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  1. I find HBC's acting not unlike that of Patty Duke's in 'Valley of the Dolls' which, oddly enough, was released in 1967. Also, Olivia Coleman at times reminds me of Carol Burnett. It's kind of a wonky ride, this season of The Crown.
  2. Just watched the first episode. Here in Canada it's on OUTtv, weekly. At any rate ... it's pretty bad. The production (so far) is on the cheap side and there wasn't one queen I could say I truly liked. A couple held promise but not enough to keep watching. I don't know... maybe I'm just RPDR'd out.
  3. It was nice seeing Jennifer Jason Leigh and I thought she was great as Sierra's mother. I actually liked Sierra's story line this episode. The actress that plays Sierra was quite good and I especially liked how she played the scene on the 'Madame Bovary' set. That said, I still fear for her baby's life. I was convinced the poor little guy was a goner after that crash. Oh man, how I cannot stand Priya from her first appearance on the show. She has been nothing but a complete and utter card carrying cunt to Helen. Helen "owes" her nothing. I do understand where the character is coming from
  4. I've been reading (and re-and-re-reading) the books since the early 1980s when I was in my early twenties. When what was to be the final TOTC book came out (Sure of You) I went to a reading Armistead was giving (and got my copy autographed) and in a Q&A he said that he would like to see Colleen Dewhurst as Anna (this was years before the series was made and, by then Miss Dewhurst had died). I loved the first series and remember what a big thing it was on PBS at the time. I also thought it was almost perfectly cast (especially Mary Ann, Mouse and Mona). I wish so much I could say the
  5. I couldn’t agree with you more , DanielleC . The “screamy queens” are driving me nuts. Silky is beyond delusional with both the way she thinks she looks and that “America is going to love her” I think Yvie is talented and I love her drag but she manufactures much unnecessary drama; you don’t need to share your (for the most part) unsolicited opinions of the other queen’s drag or personalities especially when you know it’s just going to start a shitstorm. I was born, raised and have lived in Toronto all my life and it made me laugh watching Brooke building a couch pillow safe space around
  6. I know Elizabeth was there to promote her book but I wonder if the producers may be considering her as a replacement for Abbey when she goes on maternity leave.
  7. If Megan McCain is such a “big girl” why can she not resist sniping and chastising the studio audience? I cannot believe the producers haven’t spoken to her about this multiple times already and yet she cannot help herself and refer to the audience as hostile and, of course, how brave she is to come in every day and face them being such a “big girl” about it.
  8. This is the first time I can recall absolutely not liking anyone who is left in the game. Not one, and I've been watching since season one. I don't find any of their 'humour' funny and think most of them are down right mean. It seems this cast is hyper aware of the fact they are on tv and are under the delusion that this will make them 'famous' (at least in Big Brother terms). I'm aware that this may have to do more with me than the show as, at least from many of the comments here, most folks are really enjoying the cast and this season. Let me put it this way: I dislike this cast and thi
  9. yeah, this episode had deep layers of fuckery that was so obvious is was on 'valley of the dolls' level of "oh god, it really doesn't know how bad it is!" aja was this season's 'neely o'hara' character and fuck you that she gets cut out of nowhere. girl. no.
  10. This deserves framing! Something tasteful, cobalt blue.
  11. Oh, I couldn't agree more! I still feel that Meredith was, by far, the best moderator the show ever had. I'd choose Rosie O'Donnell as second but I don't think she'll even be a guest again, much less the moderator. My memory of the Nicole Wallace year was that she was supposed to be there for the conservative point of view but they sat her next to Whoopi who seemed to really like her. It was like she and Whoopi became buds.
  12. Oh, I must say I do like 'Elsa'; it really suits her. I also realized I'm going to miss Sarah. She's like that girlfriend in high school you had a scream with in french class. I'm happy for her, though. Whoopi can s$%^ my d*&(. Did McCain put her in his will or does he have something on her? Honestly, she treats Elsa with the kiddiest of gloves. That said ... it's become sort of fascinating to watch. When do they go on Happy Holidays Time (for me that would be Christmas)?
  13. How about: Meghan McCain: Supercunt, for her thread title? Yeah, the whole Whoopi v. Sunny thing is just getting more and more uncomfortable. I think that 'producer' Whoopi would have loved to have gotten rid of Sunny but maybe was allowed to 'choose' Jed's replacement and, for some reason she's 'in love' with Meghan McCain (Supercunt). What I'm waiting for is the day when a 'guest' (whatever happened to those; yes I'm exaggerating) is the one to tear Meghan several new ones. Then we'll see 'touch chick's' true colours.
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