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  1. Tosia

    Lights Out with David Spade

    Spade's audio book of his autobiography is awesomely funny! He reveals a lot of issues in his personal life and getting up there on comedy, and seems appreciative of the help from other SNL alums and true friendship with with Chris Farley. I've always liked his snarky jokes and movies. On this show, it looks like he trying to disguise his nerves with overly laid back attitude, but I still like it and will give him time to settle in. Buh-bye.
  2. Nutmeg and Elizabitch together? OMG, they would kill each other trying to outdo the faux-patriotism with superficial displays of flag fashion and parroting their man's notes (Nutmeg's hubbie and Bitsy's SweatyGeddie). It wd be fun to watch for one show. Then they can fuck right off to Fox....oh wait Fox didn't want them either. Lol. Nutmeg will be laughed at wearing her brand new flag boots in Wyoming.
  3. After reading that article /review about Nutmeg's first book, it's understandable why she would record an audio version. The review was so specifically damming of her writing, grammar, topics, disrespect to her family and others, and self-reported tantrums, that it makes me sick that this person is given a major platform to talk publicly. I love how the reviewer says that it was so bad, that he doubted anyone had edited it at all. I imagine the publisher was paid with mommy-money vs. paying the so-called scribbler/writer. Money can't buy brains. You all know that this will be a hubbie-dictated piece as Nutmeg acts as his ventriloquist's dummy and mouths the blue card notes. Also, when Nutmeg showed that trashy pic of herself at 20-- with her boobs pushed up to her chin--she said she was embarrassed many years by that pic, BUT then she actually complimented herself that her boobs looked good, even though they did not, and neither did her face. It was horrible. The delusion/narcissism/stupidity is strong in this one. Sweet Jesus, please give her the RH opening, and relieve us of our misery when she reads/repeats hubbie's notes in any public venue.
  4. I can't tell if you are serious or not. Starbucks is quality? If you define massive infusions of sugar as quality, I guess so. Sure Twit could eat a happy meal and salad at McD's like you said,, but you know she won't, doesn't, and never will (IMHO). The 600 pounders eat that junk food exclusively. Nothing high falutin" about junk food--no nutrition either, even in their iceberg lettuce salads and happy meal breaded chicken nuggets and fries. Does anyone ever order the apple slices? Juice is basically sugar also. Sorry if I misunderstood. If being informed about healthy food and limiting my visits to fast food places (not eliminating, just sometimes) is being a food snob, then I'm a food snob. Or maybe just smart. Or maybe just a smart nutrition snob.
  5. Tosia

    Joy Behar: "So Whaat? Who Caaaares?"

    I tried those glasses on at Lenscrafters yesterday and plan to get some. They have a wide lens which is great and I liked the look. I'm getting silver frames because im a light blonde and other darker frames look too harsh. Joy looks great in them.
  6. Tosia

    "The View": Week of 7/22/2019

    I know!!!! MM looked all happy and proud of herself that she had seen one of Rutger's movies. Kept smiling like an idiot. She obviously didn't listen to Whoops announcement of his passing. Just stupid. Annnddddd MM was super proud of herself for not putting tp on the roller...just like Fred's wife. Twinsies!!!!! I do that! I do that! I do that! Laugh, giggle, laugh. How moronic. God, is she desperate for attention or what?
  7. That was my reaction, too. I don't get it. MM is just weird too. Besides phenomenally stupid.
  8. She sat they looking seriously squinty and spewed her memorized, vapid word salad, written by hubbie probably, and basically added nada to the discussion. Waste of space.
  9. Tosia

    "The View": Week of 7/22/2019

    But it doesn't repair the soul of your being. (Not religious). Like Joy said abt Kourtney Kardashian's depression, it's an inside job-- in response to MM's response that KK has everything (money can buy), so she should not be depressed. Luckily, Sunny and Joy and even Whoopi have close family and good--real--friends to shore up their spirits.
  10. Tosia

    "The View": Week of 7/22/2019

    This. MM does it so much that I'm convinced that: a) she is that stupid; b) she is untrainable, i.e., not able to learn how to act professionally on tv--directions are in one ear and out the other; c) she is too moronic to understand how valuable time is on tv--in the sense of getting a cogent message out, as well as the $ underlying a show's existence--wait, of course, she NEVER will have to be concerned with money (Duh, me smacking head V8 style); d) she is just so fucking narcissistic that she thinks it's cute and draws attention to her; e) she is in the habit of blaming others; f) she uses/voices the earpiece directions to distract from her inability to actually having to come up with a genuine response. All of the above for you SAT veterans out there. Good Lord, how do Joy and Sunny NOT have fucking migraines after every show from dealing with MM's idiocy?
  11. Tosia

    "The View": Week of 7/22/2019

    MM's support of Biden is only to point back at HER grief about her dad. However, I wonder if MM thinks she may get a Cabinet position or other appointment IF Biden wins? Hmmmmmmmm, Seriously, I believe she is that deluded by her own self.
  12. Ok, MM "writes" a long article about her miscarriage for the NYT. But she says on Twitter that she doesn't want anyone to feel sorry for her. Sooooo, what did she want or hope to accomplish by the article? Women have been dealing with miscarriages for centuries, mostly privately, with their community of other women. Her tone in the article is defiant and hard against a paper tiger of her own imagination. Idk what MM seeks, other than notoriety for herself. I think she's also desperately trying to eke out a public image for herself. She wasn't in the military like her brothers and ancestors, she wasn't her dad, she isn't her mom, or her adopted sister. She never did anything noteworthy. She needs to go away and deal with herself first. Save me a seat on the handcart to hell with y'all.
  13. Plus the pain and weariness of varying 200+ extra lbs around every day. And the self-blame and/or denial. Seeing the pics and facing reality. I hear those 600 pounders talking about the pain they are in every minute just existing, much less moving any way. ... sitting in a car, walking barely, bathing, etc. Sad way to live. Twit's a role model for AVOIDING junk food.
  14. Thirteen yeats ago, My minister's newborn died with several hours of birth despite heroic life saving procedures. She had a perfect pregnancy at approx. age 32 and deiivered a boy. Her other child was 11 years old. Her husband and she held the baby, wires and all, until he died in their arms. That is heartbreaking. She began talking about her grief, poignantly and beautifully, in her sermons about 6 years later. Incredible strength and faith helped her and helps us with her story. After her baby died-- the next year--to the day-- she gave birth to a healthy son. Her story is NYT worthy.
  15. She photo shopped her top lip into this picture.