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  1. Last week for sure with the Napoleon theme. This week I'm really feeling like one of the boys, Anthony, does have a speech impediment, but also has a severe case of baby talk going on too. Every time they showed him talking it was in this whispy little almost toddler voice. At one point, and I know this is mean, I was literally wondering why his parents hadn't told their damn 12 year old to cut the crap and use his big boy voice. All 3 of my nephews had speech impediments, so I'm no stranger to hearing them and yeah, his baby talk is obvious. It was blatantly obvious when he was presenting his dessert for judging. Little faces and pouts for the judges. Naima is a diabetic, she mentioned it again last night. She's the little girl who was trying to make the brittle and the second batch went up in flames. She's a smiley girl for sure. She cracked me up when she covered her face about the flames and she said she hoped she didn't get sued because she's broke! LOL! Apparently Elise is diabetic too! When she went out the door at the end of the episode, you could see her glucose monitor attached to her arm. I didn't realize until the very end of the episode and was typing all of this while watching. She's a cutie too.
  2. Let's ask Ashton and Tanner how their mother's feel about their attitudes about and towards women. Ever single Ashton question should mention his mother, just to see the reaction.
  3. Make it a PPV and donate all the proceeds to women's centers. Leslie would have the brus crying in 3 minutes flat. The proceeds would be off the charts!
  4. Doesn't Robyn's cousin? sister? already live with them as a nanny? I just figured she's going to be the 5th wife. If not her, someone. Kody's ego isn't big enough to decide the 19 kids he can't support now are enough and he hasn't done enough damage to them yet. Robyn better get to popping out another one if she doesn't want another wife to share him with. It sounded like he wants one main door and one giant garage. So they would all enter in front of Kody's area and then split to one side for 2 wives and the other 2 go the other direction. So yeah, they would all be passing each other and seeing whose car is in the garage and who's not at home. Hell, I park in a parking garage at my apartment complex. Not everyone does, but my neighbor happens to have the spot next to me, that's just a total coincidence. I've lived here for 15 years and she was here before me. I literally was just telling a friend earlier today that the neighbor's car hasn't been in the garage for about a week, she must be out of town or something. So yeah, the woman who I've lived next to for ages and I'm not even sure of her name, I've maybe talked to 20 times in all these years, but I know her car is not there. So I can 100% see why Christine would be against this idea. You know that the whereabouts of each of them would always be known. At least in the cul-de-sac they had their own garages, didn't have to enter the same main door, had a little bit of privacy.
  5. Who is this girl with Dakota and Bruce? She's barely reading the teleprompter
  6. Well, since they bother to televise it, they obviously thought they could just wing it. LOL! This interview is exactly why I don't like Eugene Levy
  7. I literally just read an article today saying people were fed up with needing 83 different streaming services to see the things they are hearing about. I'm one of them. It's getting ridiculous that you need to have all these services to watch pretty much anything these days. I'm not signing up for more crap just to watch a red carpet.
  8. Good lord, she looks horrible. That dress does nothing for her.
  9. Right? I loved how he's in so much pain, but can jump around doing his jig. My guess is it's pain from being called out by an "Instagram chef" on the last charter, so he's preplanning his excuses.
  10. I miss Buf-Puf singles. They were pre-soaped, not too rough, and just all around perfect. They were like a 2x2 square and great for travel too. I would have stocked up by the case had I known they were discontinuing them. There's not anything similar on the market that I've found yet. And I'm certainly not paying the $70.00 to get the Ebay price.
  11. Don't forget she would have managed to linger in doorways of pretty much every scene, but yet still somehow never know what was going on with her crew.
  12. Wasn't Jenn the space cadet with a kid who was a realtor? I remember her spending half the time on the phone crying with her daughter who was with her parents. Who the hell is raising her kid if she's a chief stew now?
  13. And let’s not forget he was going to give them sushi made with cream cheese until Courtney pointed out the no dairy request.
  14. And yet, Ashton walked out and told Tanner his whole conversation with Kate. So yeah, he has zero leg to stand on. It was like he served them 2 appetizers and 3 desserts. That wasn't a meal, it was snacks.
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