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  1. Fostersmom

    Valerie's Home Cooking

    Considering Valerie talks to and treats "Wolfie" like he's 3, I get his annoyance. I'm all but ready to hear her ask him if he needs to potty one of these days. She trots him out for show fodder, so I can't say I blame him. I suspect there's more than a bit of badgering mom guilt to get him to do these episodes too. Does anyone see him clamoring to be the focus of the show? I certainly don't. I caught and old episode and the new one this morning, the horrible work she had done was even more startling when you watch her old face and her new face in the span of like 2 hours. I swear I did watch today's episode, but other than focaccia, I have no clue what she made. And honestly, while her focaccia looked good, that is not something I would ever take the time to make. I can buy decent pre-made focaccia at the grocery store, but I live out side of Cleveland and we have a LOT of Italians in the area so I probably am spoiled in that aspect.
  2. Fostersmom

    Joy and Austin: This One Time At Family Camp

    I think Michelle looks like she’s smiling too. The eyes are telling.
  3. Yep. My dad was 46 when he died, very unexpectedly, at home alone. I was told he had stayed home sick that day, he thought he had the flu. A blood clot when to his heart. Turned out he had been in a car accident fairly shortly before hand and the best they could say, it was from the accident. My grandparents were pretty well connected in our county and had to make a few calls to get the coroner to release the report and body in a rush so the funeral could be held without delay.
  4. Fostersmom


    Lots of employees everywhere have been fired for spilling the tea on celebrity everythings. I was recently at Biltmore, the Vanderbilt estate, and was chatting with an employee. My friend and I were interested in how much it cost to have a wedding there, not that either of us are getting married anytime soon. But as I was talking to this employee, we started talking about the price and it turned to NDAs. He was telling me a basketball player from a major team, he did tell me which one but not the player, got married there a few years ago and some of the BIGGEST names in the sport were guests, he did drop 2 of their names, and one of the Biltmore employees had taken pics with said 2 players and posted them on her FB. She apparently had worked there for 20 years and was basically fired as soon as they were seen for violating the NDA they all sign. I don't have an NDA at work, but I've seen some pics at my job that came from a vendor that we work with that probably could have gotten that vendor sued and the employee at the vendor fired. We had an employee who asked the vendor if this custom product could be made in a specific color. This should have been a yes or no question. Instead of a yes or no answer, he got a yes and a picture of an example.... in a well known celebrity's house. Our employee sent it to me and then I showed someone else. Oh yeah, this is basically medical equipment too, so double no no. As for Lamar, I have to assume a TON of what he's saying is true, hence the radio silence from Kim and Kris. Not that he comes out looking good, or sober for that matter, but he's at least telling the story he wants to tell, not letting them control it for a change. That must be pissing them off to all new levels.
  5. Well, kids in China probably did make the little cult outfits, so it's full circle.
  6. Fostersmom

    Jazz and the Jennings Family in the Media

    Jeanette must be shopping for an apartment as we speak.
  7. Fostersmom

    Valerie's Home Cooking

    There's a new show on right now. I'm not sure what she's done to her face, but she looks like she's had some work done. She's got surprised eyebrows going on at the very least. She's making pistachio gelato and its not the artificial green people have grown used to. She said something about keeping it natural. I literally said out loud to my cats, "too bad she didn't fallow that theory with her face." My guess is eye lift and cheek fillers.
  8. Fostersmom

    S44.E20: Emma Thompson / Jonas Brothers

    Who knew so many of us needed to see a kitten sandwich on a Saturday night? SO CUTE! How funny would it be if Pete's mom and Jon Hamm started popping up around town as a couple.
  9. Fostersmom

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    Better yet, he's interested in a woman who not only has a couple of needy grown ass adult kids, but is still all but attached at the hip with her ex? And let's be honest she isn't like a super model or have a glowing personality. A TLC driven plot is making so much more sense now.
  10. Fostersmom

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    It was one thing to have her walking home from school back in the day, it was the norm, but when your kid has a bleeding ulcer, maybe you need to be finding out why. Amy and her brother both seem to remember never telling her parents what was going on. They were that cold and indifferent they never asked questions or tried to figure out an ulcer in your kid? Amy has taken to speaking in cliches and motivational posters of kittens hanging on a branch. I don't know how anyone puts up with that, just watching her drives me nuts and I don't even have to deal with her. Yes to all of this. She's coming off as a bit desperate. How did she and Chris meet? It almost seems like he's just there as a plot line. For better or worse, Matt and Karyn do seem to have an organic relationship. Amy and Chris, not so much.
  11. Fostersmom

    S44.E19: Adam Sandler / Shawn Mendes

    He doesn't seem fully into any of his projects these days. Every time I see him promoting anything, he seems all but bothered by it and the whole idea. Dude, you've got plenty of money, if working and playing the celebrity game is sooo very hateful to you, feel free to stop. I mean, who's going to cry about the lack of another one of your horrible movies? Other than your friends who rely on you to cast them as stooges in them, I don't see anyone clamoring for a 50 year old guy acting like an idiot.
  12. I watch a YouTube channel, Max and Katie the Great Danes. Max and Katie have both passed away, but the owners have 2 more now. They also live in a legit mansion and neither one seems to have a job. The husband paints, but it seems more like a hobby, and no one can figure out where all their money is coming from. And even though their bedroom is like the size of my whole apartment and they are living in a multimillion dollar home, people are constantly sending the dogs presents. Jessa really needs to get someone who actually can do marketing for her, she's obviously got the drive and the hustle. She seems to be right behind JimBob in hustle, I'll give her that. She just needs someone to help her do it right if this is what's going to support her, Ben, and the kids for the long term. She also needs to break away from the large family in terms of the whole. We've all thought she's the kid pushing this for a while now, she should be getting more than her siblings who randomly show up here and there if that's true.
  13. My mom would never let us have iced tea as kids because of the caffeine, but she had NO problem loading us up with Kool-Aid or even worse, sugar free Kool-Aid made with NutraSweet. Yum! Chemicals! That was like almost 40 years ago and I'm still alive, so I guess I survived. An occasional treat of Starbucks isn't going to hurt Jessa's kids, people need to chill.
  14. Fostersmom

    S05.E12: Up in the Air . . .

    My sister's BFF is named Chris and she dated a Chris for years. I have a cousin named Cody and he dated a Codi. It happens.
  15. Fostersmom

    Worst Cooks In America

    He's imitating Anne, and doing a pretty good job of it.