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  1. I think one was going to refill with water and the other had already filled back up.
  2. Yep! They took buildings that had been vacant for years and turned them into actual open businesses. It's not like she ran other businesses out of the area. I don't know about the other buildings, but I followed the restoration of the building the Merc is in and not only did they do something with a long closed building, they were very, very committed to using a ton of the original materials, no doubt paying a HUGE amount of money to have things refurbished and restored. I swear I read the building they use as a warehouse for the Merc's products used to be a Walmart that had closed years befo
  3. I loved when he said Philip just would shut the laptop when he was done chatting, no real good bye to the conversations. That was such a grandpa kind of thing to do, especially a 99 year old grandpa kind of thing.
  4. Who is this horrible man who not only keeps interrupting the woman reporter, but keeps making it all about Harry and William? He needs to shut up.
  5. That was such bullshit, I couldn't stand it. Hell, my mom got remarried when I was like 12... so 32 years ago. We never had any questions about her last name being different. We did have a doctor ask once if my sister and I had the same father, we had the same last name but my sister got all my mom's skinny blond pale genes and I got all my dad's heavier brunette darker genes. I thought my mom was going to take a swing at her, but instead she shot back, yeah, why, don't yours? I had 1 teacher ask about my stepfather's signature on my weekly band practice log once, only because he had never sig
  6. I was just thinking about the wax paper tonight as I was reheating my dinner in the microwave and it was covered in wax paper. I'm thinking the microwave cooks hotter than my oven, so if it's safe in the the microwave, it's probably okay in the oven from time to time. I've never tried it, but probably wouldn't be terrified if I attempted it.
  7. Yeah, I am calling BS on the win too. How convenient Tyler couldn't open his ledger. I've been feeling a lot of producer manipulation this season with the random challenge wins and nonsense games, more so than ever before. I don't know how they are tracking this anymore, I feel like they used to basically just keep a running total from the very first stop, but now I'm thinking it's stop to stop. No way did BFD supposedly kick ass the whole way along and then the Tasty truck magically catch up within $5. Prize given to potentially stave off a frost bitten ear lawsuit?
  8. What's the chance Janelle had this same conversation with Meri too? Zero? I'm pretty sure on that one.
  9. Sure, Robin, you see a dark haired boy. No, you see a way to make sure you remain the head wife.
  10. Exactly. Accidents are just that... accidents. Some are just more tragic than others. I feel I'm pretty sure there's very few perfect drivers out there... never ran a red light, missed a stop sign, went over the speed limit, looked down at the radio, or their directions. We've all done it, we've just been lucky to not hurt someone or ourselves in the process. Erica and her well god will take care of us attitude about her and her dead husband's decision to basically give 4 of their kids death sentences was beyond irresponsible. If anyone should be in jail for bad decisions, I'd go with he
  11. Sunny brings up the many comments about them not eating each other's food..... but no mention of her insistence of standing outside in the snow for her fake "just in the yard" bit. It did crack me up GZ's leek magically ended up on the plate "Sunny" passed to him.
  12. Even worse was being too lazy to serve the ice cream cones she told them about. Seriously, I was kind of hoping the jackass Barry had called her out at the end. You don't tell guests you will be serving them something and then just not bother because you decide it's too hard.
  13. I kept wondering when he morphed into Alec Baldwin.
  14. He reminded me of Eeyore. Low energy and low self esteem. That's not going to win Top Chef. He looks like a low rent Tim Tebow.
  15. Anna looks pregnant making Easter hats with the kids in tonight's episode. She's going to have to announce soon if she is, there's not going to be any hiding it for much longer.
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