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  1. steff13

    S07.E33: Kaden & Adriana

    What a disturbing person. She's a psychopath.
  2. Why is Corey so desperate? He seems nice, he's attractive, successful. I bet there are lots of women in the US who would be interested in him. Evelyn is mean. His poor mother. 😕
  3. steff13

    S01.E04: Big Expectations

    I love Ludwing. I want to hang out with him, and eat grilled cheese, and let him wear my high-heeled shoes.
  4. steff13

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    When Elizabeth and Andrei had lunch with Jen, Elizabeth's makeup looked like it was covering a black eye.
  5. steff13

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    Mr Tony's Bail Bonds. It's class all the way with Colt.
  6. steff13

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story LIVE CHAT

    In the face she reminds me of Hailee Hirsh.
  7. steff13

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story LIVE CHAT

    I'm a little behind y'all. But I'd let Justin stay with me. I don't weigh 600lbs and I can bathe myself. 🤷
  8. steff13

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story LIVE CHAT

    She's kinda wretched. Her brother is kind of attractive. I love seeing my state represented. Again. 🙄
  9. steff13

    S07.E15: Angela's Story LIVE CHAT

    Angela lives in the same county as me. Which I'm pretty excited about, because I have a bit of a crush on Christopher.
  10. steff13

    S02.E11: The Snowdens Say "We Do!"

    And so handsome. 🙂
  11. steff13

    S02.E11: The Snowdens Say "We Do!"

    I think she might have meant the "Goddess Party."
  12. steff13

    S02.E11: The Snowdens Say "We Do!"

    Vanessa and her twin (Adrienne?) are biracial, and the older and younger sisters look like they're white, so I'm thinking there may be three fathers at play here? Of course, Vanessa and Adrienne's father could still be deceased. 1. I kind of like Dimitri's sister. I felt bad for her that she didn't get to spend time with Dimitri, I can't imagine not seeing my brother for so long and then not being able to spend any quality time with him. 2. Ashley's dress looked like a really nice bathing suit with a fancy cover. 3. It pains me to admit it, but I felt bad for Ashley when they kept showing her reaction to Dimitri taking vows with Vanessa. It was clearly difficult for her. Even if this is what she wants, some jealousy must be expected, I think. 4. What is up with Dimitri's mom only meeting Ashley and the kids once? Has he not been in contact with his family? I wonder if they got back in contact because of the show. 5. I have a low-key crush on Dimitri's best friend. He was handsome.
  13. steff13

    S02.E10: One Wedding and a Funeral?

    I'm in SW Ohio, on Spectrum, and they showed the correct show here.
  14. steff13

    S07.E13: Kelly's Story

    I'm very sad about Kelly. 😭 I thought she was going to turn it around.