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S17.E02: The Future Is Here

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The designers are challenged to create a mini-collection showcasing the future of fashion; the designers find out their models will be completely transformed with special effects body modifications, inspired by Simon Huck's A. Human' exhibit.

Oiginal airdate: March 21, 2019

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1 hour ago, Fellaway said:

If I thought Cavanagh was a pill last week, this week...  Tessa... Wow.

Tessa reminds me of Michelle (currently on PR Allstars - yuck!) at times.  But, happy she gave the proper credit to Sebastian on the runway.

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I loved the neck ruffle teams looks, Sebastian deserved the win, I liked Afa’s as well. Anyone else think Tessa looks like Kelly Osbourne? 

I’m glad Renee and Kovid got to stay. Frankie should have gone last week.

I don’t think Hester will last long, she was not a team player insisting on all the blue tulle and not listening to Christian or her teammates. 

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The right designer won and the right one was eliminated. Sebastian’s work was exquisite. 

Team Shoulder Horns (whatever) was equally as bad as Team Chest Feathers. Hester is not skilled enough for this competition.

24 minutes ago, Fellaway said:

Ugh, a one day challenge next week?  And a team challenge their second week already?  They're not playing it easy for the designers.

Some of these designers will not fare well with a one-day challenge. There will be lots of excuses and tears. And Judge Brandon will have a meltdown.

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Successful Week 2 !! Have never loved team challenges, but so happy they didn't ask each designer "who should go home?" off the losing team. I need to learn some more names. There are prob 6 designers I still don't know names of.

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15 minutes ago, notcreative enough said:

Not only did the bottom team have the worst designs they had the worst body modification. It was hard to see and didnt stand out at all. 

Agreed, even though the team did little to nothing to showcase it. I thought the "necklace" modification was hard to work with as a "body modification" as well. It was, ya know, a necklace.

As for circus girl's revelation that SHE has body modifications, i.e. piercings and a tattoo, um, sweetie, that's not what body modifications are. Show us your split tongue or transdermal implants and then we can talk. https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/13-most-extreme-body-modifications/

The exhibit that introduced the challenge was so much more compelling than any of the designs. I dislike team challenges (along with the unconventional materials challenges, maybe I'm a pill, too!) and it irritates me to no end to see the designers try to boss each other or refuse to cooperate or whine about their teammates not sharing fabrics or not making their garments for them or whatnot. 

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27 minutes ago, Ellaria Sand said:

Hester is not skilled enough for this competition.

And she seems to only want to work with tulle.  I dunno, the girl seems to be playing dress-up more than designing, and she was beyond selfish towards the other designers when dealing with their materials.

14 minutes ago, jacksgirl said:

I need to learn some more names. There are prob 6 designers I still don't know names of.

Same.  So many designers and new people.  I know, maybe, a handful of names.

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If you have immunity you can’t be sent home but can you win?  Doesn’t seem that would be fair.  It would be an excellent occasion to pull out all the stops and take a risk  though.

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Another good episode... and judging that isn't insane.  The top team was definitely the top, though the back gills team also could have been the top and I would have been okay with that too. 

I also agree with the worst team and who they sent home. I was all for Frankie getting a second chance, but she blew it and had to go. It sounds like their ideas just didn't come together. I do think the location of their body mod made their thing more challenging- aside from a strapless dress/shirt a lot of straps and other things would get in the way of showcasing the feathers and that strip down the mid chest looked awful and ill fitting. 

I also agree with the above poster who said team shoulder horns was a tie for the loss. Those outfits didn't fit well, which was maybe due to poor fabric choice in addition to that stupid tulle.... and dumb ?hester switching back and forth on her fabrics and cutting them up but not using them, so rude! 

There is drama in this show but it doesn't irritate me as much yet as it has in other seasons... but we'll see if it gets to me more in a few episodes. I also like that they are back to visiting the designers in their hotel/whatever in between work room shots. Those little things make this show much more pleasant.

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7 minutes ago, milner said:

If you have immunity you can’t be sent home but can you win?  Doesn’t seem that would be fair.  It would be an excellent occasion to pull out all the stops and take a risk  though.

Sorry for the double post, but yes, a designer who has immunity can win.

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6 minutes ago, milner said:

If you have immunity you can’t be sent home but can you win?  Doesn’t seem that would be fair.  It would be an excellent occasion to pull out all the stops and take a risk  though.

You can win, and then just get immunity two weeks in a row... was it Jeffry way back when who was all smug about winning after being the winner the week before?

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I have not watched Project Runway in years.  Can’t remember the last time.  It was either Christian’s season or the season where the boring as bland woman designer (can’t remember her name) won over much more interesting collections.  Having said that, I missed the Lifetime version and from what I’m reading, that was a good thing.  I am enjoying reading everyone’s posts, especially about some of the contestants from the earlier seasons like Kara Shaun, Jay and Austin.  

Christian is a great mentor and I like the judges so far.

Hester Sunshine can go any day now.  She would get on my last nerve.  No way do you get to take fabric from everyone so you can have tulle!  Tulle!  Really?  I would have told her if you want me to get rid of some of my fabric to fit the budget, then you have to get rid of some of that tulle.  

And I loved that Nadine shut down Tessa when she was offering her opinions.  She was direct and did not hold back.  Go work on your own shit and leave me the f—- alone!  She can go too, as far as I’m concerned.

The right team won.  Their collection was cohesive, looked expensive and that ribbon dress by Sebastian was beautiful!!!!  

The right designer went home.  This was the second week that Frankie sent something down the runway that was subpar.  It was time for her to go. 

If I had the chest feathers, I would have done a top that seemed to go under the top of the feathers so they would stand out against the fabric.

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The winning team's looks were beautiful.  Very glad Sebastian won the week.

I missed some of the shopping at Mood.  Why did the horn team pick that awful blue?  Did two of the designers completely capitulate to the whining of the woman who dresses like a psycho clown and wears princess hats that no self-respecting toddler would wear?  If so, it bears remembering that people can only walk all over you if you let them!

Kovid seems like such a sweet man.  I can picture him as a little boy getting picked on and it breaks my heart.  So glad he's still in it.

Hopefully there aren't going to be too many team challenges this season.  I really don't like them.

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1 hour ago, Ashforth said:

Worst of all, Hester pressured and pressured until Nadine, who had stood steadfast, finally gave up some of her fabric so Hester could use it. Hester cut the fabric up, rendering it unusable for Nadine's design, and then decided not to use it. In the meantime, Nadine's garment was compromised. If I were Nadine, I'd be tempted to cut a bitch. 

Eh, Nadine is a bitch. She was rude and unkind last week, sitting right behind poor Frankie, and loudly rude and unkind this week when Wacky Hester was crying at the machine in front of hers. They are adult enough to speak up and veto the purchase of too much tulle at Mood, surely? And have a proper discussion regarding the use of remaining cloth, later.

Anyway, I am enjoying Hester! In her talking heads, especially when she is worried, she looks just like Tammie Brown, off Drag Race. I quite like her designs, also. Obviously not for every day, just as something whimsical on the runway.

Tess's colors were even clearer this week than last. She is not short of a good opinion of herself, or entitlement - but at least she spoke up for Sebastien's input and work on her look. That dear little bag!

So pleased to see Sebastien Grey shine, and Kovid stay. Bishnu and the rest of that team were very impressive. Loving Meana and Brandon as judges, again this week. I really like this season.

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Ugh, missing Tim so much. He was able to combine constructive criticism with encouragement and a genuine affection for the designers. Christian just seems supercilious and a bit snotty.  Tonight, when several of the designers were clearly melting down, he had nothing to offer them but an admonition to hurry up. And so far Karlie, who I know is actually a very interesting person, is a total cipher. I miss Heidi's poor taste and quirky comments, because at least they were amusing. Hopefully the Karlie-Christian team will improve with time.

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1 hour ago, violet and green said:

Tess's colors were even clearer this week than last. She is not short of a good opinion of herself, or entitlement - but at least she spoke up for Sebastien's input and work on her look. That dear little bag! 

The one other good thing of note that Tess did was to convince them to go with the wool fabric she had in mind.  Was it Sebastian who said he was thinking of sequins and would that work with her wool?   The wool was a much better way to go than sequins, I think, and gave them a lot more versatility in what they could do with it.

I love that she chose wool - look at the beautiful clothes that were created with it!  Great clothes and great designs don't have to be short, shiny or tight, Heidi!

Which brings me to Team Blue Horn - awful, awful fabric!  They were doomed from the start with the color and fabric choices.  I would have expected them to do better since designers are always playing with weird shoulder pads or poufs, but they had no idea what they were doing.  Hester was disappointing.  I would have expected this to be her challenge, since she's so conspicuously eccentric with her own look.  But she showed no creativity, so she can quiet down now.

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"The future is monochromatic" - whoever said that should have been sent home.

I love prints and pattern and am really disappointed that designers on this show deferr to the same solid colours over and over again. Textile and printing technology, along with the chemical components needed to give us bright and full colours of all shades, has improved so much over the last two decades and there are designers like Mary Katrantzou whose career was kickstarted by her use of modern prints. Luckily for me, the next episode seems to be right up that street.

This episode was great though. Button bag, great modern challenge, 2 day challenge, team spirit and no poking them about 'who of your team do you think should go home/deserve the win'. Love the judges, but I liked the pants look better than the winning dress (which reminded me of S5 winner Leanne). They were right to send Frankie home, what a mess.

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3 hours ago, izabella said:

Was it Sebastian who said he was thinking of sequins and would that work with her wool?

I think it was the other guy - Is Afa his name? - on the team, who wanted sequins and for a day look!

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7 hours ago, Ashforth said:

As for circus girl's revelation that SHE has body modifications, i.e. piercings and a tattoo, um, sweetie, that's not what body modifications are. Show us your split tongue or transdermal implants and then we can talk.

Not to be that guy, but the literal definition of body modification is “any method of permanently adorning the body, including tattooing and piercing”. 

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Awww, Afa's daughter is so cute! I love seeing the designers in their apartment together. I've missed that. Seeing Kovid dancing with Bishme in the morning was one of those little moments that I enjoy.

Although I think PR 2.0 is going back to things that worked in the older seasons, which is why I enjoyed the season premiere, one thing I hated this week was that instead of just pulling names from the button bag to choose models, they just left the comp cards out and the designers had to run and grab the one they wanted. Please stop it, show. I know you want drama but I find it tiresome and unnecessary.

I'm glad the A. Human guy reminded the designers that they need to highlight the modification, not hide it.

Ha, I loved when two of the designers asked for swatches and then Christian sarcastically asked, "We have time for swatches?" I also loved when he smacked town Hester's blue tulle.

I love when the designers spend almost every penny of their money at Mood. I feel like whoever gets closest to the budget should get some kind of Price Is Right-esque prize. This week it goes to the team that spent $749.36 of their $750 budget! On the other hand, I felt bad for Hester's team. They were $100 over and she insisted on throwing out someone else's fabric so she could have 75 million yards of blue tulle that Christian warned her was barfing bridesmaid city.

Team Shoulder Horns (Garo, Hester, and Nadine) - Ha, it's only been one week and Garo already knew that Hester would require some handholding/babysitting. I also loved that Garo immediately saw that Tessa was putting Sebastian to work because she didn't have the skill to make what she wanted. I don't blame Nadine for not wanting to give up her fabric after Hester FINALLY decided to ditch the horrid tulle that Christian TOLD HER not to get it and then Hester made them put back six yards of non-tulle fabric so that she could get all the tulle she wanted. And then Hester ended up going back to her stupid tulle! Ugh, THE WORST. I felt bad for Garo being stuck as the mediator when he just wanted to make his garment.

I didn't like any of their garments. When Nadine said that the satin showed every flaw, I was like NO SHIT. I don't even sew and I know that. If you use satin, it will show every bump, wrinkle, and flaw. Even Garo's dress (which mercifully stayed out of the fray) was not great. It looked like it was too tight on his model. I hated the shade of blue they chose too. The less said about Hester's, the better. I couldn't believe she kept talking about how innovative it was. It was an off the shoulder top with unflattering suspenders separating her model's boobs.

Team Neck Ruffles (Afa, Sebastian, and Tessa) - I don't know why Tessa was insistent that they had to do an evening look, a cocktail look, and a daytime look. Was that a requirement that we didn't hear? On a shallow note, I can't take fashion advice from someone wearing a nude top with a faux black strapless bra. Even though Tessa was micromanaging, I agreed with her about the judges potentially saying that Sebastian's original pattern looked like it was pointing at the vagina. Afa manage to avoid crossing Tessa for the most part, thank goodness.

I loved Afa's cardigan/cape which was so floaty and effortless. The pants fit his model perfectly. The shoe covers were done so well that they looked like real shoes, not shoes with shoe covers. I wasn't crazy about the top though. I don't know what to say about Tessa's look since Sebastian made a good portion of it. I thought it was middle of the road. It was fine but nothing exciting. It was a white off the shoulder dress. I didn't like that the fabric was poofed where the top of the dress met the bottom of the dress. I guess that was intentional but it made it look like the dress didn't fit the model well. The best part of the dress was the skirt, which Sebastian made. I loved Sebastian's dress. The scalloped ruffles really fit with the neck ruffles and he created such a cool effect. I can't believe he made it all in one day and then made that cute flower pot bag for Tessa's model! He made 1 2/3 of his team's collection. I give Tessa credit for voluntarily telling the judges that she didn't know how to construct the skirt and that Sebastian made it for her without any prompting (unlike some previous designers who have grudgingly admitted that someone helped them with their garments only after someone specifically asked about it).

Team Scaffold (Lela, Venny, and Bishme) - I was cracking up when Bishme said he wished he hadn't worn such a tight shirt that day so he could take his hoodie off. It's those silly human moments that make me like the designers. This team had a cohesive vision and they communicated well and it showed in their collection. Bishme's black dress was sexy and dramatic and highlighted the back scaffold beautifully. I liked that Venny used that loose ruffle asymmetrically (on the right top and the bottom left). Lela's ruffled top was pretty and fit in with their theme perfectly. I liked that they didn't overdo the ruffles or make their ruffles identical. It was a nice way to tie their collection together without looking too matchy.

Team Chest Feathers (Kovid, Renee, and Frankie) - While I love that Renee wanted to give her teammates the opportunity to express themselves without any pressure, part of me thought eh, a little bit of pressure might not be the worst thing. I loved how calm Renee was though, especially after hearing Hester screeching. Frankie's talking head optimism during the runway show contrasted with Nina's extreme stank face told me all I needed to know. I liked her outfit better without the jacket (which I felt detracted from the chest feathers), but without the jacket it was just a black bustier and a black skirt. Kovid's gold dress looked too junior, like something you'd find in the prom section at a department store. I liked Renee's outfit from a distance but I didn't like the placement of the black material at the top of the neckline. It wasn't flattering to the model's chest.

Team Necklace (Sonia, Jamall, and Rakan) - Normally I'm not a fan of nude colored fabric, especially for all three garments, but I got the airy ethereal look that they were going for. Sonia's was my favorite of the three. I liked the subtle floral print fabric. Not everything has to be super tight, but I didn't like how loose Rakan's dress was on his model. It was so shapeless that it looked like a hospital gown from the front (the cut of the shoulders didn't help). It did not look like it should have taken two days to make that. Jamall's was terrible too. It looked like she was lying in bed watching movies on a rainy night and then she wrapped a comforter around herself when she decided to go to the kitchen to get some snacks.

I love that Sebastian was the winner (I would have been fine with Afa winning too), but I wouldn't have minded if Team Scaffold had been the top team. As for the losers, all of the other teams were pretty bad so it as a toss up for me.

I was fine with Frankie going home. I'm glad that the judges aren't going to give people a million chances to fail. Do well or go home!

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First of all, the elephant in the room; Hester. She is annoying as all get out, and if I had to work with her on this challenge I would have wanted to slap her in the head with a bold of fabric. Heck, I wanted to do it sitting on my couch watching. She is selfish and entitled, and I was hoping she'd be the one eliminated because her behavior seriously impeded her team's ability to create their visions.

LOVED the winning team's looks and would also be torn between the top two choices. Both were AMAZING for different reasons I am not liking the lady on the winning team. 

The one who got sent home deserved to based on 2 competitions in a row where she just failed miserably. I feel for Kovid, but Nina is even over the crying. She was never quite as vocal on the original Project Runway, at least that I could remember. 

Loving Christian! (but still miss Tim.)

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3 hours ago, Aulty said:

I liked the pants look better than the winning dress (which reminded me of S5 winner Leanne)

Thank you! When the judges were gushing about having never seen anything like the wavy panels on that dress, I was thinking, well, Leanne, along with several other designers over the many seasons of PR and PRAS.

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Wow...Hester is just the WORST!  I actually found myself unconsciously clenching my fists in anger during the second half of the episode when Nadine was talking about Hester ruining and then not even using Nadine's fabric that Hester had badgered/guilted her into sharing.  I really hope that somehow after each episode the judges are filled in a little by the production team about what transpired in the workroom.

Speaking of the workroom...I love that the newly-rejuvinated PR has updated and refreshed the sets (and the button bag 😊)  And I love the LOOK of the workroom, but I don't really love how it works for me, the viewer.  It's too chopped up and too hard to see the various designers except in relative close-up.  I miss the incidental background glances and reactions we used to be able to see from other designers in the more open workroom of the past.  The new one feels a little...I don't know, claustrophobic, I guess.  

Did I mention that Hester is just the worst?  

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