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  1. I was totally waiting for her to break a leg!
  2. My nephews are just slightly older than Ree's sons. For some reason one of them wears basketball shorts over his boxers, and then puts his jeans on. I have no idea why. But that kinda looks like what Todd did too. She's looked like she's living in a tanning booth for a couple of years now.
  3. I noticed a lot of random shots of her just doing exactly that this last episode. I'm thinking production is just as annoyed with her as we are. Other than when she's pulling in or out of the dock, it's looking like she does whole lot of nothing. No wonder she had so much time to help Kiko in the kitchen. Snerk.
  4. I tried going to the FB and Insta links on her website and both of them are dead links. I get things are kinda a mess right now, but after the Big Brother couple, who is already married and has been since Feb 2019 (and as a BB watcher, they are not the cute couple SYTTD made them out to be), SYTTD is really screwing the pooch so far this season. What's up next week? A "couple" who met for the first time walking into Kleinfeld's but they claim they've been engaged for a year? I mean, we have already married, may or may not be a couple but do know each other, so strangers is the next logical couple, right?
  5. I think the bride said he was her man of honor? Which I'm sure was just another thing the poor potential in-laws just loved to hear about. Has anyone found out was this plastic bride's full name is? I'm dying to see her socials. You know she's all over all of them.
  6. Wow, the south brought a whole new tacky to Kleinfeld's. I'm pretty sure Kentucky groom to be was completely drugged out of his mind. And possibly actually attracted to her brother, the only member of the family who seemed to have any manners or class. Tennessee Snookie (best name ever!) bought a dress that wasn't a show stopper that she's probably regretting by now if the wedding hasn't happened yet. And what was going on with the ends of her hair?
  7. I thought it was the same guy, but was confused since I knew the injury was on Bill's boat that wasn't named in the TMZ story.
  8. According to Jill's many claims of fake Instas for Nurie and Nathan, they are on their honeymoon. She's yet to say where or how long, just that they are. Yeah, but Nurie probably got her first decent meal in months and desperately needed the calories.
  9. My mom has it over all of you on this one. When I was like 6 she dated a guy who drunkenly beat the hell out of her one night. She was smart and pressed charges, this was in the early 80's so it wasn't an automatic thing. He did reach out to apologize at one point in time, had done his jail time, and sobered up. But like 30 years later she called me all excited one day..... Hey! Guess who died!!! After I got over my WTF Mom question and she told me his name, I got it. I've read there will be a rotating crew of production people. I've been hoping they will rotate them out on eviction night so they can serve as a makeshift audience too. Swap out, new goes in, old is the audience as they are going out. I don't know if it's logistically possible, but it would be nice if it is. Plus, for a change, the audience might actually be people who have half a clue as to what they are really like, not just people who want to be on TV.
  10. I noticed the other celebs are dressed like normal people, Captain Lee was in like a Hawaiian shirt I think, but yet she had on her captain's shirt. Why? It's not like it was filmed while she was on a ship. Oh, that's right, she's got to remind people she's a captain and a famewhore.
  11. Notice we didn't have Captain Famewhore asking 12 times how the tour was. I hope Kiko is more willing to throw Sandy under the bus than the past chefs have been. I'm pretty sure he had enough of the Bravo experience and is a one and done crew member so he doesn't have to protect his chances of being cast again. I have a feeling nachos aren't exactly a thing in other countries outside of parts of Mexico and the US. I'm so glad Malia had the time to think about tearing her MICROPHONE off before jumping in. Seriously, that was her first thought? I mean, what's that mic going to cost Bravo if it had been ruined? if a crew member or charter guest had gone overboard, would she have yelled out mic off first before yelling man overboard too? If so, her priorities are seriously screwed up.
  12. 100000% this. Notice none of the other Captains feel the need to shove their face into 17 scenes about food a charter, except Captain Famewhore. I'd love to see Captain Lee worrying if the table scape was cluttered enough. I said it before and I'll say it again, I'd love to see Captain Famewhore look at Kate's handfuls of vase marbles and fake gems.
  13. I'm sure I'm giving them too much credit, but it's possible this wedding reception was their version of social distancing. It seems like there's very few attending who weren't directly related to someone in the wedding.
  14. She doesn't have to expect it... she doles it out to herself thru fake posts she claims her kids wrote.
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