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  1. Dewey Decimate

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Wait... Ovi thinks he's 1) smart and 2) quiet? Ooof.
  2. Dewey Decimate

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    Renata has the best friggin lines. "Honey, everything's not all about money. <pause> Okay, it is. But..." Since we're all about getting our soothsaying out early, I'm making the call that Gordon (Is that his name? Renata's husband?) is gonna kill himself. Something about the way he was watching them swim, and his expression last week when she gave her dream-killer speech. I don't have kids, don't want them, but my heart welled a little at the tuck-in time scene. How sweet that they want to protect Celeste. I mean, they got the genes for it, right? <ouch!> That little shit at the playground deserved it.
  3. Dewey Decimate

    S21.E06: Whacktivity Competition #2; Nominations #2

    I was horrified as soon as the WhOmp game was revealed: those poor fucking snakes!! To be manhandled and groped by both of the JackOffs? Gah. Admittedly, I think most of the HGs treated them better than I expected - I especially liked Tommy's getting-to-know-yous. Given how low-key Jack was in the DRs about the comp, I figured he didn't win, but then realized he was just totally deflated by how shitty his power is. Oh my, that's delicious. While it was satisfying to watch David silently, knowingly smile at arrogant Jackson in the storage room, I'm thinking if you're there to play the social game, you'd be better off making the bros think you're with them. I can't believe Kat has become my favorite hamster. I kind of want her to win HoH and NOT put up Jackson. (Jack and Anallice would do nicely.) I think Jackson's tiny cylindrical Lego head would explode at the idea that she's truly not upset or obsessed over him. And wtf was up with his comment about "I'm not gonna let some 29 year-old ruin my game" or whatever he said by the laundry? Is he playing like she's too old for him? Go flush yourself, you little turd. You're not worthy of ever (again) touching Kat's fine ass.
  4. Dewey Decimate

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Every year I lead myself down the garden path of "I wonder if I could be on BB?" and think about how I'd play with these inmates. Then something like this emerges from the dank crevasse of the BB House funk and I reassure myself, no, you would not ever be on this show. An Overwhelming No.
  5. Dewey Decimate

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Sigh. I can't believe how quickly Jack went from "person on whose face I'd like to sit" to "person at whose face I'd like to hurl a brick."
  6. Dewey Decimate

    S21.E05: Live Eviction #1; Head of Household #2

    As soon as Jason Mimosa won, I immediately thought, "cool, seeing all the minorities in the dinky room will be a screaming reminder to the home viewer and the players themselves how fucking rotten this game generally is to PoC." Because of course he'll nominate Jess and Kemi. Have to admit, I cracked up at the "are you bitches conspiring against me?" bit, especially when it ended with Sam "are you lovely ladies conspiring against me?" I'm cool with Sam so far. Was is just me or did Kat seem extremely receptive to David reentering the game? I mean, hey, I totally get it. After coming to realize that I am very very happy to be able to watch another scrummy man on the ol' hamster cam. I almost felt bad for Ovi, but he's just hopeless in terms of social IQ and my personal entertainment. Meh, As someone who wears one or more black articles of clothing daily, this may be the first time I actually though, hm, I would actually wear Julie's outfit! Damn it, Jess, Didn't We Almost Have It All?
  7. Dewey Decimate

    S21.E03: Whacktivity Competition #1; Nominations #1

    I wouldn't have done well at that WhOmp because I'd be completely distracted by the cuteness of the raccoon, skunk, opossum, and porcupine. (Cliff rises in my estimation for having a pet skunk named Oreo.) Can we trade some of the HGs out for the forest critters, a la John Oliver's LWT Supreme Court?
  8. Dewey Decimate

    Drunk History

    I think Tony Hale as the lawyer was the hardest I've laughed at this show, ever. And BTH's discussion of potato salad was hilarious.
  9. Dewey Decimate

    House Hunters

    UO: I didn't hate the Montana wife. Mind you, I didn't LIKE her, but she seemed fairly run-of-the-mill in terms of complain-y HHer. There were a few times in which she said something about wanting to understand what her husband wanted, and that petulant little asshole practically crossed his arms and stomped on the ground with his "I'm not feeling it." Use your words, you little *$%#, and perhaps describe what you actually want. He has to tromp off on his own to escape while looking at PRETEND houses? When we all know you already OWN one? I mean, people know this will be on tv, right? The deep iciness between the two of them was so downright uncomfortable I had to mute some of the scenes in their vehicle. And dog help me, but when they showed his "after" HIDEY-HOLE bunker that looked like the backdrop for a hostage video, all I could think was that it was made for either hanging up a secret trove of Nazi memorabilia or viewing a shit-ton of child porn.
  10. Dewey Decimate

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    When Hester stabbed herself with the sewing machine needle, I tried so hard to not giggle but it came out anyway. Then her discovering an alleged blood stain had me thinking "guess ya shoulda gone with the red after all!" </sociopath>
  11. Dewey Decimate

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    I was a little skeptical of Jaboukie's early oh-so-extra-Millennial pieces, but he;s starting to grow on me, really enjoyed his Bernie interview. It was also nice to see Bernie a little chiller than he normally seems. His calm, intelligent explanation of today's Socialism not being Soviet Socialism was engaging, and I wish he'd talk more like that than crazy-haired old man yelling. Trevor just kills KILLS the accents.
  12. Dewey Decimate

    S10.E12: Into the Woods

    In defense of the living wall, they can work without water problems. Years ago* I bought some Woolly Pockets (damn expensive at the time - I imagine the price has come down if they're on TS) to hang in my dull office. Besides the wall anchors, they left nary a mark. Watered them fine, no leakage, no stains on the back. And the plants actually did well, especially for a room lit by fluorescents and indirect sun. When I left that job, however, moving them was a bit of a task and the plants unfortunately didn't fare too well in the end. (Then I made the mistake of storing the pockets in my basement, and a year or two later I found that some unseen rodent really enjoyed chomping on the material for a nest.) I like the use of those living walls, though I'd prefer they be hung somewhere that I could enjoy looking at from bed rather than lurking above me. *I hate finding myself accidentally on the vanguard of trendiness. About five years ago I painted my kitchen a light gray only to find a few months later my mom pointing out a feature article in BH&G about how that was the new thing. I only chose it because it blends with stainless and makes my tiny kitchen look bigger! Thankfully, gray is already becoming passe' and I can go back to enjoying it without getting irritated about the lemming masses.
  13. Dewey Decimate

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Godspeed to the Astoria couple! They both seemed so Zen and even-tempered about what looked like a nightmare home to me. (Not that the others were any better.) They seemed dedicated to the city lifestyle, and I'd like to see the reno on a WATN ep. The son and mom in southern CA (from last week) - I cannot find enough up-votes to give them. That kid was sweet, genuine, and HOT - if he doesn't have a current gf/bf, I have to think he'll have suitors lining up at the door. (And I was relieved they did not get the manufactured home, per John Oliver.)
  14. Dewey Decimate

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Indeed - what unfortunate timing! I cringed at the thought of the inevitable rate hikes. What the hell was up with Kansas City guy's facial hair? Dude, with a face like that, you might wanna go for the clean shave instead of the distractingly sparse and patchy albino-looking stubble. When you make Brian Posehn look like a stone cold fox, you might want to rethink your grooming habits. Oh yeah, the house was nice. Plenty of "character". (Admittedly, I could see using that oft-maligned word myself, as I do love pocket doors, small rooms, glass doorknobs, damask wallpaper, and funky cubbyholes from which otherworldly creatures might emerge.)
  15. Dewey Decimate

    What We Do In The Shadows

    You just reminded me to imdb him and INDEED he was in Garth Marenghi's Darkplace! I knew his voice sounded familiar, and wow, did I love that show!