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  1. I watched the first 2 minutes and she didn’t even know the name of the book she was talking about!
  2. I believe it was reduced tuition for the 4 Roloff kids
  3. If Parker had given Madison any bit of physical contact, I highly doubt she would have had so many issues with Jenna. And I asked it before, what exactly did Jenna do to Madison that was so mean and bullying? She didn't give Madison constant praise or validation. She expected Madison to do her job without getting a gold star or a smiley face sticker. That's not bullying, that's called being an adult and doing your job. Your gold star is your paycheck, or in this case the giant ass tip for 2 days of work and your Bravo paycheck. Suck it up and do your job or quit.
  4. It looks like slabs of soap, but soap probably tastes better.
  5. I didn't see what you posted before you edited, but yeah, he's a total douche, so we can totally agree on this! Does Sandy have a back up chef on call? Cuz her apparent mission to have guests off to a bitching start is looking ugly right off the bat. That being said, Chef really needs to work a bit faster. Lara's a bitch and doesn't seem to want to do the job of a stew. Doesn't want to do the table decor, doesn't want to do turn down. She's reminding me of the stew who showed up last year saying the boat was a dump.
  6. It will last until she "bonds" with one of the deck crew and then let's him cry his tale of woe to her.... while screwing over his coworkers. Yeah, but in her defense, she was 100% spot on with her assessment.
  7. I watched the whole thing thinking she had got some bad lip injections. Or was having an allergic reaction to something. Sadly, shoulder pads are making a comeback.
  8. That was my very first thought. Her cooking live is sure to be a dumpster fire. Can we start taking bets on how many ingredients, cooking implements, and basic words Amy can't pronounce and how much literal food she ends up with on her face?
  9. Madison... the perpetual victim. And WTF is she wearing? I think that dress came from the wardrobe department from an 80's soap opera.
  10. I've been watching a ton of Little House on the Prairie repeats and that brings about a million ads for UP TV movies. If I had to see the Groomzilla moron one more time, I was going to go borrow his grandma's bat and hit him myself. Nothing about that at was in any way making me want to watch an UP movie, let alone that one.
  11. If Lawson got married, how would he be able to post a butt ton of pics of himself, the "hot" fundy guy, holding random babies and toddlers all over the land? Once they were his kids, no one would care. My sister is a blond, not any where near Tim's level of blond, but a blond and has very dark eyebrows. People constantly insist she dyes her hair. The closest she's ever come is using Sun-In and peroxide back in the day to make it blonder, but she stopped doing both of those a good decade ago.
  12. The fact Amber has to deny it on her IG or anywhere at all, should really tell her something about her behavior.
  13. I saw the county fair episode the other day for the first time, I don't know how since I've been watching like my entire life (43). Mary was a total jezebel and the balloon guy was a future date rapist. But at least Bandit seemed to have found true love at the fair. I've never noticed Laura's nose job, but I'd love to know what they did to her jaw over a summer to fix her giant buck teeth that she had at the beginning.
  14. I do think Trent actually loves his daughter, but it was so obvious Amber was disappointed Anna didn't melt down and made it thru the first night. Maybe Amber should have read the dorm dimensions instead of focusing on the rules she seemed sure Anna was going to break. Where exactly did she think all that crap she insisted on Anna needing at the store was going to fit? Sure, she needed 3 giant picture frames, but just ignore the fact she took like 4 shirts. I liked Anna had no patience for the questions production was asking her.
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