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  1. Yikes! Are the mentions of "I will miss " spoilers? I savor each ep and then read the ep-specific thread before watching the next, but fear I now know who will go next! 😞
  2. I love citrus. Love sugar. Love butter. (When I run the end of a stick of butter in the pan to make scrambled eggs I totally admit to licking the melty end - damn, that's delicious! And not to worry, I live alone and only cook for myself.) That technical challenge, however, may be the grossest thing I've seen on this show, including the weird meaty, cold, picnic "pies." It reminded me of when I clean the microwave by nuking an already-juiced half of a lemon, rub it on the inside of the microwave, then wipe it out with a wet chamois. The sad, limp lemon... the dirty, moist dishrag redolent of spaghetti sauce splatters and canned cat food crumbs... who's ready for dessert? HORK. I love everyone who's pointed out the Mystery of the Missing Raspberry. Personally, I'm more skittish about the little girl - she is very cute, but I don't want a toddler pawing at my bread with her surely grubby toddler hands! That said, I love the intro. When Netflix offers to skip it, I'm like, who skips the intro? For this show and for The Amazing Race, it gets me in the mood!
  3. That Hugh Grant interview was painful, and imo not so much Stephen's fault this time. Didn't really need to hear about creepy Barbie fantasies from the guy known for a real-life sex scandal. HG and Julia Roberts as well always strike me as assholes who only do these shows if they have a project they're being forced to promote. Oh, how I've missed non-Drumph pieces like Covetton House! The struggle is not over, but I feel like we are truly on the Road from the White House. Blueberry briefcase!!
  4. I keep wanting to watch the unsuppressable smiles of late night hosts tonight, especially Trevor's. I also couldn't stop laughing at his portrayal of the porn store patron waiting for the cameras next door at the #ultimatefail landscaping press conference to leave. "These edible underwear... uh, are they gluten-free?"
  5. Good question! I can only speak for myself, but as I'm writing this, I'm outside on my deck, enjoying a gloriously, unseasonably warm day for CT. In just the last 15 minutes, I've been subject to the delightful sounds of 1) a neighbor's yipping dog, 2) another neighbor's gas powered leaf blower across the street, 3) a third neighbor's grandkids squealing in the yard (which, a thumbs-up for kids playing outside, nothing wrong with that, I just don't particularly want to hear the screeching), 4) multiple motorcycles revving at the stop sign in front of my house, 5) a landscaping truck with tools improperly secured to the trailer slamming across the potholes, 6) three low-flying airplanes almost close enough to read the lettering, 7) a honking car alarm, and my personal favorite, 8) someone using an irregularly-droning tool that sounds like a cross between a power saw and a dental drill. This is not to mention the vague whiffs of what I'm pretty sure is pot probably coming from a vape-friendly neighbor. (A step up from the cigarettes of a previous tenant.) Call me a snowflake, but I can feel the cortisol surge through my body with every uncontrollable aural assault. I'm sure it varies for different people, but noise is proven to have detrimental physical effects on humans, period, end of sentence. I am so grateful to have the means to own a not-quite quarter of an acre, but it just blows my mind to pay my taxes, pay my mortgage, and be a scrupulously good neighbor, yet not be able to enjoy my hard work in the way I would like. (For fuck's sake, I actually turn down the radio as I pull into my driveway so as not to disturb anyone. Yes, I'm a chump and a dork.) For the last few years my "meditation" has been to peruse and save Zillow listings in VT with at least 5 acres, researching how close are snowmobiling trails, airports, main roads... I kid you not, but it's RELAXING to dream of moving. Covid has forced my work online, which very fortunately for me has been an easy transition, even if it's at a pay cut. Maybe someday I'll be able to make the move, but in the meantime I'll post the occasional diatribes of a middle-aged hermit. Apologies for the long-winded response!
  6. The John Oliver interview was wonderful. I'm a fan of LWT, but seeing John with Stephen was so much more relaxed and personal. Bonus: Danbury, CT is my hometown and I am beyond tickled every time I see clips from that ep and mentions on so many of my favorite shows. [I currently live in the adjacent town of Bethel and still drive by the sewage treatment plant, which I've always fondly referred to as "Stinktown". As in I'd literally test my breath-holding skills while passing. I must admit, though, since the massive improvements, it's more of a faintly odiferous hint than the dead-fish-dipped-in-ammonia-and-rotting-on-a-sun-baked-seashore nasal assault it used to be. Jolly good show, Mr. Oliver!] I'm so looking forward to Stephen's Showtime ep tonight. I think I was too traumatized four years ago to even realize he was on, but this year I'm to the point of "just gonna ride the wave" and hope for the best, expect the worst. I've got a pitcher of cheap Moscato spiked with grapefruit Smirnoff and am ready to roll!!
  7. I was so glad when Desi called out the bullshit of the alleged "undecided" voter. In literally any other election, I'd say maybe. In 2020? Fuck no. They just want attention. And that Ice Cube interview was... interesting. At first I was about to google his 15-point plan, or whatever it was, but by the end I instead googled "ice cube anti semitic" and was like, yowch at what came up. I can see why Trevor gave him the escape route of "but now that you understand how it was seen" and IC jumped all over him with "no, it's ART"... yeah, um, not so much. I don't hate Jordan Klepper's field pieces; they are horrifying, but I find it perversely educational to know what's out there, straight from the source. And I find his verbal turnabouts clever (my favorite one about saving lives by banning abortions, but wearing masks = too far).
  8. I laughed at the Waterston bits, and forgot how much I love that Avengers intro. For some reason it actually makes me tear up a little. (People working together to overcome a catastropic villian - how quaint!)
  9. Is it just me or do some of the "stupid Cody" clips feel fake? Like he knows that BB producers swoon over cute doofus editing for their favorites? Not understanding words like "ripe" and "Texan" just seems rather too much. And while Kaysar today is still totally f---able, holy shit, I forgot how hot original recipe Kaysar was. (I remember so hoping that he and Janelle would make out on their first season so I could live vicariously.)
  10. Jon Batiste is very crushable, but I'd like to give a shout-out to the beautiful lady who plays the bass (I think both stand-up and electric). I'm a straight female, but have such a girl-crush on her cute facial expressions, her shoulder shimmies, and her magnificent boobs. (I hope that's not offensive - the girls deserve some adoration!)
  11. Go Dani! Poison that juror pool by smugly fangirling all over your crush and cutting people off! Cody might lose a vote or two simply out of spite towards his boho-Skeletor minion. Make the finale less than 100% predictable!
  12. Complete and utter waste of potential, but this is modern BB, so I don't know what else to expect. My immediate thought was what if TPTB had simply done an online poll for viewers - "who do you think would win the BATTLE OF THE BB COMICS?" - and use those results to determine the winners in each match-up. Of course it would basically be a popularity contest, but that's the point. Let the whole thing play out as it did, but at the very end, let the HGs in on the methodology. And let them rack their little pea-brains, trying to remember the victor in each match-up, piecing together the ranking of what America (and Canada?) thinks of these jabronies. Let them stew on that for this last snoozefest of a week!
  13. Congrats, Amazing Race, you broke me. Just over 7 straight months of quarantine and working from home, my only unmasked human contact being with my parents, and before the first real commercial break I was sobbing like a baby! The giddiness, the travel, the groups... YOU BROKE ME!! I'm not at all a party person, but that Mardi Gras nighttime bacchanalia had me wanting to stuff myself in a feathered bikini, down a fruity drink, and shake my booty all night! (Again, seven months and counting.) Maybe there was some fudgy editing, but damn did Chee kill that song. Impressive. I'm not a football fan, but LOVE the Alien and Predator cosplay. Man, it's great to have this show back. I hope to make it through the second episode with No More Tears.
  14. Anyone watch Tosh.0? (I am clearly a connoisseur of the very finest that tv has to offer.) Tonight's ep led with a clip of a child being dragged away down the street by a small monkey, and damned if it didn't make me think of Victoria being carried off by a crow. And I laughed... and felt so much more emotion than anything I've felt during the past few weeks of this season. I can barely watch the episodes and almost feel sorry for these players who still ham it up in the DR when no one in the real world gives a flying shit.
  15. Who in the ever-loving fuck was that avatar that walked out on the balcony? There's no way that was Dr. Will. I guess being stalked by the Boogie Monster has the same effect as Moses picking up the ten commandments.
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