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  1. The guy with the body modifications seemed nice, and I don't judge things like that, but the eyes freaked me out. Maybe you get used to it if you see it all the time. I think it would still be jarring though. We have billboards for plastic surgeons here in Cincinnati. I've never had plastic surgery so I can't speak to how competent they are. But if I were looking to have surgery, I don't think I'd choose a surgeon based on a billboard.
  2. I actually saw her a couple days ago on one of those "bad photoshop" lists they have on FB.
  3. What is Natalie's career? She said Trish wants her to give it up to become an interpreter, but I'm not sure what she does. ETA: I just answered my own question. She was a journalist?
  4. I have a small crush on Tiffany's dad. He's handsome and I love his accent.
  5. Garrick saying he hopes God will bless the sperm and the egg grossed me out.
  6. SO awkward! I can see why Dannnnnnielle is so passive; her parents are just accepting this nonsense, too.
  7. Tonight's episode is already available on Discovery+. Do I have to wait until after it airs on TLC to discuss it? I'm sitting on my hands!
  8. I also suspect Chris is transgender. It was clear the way he was holding his arms during the zoom that he was hiding breasts.
  9. Apryl reminds me so much of Dakota Johnson. Not just her appearance, but her voice and mannerism, too.
  10. I think Samantha looks like Garrick, too! I wondered why she wasn't saying anything about all this to Garrick. If my brother was doing this to my SIL, I'd have some choice words for him.
  11. Probably because she's such a bombshell and he's so lucky. 🤢🙄
  12. I bet Garrick cries after sex, too.
  13. I really like the Winders. They seem like nice people.
  14. Kimberly said she doesn't know if she feels attracted to Colton because he's someone else's husband. Does she not understand what we're doing here?
  15. That made me giggle. My favorites are the ones that look like hole reinforcers from Office Depot.
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