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  1. I’m getting a feeling he told Nate about Rebecca and Sam and Nate is going to do something with the info.
  2. I have the same problem. I used to weigh a good 125 pounds more and while I still have more to lose, I also still dress like I’m the same size. It’s my comfort level. I still think I’m the same larger size in my mind. I’m at the point now, when a smaller loss makes a quicker difference clothes size wise, but my first instinct is grabbing something 2 sizes too big to try on first. She’s been dressing that way since the show started, so a good 10 years now, it’s going to be hard to completely change her style now.
  3. JoJo is obnoxious and she looked deranged. I can’t wait for her shocking elimination. It can’t come too soon.
  4. I always figured it was Roy telling him he was coming to coach.
  5. Yes, it's Bode. Mimi is Amy's word for Grandma.
  6. You mean being up Jazz's ass 24/7 isn't a real job? I mean, damn, he makes Jeanette look like a absentee mother, he's so far up there. If Jazz is actually in Massachusetts, I won't be surprised if he suddenly decides to move to Boston.
  7. I watched the first season and the first few episodes of this season thinking that was just his nickname HERE! LOL! Somehow I missed that Coach Beard was the actual character's name. I thought the same thing about Colin too. But now I'm worried about the new kit boy. I mean, I'm hoping he just shut the door to smoke in the boot room, but I didn't like the door closing at all.
  8. She had to keep up with Audrey. At least she wasn't standing with her legs a mile apart to show off the thigh gap.
  9. I’m pretty sure those are a type of deer.
  10. Right? I was just going to say, it’s just like a funeral, he really gets little to no say in the event.
  11. Jamie is my fun guess. I fully expect Ted and Rebecca to end up together in the end, but it feels too soon to go that direction right now.
  12. Makes me wonder if Amber treated his decision like she did Jonah’s.
  13. Dusted with paprika!
  14. Hell, that could probably get them a good 3 more seasons.
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