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  1. For half the season I thought Lisa was calling Usman "husband." 😕
  2. I'm wondering if they don't receive a whole lot exposure to the ins and outs of the female reproductive system there? We in the US (and other industrialized nations, I'm sure) typically learn that stuff in health class, and from our parents. Maybe it's more taboo to discuss it there.
  3. Did David buy 9 roses?! Who buys 9 roses?
  4. I thought he said "bowls." Bulls makes more sense.
  5. Oh my gosh that poor girl looks so exhausted. Her eyes are so dark. I feel terrible for her.
  6. Do you think the loose skin would hang down over her eyes like an English Bulldog?
  7. I always get bored when the people are nice and reasonable. I couldn't help but root for Lonnie and John, they were great. And their mom was awful. Lonnie was a pretty attractive guy.
  8. The more I watch, the more I'm Team Aladin.
  9. 1. I have bidet attachment on each of our toilets, they're really awesome. Only $50 on Amazon. 2. I felt bad for Corrine (I think). Yes women have had babies without pain relief, I have done it myself, 18 years ago today, in fact. But, it sure is nice to have. 3. Isn't Liam Canadian?
  10. This breaks my heart, I'm so sorry. I'm partial to the name Stephanie, too. My SIL didn't find out she was pregnant with my nephew until she was about 6 months along. She was married to my brother and they already had an older child. She didn't have regular periods, and didn't have any other symptoms until she went to the ER with really bad abdominal pain (turned out to be gallstones). I am friends with a couple who are ministers (captains) in the Salvation Army. As part of their employment they have to have periodic physicals. She went for her physical, and they noticed something "unusual" with her bloodwork. They sent her for an ultra-sound, and she was 30 weeks pregnant. She found out she was pregnant and the sex of the baby all in the same day. If it hadn't been time for her physical, who knows when she would have realized? He is their 6th child, so she was hardly a first-time mom. I think there are people who don't know because they don't want to know, and would rather just ignore it. But I think not knowing for a long time is more common than people think.
  11. I don't even get the lust aspect. Evelyn is not only not pretty, she is ugly. Inside and out. And her figure is just average. Corey is reasonably attractive; he could have found a nice girl to be with, not someone so awful.
  12. So, those of you who think Evilyn and Corey are playing us, do you think they're really happily married (I did notice Corey's ring)? She's just so awful, and he seems so desperate. It seems like the crew would have noticed and asked him to remove the ring, though.
  13. I'll admit I find the idea of stealing a fridge somewhat impressive.
  14. I thought Jihoon looked very handsome in his moody black turtleneck and coat. I always want the couples to work out, but Jihoon and Deavan seem especially dire to me. I think she sees him as a ticket to a better life, and he's trying to fulfill his responsibility to her (as he sees it). Sumit cutting Jenny's toenails was gross. I commented on it and my daughter, age 8, said "she's an old lady, she needs help." 😳 The Mormon guy needs to run far far away from his fiance, all the way back to Washington. She's kind of hateful. And I don't know if I love anyone enough to give up hot water.
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