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  1. She acts like she's 10 years old. I can't tell if her sisters are just as immature, or just like that around her. What kind of backwoods doctors was this girl seeing? They didn't notice she was tiny and not growing until she was in kindergarten and then no one figured out she wasn't going to have a massive growth spurt until she was 16? I'm not buying it. I have a friend who is tiny, she's 1 inch too tall to be considered a little person, and when we were 16 in like 1992, she had already been told that she would be on bedrest at about 2-3 months if she ever got pregnant and would twin
  2. Oddly, Dominos is a very popular chain in many parts of the world. I don't know if there's just not pizza places around and that's the only option, but in some places its the pizza to get.
  3. This actually just shows they don't need a bosun and 3 other crew members. I've never figured out what the hell the 4 person crew is doing most of the time. They kinda help with docking and sometimes water toys for a couple of hours a day or a random beach set up. But for the most part.... what are they doing all day long? Meanwhile the 3 stews are running around cleaning cabins, doing all the laundry including the crews, making drinks, setting up parties, and interacting much more with the guests.
  4. Does she ever mange to post anything without at least one typo or grammar error?
  5. Meri seems to be the only one using their "fame" to actually make her own money though, so she probably has the most invested interest in keeping the show going. She's still hawking her LuLu crap and has her Inn, as long as the show is on, it's basically free advertising tor her businesses. I'm not going to buy her cheap ass leggings, or stay at her Inn, but I've looked at the Inn's website and Facebook pages out of curiosity. If the show ended today, she has those to fall back on. Janelle could possibly renter the work force, we know she's actually held real jobs in the past, but the others?
  6. The turkey was super cute! Unfortunately, I think Meri's long since burned her bridges with Janelle and Christine. I get the impression there's little love lost between them or any of their kids for Meri or Mariah. Notice that even after Meri pointed out she'd been basically by herself for months, and Christine said it was sad, neither reached out to try to include her in their lives. None of the kids except Sol and Ariella seem to miss Meri... and I think Robyn only barely tolerates her just so she can lord over her. If Kody still wanted anything to do with Meri, I doubt Robyn would eve
  7. I think Robyn alluded to the nanny doing their lock down homeschooling during the nanny episode. I mean millions of other parents across the country had to do it on their own, but not Robyn. And let's be honest, if they got the nanny to handle zoom school for her kids, that was probably the best thing they ever did for those kids. We know Robyn and Kody couldn't be bothered to take it on. I have no doubts Christine would have been okay with Truly's schooling and all the other kids are in high school or out of school.
  8. Well... in their defense he's just so damn pretentious all the time, I don't know if I could control myself any better around him. The last episode was a hot mess. They all did nothing but talk over each other the entire show, much more than the normally do.
  9. Yep, yep, yep! That was my first thought and I actually said it out loud to the TV, oh.... Robyn's kid knows how to fake cry too. Robyn slipped when she told her kids right before Thanksgiving that those were the rules Kody came up with for THANKSGIVING. Um, I thought those were the rules your family followed on the regular.... not just to get together for a day. If that was the case, she would have said he told them our rules.
  10. Captain Lee looked like he was going to need the wire cutters after he heard the explanation of the need. Maybe stop making people blend you up vile concoctions to lessen the chance for the need. In this day and age of protein drinks and powders, there's NO reason to make someone blend a chicken breast smoothie. Has Rayna acknowledged Heather parroted back her own words about Jake at all or is she still acting like Heather just busted it out on her own? Should Heather have repeated Rayna's comment? No, not in any way or context, but Rayna's leaving a lot of the details out when she br
  11. She has some really nice shoes in all the pics we've seen lately. It must be nice to have her own shoes and not be digging through a pile of communal nasty ass flip flops!
  12. The better question is why did she find it. How old is the baby now? He looks huge.
  13. I use Yahoo as my browser of choice and their front page had not one, but 2 Jana Duggar was charged stories on Sunday night. One was basically the People story and the other was how Cousin Amy was defending her (no mention of the original Cousin Amy nasty dig that had already been removed from her Instagram stories though). Sure, I had to scroll down and probably only there because I read the original reporting on TMZ and here, but the reporting certainly had made it to main stream sources and not just message boards.
  14. The glasses need to go with the extensions! LOL! So.... 2 episode in and this season's theme is Jazz gets harassed, bullied, and fat shamed by her family. Lovely. The healthiest thing she could do is tell her family to kiss her fat ass and get the hell away from them. Maybe keep in touch with her dad, he's the only one who seems genuinely concerned about her health and not as a story line.
  15. She also said the reason Fraser got the laundry room straightened up was he got 3 hours to do it. Um, she had 3 CHARTERS to do so. She also blamed the smelly fruit on who knows who put it there or how long it was there. Again, she was in the room for 3 charters, never found it, and apparently never smelled it. So yeah, I'm not exactly feeling like she was being set up.
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