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  1. Dewey Decimate

    BB After Dark: Nighttime is the Right Time

    Award for scary-freaky Dario Argento 70s-style horror movie editing goes to the BBAD editor/feeds switcher from last night: As Christie rattles on about how she kind of stills wants to work with Jackson, the video does a flash cut to a close-up of Jackson's menacingly grinning face while the AUDIO is still on Christie. Then they do it again! Pure genius.
  2. Dewey Decimate

    House Hunters International

    South Africans in Australia: Between the woman's voice and the man's bizarre hair, almost unwatchable. Chocolate QC in Australia: I never thought Ron Weasley could get more pathetic, but here we are. Paris: I really need a disclaimer at the beginning of these dog episodes stating that all homeowners have consented to animals scratching, jumping on, and rubbing their scent glands on all furniture and possessions before I can actually enjoy them. Tattooed Morticians: Pleas stop talking about how "I've worked so hard all my life" when you look 40-ish maybe. Unless you've been assembling iPhones since the age of four, STFU and count your blessings. Silently. Domenica: I would never choose to live in a place with a constant summer-like climate, but that agent was a tall, cool glass of water.
  3. Dewey Decimate

    S21.E18: Head of Household #6; Nominations #6

    Excellent video! And I kind of want to punch Rachel Reilly in the face for completely misusing the term, in an unfortunately memorable sound bite. (Which had to be scripted, right? The way she repeats the "line" a couple times is a dead giveaway.) Original Recipe Dr. Will was a hottie. (Extra Crispy version not quite as much.) But he still pales in comparison to Kaysar, my true all-time BB fantasy eye candy. And as if that flashback wasn't excellent enough, in a miraculous coincidence, Pump Up the Jam just came on Music Choice. TECHNOTRONICS!
  4. Dewey Decimate

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Oh, those were the days! What a stroll down memory lane! Is it just me or did the HGs look more real way back when? Like, a couple mactor types but a good proportion of freaking normal people! Fuck you, Grodner.
  5. Dewey Decimate

    S21.E17: Live Eviction #5

    Even before Tommy the Dancing Monkey said it, I thought to myself, "Nick's pretty fly for a white guy." I'm surprised that stuffed carrot made it so close to Jackson's pie-hole and escaped unscathed.
  6. Dewey Decimate

    S21.E17: Live Eviction #5

    Hey look, it's Julie Girls-Just-Wanna-Chen-Moonves1
  7. Dewey Decimate

    LSSC: Season Four Talk

    I generally have mixed feelings about the Personal Space box interviews (sometimes funny, while most of the time I start thinking about how some folks could really use a good facial scrub), but the one with Ricky Gervais... I was literally holding my stomach from laughing so hard. RG's utter discomfort was palpable through the screen and I could not stop cracking up.
  8. Dewey Decimate

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Jeff the Whitewashed Homophobe is an asshole supreme, but NOTHING will ever beat the masterwork of "technotronics."* *I just felt compelled to revisit the oeuvre of the actual Technotronic with a "Move This" and "Pump Up the Jam" one-two punch.... and was more entertained in those ten minutes than I've been in a week's worth of BBAD.
  9. Dewey Decimate

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Dear lord, I thought that pic was going to be the RESULT of a salmonella-flavored dessert. </HORK>
  10. Dewey Decimate

    S21.E10: Power of Veto #3

    Fuck these nasty 9 people, fuck all of 'em with a pool toy. (No, the pool toy doesn't deserve it. Let them all break their necks going head-first down the wall rung tunnel. The STDs won't work fast enough.) And through the darkness shines Kat. First they show her cluelessly ringing the doorbell at the HoH, then during the end credits did she have her hand up as if to give someone a high-five, and when no one responded, she kinda ran her hand through her hair, in slo-mo? Did anyone catch that? Kat is my spirit animal this season. (Plus, Mensa gf rocked the challenge.)
  11. Dewey Decimate

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Wait... Ovi thinks he's 1) smart and 2) quiet? Ooof.
  12. Dewey Decimate

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    Renata has the best friggin lines. "Honey, everything's not all about money. <pause> Okay, it is. But..." Since we're all about getting our soothsaying out early, I'm making the call that Gordon (Is that his name? Renata's husband?) is gonna kill himself. Something about the way he was watching them swim, and his expression last week when she gave her dream-killer speech. I don't have kids, don't want them, but my heart welled a little at the tuck-in time scene. How sweet that they want to protect Celeste. I mean, they got the genes for it, right? <ouch!> That little shit at the playground deserved it.
  13. Dewey Decimate

    S21.E06: Whacktivity Competition #2; Nominations #2

    I was horrified as soon as the WhOmp game was revealed: those poor fucking snakes!! To be manhandled and groped by both of the JackOffs? Gah. Admittedly, I think most of the HGs treated them better than I expected - I especially liked Tommy's getting-to-know-yous. Given how low-key Jack was in the DRs about the comp, I figured he didn't win, but then realized he was just totally deflated by how shitty his power is. Oh my, that's delicious. While it was satisfying to watch David silently, knowingly smile at arrogant Jackson in the storage room, I'm thinking if you're there to play the social game, you'd be better off making the bros think you're with them. I can't believe Kat has become my favorite hamster. I kind of want her to win HoH and NOT put up Jackson. (Jack and Anallice would do nicely.) I think Jackson's tiny cylindrical Lego head would explode at the idea that she's truly not upset or obsessed over him. And wtf was up with his comment about "I'm not gonna let some 29 year-old ruin my game" or whatever he said by the laundry? Is he playing like she's too old for him? Go flush yourself, you little turd. You're not worthy of ever (again) touching Kat's fine ass.
  14. Dewey Decimate

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Every year I lead myself down the garden path of "I wonder if I could be on BB?" and think about how I'd play with these inmates. Then something like this emerges from the dank crevasse of the BB House funk and I reassure myself, no, you would not ever be on this show. An Overwhelming No.
  15. Dewey Decimate

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Sigh. I can't believe how quickly Jack went from "person on whose face I'd like to sit" to "person at whose face I'd like to hurl a brick."