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  1. Dana Carvey has an amazing talent for zeroing in on a figure's idiosyncrasies and embodying them. His Biden is awesome. Jon's appearance was... bizarre. I reflexively cringed every time he drew out "Wuhan...?!?" Yikes. Even if it's a bit, or parody, with all the anti-Asian American violence it was darn uncomfortable. The faint stain on the right side of his shirt just helped cement the appearance of crazy shaggy man ranting on a street corner.
  2. Just watched all 6 eps over the last couple days. Have been quite enjoying it, though I'm not a fan of the whole future-dystopia thing (the lighting always sucks), so the first chapter was not my cup of tea. Don't think it was especially confusing (the jargon just feels rather try-hard), but what lost me was that after 5 episodes full of action and character development, I'd become attached to the characters in the Victorian era story, and just didn't give a crap about anyone in the futurescape. I hope the next season sticks to the Victorian time and leaves the future more for Mrs. True's back
  3. I got Pfizer dose 2 last Weds and had a sore arm (like dose 1) and then a mild fever, fatigue, and slight chills the next day. Still worked out, had a few online work appts, didn't need a pain killer - I was honestly too excited, thinking about those antibodies doin' their thing! (Plus, I haven't had a cold in years, and feeling a little logy was a perfect excuse for an indulgent nap.) Next day was totally fine other than a sore arm. Coincidentally, last Weds the NYT had a super-cool visual article about exactly how the Pfizer vax is made - in simple terms and steps. I honestly got a little te
  4. All hail Symone - a strong, sexy, funny, creative, gorgeous queen! Thoroughly pleased that she won, though what a bizarrely anticlimactic final lip synch. Obviously this stuff is all set up, so why would they have Rose vs. Kandy as the first round? Did the magnets on the back of the carnival wheel fail? I think both of Kandy's lip synchs AND her outfits were better than she's done all season. Still under par compared to the other finalists, but *shrug* I'll throw her a bone. Why did she look petrified/dazed for the entire show, other than during her "interview"? Which must appear in quot
  5. Did ElioTT actually perform in her video? I was a little distracted by the back-up dancers. My, my... Don't know if she's going to win (hoping for her or Symone), but Rose is a star. His "69 Questions" was flawless. Joey J's video was my favorite.
  6. Thank dog other people noticed this! I was so distracted by that crime against nature they dared to call "pizza" - it looked like a chunk of a phone book* with a couple scattered toppings. <yargh> The agent beat-down was spectacular - I could only dream of mustering that kind of maniac-parent-strength if my two cats were ever in danger. *Just realized that some youngsters might not know what a phone book is: it's a massive collection of all phone numbers of a certain area, listed alphabetically. Extremely thick and extremely dry, one would figure. In the olden days, an insecure
  7. Learning that Ru only wears the top half of her outfit while at Judges' Table gives Utica one more lol from me. (For a grand total of one.) The bloom has long been off the Ru rose for me after learning that Glad to see Utica go home (and wonder how much more entertainting Tina would likely have been). Making fun of someone's weight can be very funny if done right, but there was absolutely nothing clever about what Utica had to say. Do the queens get assistance on their routines, beyond the vague comments from Michelle and Loni? Gottmik's line about Ross climaxing from a porno when
  8. The more this delightful show goes on, the more I want to see Dwayne Johnson actually run for president some day.
  9. I feel like the primo asshole sheriff and bloodthirsty agent deserve each other - they'd collapse into a black hole of self-centered callousness. Harry's dream was fantastic! Harry getting high with the ladies was hilarious. Harry and Max are awesome. Basically, anything Harry is terrific.
  10. Oh heck yeah, I noted this in the Ep 2 thread - that Alice Wetterlund is in both of these wonderfully quirky shows. Then I'm thinking during this ep, "why does the new doctor seem so familiar?" until I finally realized he was the hot alien on PoE! (There was the hot alien, the Legolas alien, and... Jeff.) I'll admit that I'm somewhat unclear on the whole spaceship/parts location aspect, but completely love every one of Harry's reactions and his mental commentary. The deputy (not HIS deputy, damnit!) and the little kid are badass as well. Glad she finally got a win here, and I hope to see
  11. That orange lipstick was heinous. At first I thought something was wrong with my television, then noticed not all of them had it (just most). Did my best to ignore Kandy (who had the first TH, really?), and instead concentrated on all the good. Like Tamisha's sweater - FABULOUS!
  12. UO, but I love the little kid and his rivalry with our alien. Normally I find child actors to be an acquired taste, but once it became apparent he can give Harry a run for his money, it totally works. The stitching scene with Harry's exponentially increasing frustration was hilarious! Holy shit, I cringed over and over again at the pelvic exam! Loved that the patient was so laid back (no pun intended) and even posed for the selfie. Also enjoy her sniping friendship with Darcy. Alan Tudyk is super. I only know him from various voice acting jobs (Harley Quinn, ex.) and his role as Past
  13. I always enjoy the balls - so many looks to check out. Kandy, just no. When she talked about being attracted to Joey J but worried about his level of bad taste, I thought, "oh sugar, that gives you a chance!"
  14. I was shocked that no one clocked Rose for her second loofah-based runway look. Gurl, if you're planning to do a full collection, I have a huge stack of BB&B 20% off coupons you're welcome to. It's an unfair albatross to lay around her neck, but I can't help being reminded of last season's She Who Shall Not Be Named when I see Tina Burner. Tina seems fun (as does the rest of the cast with the possible exception of Kandy), but I'm surprised such a seasoned queen seems to have an often shoddy hair/wig line. Olivia is so adorable! To the people on here who said she looks like Anna N
  15. The Coney Island Vaccination Clinic was one of the funniest things I've seen on this show. "Plus, you'll be exposed to all kinds of other viruses, like Subway Lung... Bushwick Rot... Gowanus Anus... Staten Island!" I love that announcer's voice.
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