes into her one of her word-salad rants.
  11. She's a desperate wanna-be Real Housewife acting out her fantasy on Twitter. She's also a fool. A stupid, over indulged moron. STFU MM.
  12. I would love to see her call/say, "Bitch" to Whoopi. I Double dog dare her, even.
  13. Tosia

    The View in the Media

    At least for one night, or an hour.
  14. Tosia

    "The View": Week of 6/17/2019

    Marianne Williamson was an early favorite of Oprah, and still revered in the spirituality community, even if she hasn't published much until her latest. Politics of Love, I think is the name of the book. I flipped through it atthe library. Too much politics. I liked her spiritual stuff. So, she's probably just running to push her book and get her name back out there. Yeah, the ladies were kind of dismissive. So much for MM's talk of respecting, getting along with the other side. Hypocritical idiot. I really want to believe that alot of nice, sane people called -contacted ABC about MM's crassness (ala RHONY) that is why she was reprimanded and was more quiet today. It's not "healthy debate" to name-call vs. not answer the question. Which MM cannot do cuz she's stupid. I wish she wasn't on this show. She's trashy and dumb.
  15. Tosia

    The View in the Media

    Not after they listened to her valley girl fry voice, for, oh say, a half hour and only ......the morning after when she wakes up sober, and probably hungover. Not exactly wife/ mother of your kids material.