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  1. Lying about easily traceable facts of her current whereabouts and neighborhood conditions. God. This woman is so fucking dumb. So much for Nutmeg's ethics as well. Political analyst in her own head up her own ass. Seriously, ABC, this is the character of host on the "most important political/news show" ever? Well, Megaphone can offer up the fake news portion of the show...as she keeps proving.
  2. Yes, Methinknot, shades of Tomi Lahren's deer in the headlights silent bafflement when asked about her criticism of Colin Kapernick's peaceful kneeling, as to how she thinks people should protest . I predict Nutmeg will voice/read a blue card confusing word salad in response, and will bring up the Black store owner whose business was trashed as a weird contradiction to protesters real message. She's useless.
  3. Unfortunately, I believe the ladies of the view have become very, very predictable in their views. Yawn. Seriously, I think we all could predict what each of them would say about the protests... even Whoopi's eloquent sage words of wisdom for posterity....sarcasm font deployed here, in case you are new here. So, it's not much of a miss if they go on a break. Except we are spared the blatant hypocrisy/fake concern for anyone from Nutmeg. And her exploding head outrage if anyone looted a Babies R' Us this weekend. A crisisiesiesieses of major proportion in these times.
  4. Lol, yes every day! So we have seen and heard that: Nutmeg frequently contradicts herself. Mehgun pontificates positive crap for others when she is horribly mean and coarse and gloating, and immature towards cohosts, guests, staff, the audience, and the vast masses online. She parrots the most recent lines from her base, despite saying the opposite a few days/weeks prior. This self-described "strong" woman whines about being insulted and criticized for her physical appearance and poorly-articulated views, and not being able to do things that millions of people HAVE to do everyday, like go outside. I really think Me-again has confused the term "entitled" with " strong", in her wee mind. No, Meeegun, it's not us, it's you. Or more specifically your vile personality, spoiled brat demeanor, and lack of intelligence or awareness. So again, we chorus: STfU, Mehgun!
  5. I believe Ryan is self protecting and just going along with the flow. I'm sure Kellme is not the first diva Ryan has had to deal with in his career. It sucks, but there usually is a bat-shit crazy/narcissistic person or two at the workplace where you just have to suck it up and vent later to your family or friends in private.
  6. Yes, Plus all those folks expecting new babies, and dealing with other kids at home, no job between the 2 parents, and elderly parents or grandparents to worry about. STFU, Megaphone.
  7. Yes, Hana Chan, it would be more interesting to see someone stepping up and dealing with those issues you talk about, than insultingly fake, poorly acted stunts. Time for Twit to go. She's got nothing of interest, much less fabulous, going on, literally. Go away Twit, and make a real life for yourself.
  8. Contacts or phone image app, but no cribs or car seats to be found online? Priorities, I guess. For the soul-less.
  9. Who is that???? Not MM, unless she has reverted to her natural vampire form. Sucking all the intelligence out of the room into her vacuous airhead.
  10. I Wonder how much Twit is paying Buddy? Must be Combat pay to quarantine with her.
  11. Maybe we can rent a tour bus to hell or a stretch limo, because I was glad to see Twit get her just desserts.... but I never want to see her gobble cake down her maw again.
  12. Steve Carell was great, but then he always is. Usually Stephen and Steve feed off of each other's energy, but Stephen still seemed close to crying. IDK. get help, man.
  13. Heh, "cleaner" woman. Yes, one who showers regularly and washes her hands after eating cheetos the same day. Wow, the bar couldn't be set much lower could it? We know the gf has to have a pleasing personality as well, at least in comparison to Twit 's bullying, know-it-all narcissism.
  14. Whoopi still gets sucked in. Maybe it's a joke between Sunny and us (the audience). Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. LOL
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