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  1. My birthday is just shy of 3 weeks before Christmas and my sister's is 3 weeks after. We each always had our own parties and celebrations during our birthday weekends. My mom wasn't going for those combos for her kids! Granted, this was back in the days were you would get a birthday card and $5 from extended family, and maybe $20 from the grandparents for your birthday, but still. Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas, Bode. We got you a broken bone/head injury! Apparently the construction/train motif is NOT for girls.
  2. It is.... for exactly this reason!
  3. Holy hell, how bad was the pilot for this one to be so much batter as many here have said? I was cringing at how bad it was basically from the first 30 seconds I saw and it didn't get any better. I did watch the whole episode, but I doubt I'll be watching anymore. It's really sad that Mayim's was the worst character on the show, and honestly, not a good fit for the role at all. She does really look ill. I know she's always been thin, but seriously, she just looks scarily thin now. And like someone else said, I'm not buying her as the mother either.
  4. Why the hell is this show now about their sex life? I mean, what the hell?
  5. According to Google, not much, if anything. Its a walking tour, free during the week. It's $8 a car on Friday or Saturday nights.
  6. Izzy's got a promo code on her Instagram hawking, I kid you not, vibrators. Um, yeah, so that's a new direction to take the Roloff name.
  7. And don't forget the people asking them why they aren't on the show anymore and when they're coming back.
  8. They need to Google The Ohio State University trademark case on trademarking the word The. If such a trademark didn't work out for a 150 year old university, I highly doubt it would work out for these two idiots. Ironically, the first article that came up when I Googled the The Ohio State University trademark lawsuit mentioned words on clothing specifically and said that the clothing tags would have to have your full name on them. I could be wrong, but weren't these two basically reselling another companies clothing that they had just had their saying slapped on? Somehow I'm thinking the clothing didn't even have a tag with their "main" sayings name on it. And didn't she make a big deal about closing that clothing line not too long ago anyway? Does she ever post anything without a typo? Is offers? I also fell down the rabbit hole and checked a few of her Instagram posts here and her aujpoj website. Girlfriend doesn't seem to understand how to use an apostrophe either. She posted they celebrated Jesus birth at her parents' barn. Um, yeah, no on two accounts. On her website she's got a little bit of nonsense about always giving more to people because you don't know someones' story. Then there's the whole section she labeled The Roloff's.... the Roloff's what? I'll be the first to admit my grammar isn't perfect, far from it, but I'm not claiming to be a writer and posting grammatical errors in pretty much every thing I post, for money none the less! The poor editors in charge of editing the mess they get from these to into their insipid books is certainly earning their pay!
  9. It's a recipe Mad Lib! Instead of picking a noun, verb, color, or animal, you choose your unit of measurement, cooking time, and oven temp. Bet they still make more sense than one of her recipes.
  10. There's a LOT of assumptions going on here. Unless I missed it, Jacob never said this went on for years or that he told his parents years ago. Maybe it did and maybe he told them at the time, but we just don't know. He wouldn't be the first victim of molestation to not say anything, especially a male victim. For all we know, he told Matt and Amy days before it hit the press. The producer last worked for the show in 2010, so Jacob would have been early teens, again quite possible he didn't say anything. It certainly would explain a lot of the on going issues Jacob had thru the rest of his teens though, especially if he kept it bottled up. I'm not saying Matt and Amy were the worlds's best parents, but I'm also not ready to string either of them up. Unfortunately, the majority of kids molested are victimized by people close to them, be it family members, family friends, or trusted adults. To blame anyone except the producer who did this, well I just can't get behind that. Do we blame parents when it turns out Uncle Bob or Pastor Tim has been touching Jenny or molesting Bobby? No, for the most part, we don't. Yeah if the adult has other known victims all bets are off, but to blame Matt and Amy would be like blaming Jacob IMO.
  11. This, 1000%! She can't part of a sketch, she has to BE the sketch. Which is fine here and there, they all are looking to develop characters, but she chews scenery like a rabid hamster every time she's on screen. She just seems like the kind of person who is soul sucking to be around, like you dread the encounter since you know you're going to be physically and mentally drained afterwards. I heard the Smokey Robinson audio the other morning when I was driving to work and I was dying. I get the Chanukah spelling isn't the most common or pronounced like it looks, but you'd think celebs would go over the Cameos with someone on their team before hitting record. I mean it's like 30 seconds of work, at least practice it a few times! LOL! I've like Redd in all of the sketches I've seen him in. I think Kenan started losing weight last season. I noticed it well before this season, maybe even before their from home episodes in the spring.
  12. Good lord, this was a bad one. I had low expectations to begin with, always do with Kristen, but it was even worse than I had thought it would be. I was literally cringing thru most of it and only laughed at WU. I was enjoying Ego's Teacher sketch.... until Kristen arrived to bring it to a crashing halt. I'm really enjoying Ego's sketches this season. I think all the featured members will be nice additions when the mass exodus of cast members happens. I noticed even Andrew Dismukes made it into at least 3 sketches this week. Oddly, I finally saw the John Mulaney look alike in him during this one. I think it took the tie in the Secret Word sketch for me to see it. And she looks like there's been some fillers and botox too. ETA....I think they stopped the ice skating after Leslie busted her knee during a ninja sketch and it became apparent a lot of the cast couldn't skate and they were standing in tennis shoes on a mat on the ice.
  13. I never watch this show, but watched the Eastlake one since I live like 5 minutes from Eastlake and have lived in in the same county my entire life.... and I have zero recollection of this happening and I'd have to assume it made local news at the time. Apparently it was just as boring in real life as the episode was! LOL!
  14. I think it's the doughy face and his tendency to slightly smirk when answering. I'd say his odd coloring too, but where Brayden looks pasty and grey to me, grey is certainly not a color any would use to describe Trump. I'm not enjoying Brayden. I find him a little creepy. It doesn't help he likes to jump around the board and I remember reading Alex thought they should play a category top to bottom since the clues built on each other in a way, so he plays in a way Alex didn't like.
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