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  1. It was wasn't it! I hadn't noticed it that much either. I wondered if she'd had a stroke recently.
  2. I'm still watching, but I really want someone to tell Chantal what jerks her family members are.
  3. Geez Colt riled everyone up.
  4. Larissa's new boyfriend seems a bit creepy. Larissa's lawyer looks like he could be Russ's brother.
  5. steff13

    S07.E33: Kaden & Adriana

    What a disturbing person. She's a psychopath.
  6. Why is Corey so desperate? He seems nice, he's attractive, successful. I bet there are lots of women in the US who would be interested in him. Evelyn is mean. His poor mother. 😕
  7. steff13

    S01.E04: Big Expectations

    I love Ludwing. I want to hang out with him, and eat grilled cheese, and let him wear my high-heeled shoes.
  8. steff13

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    When Elizabeth and Andrei had lunch with Jen, Elizabeth's makeup looked like it was covering a black eye.
  9. steff13

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    Mr Tony's Bail Bonds. It's class all the way with Colt.
  10. steff13

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story LIVE CHAT

    In the face she reminds me of Hailee Hirsh.
  11. steff13

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story LIVE CHAT

    I'm a little behind y'all. But I'd let Justin stay with me. I don't weigh 600lbs and I can bathe myself. 🤷
  12. steff13

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story LIVE CHAT

    She's kinda wretched. Her brother is kind of attractive. I love seeing my state represented. Again. 🙄