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  1. Boy, they're sure glibly tossing everything into this stew of a plot! Area 51, Marilyn's death, JFK assassination, moon landing fakery... feels like cultural touchstone conspiracy bingo. Cody Fern's nuance-free delivery reminded me of Sweet D's overt dramatics: "I'm being arch!" Nonetheless, the old portions are pretty entertaining. Best line this season by far: "By the way, he loved. My fudge."
  2. I really liked Stephen running the show from home with family as crew. His stint in the office closet, eh. I very much enjoy Stephen with the audience, even if it might seem different now that we've seen the other sides. He seems to draw energy from the audience and the band, which makes me as a viewer feel more relaxed. His interviewing skills are still spotty; perhaps the occasional Zoom glitchiness allowed more room for error! I don't necessarily think he's being less authentic now, but just showcasing a different side. In my job as a tutor I often say to myself "okay... SHOWTIME!" rig
  3. My god, that buzzer interruption bit with Dulce was the worst thing I've seen on this show. It makes me so sad to think how brilliant Trevor was in quarantine. He's still a great interviewer, but the energy is sapped in this studio-without-an-audience thing.
  4. As soon as Brooke showed up at Lance's gf-less room with champagne, I was apprehensively awaiting the inevitable hook-up. It's been nice to see how cool their friendship was working, but put me at a table for one because the actual result was freaking HOT. The way Lance always looks so into whoever he's talking to has a certain magnetism, but I felt compelled to google who exactly is this actor, anyway? (Maybe I'm just a perve.) I felt so bad for Chase and Pat, and hope they get some rest and family time. Glad that Carey didn't have to sacrifice his progress and thrilled to see Curtis get
  5. Holy crap, she was quite possibly the ugliest HH to grace the screen. Inside and out. I know it's not cool to comment on people's appearance, especially weight, but when someone is that much of a see ya next Tuesday right off the bat... WOW. Whoever advised her to use the blunt edge of a Sharpie to paint her eyebrows is NOT a friend. And not two, but possibly THREE fridges? Really? Maybe step back from the baking and, I dunno, take a few extra steps while you're at it? But the cherry on top of it all was at the very beginning when she said something about how she and the husband met at wo
  6. My mom watches both shows (Seth is her fave), and she noted that SG seemed really nice and looked so much different (better) on Seth. The mannequin look, it seems, was just on Colbert.
  7. I found the trio interview rather uncomfortable overall. Teasing each other was fine, but Steve Martin twice basically said "me first, then you can talk" to Selena felt weird and unfunny. I don't think SM is necessarily a dick, more that it was just unpleasant. And SG - I know hardly a thing about the woman, but is that how she's always looked and talked? Her face looked bizarrely frozen and she sounded almost like her jaw had been wired shut. Very odd. The new intro is cool; wonder if it's a bit of an homage to all the behind-the-scenes staff? And John Baptiste must have the most incredi
  8. I kind of like the idea that the "hunger" is basically self-inflicted and more of a group delusion. I was thinking about alpha-gal syndrome (in which you're basically very sickened by red meat, resulting in vomiting and rashes) and wondering if the writers might take the creative liberty to flip it and create a medical condition in which one craves red meat/blood and gets nauseous at other food. The fact that you get alpha-gal from a tick bite also dovetails nicely with the mom's paranoia about Lyme disease. Call it Chekhov's Tick...
  9. Chicago dad with the British accent: at first I felt that if I squinted quite a bit and caught him at a good angle he could possibly pass as Michael Fassbender's distant cousin (I have an inexplicable lust for MF), but then the foxy realtor showed up and it was like, STOP THE PRESSES! Wow, that man is fiiiiine! Wouldn't mind seeing him on some future Chicago eps.
  10. I like this who-would-you-be HG game... I want to think I'd be like Nakomis, a little odd, cool, and with one epic, madly genius move. In reality, I'd probably find one fun friend, chill out, and eat a ton of cheese like Amy.
  11. As a non-feedster, just wanted to say thanks to the ones who report on here and keep us updated. Also want to say that I'm LOVING this season. Is the CO "racist"? I personally don't think so, but appreciate that the discussion here is multi-faceted and civil. I'd love to see a black HG win this season and appreciate the greater importance of being seen, but as a selfish diehard viewer, I just adore that every player WANTS to be there! WANTS to win! Yeah, there are/were a few of the potentially typical mactors, but their influence has been so completely diluted by some actual freaking dive
  12. Holy crap, I think you're right!! I didn't even recognize her but that was totally her style of talking. (She also appears to have even bigger lips now.) That's a shame, I kind of liked her on LI, but if she's dating Garrett - which is clearly still an ongoing relationship - gross, gross, gross. I wish we saw more of the nice guy with the dapper clothes. I laughed at his line: "Women like men who can bake - it shows you know how to follow directions."
  13. Garrett Scumbag (as opposed to Weird Poetry Garrett in nice guy villa) is just utterly nasty, and Sarah is being aggressively ignorant. If she ends up with him, she deserves what she gets. (Heartbroken, gonorrhea, you name it.) The guy Nakia is into - OG Jared? - I just can't get past those mock turtlenecks and thick necklaces. I keep expecting him to break out into Girl, You Know It's True! Oh yeah, and he's a playa. I don't even like Casey, but wow, what world is CJ living in to report that he put her in her place and said he's the manly boss? He literally kept repeating about it b
  14. This was the first ep I watched and did not delete. I don't know how to feel about how I feel, but think I'm gonna have to watch it again. Purely for scientific reasons. Appearances by the awesome Ron Funches and Paul F. Tompkins were the icing on the cake. Shishito peppers on the house!
  15. The thing I can't figure out is why some people get offended/angry when a third party do things that make sense for said third party. Ex. SB gets frustrated when the rest of her giant alliance refuses to go along with evicting Hannah because it's in HER best interest. Um, how about coming up with a reason why it's advantageous for the rest of them? Or Whitney getting angry when Hannah chose Derex for veto: "I feel betrayed because obviously Derex will use it on her if he wins!" And WHY the FUCK do you think she PICKED him?!? And to a lesser degree when Christian/Alyssa fully expect Derex not t
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